Giornale di Brescia
Founded27 April 1945

Giornale di Brescia is a regional newspaper based in Brescia, Italy. The paper has been in circulation since 1945.

History and profile

Giornale di Brescia was founded in 1945.[1][2] The first issue appeared on 27 April 1945.[3] The paper was official organ of the National Liberation Committee.[2] Its headquarters is in Brescia.[1][4] The paper was redesigned on 27 April 2015, its 70th anniversary.[5]

In late September 2015 Nunzia Vallini was named as the director of the paper.[6] She replaced Giacomo Scanzi in the post.[6]

In 2012 Giornale di Brescia sold 18,419,601 copies.[7]


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