Publication information
PublisherDC Comics
First appearanceBatman #666 (July 2007)
Created byGrant Morrison (writer)
Frank Quitely (artist)
In-story information
Alter egoEduardo Flamingo
Place of originEarth
Team affiliationsCircus of Strange
Notable aliasesEduardo Flamingo
AbilitiesFirearms expert

Flamingo (Eduardo Flamingo) is a fictional supervillain appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics, commonly as an adversary of Batman.

The character appeared on the second season of Gotham, portrayed by Raúl Castillo.

Publication history

Flamingo first appeared in Batman #666 (July 2007) and was created by Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely.[1]

Fictional character biography

Eduardo Flamingo is an emotionless, unfeeling pink-wearing flamboyant killer who has a tendency to eat his victim's faces after he has murdered them. Jason Todd (the second Robin, who had become Red Hood) has rallied a defense against Flamingo, but sustains bullet wounds to the face and knee-cap. Flamingo then turns his attentions to Red Hood's partner Scarlet. Flamingo then tugs at the seams of Scarlet's mask before she gashes him with one of her blades. Feeling responsible for the girl and her condition, Robin jumps into the fray to help, but receives four bullets to his cape-protected spine, paralyzing him from the waist down. Dick Grayson (who is operating as Batman) delivers a boot to Flamingo's face. When Dick is nearly tossed over the side of the building, Jason uses a construction digger to scoop Flamingo up and deposit him over the edge, sending him plummeting to the Earth below. Commissioner James Gordon later tells Batman that Flamingo's body was never found.[2]

In 2011, "The New 52" rebooted the DC universe. Flamingo is first seen among the villainous inmates at Arkham Asylum. He joins the inmates and is seen attacking the Batman before Joker (who was actually Nightwing in disguise) appears to come to Batman's aid and the pair work together to beat back the group of rampaging inmates.[3]

During the "Forever Evil" storyline, Flamingo appears as a member of the Crime Syndicate of America's incarnation of the Secret Society of Super Villains.[4]

During the "Gothtopia" storyline, Flamingo was later seen among those who have taken over Arkham Asylum. He and Nocturna later get knocked out by Batman.[5]

While Batman is teased by Julia about his romantic failure with Catwoman, he gets distracted when Flamingo's motorcycle skids past him. Batman makes a hurried u-turn and catches up to his prey, running him down, and sending the assassin flying from his bike.[6] He has taken down Flamingo and allows the man to wake in a cemetery. Batman watches Flamingo get up and leave, in order that he can follow him back to his employer. En route, Flamingo receives an invitation to Catwoman's impending murder. Batman follows Flamingo to the Moffat Building, where he discovers the aftermath of the shooting. Dragos Ibanescu lies dead and both Catwoman and Killer Croc are traumatized by Jade McKillen's death.[7]

In Catwoman #60 (2023), he was shown flirting with a male ballet dancer.[8]

Powers and abilities

Flamingo does not have any powers, but he is a skilled hitman, in excellent physical condition. He wields a variety of weapons, from chain whips to sub-machine guns. He also drives a variety of vehicles, though the most common is a bright pink motorcycle.

Other versions

Batman in Bethlehem

15 years into the future as part of the Batman in Bethlehem story, Flamingo appears as an enemy of Damian Wayne (who has become the third Batman). He is shown sneaking up on Batman only for him to throw a Batarang at Flamingo's face.[9]

The Batman's Grave

A version of Eduardo Flamingo appears in the limited series The Batman's Grave, which takes place out of primary DC continuity. In this telling, Flamingo is a mob hitman who retains his penchant for eating the faces of his victims, but was lobotomized with a chisel by his employers. Batman encounters him while investigating the murder of a former district attorney's staff member, and after defeating him drops him off at the front steps of GCPD headquarters. Flamingo is detained at Arkham Asylum, but during an interrogation by Batman, is murdered by a member of the Scorn Army who has infiltrated Arkham's staff. This version of Flamingo is much less flamboyant and outwardly dashing, and tends to befriend his marks. [10]

In other media


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