Kill Your Boyfriend
Kill Your Boyfriend cover.jpg
Cover of Kill Your Boyfriend one-shot, art by Philip Bond.
Publication information
GenreRomance, Black comedy
Publication dateJune 1995
No. of issues1
Creative team
Created byGrant Morrison
Philip Bond
Written byGrant Morrison
Penciller(s)Philip Bond
Inker(s)Philip Bond
Letterer(s)Ellie De Ville
Editor(s)Helen Craven
Jennifer Lee
Tim Pilcher
Art Young

Kill Your Boyfriend is the title of a comic book one-shot written by Grant Morrison and drawn by Philip Bond and D'Israeli for DC Comics Vertigo imprint in June 1995.

Publication history

Originally published as part of the Vertigo Voices series of one-shots in 1995, Kill Your Boyfriend was reprinted in the prestige format (ISBN 156389453X) in 1998[1] with an afterword from Morrison and a paper fortune teller. A third edition was published in October 2008.[2]


The story is a darkly comic satire of British youth culture which revolves round a bookish middle class schoolgirl, who has a bland unexciting life until she meets a strange young boy who convinces her to kill her boyfriend. They then go on the run together for a series of anarchic adventures across Britain.

Meeting up with a group of travellers in a double-decker bus, the pair indulge in more crime and sexual experimentation before making their way to Blackpool to meet their final fate.


Morrison notes in the afterword of the second edition that the story is inspired in part by the myth of Dionysus.


In 2013, ComicsAlliance ranked Boy as #10 on their list of the "50 Sexiest Male Characters in Comics".[3] One critic draws parallels with such films as Natural Born Killers.[4]