TypeChildren's television network
CountryUnited States
Broadcast areaWorldwide
StationsJetix Play
HeadquartersBurbank, California (US programming block)
Buenos Aires, Argentina (Latin American channel)[1]
Hilversum, Netherlands (European and MENA channels)
Language(s)Available in over 20 languages
Picture format576i (SDTV)
Timeshift serviceJetix +1 (United Kingdom and Italy)
OwnerThe Walt Disney Company
Sister channels
  • Jetix Play (Central and Eastern Europe, Middle East, North Africa)
  • Jetix Max
  • GXT (Italy)
  • K2 (Italy)
FoundedJanuary 2004
Launched14 February 2004; 20 years ago (2004-02-14) (as a programming block)
August 2004; 19 years ago (2004-08) (as a channel)
ReplacedFox Kids (Europe, Latin America)
Closed13 February 2009; 15 years ago (2009-02-13) (programming block in the US)
10 August 2010; 13 years ago (2010-08-10) (as channel)
Replaced byDisney XD or Disney Channel
(see table)
Former namesFox Kids (in Europe, Middle East, and Latin America)
Links (Europe) (Latin America)

Jetix (stylized in all caps) was a children's entertainment brand owned by The Walt Disney Company. The brand was for a slate of action/adventure-related programming blocks and television channels. Jetix programming mainly originated from the Saban Entertainment library, airing live-action and animated series with some original programming. The channel's target audience was older children and adolescents aged 8–15

Jetix was first launched as a programming block in the United States on Toon Disney on February 14, 2004, to compete with Cartoon Network's Toonami block,[2] and in Europe in April 2004.[3] By the end of 2004, Jetix began completely replacing the international Fox Kids channels around the world, the first being the French version in August 2004,[4] and the last one being the German version, in June 2005.[5][6]

Although it was commercially successful, the Jetix brand was later discontinued in 2009. All international channels were rebranded as either Disney XD or Disney Channel due to The Walt Disney Company's focus on its "Disney", "ABC", and "ESPN" brands. After the shutdown of the last Jetix channel in Russia (replaced with Disney Channel Russia) on August 10, 2010, and with the shutdown of Jetix Play in the Middle East on September 1, 2010 (which was replaced with Playhouse Disney, later Disney Junior)[6] the Jetix brand officially ceased usage.


The development of the Jetix brand and launch in the United States

In January 2004, Fox Kids Europe, Fox Kids Latin America (both of which were purchased by Disney in 2001 as part of Fox Family Worldwide) and the ABC Cable Networks Group agreed to rename its then current operations under a single brand, called Jetix,[7][8] which helped strengthen its then operations into a single force. The Jetix name was applied to its programming blocks which aired on ABC Family and Toon Disney, its television channels in Europe and Latin America, along with its program library and merchandising.[7] After the end of Fox Kids in the US, much of the content previously aired on the block migrated to ABC Family and Toon Disney; the international Fox Kids networks kept operating despite their US forerunner becoming defunct.

The Jetix name was chosen after the company conducted international research specifically with a number of children's focus groups. Many of the children picked the name as it implied action and adventure, and the company was able to use the name internationally due to its ambiguity. Bruce Steinberg, chairman and chief executive officer of Fox Kids Europe, explain that Jetix would help strengthen Fox Kids Europe's partnership with Disney while building new alliances to continue to successfully leverage its programming library and distribution.[9][10]

On Valentine's Day 2004, Toon Disney and ABC Family launched Jetix with Jetix Cards Live, the world's first concurrently online and telecast trading card game.[2] ABC Family aired Jetix on weekdays from 7am to 9am and weekends 7am to 12 noon ET/PT. The block also aired on Toon Disney Monday through Thursday from 7pm to 9pm ET/PT and weekends from 7pm to 9pm ET/PT.[11]

International expansion and transition of the Fox Kids brand into Jetix

Outside of the United States, Jetix was first launched as a programming block on the European Fox Kids channels in April 2004,[3] airing in mornings and afternoons.[12]

The transition to the Jetix brand started in August 2004 with replacing the French version of Fox Kids,[4] and in the same month, it was also launched in Latin America.[13] In October 2004, it was launched in Scandinavia, in January 2005 in most European countries, in February in the Netherlands, and in March in Italy and Israel. The very last Fox Kids channel to be replaced by Jetix was the German version, which was closed in June 2005, ending the transition from Fox Kids to Jetix.[14]

In addition, the Fox Kids Play channels available in CEE and MENA (which primarily aired programming from the Saban/Fox Kids/Jetix archives, including some DiC Entertainment shows) were rebranded as Jetix Play, on 1 January 2005.[15]

The new Jetix brand brought together the children's programming department at ABC's domestic cable networks, as well as Fox Kids in Europe and Latin America, in a joint programming alliance. The first Jetix Europe co-productions were W.I.T.C.H. and Super Robot Monkey Team Hyper Force Go!, with Get Ed and Yin Yang Yo! following in 2005 and 2006 respectively.

The fate of Jetix

In Autumn 2006, Toon Disney in the United States became the exclusive home for Jetix, effectively ending the block on ABC Family.[16] However, the Jetix programming block continued to take significant chunks of Toon Disney's airtime, until the introduction of Disney XD in the United States on February 13, 2009.[17]

Disney XD was to be slightly different from Jetix; it still mostly focused on the boy demographic, but would have more live-action productions under the Disney banner and also be a home for Disney's recent animated productions (for both boys and girls), effectively superseding Toon Disney in the United States. In the U.S., the new brand was to be "aimed at boys ages 6-14 and features content focusing on the themes of adventure, accomplishment, gaming, music and sports."

A few months before the U.S. launch of Disney XD on December 8, 2008, Disney announced that it would be increasing its shares in Jetix Europe to 96% with the intention to buy the remaining shares in the company, effectively ending Jetix Europe's autonomy.[18] Disney wanted full control of the company and to bring the European Jetix channels completely under the Disney umbrella, especially as this would enable Disney to have a singular unified strategy for its channels. After the completion of Jetix Europe's share buy-back offer, Jetix Europe was delisted from the Euronext Amsterdam stock exchange on 27 February 2009.[19][20] In the gradual phase out of the Jetix brand, Jetix Europe's CEO Paul Taylor resigned, with John Hardie, the Executive Vice President of Disney Channels EMEA as CEO on 11 February 2009. John Hardie left Disney for ITN in June 2009 and was replaced with Giorgio Stock (who later became head of Turner Broadcasting System Europe).[21]

In June 2008, Disney France announced that Disney Channel and Jetix would merge operations; at the time, Jetix was being affected by falling carriage rates and came close to leaving the CanalSat pay-TV platform in France after protracted negotiations. Jetix France was the first European version of Jetix to make the conversion to Disney XD on 1 April 2009.[22][23]

In countries where Disney Channel didn't already exist, Jetix became Disney Channel (most notably the Central Eastern Europe and the Hungarian, Czech, Slovakian, Romanian, and Israeli feeds). The last main Jetix feed in operation, Jetix Russia, made the conversion to Disney Channel on 10 August 2010. Also, in the countries where Jetix Play broadcast, it became a localised version of Playhouse Disney; however, the rollout was not synchronized with the conversion of the main Jetix networks in these areas, instead happening between 2010 and 2011, one region at a time.[24][15]

In Italy, the managing director of Jetix Italy, Francesco Nespega, led a management buyout; Jetix Italy was renamed as Switchover Media and was now responsible for two channels that were previously operated by Jetix Italy, pay-TV channel GXT and free-to-air channel K2 (as of 2024, they are operated by Warner Bros. Discovery EMEA). However, the main Jetix Italy channel remained at Disney and was rebranded as Disney XD in September 2009.[25]

List of versions

This is a dynamic list and may never be able to satisfy particular standards for completeness. You can help by adding missing items with reliable sources.

Market Type Formerly (Fox Kids) launch date[26] Replacement Replaced date
Canada Block on Family Channel Power Box 10 September 2006[27] discontinued[citation needed] 1 August 2009
United States Block on ABC Family mornings unnamed kids' action/adventure block
(common name: ABC Family Action Block)
14 February 2004[2] discontinued Fall 2006[28]
Block on Toon Disney prime time None 14 February 2004[2] merged with Toon Disney to become Disney XD 13 February 2009[29]
Italy Channel (April 2000)[26] March 2005[30] Disney XD September 2009[31]
Latin America Fox Kids (November 1996[32]) August 2004[13] 3 July 2009[33]
Japan Block on Toon Disney Japan None December 2005[34] 9 August 2009[35]
India Block on STAR One
7 to 8 pm Saturday & Sunday (Hindi)
2 July 2005[36] Disney XD (India) Fall 2009
Central and Eastern Europe Channel Fox Kids (1 April 1999) 1 January 2005[30] Disney Channel 19 September 2009[37]
United Kingdom
and Ireland
(19 October 1996[38]) January 2005[9] Disney XD 2009 fall[39]
Block on Fox Kids April 2004[39] Jetix January 2005[9]
Netherlands Channel 13 February 2005[30] Disney XD 1 January 2010[40]
France (November 1997) August 2004[4] 1 April 2009[41]
Poland (18 April 1998[42] ) 1 January 2005[30] 18 September 2009[43][44]
Block on Polsat (May 1998[45]) None Discontinued
Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovakia Channel (September 2000) 1 January 2005[30] Disney Channel (Hungary), Disney Channel (Czech Republic), Disney Channel Slovakia September 2009[46][47][48]
Block on Fox Kids April 2004 None January 2005
Hungary Block on TV2 None (2003[49]) Discontinued
Block on Magyar TV (2000[50])
Australia Block on Disney Channel September 2004 [citation needed] March 2009 [citation needed]
Scandinavia Block Fox Kids (May 1998[45] ) None 12 September 2009 [citation needed]
Channel (12 February 1998[42]) October 2004[30] Disney XD 12 September 2009[51]
Spain Block on Minimax (May 1998[45]) None Discontinued
Channel (15 November 1998) 7 January 2005[30] Disney XD 18 September 2009[52]
South Korea Block, weekdays on CHAMP None May 2005[53] None 2009 [citation needed]
Germany Channel Fox Kids (October 2000)[54] 10 June 2005[55] Disney XD October 2009[56]
Block, 30 minute. Saturday morning on Kabel 1 None 30 October 2004[57] None Discontinued
Turkey, Middle East and North Africa Channel Fox Kids November 2000[54](Fox Kids); January 2005[30] (Jetix) Disney XD October 2009[58]
Turkey Block on Show TV None (2000[50]) None Discontinued
Bulgaria Block on Balkan News
Channel Fox Kids 2003 Disney Channel September 2009[59]
Israel (February 2001[54]) 6 March 2005[30] Disney Channel 9 September 2009[60]
Greece (October 2001) January 2005[30] Disney XD (Greece) 2009[61]
Russia Channel and block on REN TV channel (1 April 1999, channel; 2001 block)[49] 2005 Disney Channel (Russia) 10 August 2010[6]
Vietnam Block on VTV None November 2005[62] discontinued 2009
Kazakhstan Block on KTK 2006[63]

Other versions

Market Name Type Formerly Launch date[26] Replacement Replaced date
Central and Eastern Europe Jetix Play Channel Fox Kids Play October 2003[26] Playhouse Disney 1 August 2010 (almost all countries, excepting Romania)
12 March 2011 (Romania)
India Jetix Action Station block on Toon Disney weekdays (Tamil, Telugu and English) None December 2004[64] Disney XD 14 November 2009[65]
Italy GXT channel May 2005[66] sold June 2009[67]
K2 syndicated block / channel Fox Kids 2002[49]/2009[68]
Poland Jetix Play channel Fox Kids Play November 2003 Playhouse Disney 31 July 2010[15]
Greece 2010
Turkey and MENA Region 2004[when?] 1 June 2011[69]
United Kingdom 1 January 2005 discontinued 1 August 2010[69]
Jetix +1 timeshift service Fox Kids + same as Jetix UK Disney XD +1 same as Jetix UK
Russia Jetix Play channel None discontinued 2010[69]
Spain Jetix Max block on Jetix early evening weekday[70]
+1 timeshift service June 2006 Disney XD +1 same as Jetix Spain
Central and Eastern Europe Jetix Max block on Jetix[71]


Main articles: List of programs broadcast by Jetix and List of programs broadcast by Jetix (block)

Jetix was primarily built upon Disney's ownership of the Saban Entertainment library (acquired along with ABC Family Worldwide in 2001), which included shows from Marvel Productions; action-adventure shows were the primary programming theme, though not all Jetix networks and blocks were necessarily limited to that genre. Furthermore, programming from outside producers and distributors were also included.[72]

Jetix Animation Concepts was a brand by Walt Disney Television Animation used for animation co-produced by and for the Jetix global group by the ABC Cable Networks Group.[4]

Magazine and other ventures

As part of brand extension, many of the overseas Jetix networks engaged in various marketing exercises, including print publications, awards shows and sporting events.

In the U.K., Future plc published the official Jetix Magazine; it was launched in early September 2004 by Jetix Consumer Products and Future Publishing.[73] Cavan Scott was the magazine's initial editor.[74] Published every four weeks, it featured puzzles and features based on the channel's shows. The magazine also came with a free DVD featuring shows from the channel.[73]

In other countries, including Bulgaria, the Netherlands[75] and Romania, similar Jetix magazines were also produced.

With the purchase of the remaining Jetix Europe shares by The Walt Disney Company and the change over of the channels to a Disney branded channel, Future renamed the magazine to Nitro!, to become an independent magazine with the same general focus.[76]

In CEE, there was annual children's musical event called Jetix Kids Awards, in which children could vote their favorite shows and stars, in order to win prizes. The last edition took place in 2008.[77][78][79][80]

The Jetix Kids Cup (formerly known as the Fox Kids Cup[81][82][83]) was an association football tournament in which children from 16 countries competed to "promote fair play, sportsmanship and cultural exchange".[84]

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