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Publication information
PublisherDC Comics
First appearanceJLA #69 (September 2002)
Created byJoe Kelly
Doug Mahnke
In-story information
Team affiliationsLeague of Ancients
AbilitiesPowerful magic wielder

Gamemnae is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics. She was an enemy of the Justice League.[1] Gamemnae first appeared in JLA #69 and was created by Joe Kelly and Doug Mahnke.

Gamemnae appeared in live-action in the fifth and sixth seasons of the Arrowverse television series Supergirl portrayed by Cara Buono.

Fictional character biography

Born over three thousand years ago, Gamemnae was an Atlantean, exiled at birth from Atlantis for having blonde hair - considered a curse in Atlantean culture.[1] Surviving her exile, Gamemnae went on to learn powerful magic, which she later used to not only raise Atlantis from the seas, but turn the entire population into air-breathers as opposed to the water-breathing race they had been for centuries. Convinced that it was her destiny to lead the people of Atlantis in conquest of the world, Gamemnae soon established herself as ruler of her people, gradually learning further spells to increase her power.

However, Gamemnae learned that all her efforts would be for nothing when Aquaman and the Atlanteans of the twenty-first century were banished back to the past by Tempest's desperate attempt to save the city from an Imperiex probe during the Our Worlds at War storyline. Outraged to learn that Atlantis would become a race of water-breathers once again in the future, she seduced Aquaman and tricked him into drinking a potion that turned him into a water spirit, subsequently confining him in a pool of water in the middle of Atlantis while his people were forced to work as slave labor underwater, building foundations to keep Atlantis above the water.[1]

Having read Aquaman's mind, Gamemnae knew of the Justice League that existed in the future, and also knew that they would inevitably seek to rescue their fallen comrade. Determined to defeat them, Gamemnae created her own "League of Ancients", consisting of various people in the world who might become a threat to Atlantis in the future.[1] This League's members included:

With this "League of Ancients" behind her, Gamemnae fed false visions of the future to Rama Khan, causing him to believe that he had foreseen a future where Earth would be threatened by a seven-headed hydra destroyer — the remaining members of the Justice League — and that a team would have to be assembled to defeat the threat posed by this destroyer. When the Justice League eventually arrived in the past to rescue Aquaman and the Atlanteans, the Ancients managed to prevail over the League, as their willingness to kill granted them a significant advantage, but Manitou Raven, having witnessed Green Lantern turn from the fight to save innocent Atlanteans, and "testing" Batman with his tomahawk that could not pierce the skin of a good man, realized that the League were genuinely good people and confronted Gamemnae with the truth of her betrayal. Learning that Gamemnae had used a quagmire spell to absorb the other members of the League of Ancients, thus adding to her power, Manitou used the souls of the deceased Justice Leaguers, the spell reinforced by Kyle's willingly sacrificed heart, to create a spell of containment that would trap Gamemnae in Atlantis until, paradoxically, Raven's past self broke it by traveling back to the past following a trip to the future.

Awakened in the present, Gamemnae began to drain the water from the entire world to force humanity to submit to her, only to find herself opposed by a "reserve League" created by Batman in the event the original League was killed or defeated, led by Nightwing and consisting of Green Arrow, the Atom, Hawkgirl, Major Disaster, Firestorm, Faith, and Jason Blood/Etrigan. Mocking Nightwing's attempts to stand up to her, Gamemnae absorbed Major Disaster, Zatanna and Tempest, the League's only victory being a pyrrhic one when Jason Blood sacrificed himself to free Zatanna.

Fortunately, the now-elderly Manitou, having hidden away to wait for the moment when he could act without changing history, rescued the League from Gamemnae's attack, revealing that she had formed a bond between herself and Atlantis to strengthen her power. Unable to defeat Gamemnae in the present, Nightwing, Hawkgirl, Zatanna and Firestorm travelled back in time to disrupt Gamemnae's connection to Atlantis in the past, freeing Aquaman by linking his pool to the sea; although he was still a water wraith, he now had the whole ocean to use as his body, allowing him to sink Atlantis and undo Gamemnae's 'Obsidian Age' of darkness and shame.

Meanwhile, in the present, the remaining Leaguers confronted Gamemnae with the aid of the resurrected corpses of the League she had already killed; unable to absorb the dead, Gamemnae was forced to resurrect them to kill them properly, only to realize too late that this had been her enemies' plan all along. Aided by the Martian Manhunter's telepathic prompting, Blood was able to free himself from the quagmire spell by transforming into Etrigan, the Atom shrinking down to rescue Major Disaster and Tempest from Gamemnae while Manitou transformed himself into a giant to better battle the now-giant Gamemnae. As Gamemnae vowed to banish the water and send Earth into the sun, the League, aided by the sacrifice of the future Manitou, managed to keep Earth's orbit stable as the water returned; Superman, Wonder Woman and Martian Manhunter using the Lasso of Truth to hold Earth in place as the water returned while the Flash ran to the North Pole and absorbed the kinetic energy their actions caused to prevent it causing dangerous earthquakes and finally, an empowered Green Lantern in Ion form who cradled the world in his hands thanks to the sacrifice of Manitou's future self. As the past Atlantis collapsed, the Atlanteans returned to the present along with Manitou's past self, while the destruction of Atlantis in the past ended Gamemnae's attempt to conquer Earth, leaving her for dead and Atlantis submerged once again.[1]

Powers and abilities

Gamemnae is an expert magic wielder.

In other media

Gamemnae appears on the fifth season of Supergirl, portrayed by Cara Buono. She debuts in the episode "Tremors" and is depicted as a high-ranking Leviathan member with technokinesis, electrokinesis, and a metallic form who comes to Earth from Krypton's sister planet Jarhanpur during the Age of Dinosaurs. After Rama Khan failed in a super-volcano plot that involved sacrificing Acrata, Gamemnae breaks up the fight and takes over Leviathan's operations. After "Crisis on Infinite Earths" and a week after Earth-Prime was formed, Gamemnae appears at Obsidian Tech under the alias of board of directors member Gemma Cooper. Upon trying the virtual reality lenses, she does make some ideas on how Andrea can improve them. Lex Luthor later tracked Gemma down at a restaurant and persuaded her to allow LuthorCorp to help improve the upcoming Obsidian Platinum project. Won over by Lex's advice, Gemma instructs Andrea to have Obsidian Tech collaborate with LuthorCorp. Gemma later has Margo inform the Anointed One that LuthorCorp is in their clutches just as planned. Gamemnae later confronted Lex about his killing of Margot. Lex states that she should focus her anger on their common enemy Supergirl. This caused her to grant Rama Khan a second chance where he obtains for her the Kryptonite that is in the D.E.O.'s custody.


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