Lucius Fox
Lucius Fox in Batman #307 (January 1979)
Art by John Calnan and Dick Giordano
Publication information
PublisherDC Comics
First appearanceBatman #307 (January 1979)
Created byLen Wein (writer)
John Calnan (artist)
In-story information
Full nameLucius Fox
Team affiliationsWayne Enterprises
Supporting character ofBatman (Bruce Wayne)
Batman (Jace Fox)
Batwing (Luke Fox)
Batgirl (Tiffany Fox)
Robin (various)

Lucius Fox is a character appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics, commonly in association with the superhero Bruce Wayne / Batman.[1] He is Wayne's business manager at Wayne Enterprises who runs the business interests that supply his equipment needs as well as financing his operations, and is the father of Luke Fox / Batwing, Tiffany Fox / Batgirl, and Jace Fox / Batman.[2]

Lucius Fox has been featured in various media adaptations. The character was voiced by Brock Peters in Batman: The Animated Series, Mel Winkler in The New Batman Adventures, Louis Gossett Jr. in The Batman, Phil LaMarr in DC Super Hero Girls, and Dave Fennoy in the video game Batman: Arkham Knight. Lucius Fox made his live-action debut in The Dark Knight Trilogy, portrayed by Morgan Freeman, with Chris Chalk portraying him in the television series Gotham, and Simon Manyonda portraying a young version of Chalk's Lucius Fox in the second and third seasons of the television series Pennyworth. Mark Edward Taylor portrays an Irish Catholic substitute of the character named Jack Fox O'Dwyer in the DC Extended Universe (DCEU) film Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.[3]

Publication history

Lucius Fox was created by writer Len Wein and penciller John Calnan and first appeared in Batman #307 (January 1979).[4]

Fictional character biography

As CEO and President of Wayne Enterprises, Lucius Fox is one of Bruce Wayne's closest allies.[5] He is an experienced businessman, entrepreneur, and inventor who unknowingly runs the business interests that supply weapons, gadgets, vehicles, and armor for Bruce Wayne to use when he fights crime as the vigilante Batman. The character is depicted as being aware that Bruce Wayne is Batman, having replaced Alfred Pennyworth in cave operations, after Alfred's untimely death at the hands of Bane.[6]

Business career

Lucius Fox is regarded as having the "Midas Touch", an ability to turn failing businesses into successful conglomerates, and is consequently a highly sought-after businessman throughout the corporate world. Fox is called in to the failing Wayne Enterprises and brings balance to both Bruce Wayne's private and business finances.[2] In Batman Confidential, he is shown heading the project that produced the prototype that would become the Batwing. He also manages the particulars of the Wayne Foundation while Bruce dictates the organization's general policies. Since then, Fox has been approached repeatedly by other companies seeking his expertise. After overcoming the original challenge of returning Wayne Enterprises to its former glory, Fox has elected to stay, having been given an unparalleled freedom in the company.

In Batman: Haunted Knight, it is explained that a young Bruce Wayne rescued Lucius Fox from muggers in Paris. Later, Fox asked him if he wants to start a foundation for charity, to which Bruce agrees many years later, deciding that not all of his money has to go to crime fighting.

Bruce Wayne, as Batman, originally forms the Outsiders to rescue Fox from Baron Bedlam.[7] When Fox later suffers a stroke, Bruce makes sure that Fox gets the best care possible and supports him and his family.

Family life

With his wife Tanya, Lucius has several children, all introduced in the comics at different stages over the years. Fox's daughter Tam is introduced in Red Robin.[8] Her father sends her to personally locate Tim Drake, only to discover his secret identity as Red Robin and become involved in his conflicts with the League of Assassins. For a time it was believed Fox was dead, but this was a ruse to help combat his enemies.[9] It is believed that learning Drake's secrets has led Tam Fox to realize that Bruce Wayne is Batman. However, she apparently did not report her findings to her father.

Fox's youngest daughter, Tiffany, was first shown in Batman #308 (1979), but was not substantially explored until 2011's The New 52 reboot of DC's continuity, which reintroduced her along with her siblings in Batwing #22. The alternative future story shown in Batgirl: Futures End (2014) shows Tiffany grows up to be a gifted protege of Barbara Gordon, becoming one of several women to use the Batgirl moniker, with a pink-accented Batsuit.

Prior to The New 52, Lucius had a son named Timothy whose occasional delinquency embarrassed his father. Tim, now calling himself 'Jace' returns in the Infinite Frontier miniseries The Next Batman: Second Son.[10] Lucius also has a son named Lucas "Luke" Fox, introduced in the New 52 continuity, who is an intellectual prodigy and mixed martial artist and who, unbeknownst to his father, was selected and trained by Bruce Wayne to become the vigilante known as Batwing using a high-tech Batsuit designed by his father. Both Luke and his predecessor as Batwing, David Zavimbe, are agents of the international crime-fighting organization Batman Incorporated.

After Bruce Wayne announces his public support for Batman Inc., Fox becomes active supplying him with the company's resources and research prototypes.[11]

Alternative versions

Anti-Matter Universe

An alternate version of Fox is shown in the Antimatter universe (where the Crime Syndicate resides). In this universe, Fox is a white gang boss who has the backing of the CSA, in return for spreading fear in Gotham City and snitching for Owlman.[12]

Batman Beyond

Main article: Batman Beyond (comics)

In the comic book series Batman Beyond, Lucius' son, Lucius Fox Jr., serves as a supporting character. He merged his company, Foxteca, with Wayne Enterprises as Wayne Incorporated, and becomes Wayne's business partner.[13]

Batman: Earth One

Main article: Batman: Earth One

In the graphic novel Batman: Earth One, by Geoff Johns and Gary Frank, Fox is a 22-year-old intern at Wayne Medical, hoping to develop an advanced prosthetic for his 5-year-old niece. After repairing Bruce Wayne's grapnel, he deduces that Batman is the billionaire after seeing the vigilante using the same device on the news. Believing that Wayne's crusade is for noble intentions, Fox accepts his role as an equipment developer for Batman and begins making some batarangs for him afterwards.[14] As of Volume Two, Fox is promoted as head of Wayne Enterprises' Research and Development; he provides Wayne an armored Batsuit and is tasked to build the Batmobile.[15]


Main article: Convergence (comics)

During the Convergence storyline, Pre-Crisis Gotham City is trapped under a mysterious dome. Fox allies himself with the visiting Superman and Supergirl, who had been depowered. With assistance from S.T.A.R. Labs, the trio rebuild the Phantom Zone projector in a somewhat successful effort to break through the dome and help the trapped citizens of Gotham. Their efforts are threatened by the Phantom Zone criminals and an invading homicidal simian army.[16]

Injustice 2

Main article: Injustice 2

During the prequel storyline of the video game Injustice 2, it is revealed before Lex Luthor's death at the hands of Superman during his suicide mission, then Superman's defeat, Lucius was called by Lex to give a message to Batman, such as their victory against Superman is finally near, despite Lex's noble sacrifice, with his fortunes are now under Batman's hand since Superman took away most of the Wayne family fortunes from him.[clarification needed] Sometimes after Superman's defeat, Lucius precedes Luthor's wish for Batman.[clarification needed][17]

In other media



Lucius Fox in The Batman.




The Dark Knight Trilogy

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Morgan Freeman as Lucius Fox in Batman Begins (2005)

Lucius Fox appears in the Dark Knight trilogy, portrayed by Morgan Freeman.

DC Extended Universe


Video games

Batman: Arkham

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Batman: The Telltale Series

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