Lake Jarun
Location of Jarun in Croatia.
Location of Jarun in Croatia.
Lake Jarun
Coordinates45°47′N 15°55′E / 45.783°N 15.917°E / 45.783; 15.917
Primary inflowsSava
Primary outflowsSava
Basin countriesCroatia
Max. length2.25 km (1.40 mi)

Jarun (pronounced [jaˈrun]) is a neighborhood in the southwestern part of Zagreb, Croatia. It was named after Lake Jarun, formed by the Sava River, now located on the southern edge of the neighborhood.


The lake is the location of the Jarun sports and leisure center, where people can row, paddle, sail, surf, swim, jog, bike, roller skate, and skateboard. Around the lake are many nightclubs and cafes such as Aquarius. Jarun Lake is currently a home of INmusic festival. Also, around the lake Jarun there is a "Walk of fame" with the pictures and biography information of great athletes of Croatian sport.

Lake Jarun


The area covered by the local city council Jarun is 398.06 hectares, with 12,149 inhabitants (2011).[1]

The development of Jarun began at the end of the 1970s when it was merely a village, with the building of apartment blocks. Development increased in 1987 due to the building of the sports and leisure center (because of the Universiade in Zagreb the same year). It is currently a middle-class neighborhood with a very low crime rate.

The borders of Jarun are Horvaćanska Street to the north with Staglišće, Hrvatski Sokol Street with Vrbani to the west, Vrapčak Creek with Gredice to the east, and the Sava River to the south. Jarun, in the wider sense, also includes the neighborhoods of Staglišće and Gredice.

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