Jackie Chan Adventures
Developed by
StarringJackie Chan
Voices of
Theme music composerJim Latham
Ending theme
  • "Chan's the Man" by Wheatus (season 1)
  • Jim Latham (season 1)
  • Christopher Ward (seasons 2–5)
Country of originUnited States
Original languageEnglish
No. of seasons5
No. of episodes95 (list of episodes)
Executive producers
  • Michael Goguen (season 2)
  • Frank Squillace (seasons 3–4)
  • David Hartman (season 5)
  • C.K. Horness (season 1)
  • Jhoanne Reyes (seasons 2–5)
  • Bruce King (season 4)
Running time23 minutes
Production companies
Original release
NetworkKids' WB
ReleaseSeptember 9, 2000 (2000-09-09) –
July 8, 2005 (2005-07-08)

Jackie Chan Adventures is an American animated television series developed by John Rogers, Duane Capizzi and Jeff Kline, and produced by Sony Pictures Television (previously Columbia TriStar Television for the first three seasons). The cartoon series premiered on September 9, 2000, and ran for five seasons until its conclusion on July 8, 2005. The series focuses on a fictionalized version of Hong Kong action film star Jackie Chan,[1][2] who operates in life as an archaeologist and special agent, combatting threats that are mainly magical and supernatural (based on real-life mythologies and supernatural stories from Asia and around the world) with the aid of his family and close friends.

Many of the episodes created for Jackie Chan Adventures featured references to Chan's actual works, with the actor making live-action appearances in the form of an interview situation, answering questions about his life and work. The series was aired in the United States on Kids' WB, with re-runs aired on Toon Disney's Jetix programming block, as well as Cartoon Network. The series proved a success on children's television, including abroad, leading to the creation of a toy franchise and two video games based on the series.


Jackie Chan Adventures is set within an alternate Earth in which magic and supernatural forces exist but are unknown to much of humanity – these include demons, ghosts, spirits, spells, and various creatures and gods. Although the series focuses mostly on those from Asia, primarily Chinese mythology and folklore, it also includes those from other locations in the world, including Europe and Central America. In the animated series, the actor Jackie Chan exists in this setting as a professional archaeologist with a high degree of martial combat skill, who is forced to accept the fact that magic and the supernatural exists when he uncovers a talisman in an artifact that possess magical powers sought out by a criminal organization.

Throughout the series, Chan is aided by his close family, including his uncle and his niece Jade, and his close friend Captain Black – head of a secret law enforcement organization codenamed "Section 13" – alongside additional allies introduced over the course of the series. Each season of the program primarily contains an overarching storyline in which Chan and his allies must face off against a dangerous demonic figure, aided by human henchman, by preventing them finding a series of magical objects that can help them to conquer the world. Alongside the overarching plotline, some episodes also consist of standalone stories that focus on Chan and his friends combatting magical and supernatural forces that are either evil or not understanding of their situation. While storylines feature action sequences focused on magic and martial arts, they also include comedic situations akin to several of Chan's works in action-comedy films.

While Chan does not provide the voice of his animated character, he appears regularly in live-action inserts at the end of the program to offer insights on Chinese history, culture and philosophy.[3]

References to Jackie Chan's career

The series often features references to Jackie Chan's films and his own life throughout the series. In the episode "A Night at the Opera", Uncle states that he was part of the stage group "Seven Little Fortunes", which Jackie Chan was actually part of in real life. Another example is in the episode "The Invisible Mom" where Jackie is bitten by a Snake, and uses a kung fu style known as "the drunken master" from one of his earliest headlining films of the same name. According to Jackie during one of his question segments, the characters of the show are based on certain people in his life. Uncle is based on his agent and father, Jade is based on an assortment of his nieces, and Tohru is based on one of his stunt team members as well as himself. The episode "And He Does His Own Stunts" is a reference to the fact that Jackie Chan does his own stunts in his movies.

Some episodes' titles are based on actual film names. For example, "Half a Mask of Kung Fu" is based on Half a Loaf of Kung Fu, four episode titles ("Enter the Viper", "Enter the Cat", "Re-Enter the J-Team", and "Re-Enter the Dragon") are based on Enter the Dragon (in which Jackie Chan performs as a stuntman[4]), "Shanghai Moon" is based on Shanghai Noon, "Armor of the Gods" is based on Armour of God, "Project A, for Astral" is based on Project A and "Rumble in the Big House" is based on Rumble in the Bronx.


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SeasonEpisodesOriginally aired
First airedLast aired
113September 9, 2000 (2000-09-09)March 17, 2001 (2001-03-17)
239September 8, 2001 (2001-09-08)September 7, 2002 (2002-09-07)
317September 14, 2002 (2002-09-14)May 3, 2003 (2003-05-03)
413September 13, 2003 (2003-09-13)February 14, 2004 (2004-02-14)
513September 11, 2004 (2004-09-11)July 8, 2005 (2005-07-08)


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The series aired in the Republic of Ireland on RTÉ Two from April 30, 2001, and was regularly rerun until 2014.[5]


Common Sense Media gave the show 4 out of 5 stars, saying "Lighthearted, entertaining, suspenseful, and humorous, this show may not be deep, but it's a lot of fun".[6]

Other media


A number of books were released to accompany the series.

Issue no Release name Release date Author Publisher Notes Ref
#1 The Dark Hand 2002 (UK) Eliza Willard Grosset & Dunlap [7]
#2 Jade's Secret Power 2002 (UK) Cathy West Grosset & Dunlap [8]
#3 Sign of the Ox 2002 (UK) Megan Stine Grosset & Dunlap [9]
#4 Enter...the Viper 2002 (UK) Jacqueline Carrol Grosset & Dunlap [10]
#5 Shendu Escapes! 2002 (UK) David Slack & Jim Thomas Grosset & Dunlap [11]
#6 New Enemy 2002 (UK) R. S. Ashby Grosset & Dunlap [12]
#7 Revenge of the Dark Hand 2002 (UK) Eliza Willard Grosset & Dunlap [13]
#8 The Power of the Rat 2002 (UK) Megan Stine Grosset & Dunlap [14]
#9 Stronger Than Stone 2002 (UK) R. S. Ashby Grosset & Dunlap [15]
#10 Uncle's Big Surprise 2002 (UK) Jacqueline Carrol Grosset & Dunlap [16]
#11 The Jade Monkey 2002 (UK) Judy Katschke Grosset & Dunlap [17]
#12 The Strongest Evil 2002 (UK) Jacqueline Carrol Grosset & Dunlap [18]
N/A The Day of the Dragon 2003 (UK) Eliza Willard & David Slack & Alexx Dyne Grosset & Dunlap Special [19]


A number of comics were released to accompany the series.

Volume Release name Release date Author Publisher Notes Ref
#1 Enter the Dark Hand July 15, 2004 (UK) Duane Capizzi & John Rogers Tokyopop [20]
#2 Legend of the Zodiac October 15, 2004 (UK) Duane Capizzi & David Slack Tokyopop [21]
#3 Jackie and Jade Save the Day January 15, 2005 (UK) John Rogers Tokyopop [22]
#4 Return of the Vampire April 15, 2005 (UK) John Tomlinson Tokyopop [23]

Home media

In 2001, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment released episodes from the first season on VHS and DVD. But one format differed from the other in that of the four DVDs released, three were select, individual episodes while the fourth contained the whole season of 13 episodes; the VHS series had only three, separate episodes. Also, there was a difference in the titles of said episodes released on VHS and DVD. The Day of The Dragon VHS box cover art was the same as that of the first season DVD case cover, which featured Jackie, Jade and Uncle with the villains behind them, dimmed in a yellowish background. On these, the episodes were presented without the teasers that originally appeared prior to the opening/intro sequence as they aired. They are currently unavailable and out-of-print, especially since they had limited pressings and no plans have been announced to follow up season one with DVD box sets of the remaining four seasons. However, the entire series can be ordered and seen via video-on-demand service at Amazon and iTunes. As of October 2010, the entire series was made available on the Netflix streaming service.

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment plans to release the second season on DVD through Amazon.com, and other online retailers.[24] Mill Creek Entertainment announced all five seasons on DVD in Region 1.[citation needed]


Release name Release date Publisher Format Notes Ref
The Day of the Dragon October 23, 2001 Sony Pictures NTSC 30 minutes [25]
The Power Within October 23, 2001 Sony Pictures NTSC 30 minutes [26]
Friends & Foes March 5, 2002 Sony Pictures NTSC 30 minutes [27]
The Search for the Talisman July 22, 2002 Sony Pictures PAL 30 minutes [28]


DVD Title # of Disc(s) Year Series Episodes DVD release
Region 1 Region 2 Region 4
The Search for the Talisman
(Volume 1)
1 2000 1 1-3 October 23, 2001[29] July 22, 2002[28] March 17, 2004[30]
The Dark Hand Returns
(Volume 2)
1 2000 1 4-6 March 5, 2002[31] September 1, 2002 March 17, 2004[30]
The Shadow of Shendu
(Volume 3)
1 2000 1 7-9 March 5, 2002[32]
The Entire Season One 2 2000 & 2001 1 1-13 May 17, 2004[33]
The Entire Season Two 4 2001 & 2002 1 14-52 June 5, 2012[34][35][b] Pulled from Schedule
The Demon Portals Saga (Season 2) 3 2001 & 2002 1 14-52 June 4, 2019[36]

Video game

There has only been one Jackie Chan game, Jackie Chan Adventures, first released on Game Boy Advance then re-released on PlayStation 2, under different titles.

Title Genre Platform Studio Release Date Notes
Jackie Chan Adventures: Legend of the Dark Hand Action Game Boy Advance Activision November 6, 2001 (US) & November 30, 2001 (EU)[37] Find eight stolen scrolls and stop the Dark Hand from unleashing demons.
Jackie Chan Adventures Action PlayStation 2 Sony Computer Entertainment October 1, 2004 (EU), September 19, 2004 (CH) & Cancelled (US)[38][39] Play as Jackie Chan and collect the Talismans. Compatible with PlayStation's EyeToy.


Following Jackie Chan Adventures, Chan set off to create local productions in Asia. The first, Jackie Chan's Fantasia, is a 52-episode Chinese animated series produced by Nanjing Hongying Animation Entertainment.[40][41] It aired in 2009 on CCTV and in English on Sonic-Nickelodeon.[42]

In 2017, Chan announced All New Jackie Chan Adventures, a $6 million 104-episode Chinese CG-animated series produced by Zhejiang Talent Television & Film, Khorgas JJ Culture Media Co., and VJ Animation Studio.[43] It was released in China in 2017, with a feature film scheduled for 2019.[44] Despite the name, it is unrelated to the American series.

Later in 2008 this series was adopted by Sun TV Network in South Indian multiple languages

Channel Language First Aired TRP
Chutti TV Tamil 2009 100.23
Kushi TV Telugu 2010 99.2
Chintu TV Kannada 2010 73.34
Kochu TV Malayalam 2011 80.00

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