The Filth
Cover to The Filth #13.
Publication information
Publication dateAugust 2002 - October 2003
No. of issues13
Creative team
Written byGrant Morrison
Penciller(s)Chris Weston
Inker(s)Gary Erskine

The Filth is a comic book limited series, written by Grant Morrison and drawn by Chris Weston and Gary Erskine. It was published by the Vertigo imprint of American company DC Comics in 2002.[1]

Publication history

The Filth was Grant Morrison's second major creator-owned series for Vertigo after The Invisibles. Initially starting as a Nick Fury proposal for Marvel Comics,[Note 1] Morrison adapted it as a 13-part series for Vertigo. The title refers both to the police (in British slang) and to pornography (in which Morrison "immersed" themselves while "researching" the series).[5] Morrison has said that the series is their favorite among their works.[6]

The series tells the story of Greg Feely, a bachelor whose main interests are his cat and masturbating to pornography. Feely is actually a member of a shadowy organization called The Hand and their attempts to keep society on the path to the "Status Q".

Collected editions

A trade paperback of all 13 issues was released in 2004 (ISBN 1401200133).

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  1. ^ Said story eventually became Nick's World.[2][3][4]


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