Paragon from Superman #674, art by Renato Guedes.
Publication information
PublisherDC Comics
First appearanceJustice League of America #224 (March 1984)
Created byKurt Busiek (writer)
Chuck Patton (artist)
In-story information
Alter egoJoel Cochin
AbilitiesAbility to duplicate any ability within his range
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Paragon is a supervillain published by DC Comics. He first appeared in Justice League of America vol. 1 #224 (March 1984), and was created by Kurt Busiek and Chuck Patton.

Fictional character biography

Paragon from Justice League of America vol. 1 #224, artist Chuck Patton.

In his initial appearance Paragon faced and defeated the Justice League of America by duplicating their unique abilities, but was defeated by the Red Tornado, an inorganic android, and Green Lantern (armed with his power ring), whose artificial powers Paragon could not duplicate.[1] In his earliest appearance Cochin's stated goal was the eradication of all those he considered "inferior"—more than three-quarters of the human race.

After his single appearance Paragon went unseen for more than two decades (real time). However, he has recently become a recurring opponent of Superman, although one who in certain circumstances was seen to help the Man of Steel.[2]

Powers and abilities


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