Yara Flor
Yara Flor.png
Cover of Wonder Girl (vol. 3) #1, art by Joëlle Jones and Jordie Bellaire
Publication information
PublisherDC Comics
First appearanceDark Nights: Death Metal #7 (January 2021)
Created byJoëlle Jones
In-story information
Full nameYara Flor
SpeciesAmazon / Demigod
Team affiliationsJustice League
PartnershipsWonder Woman,
Jerry, the Winged Horse (pet)
Notable aliasesWonder Girl,
Wonder Woman

Yara Flor is a superhero appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics. She is one of the heroines to use the identity of Wonder Girl. Created by Joëlle Jones, she first appeared in Dark Nights: Death Metal #7 (January 2021).

Yara is depicted as the next Wonder Woman in the future viewed by Diana in the event Future State.[1]

Publication history

According to the character's creator, Joëlle Jones, Yara's appearance was inspired by Brazilian model Suyane Moreira [pt].[2]

Fictional character biography

Yara Flor is the daughter of an Amazon and a Brazilian river god, who becomes the defender of the Esquecida Amazon tribe. The character debuted in January 2021 as part of DC Comic's "Future State" storyline, in which she is shown to be the Wonder Woman of the future.[3] In the present day DC Universe, Yara is introduced as part of the Infinite Frontier publishing event. She is unaware of her Amazon heritage, but, responding to a prophecy, the Olympian Gods and the Amazons of Themiscyra, Bana-Mighdall, and a third tribe in the Amazon rainforest separately begin to converge on her location as she makes a trip from the US to Brazil, the country of her birth. Queen Hippolyta sends Wonder Girl Cassie Sandsmark to protect Yara, where she encounters Artemis of Bana-Mighdall.

Powers and abilities

As an Amazon-Guarani demigoddess, Yara inherits abilities the average Amazon does not. Tara has superhuman strength, speed, reflexes, durability, agility and senses. Yara also has the ability of hydrokinesis, which she discovers after she gets her golden bolas. Yara also rides a white winged horse from Olympus named Jerry.

Other versions

In other media


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