Kebumen Regency
Kabupaten Kebumen
Other transcription(s)
 • Javaneseꦏꦼꦧꦸꦩꦺꦤ꧀
Coat of arms of Kebumen Regency
Bhumi tirta praja mukti (Earth and water is for people's prosperity)
Location within Central Java
Location within Central Java
Kebumen Regency is located in Java
Kebumen Regency
Kebumen Regency
Location in Java and Indonesia
Kebumen Regency is located in Indonesia
Kebumen Regency
Kebumen Regency
Kebumen Regency (Indonesia)
Coordinates: 7°37′46″S 109°34′14″E / 7.62944°S 109.57056°E / -7.62944; 109.57056
Country Indonesia
Province Central Java
AnniversaryAugust 21, 1629; 394 years ago (1629-08-21)
 • RegentArif Sugiyanto
 • Vice RegentRistawati Purwaningsih
 • Total1,281.115 km2 (494.641 sq mi)
85 m (279 ft)
 (mid 2022 estimate)
 • Total1,376,825
 • Density1,100/km2 (2,800/sq mi)
 • Ethnic groupsJavanese


Time zoneUTC+7 (Indonesia Western Standard Time)
Area code(+62) 287
Vehicle registrationAA

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Kebumen Regency (Javanese: ꦏꦼꦧꦸꦩꦺꦤ꧀, romanized: Kêbumèn) is a regency in the southern part of the Indonesian province of Central Java. It covers an area of 1,281.115 km2 and had a population of 1,159,926 at the 2010 Census[2] and 1,350,438 at the 2020 Census;[3] the official estimate as at mid 2022 was 1,376,825 (comprising 697,439 males and 679,386 females).[1] Its capital is the large town of Kebumen.

There is an area in this regency which is used for geology research, namely Karangsambung.[4]

Van Der Wijck Fortress

The fortress is located in Gombong City about 21 kilometers west of Kebumen or 100 kilometers from Borobudur. was built in 1818, by Dutch East India Company (VOC) to conquer Diponegoro war, there were many troops come to the location and make the fortress as office of military concentration. In 1844–1848 the fortress is built in the office location for preparation to clash with Yogyakarta Sultanate and named the fortress as Fort (Generaal) Cochius. In 1856 the fortress is used as Pupillenshool for European youngster who born in Indonesia (formerly Hindia Belanda). And finally, the Dutch colonial changed the name to Van Der Wijck Fortress.

The fortress has octagon shape with 7,168 square metres, 10-metre height and 1.4-metre wall depth with 2 storeys.[5]


Geographically, Kebumen is located at 7 ° 27 '- 7 ° 50' south latitude and 109 ° 22 '- 109 ° 50' east longitude. The southern part of Kebumen Regency is lowland, while in the northern part are the mountains and hills that are part of a series of South Serayu Mountains. Meanwhile, in the western region around Gombong, the Karst of South Gombong is a limestone mountain range that stretches to the south coast of north-south trending. This area has more than a hundred caves. The largest rivers in Kebumen are the Luk Ulo River, Jatinegara River, Karanganyar River, Kretek River, Kedungbener River, Kemit River, Gombong River, Ijo River, Kejawang River, and Gebang River.

The Total Area and Use

Kebumen has a total area of 128,111.50 ha or 1,281.115 km2. Of this area, 49,768.00 hectares (or about 31.04%) were recorded as wetland and 108,343.50 hectares (or 68.96%) as dry land.

According to its use, the vast majority of irrigated land technical and almost entirely (46.18%) can be planted twice a year, partly in the form of rain-fed (37.82%), which in some places can be planted twice a year, and 11.25% of irrigated land half-technical and simple.

Dry land is used for building area of 40,985.00 hectares (37.73%), dry land / garden area of 33,777.00 hectares (33.57%) as well as state forest covering an area of 22,861.00 hectares (21.08%) and the rest is used for field pasture, pond, pool, woody plants, as well as land and land cultivated while not others.

Administrative districts

Kebumen Regency comprises twenty-six districts (kecamatan), tabulated below with their areas and their populations at the 2010 Census[2] and the 2020 Census,[3] together with the official estimates as at mid 2022.[1] The table also includes the locations of the district administrative centres, the number of administrative villages in each district (totaling 449 rural desa and 11 urban kelurahan), and its post code.

Name of
mid 2022
33.05.01 Ayah 76.37 53,970 63,886 65,332 Demangsari 18 54473
33.05.02 Buayan 68.42 53,466 64,643 66,377 Buayan 20 54474
33.05.03 Puring 61.97 51,986 62,788 64,460 Sitiadi 23 54383
33.05.04 Petanahan 44.84 51,951 59,724 60,731 Petanahan 21 54382
33.05.05 Klirong 43.25 53,445 63,305 64,746 Klirong 24 54381
33.05.06 Buluspesantren 48.77 51,524 58,175 58,950 Setropenar 21 54391
33.05.07 Ambal 62.41 54,050 61,901 62,898 Ambalresmi 32 54392
33.05.08 Mirit 52.35 43,367 51,524 52,728 Mirit 22 54396
33.05.23 Bonorowo 20.91 18,289 20,962 21,303 Boborowo 11 54395
33.05.09 Prembun 22.96 25,984 28,478 28,692 Prembun 13 54397
33.05.24 Padureso 28.95 13,146 16,347 16,877 Padureso 9 54394
33.05.10 Kutowinangun 33.73 41,619 47,518 48,255 Kutowinangun 19 54393
33.05.11 Alian 57.75 53,343 65,776 67,798 Krakal 16 54352
33.05.25 Poncowarno 27.37 14,717 18,044 18,578 Poncowarno 11 54390
33.05.12 Kebumen (town) 42.04 118,847 131,749 133,030 Kebumen 29 (a) 54311
- 54317
33.05.13 Pejagoan 34.58 47,264 54,834 55,857 Pejagoan 13 54361
33.05.14 Sruweng 43.68 52,747 60,779 61,831 Sruweng 21 54362
33.05.15 Adimulyo 43.43 33,669 37,152 37,480 Adimulyo 23 54363
33.05.16 Kuwarasan 33.84 43,389 50,157 51,057 Kuwarasan 22 54366
33.05.17 Rowokele 53.79 41,766 50,295 51,604 Rowokele 11 54472
33.05.18 Sempor 100.15 58,418 68,121 69,461 Sempor 16 54421
33.05.19 Gombong 19.48 46,732 50,196 50,376 Gombong 14 (b) 54411
33.05.20 Karanganyar 31.40 33,548 37,269 37,647 Karanganyar 11 (c) 54364
33.05.21 Karanggayam 109.29 47,801 57,993 59,589 Karanggayam 19 54365
33.05.22 Sadang 54.23 17,899 22,294 23,024 Sadang 7 54354
33.05.26 Karangsambung 65.15 36,989 46,528 48,144 Karangsambung 14 54353
Totals 1,281.12 1,159,926 1,350,438 1,376,825 Kebumen 460

Notes: (a) comprising 5 kelurahan (Bumirejo, Kebumen, Panjer, Selang and Tamanwinangun) and 24 desa. (b) including 2 kelurahan (Gombong and Wonokriyo).
(c) comprising 4 kelurahan (Jatiluhur, Karanganyar, Panjatan and Plarangan) and 3 desa.


North Banjarnegara Regency
South Samudra Hindia (Indian Ocean)
West Banyumas Regency & Cilacap Regency
East Wonosobo Regency & Purworejo Regency

Kebumen Regency Leader

The name of Tumenggung/Adipati (Duke)/Bupati (Regent) who had led Kebumen
No. Name Year Area Name
1 Panembahan Bodronolo 1642–1657 Panjer
2 Hastrosuto 1657–1677 Panjer
3 Kalapaking I 1677–1710 Panjer
4 KRT. Kalapaking II 1710–1751 Panjer
5 KRT. Kalapaking III 1751–1790 Panjer
6 KRT. Kalapaking IV 1790–1833 Panjer
7 KRT. Arungbinang IV 1833–1861 Panjer
8 KRT. Arungbinang V 1861–1890 Kebumen
9 KRT. Arungbinang VI 1890–1908 Kebumen
10 KRT. Arungbinang VII 1908–1934 Kebumen
11 KRT. Arungbinang VIII 1934–1942 Kebumen
12 R. Prawotosoedibyo S 1942–1945 Kebumen
13 KRT. Said Prawirosastro 1945–1947 Kebumen
14 RM. Soedjono 1947–1948 Kebumen
15 R.M. Istikno Sosrobusono 1948–1951 Kebumen
16 R.M. Slamet Projorahardjo 1951–1956 Kebumen
17 R. Projosudarto 1956–1961 Kebumen
18 R. Sudarmo Sumohardjo 1961–1963 Kebumen
19 R.M. Suharjo Notoprojo 1963–1964 Kebumen
20 DRS. R. Soetarjo Kolopaking 1964–1966 Kebumen
21 R. Suyitno 1966–1968 Kebumen
22 Mashud Mertosugondo 1968–1974 Kebumen
23 R. Soepeno Soerjodiprodjo 1974–1979 Kebumen
24 DRS. H. Dadiyono Yudoprayitno 1979–1984 Kebumen
25 Drs. Iswarto 1984–1985 Kebumen
26 H. M.C. Tohir 1985–1990 Kebumen
27 H.M. Amin Soedibyo 1990–1995 Kebumen
28 H.M. Amin Soedibyo 1995–2000 Kebumen
29 Dra. Rustriningsih, M.Si 2000–2005 Kebumen
30 Dra. Rustriningsih, M.Si 2005–2008 Kebumen
31 K.H. Nashiruddin Al Mansyur 2008–2010 Kebumen
32 H. Buyar Winarso, SE 2010–2015 Kebumen
33 Ir. H. Yahya Fuad, SE 2016–2018 Kebumen
34 K. H. Yazid Mahfudz 2019–2021 Kebumen
35 H. Arif Sugiyanto, S.H. 2021–2026 Kebumen


TK (Taman Kanak-Kanak)/ Kindergarten

SD (Sekolah Dasar)/ Elementary School

SMP (Sekolah Menengah Pertama)/ Junior High School

SMA / SMK / MA / Senior High School

University / College

Mass Media

Kebumen has a relatively complete mass media, both print and electronic media. Currently in Kebumen region there is published a daily newspaper "Kebumen Express", "Kebumen Online" which is part of Jawa Pos Group. In addition, there is also a "Radar Kebumen".

For electronic media, there are several commercial radio stations and one Kebumen district government-owned public radio, and a local television station.


Radio broadcasts from the town of Kebumen

Radio broadcasts from Karanganyar

Radio broadcasts from Gombong

Television Channel

Local Television Channel


Kebumen are on track across the southern island of Java. Intercity public transportation is served by buses and trains. Station Kebumen, Gombong and Karanganyar is a big station in Kebumen, in addition there are small stations such as Prembun, Soka, Kutowinangun and among railroad crossing Kebumen is Senja Utama and Fajar Utama (Jakarta Senen Market-Yogyakarta), Argo Wilis (Bandung-Surabaya Gubeng), Bima (Jakarta-Surabaya City Gubeng), Logawa (Purwokerto-Jember), and Kutojaya (Kutoarjo-Jakarta) Sawunggalih (Jakarta-Kutoarjo).

Adisucipto Airport can be reached by DAMRI buses, which is based at Pemuda street. In addition, the airport can be reached by Maguwo KRD Railway Express (Purwokerto-Kebumen-Maguwo) to Maguwo station that is located inside the airport.



Kebumen Regency also has a football team, under the name Persak Kebumen which stands for Indonesian Football Association of Kebumen. This team in the 2008–2011 period held a competition in the Indonesian Third Division. Persak Kebumen played in the 2014–2015 period playing in the Nusantara League competition. After the return of the Indonesian League, Persak Kebumen played in Liga 3 in 2019. Chandradimuka Stadium is a home venue of Persak Kebumen.


In addition to football clubs, Kebumen Regency has a professional futsal club namely SKN FC Kebumen. SKN FC Kebumen played in the Indonesia Pro Futsal League since 2018 as runner up. The competition that followed was 2018 AFF Futsal Championship as a semifinalist.

Typical Food

Jenang Soap (Jenang Sabun)

Typical food, there are areas petanahan districts. It was sweet and typical, but already rare.


Lanthing (sometimes called klanthing), is a kind of snack crackers made from cassava in the form of a figure eight or a small circle like a ring. Originally only have a savoury flavour and salty but are now starting to appear a variety of spicy and salty flavours such as cheese flavour. This food very heavy if eating.

Obang Abing

The food is made from sticky rice sprinkled with sugar, but this food is getting hard to find.

Sale bananas (Sale Pisang)

Sale bananas are foods produced from thin combed bananas and then dried. Drying the goal is to reduce the water content of bananas so as banana sale more durable. This sale bananas can be eaten or fried with flour first. in addition, the current sale of bananas have a variety of flavours such as cheese flavour. Currently, the sale of banana production has penetrated the international market.

Sale of banana is a banana products are made by drying and curing process. Sale is known to have a distinctive flavour and aroma.

Sate ambal

Sate ambal is a type of chicken skewers unique to Ambal, Kebumen, Central Java.

Sate ambal differs to the typical sate due to the different ingredients used in the sauce. Instead of peanut sauce like sate Madura, sate ambal's sauce is very smooth more creamy in consistency rather than rough with crushed peanut texture. The sauce is more similar to those of sate padang in texture. Furthermore, what makes the sauce unique is the use of tempeh which is crushed and mixed with the seasoning and spices, making it indistinguishable anymore.

Soto petanahan

Soto petanahan is quite different from the soup in other areas, its uniqueness make soup petanahan very popular with the public at large, soto petanahan containing the diamond, sprouts green, shredded chicken and sauce were tasty, but the soup is not as famous soto bandung and soto of other areas, if kebumen you stop by to try taking the time to try this culinary one. Traders soto petanahan petanahannya often found in the village itself and the area around the village petanahan, while the seller is already very famous, namely soup petanahan kored pack. Diselatan located petanahan market.

Soto Tahu

The food is typical of this one now very rare, even the food was only famous dikecamatan petanahan. When viewed dar, his name might appear normal, but once you try it you will feel addicted, this soup made with tofu, crank, sprouts and tofu kebumen typical peanut sauce smothered in gravy. fresh taste, suitable dinikamati harim during the day if you visit you must try the food kebumen this one. The food is not fancy but served direstoran on vendors who people call petanahan bango (a kind of selling houses made of bamboo and simple).

Empog empog


Jipang nut (Jipang Kacang)


Rice penggel (Nasi Penggel)

Soto Tamanwinangun / Soto Kasaran

Thepleng pejet

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