Kendal Regency
Kabupaten Kendal
Curug Sewu waterfall
Curug Sewu waterfall
Coat of arms of Kendal Regency
Ngesti Widdhi
( Bersih , Indah , Barokah , Damai , Aman , Tertib )
( Clean , Beautiful , Blessing , Peaceful , Safe , Orderly )
Kendal Regency in Central Java
Kendal Regency in Central Java
ProvinceCentral Java
Founded byTumenggung Bahurekso
SeatDewan Perwakilan Rakyat Daerah Kabupaten
 • BupatiDico Mahtado Ganinduto, B.Sc (Golkar)
 • Total1,002.23 km2 (386.96 sq mi)
 (mid 2022 estimate)
 • Total1,053,400
 • Density1,100/km2 (2,700/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+7 (WIB)
Area code+62294
Vehicle registrationH

Kendal (Javanese: ꦏꦼꦤ꧀ꦣꦭ꧀, romanized: Kendhal) is a regency in the northern part of Central Java province in Indonesia, west of Semarang. The regency is bordered by the Java Sea in the north, Semarang City and Semarang Regency in the east, Temanggung Regency in the south, and Batang Regency in the west. Kendal Regency was established on 28 July 1605. Its capital is the town of Kendal, which is also known as the City of Santri because there are thousands of Ponpes, especially in Kaliwungu District and it is also known as the City of Arts and Culture. The regency covers an area of 1,002.23 km2 and had a population of 900,313 at the 2010 census[2] and 1,018,505 at the 2020 census;[3]</ref> the official estimate as at mnid 2022 was 1,053,440, consisting of 531,754 (50.48%) males and 521,646 (49.52%) females.[1]


The name Kendal is taken from the name of a tree, the Kendal Tree. No one at first knew his name, but when Pakuwojo hid in the tree in the tree it was brightly lit, finally the tree was called the Qondhali tree, which means lighting, and finally the area where the tree was called Qondhali was because Javanese were not fluent in Arabic and became Kendal. The lush leafy tree has been known since the time of the Demak Kingdom in 1500-1546 AD that was during the reign of Sultan Trenggono. At the beginning of his reign in 1521, Sultan Trenggono once ruled Sunan Katong to order heirlooms to Pakuwojo. The events that caused the conflict and resulted in the death were recorded in the Inscription. Even now, the tomb of the two figures in Kendal's history in Protomulyo Village, Kaliwungu District, is still widely sacred to the community. According to the story, Sunan Katong was stunned by the beauty and longing of Kendal trees that grew in the surrounding environment. While enjoying the view of the Kendal tree that looks "sari", He mentioned that in the area later it would be called "Kendalsari". The big tree that the people mentioned was located on the edge of Kendal Youth Street was also known as Kendal Growing because the stem was hollow or growing.

A young man named Joko Bahu is a court servant of the Mataram kingdom. Joko Bahu is known as someone who loves others and is a hard worker until Joko Bahu succeeded in advancing his area. For this success, Sultan Agung Adi Prabu Hanyokrokusumo finally appointed him as the Kendal Regent, entitled Tumenggung Bahurekso. In addition Tumenggung Bahurekso was also appointed as Commander of the Mataram War on August 26, 1628, to lead tens of thousands of soldiers to invade the VOC in Batavia. In the battle on 21 October 1628 in Batavia Tumenggung Bahurekso and his two sons died as Kusuma Bangsa. From the journey of Sang Tumenggung Bahurekso led the VOC attack in Batavia on August 26, 1628, which was then used as a benchmark for the history of the birth of Kendal Regency. Further development with the momentum of the death of Tumenggung Bahurekso as the determination of the anniversary was considered by some to be inappropriate. Because the momentum is a dark history for a character named Bahurekso. So if the date is taken as the momentum of the anniversary is feared it will bring psychological effects. The emergence of the term "fail and fall" in Javanese mythology is feared to form psychological biases that influence the behavior of the pattern of taste, creativity and intentions of the people of Kendal Regency, so that it feels inappropriate if used as a sign of the beginning of the emergence of Kendal Regency. From the results of the Seminar held on August 15, 2006, by inviting experts and historical actors, such as Prof. Dr. Djuliati Suroyo (professor of the Undip Semarang Faculty of Literature), Dr. Wasino, M.Hum (Unnes Postgraduate lecturer) H. Moenadi (Kendal Community Leader with moderator Dr. Singgih Tri Sulistiyono. And after a comprehensive study and assessment agreed and concluded that the momentum of Bahurekso's appointment as Kendal Regent was used as the starting point for the day so the appointment coincides on 12 Rabiul Awal 1014 H or 28 July 1605. The date is exactly Thursday Legi Friday night pahing 1527 Saka. Determination of the anniversary is then determined through the Kendal Regency Regional Regulation (PERDA) Number 20 of 2006, concerning the Determination of the Day So Kendal Regency (Local Gazette number 20 of 2006 Series E number 15) Kendal history is also found in the library of Leiden University, Leiden, Netherlands.

Kaliwungu has triumphed as the center of government since the inception of Kendal Regency. However, due to the political conditions in the center of Mataram at that time and the consideration of the development of the government, the center of government moved to Kendal City until now. So that finally Kaliwungu is only used for the residence of the father of the Regent, who is often referred to as Kasepuhan. Whereas the government was made an administrative area namely Kaliwungu District.

During the New Order era, the regency was the site of the Plantungan concentration camp, where former Communist Party and Gerwani members were imprisoned from 1971 to 1979.


Administrative Districts

Kendal Regency consists of twenty districts (kecamatan), tabulated below with their areas and their populations at the 2010 census,[2] and the 2020 census,[3] together with the official estimates as at mid 2022.[1] The table also includes the locations of the district administrative centres, the number of administrative villages in each district (totaling 266 rural desa and 20 urban keluraham - the latter all in Kendal town District), and its post code.

Name of
mid 2022
33.24.01 Plantungan 48.82 28,826 32,586 33,609 Tirtomulyo 12 51362
33.24.03 Sukorejo 76.01 57,080 60,399 62,846 Sukorejo 18 51363
33.24.02 Pageruyung 51.43 31,487 35,671 37,485 Pageruyung 14 51361
33.24.04 Patean 92.94 46,892 52,105 54,733 Curugsewu 14 51364
33.24.05 Singorojo 119.32 46,757 52,854 55,080 Ngareanak 13 51382
33.24.06 Limbangan 71.72 30,722 34,937 36,534 Limbangan 16 51383
33.24.07 Boja 64.09 69,417 82,443 83,047 Boja 18 51381
33.24.08 Kaliwungu 47.73 58,514 66,157 66,003 Sarirejo 9 51372
33.24.20 Kaliwungu Selatan
(South Kaliwungu)
65.19 44,495 51,999 51,795 Magelung 8 51372
33.24.09 Brangsong 34.54 44,662 50,611 52,454 Brangsong 12 51371
33.24.10 Pegandon 31.12 33,418 37,954 39,839 Tegorejo 12 51358
33.24.19 Ngampel 33.88 31,100 35,855 37,496 Ngampel Wetan 12 51357
33.24.11 Gemuh 38.17 45,360 52,409 54,274 Gemuh Blanten 16 51356
33.24.18 Ringinarum 23.50 31,866 36,620 38,888 Ringinarum 12 51359
33.24.12 Weleri 30.28 55,770 59,885 63,273 Penyangkringan 16 51355
33.24.16 Rowosari 32.64 46,151 53,566 55,756 Rowosari 16 51319
33.24.17 Kangkung 38.98 42,143 49,883 52,439 Kangkung 15 51353
33.24.13 Cepiring 30.08 46,932 52,654 54,600 Karangayu 15 51352
33.24.14 Patebon 44.30 54,612 60,085 62,495 Jambearum 18 51351
33.24.15 Kendal (town) 27.49 54,109 59,832 60,754 Karangsari 20 (b) 51311
- 51319
Totals 1,002.23 900,313 1,018,505 1,053,400 Kendal 286

Note: (a) except one desa (Karangsari) for which the post code is 51354. (b) comprising the 20 kelurahan of Balok, Bandengan, Banyutowo, Bugangin, Candiroto, Jetis, Jotang, Kalibuntu Wetan, Karang Sari, Kebondalem, Ketapang, Langenharjo, Ngilir, Pakauman, Patukangan, Pegulon, Sijeruk, Sukodono, Trompo and Tunggulrejo.

Kendal town is the administrative headquarters. Besides Kendal, other significant district centres are Kaliwungu, Boja and Weleri. Kendal Regency has a coastline with a length of 41.0 kilometres.

In general, the Kendal Regency region is divided into two distinct areas, namely lowland areas (beaches) and highland areas (mountains). The northern region of Kendal Regency is a low-lying area with an altitude between 0–10 metres above sea level, which includes the districts of Weleri, Rowosari, Kale, Cepiring, Gemuh, Ringinarum, Pegandon, Sampling, Patebon, Kendal, Brangsong, and Kaliwungu.

The southern part of Kendal Regency is a highland area consisting of mountainous land with an altitude between 10 and 2,579 metres above sea level, covering the districts of Plantungan, Pageruyung, Sukorejo, Patean, Boja, Singorojo, Limbangan and Kaliwungu Selatan.

List of Regents

Regent of Kendal
Dico Mahtado Ganinduto, B.Sc
since 26 February 2021
ResidenceKendal Regency Hall
Term length5 years
Length of Service
Tumenggung Bahurekso 1605-1629
(24 Years)
Raden Ngabehi Wiroseco 1629-1641
(12 Years)
Raden Ngabehi Mertoyudo 1641-1649
(8 Years)
Raden Ngabehi Wongsodiprojo 1649-1650
(1 Years)
Raden Ngabehi Wongsowiroprojo 1650-1661
(11 Years)
Raden Ngabehi Wongsowirosroyo 1661-1663
(2 Years)
Tumenggung Singowijoyo 1663-1668
(5 Years)
Tumenggung Mertowijoyo 1 1668-1700
(2 Years)
Tumenggung Mertowijoyo 2 1700-1725
(25 Years)
Tumenggung Mertowijoyo 3 1725-1739
(14 Years)
Tumenggung Singowijoyo 2 1739-1754
(15 Years)
Tumenggung Soemonegoro 1 1755-1780
(25 Years)
Tumenggung Soemonegoro 2 1780-1785
(5 Years)
Tumenggung Soerohadinegoro 1 1785-1796
(11 Years)
Pangeran Ario Prawirodiningrat 1 1796-1813
(16 Years)
Pangeran Ario Prawirodiningrat 2 1813-1830
(17 Years)
Raden Tumenggung Purbodiningrat 1830-1850
(20 Years)
Kyai Tumenggung Purbodiningrat 1850-1855
(5 Years)
Pangeran Ario Notohamiprojo 1857-1891
(34 Years)
Raden Mas Kamal Notonegoro 1891-1911
(20 Years)
Patih Raden cokro Hadisastro 1911-1914
(3 Years)
Raden Mas Adipati Notohamijoyo 1914-1938
(24 Years)
Raden Patih Notomudigdo 1938
(0 Years)
Raden Mas Saddin Purbonegoro 1938-1942
(4 Years)
Patih Raden Mas Kusuma Hudoyo 1942-1945
(3 Years)
Soekarmo 1945-1949
(4 Years)
Raden Ruslan 1949
(0 Years)
Raden Prayitno Partodijoyo 1950-1956
(6 Years)
Raden Sujono 1957-1960
(3 Years)
Raden Salatun 1960-1966
(6 Years)
Mayor Sunardi 1966-1967
(1 Years)
Letkol Suryo Suseno 1967-1972
(5 Years)
Abdus Saleh Ronowijoyo 1972-1979
(7 Years)
Drs. Herman Sumarmo 1979-1984
(5 Years)
Sudono Yusuf BA 1984-1989
(5 Years)
Sumoyo Hadiwinoto 1989-1998
(9 Years)
Drs. Djumadi 1999-2000
(1 Years)
Hendy Boedoro 2000-2008
(8 Years)
Dra. Siti Nurmarkesi 2008-2010
(2 Years)
Hj. Widya Kandi Susanti 2010-2015
(5 Years)
dr. Mirna Annisa 2016-2021
(5 Years)
Dico Mahtado Ganinduto, B.Sc 2021-Incumbent
(5 Years)
  Dutch Colonial Period
  Japanese Colonial Period
  Indonesian Independence Period

List of Vice Regents

Vice Regents of Kendal
H. Windu Suko Basuki, SH
since 26 February 2021
Vice Regents
Length of Service
1 Masduki Yusak 2000-2005
2 Dra. Siti Nurmarkesi 2005-2008
3 KH. Mustamsikin 2010-2015
4 Drs. Masrur Masykur 2016-2021
5 H. Windu Suko Basuki, SH 2021-Incumbent


Kendal has a soccer club. That is Persik Kendal. Kendal Stadium is the Bahurekso Stadium. The Stadium is located in Kebondalem Village Kendal City. And some Volleyball clubs at the Krida Bahurekso Gym.


One of the Industries in Kendal is Kendal Industrial Estate in Kaliwungu District and Sugar Factory in Cepiring District. The Sugar Factory in Cepiring has existed since the Dutch era.

Sugar Factory in Cepiring In Dutch era.


Natural Tourism

Sewu Waterfall/ Curug Sewu

Religious Tourism


Famous Figure

Typical Culinary






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