West portrayed the first live-action version of the character, appearing in a television series and three television films. Keaton, Kilmer and Clooney stars as Batman in the Burton-Schumacher films, while Conroy voiced the character in the DC Animated Universe films. Bale headlined The Dark Knight trilogy, Affleck appeared as Batman in the DC Extended Universe and Pattinson in The Batman-connected films.

The following is a list of cast members who voiced or portrayed characters appearing in the Batman films. The list is sorted by film and character, as some characters may have been portrayed by multiple actors.

Actors Lewis Wilson and Robert Lowery first appeared as the character in the serial films, Batman (1943) and Batman and Robin (1949). While Adam West reprised his role as Batman from the 1960s television series in Batman: The Movie (1966).

In the Burton / Schumacher films, this iteration of the character is first portrayed by Michael Keaton in Batman (1989), Batman Returns (1992) and later would reprise the role in the upcoming DC Extended Universe films The Flash and Batgirl (both 2022). Actor Val Kilmer would later replace Keaton in the role in Batman Forever (1995) and would also be replaced by George Clooney in Batman & Robin (1997). The series was later cancelled due to the lukewarm reception to Batman & Robin.

Actor, Kevin Conroy voices the character in multiple theatrical and Direct-to-DVD films as multiple iterations of the character. This started with reprising his role from the DC Animated Universe in Batman: Mask of the Phantasm (1993), Batman & Mr. Freeze: SubZero (1998), Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker (2000), Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman (2003) and Batman and Harley Quinn (2017). Conroy would later voice the character in multiple films in the DC Universe Animated Original Movies.

In Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight trilogy, this iteration of the character is portrayed by Christian Bale in Batman Begins (2005), The Dark Knight (2008) and The Dark Knight Rises (2012). In 2016, a new iteration of the character was introduced in the DC Extended Universe portrayed by Ben Affleck. In the films Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Suicide Squad (both 2016), Justice League (2017) as well as filming additional scenes in the film's director's cut (2021) and in the upcoming film The Flash (2022).

Will Arnett voices the character in The Lego Movie franchise as well as a spin-off The Lego Batman Movie (2017). In Joker (2019), Dante Pereira-Olson portrays a younger version of Bruce Wayne in a minor role. Robert Pattinson portrays a younger iteration of the character in Matt Reeves' film The Batman (2022), which is intended to launch a Batman shared universe, with two sequels planned and two spin-off television series in development for HBO Max.

Other prominent cast members who appear in the films and/or series within the franchise include Burgess Meredith, Jack Nicholson, Danny DeVito, Michelle Pfeiffer, Christopher Walken, Tommy Lee Jones, Jim Carrey, Nicole Kidman, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Uma Thurman, Mark Hamill, Michael Caine, Gary Oldman, Morgan Freeman, Liam Neeson, Heath Ledger, Tom Hardy, Anne Hathaway, Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Gal Gadot, J. K. Simmons, Joaquin Phoenix, Zoë Kravitz, Paul Dano, Jeffrey Wright, Andy Serkis and Colin Farrell.

Feature-length live-action films

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This section shows characters who will appear or have appeared in noteworthy roles.

Serial films (1943–49)

Character Serial films
Batman Batman and Robin
1943 1949
Bruce Wayne
Lewis Wilson Robert Lowery
Richard "Dick" Grayson
Douglas Croft Johnny Duncan
Alfred Pennyworth William Austin Eric Wilton
Dr. Daka J. Carrol Naish
Linda Page Shirley Patterson
James Gordon Lyle Talbot
Vicki Vale Jane Adams

Batman TV series films (1966; 2016–17)

Main article: List of Batman (TV series) characters

Character Television series Batman:
The Movie
Warner Bros. Animation films
Batman Batman:
Return of the Caped Crusaders
Batman vs. Two-Face
1966–68 1966 2016 2017
Introduced in the television series
The Archer Art Carney No voice actor
The Black Widow Tallulah Bankhead
Bookworm Roddy McDowall Jeff Bergman
Catwoman Julie Newmar
Eartha Kitt
Lee Meriwether Julie Newmar
Harriet Cooper Madge Blake Madge Blake Lynne Marie Stewart
Warden Crichton David Lewis Thomas Lennon
Commissioner Gordon Neil Hamilton Neil Hamilton Jim Ward
Dick Grayson
Burt Ward Burt Ward
The Joker Caesar Romero Caesar Romero Jeff Bergman
William McElroy
King Tut
Victor Buono No voice actor Wally Wingert
Chief Miles O'Hara Stafford Repp Stafford Repp Thomas Lennon
The Penguin Burgess Meredith Burgess Meredith William Salyers
Alfred Pennyworth Alan Napier Alan Napier Steven Weber
The Riddler Frank Gorshin
John Astin
Frank Gorshin Wally Wingert
Bruce Wayne
Adam West Adam West
Introduced in Batman: The Movie
Bluebeard Gil Perkins
Vice Admiral Fangschleister Milton Frome
Commodore Schmidlapp Reginald Denny
Introduced in Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders
Miranda Moore Sirena Irwin
Professor Carter Nichols No voice actor
Introduced in Batman vs. Two-Face
Harvey Dent
William Shatner
Lucilee Diamond Lee Meriwether
Harleen Quinzel Sirena Irwin
Hugo Strange Jim Ward

The Burton-Schumacher films (1989–97)

Main article: Batman in film § Tim Burton and Joel Schumacher series (1989–1997)

The Burton-Schumacher films consists of Batman (1989) and Batman Returns (1992), directed by Tim Burton. The later films, Batman Forever (1995) and Batman & Robin (1997), directed by Joel Schumacher, serve as a soft-reboot and are lesser-acclaimed then the previous films.

Character The Burton-directed films The Schumacher-directed films
Batman Batman Returns Batman Forever Batman & Robin
1989 1992 1995 1997
Introduced in Batman
Bob Tracey Walter
Mayor Borg Lee Wallace
Harvey Dent
Billy Dee Williams Tommy Lee Jones
Lieutenant Max Eckhardt William Hootkins
James Gordon Pat Hingle
Carl Grissom Jack Palance
Alicia Hunt Jerry Hall
Alexander Knox Robert Wuhl
Jack Napier
The Joker
Jack Nicholson
Hugo E. BlickY
David U. HodgesCY
Alfred Pennyworth Michael Gough Michael Gough
Jon SimmonsY
Vicki Vale Kim Basinger
Bruce Wayne
Michael Keaton
Charles RoskillyY
Michael Keaton Val Kilmer
Ramsey EllisY
George Clooney
Eric LloydY
Martha Wayne Sharon HolmC Eileen SeeleyC
Thomas Wayne David BaxtC Michael ScrantonC
Introduced in Batman Returns
Oswald Cobblepot
The Penguin
Danny DeVito
Esther Cobblepot Diane Salinger
Tucker Cobblepot Paul Reubens
The Ice Princess Cristi Conaway
Selina Kyle
Michelle Pfeiffer
Mayor of Gotham City Michael Murphy
The Organ Grinder Vincent Schiavelli
The Poodle Lady Anna Katarina
Charles "Chip" Shreck Andrew Bryniarski
Max Shreck Christopher Walken
The Tattooed Strongman Rick Zumwalt
The Thin Clown Doug Jones
Introduced in Batman Forever
Dr. Burton René Auberjonois
Gossip Gerty Elizabeth Sanders
John Grayson Larry A. Lee
Mary Grayson Glory Fioramonti
Richard "Dick" Grayson
Chris O'Donnell
Mayor of Gotham City George Wallace
Dr. Chase Meridian Nicole Kidman
Edward Nygma
The Riddler
Jim Carrey
Spice Debi Mazar
Fred Stickley Ed Begley Jr.
Sugar Drew Barrymore
Introduced in Batman & Robin
Antonio Diego
Robert Swenson
Nora Fries Vendela Kirsebom
Victor Fries
Mister Freeze
Arnold SchwarzeneggerP Arnold Schwarzenegger
Ms. B. Haven Vivica A. Fox
Pamela Isley
Poison Ivy
Uma Thurman
Dr. Lee Michael Paul Chan
Julie Madison Elle Macpherson
Barbara Wilson
Alicia Silverstone
Dr. Jason Woodrue John Glover

The Dark Knight trilogy (2005–12)

Main article: Batman in film § The Dark Knight trilogy (2005–2012)

The Dark Knight Trilogy consists of Batman Begins (2005), The Dark Knight (2008), and The Dark Knight Rises (2012), all directed by Christopher Nolan. The trilogy has been ranked and considered among the greatest superhero films ever made.[1] While Batman: Gotham Knight (2008), is an animated anthology film consisting of six segments set between the first two film installments.

Character Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight trilogy Standalone animated film
Batman Begins The Dark Knight The Dark Knight Rises Batman: Gotham Knight
2005 2008 2012 2008
Introduced in Batman Begins
Ra's al Ghul Liam Neeson Liam NeesonC
Josh PenceCY
Joe Chill Richard Brake No voice actor
Jonathan Crane
Cillian Murphy Corey Burton
Rachel Dawes Katie Holmes
Emma LockhartY
Maggie Gyllenhaal Maggie GyllenhaalAP
Decoy Ra's al Ghul Ken Watanabe
William Earle Rutger Hauer
Carmine Falcone Tom Wilkinson
Carl Finch Larry Holden
Arnold Flass Mark Boone Junior
Lucius Fox Morgan Freeman Kevin Michael Richardson
Jim Gordon Gary Oldman Jim Meskimen
Jim Gordon, Jr. Hayden Nickel
Gillian B. Loeb Colin McFarlane
Alfred Pennyworth Michael Caine David McCallum
Bruce Wayne
Christian Bale
Gus LewisY
Christian Bale Christian Bale
Gus LewisAY
Kevin Conroy
Hynden WalchY
Martha Wayne Sara Stewart Sara StewartA Andrea Romano
Thomas Wayne Linus Roache Linus RoacheA Jason Marsden
Victor Zsasz Tim Booth
Introduced in The Dark Knight
The Chechen Ritchie Coster
Harvey Dent Aaron Eckhart Aaron EckhartAP
Gambol Michael Jai White
Mayor Anthony Garcia Néstor Carbonell
Barbara Eileen Gordon Melinda McGraw
Barbara Gordon Hannah Gunn
The Joker Heath Ledger
Lau Chin Han
Sal Maroni Eric Roberts Rob Paulsen
Anna Ramirez Monique Gabriela Curnen Ana Ortiz
Coleman Reese Joshua Harto
GCPD Detective Stephens Keith Szarabajka
GCPD Detective Wuertz Ron Dean
Introduced in The Dark Knight Rises
Talia al Ghul Marion Cotillard
Joey KingY
Bane Tom Hardy
Barsad Josh Stewart
Robin John Blake Joseph Gordon-Levitt
John Daggett Ben Mendelsohn
Peter Foley Matthew Modine
Byron Gilley Brett Cullen
Jen Juno Temple
Mark Jones Daniel Sunjata
Selina Kyle Anne Hathaway
Leonid Pavel Alon Abutbul
Father Reilly Chris Ellis
Philip Stryver Burn Gorman
Bill Wilson Aidan Gillen
Introduced in Batman: Gotham Knight
Crispus Allen Gary Dourdan
B-Devil Scott Menville
Cassandra Parminder Nagra
Hynden WalchY
Dander Alanna Ubach
Yuri Dimitrov Corey Burton
Jacob Feely George Newbern
Waylon Jones
Killer Croc
Creature sound effects
Floyd Lawton
Jim Meskimen
Ronald Marshall Corey Burton
Meesh Crystal Scales
Porkchop Corey Padnos

Shared Universe films

DC Extended Universe (2016–23)

Main articles: Batman in film § DC Extended Universe (2016–present), and List of DC Extended Universe cast members

Character DC Extended Universe films
Batman v Superman:
Dawn of Justice
Suicide Squad Justice League
Zack Snyder's Justice League
Birds of Prey The Flash Batgirl
2016 2016 2017; 2021 2020 2023 Unreleased
Introduced in the DC Extended Universe
Antiope Robin WrightC
Ares David ThewlisC
Thomas Curry Temuera Morrison
Jor-El Russell CroweEV
Kal-El / Clark Kent
Henry Cavill Henry Cavill Henry Cavill
Epione Eleanor MatsuuraC
Euboea Samantha JoC
Carrie Ferris Christina Wren
Hippolyta Connie Nelson
J'onn J'onzz
Martian Manhunter
Harry Lennix Harry LennixE
Kelor Carla GuginoV Carla GuginoEV
Jonathan Kent Kevin Costner Kevin CostnerEAV
Martha Kent Diane Keaton Diane Keaton
Lois Lane Amy Adams Amy Adams
Menalippe Lisa Loven KongsliC
Faora-Ul Antje Traue
Perry White Laurence Fishburne
Zeus Sergi ConstanceC
General Zod Michael ShannonS[a] Michael Shannon
Introduced in the Burton-Schumacher films
Bruce Wayne
Michael Keaton Michael Keaton
Introduced in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
Barry Allen
The Flash
Ezra MillerC Ezra Miller Ezra Miller
Ian LohY
Joe Chill Damon CaroC
Arthur Curry
Jason MomoaC Jason MomoaP Jason Momoa Jason Momoa
Doomsday Robin Atkin Downes CGI FigureECS
June Finch Holly Hunter
Mercy Graves Tao Okamoto
Wallace Keefe Scoot McNairy
Jenet Klyburn Jena MaloneE
Anatoli Knyazev Callan Mulvey
Lex Luthor Jesse Eisenberg Jesse Eisenberg
Jimmy Olsen Michael CassidyC
Alfred Pennyworth Jeremy Irons Jeremy Irons
Diana of Themyscira
Wonder Woman
Gal Gadot Gal Gadot Gal Gadot
Steppenwolf CGI FigureECS Ciarán Hinds
Silas Stone Joe MortonC Joe Morton
Victor Stone
Ray FisherC Ray Fisher
Bruce Wayne
Ben Affleck
Brandon SpinkY
Ben Affleck Ben Affleck
Martha Wayne Lauren Cohan
Thomas Wayne Jeffrey Dean Morgan
Introduced in Suicide Squad
Rick Flag Joel Kinnaman
Jonny Frost Jim Parrack
George Harkness
Captain Boomerang
Jai Courtney Jai CourtneyP
Incubus Alain Chanoine
The Joker Jared Leto Jared LetoE Johnny Goth (stand-in)
Waylon Jones
Killer Croc
Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje
Floyd Lawton
Will Smith
Zoe Lawton Shailyn Pierre-Dixon
June Moone
Cara Delevingne
Harleen Quinzel
Harley Quinn
Margot Robbie Margot Robbie
Chato Santana
El Diablo
Jay Hernandez
Dexter Tolliver David Harbour
Amanda Waller Viola Davis
Christopher Weiss
Adam Beach
Tatsu Yamashiro
Karen Fukuhara
Introduced in Justice League
Artemis Aurore Lauzeral
Crispus Allen Kobna Holdbrook-Smith
Henry Allen Billy Crudup Ron Livingston
Ryan Choi Zheng KaiE
Darkseid Ray PorterE
DeSaad Peter GuinnessE
James Gordon J. K. Simmons J. K. Simmons
Mera Amber Heard
Elinore Stone Karen BrysonE
Nuidis Vulko Willem DafoeE
Iris West Kiersey ClemonsE Kiersey Clemons
Slade Wilson
Joe Manganiello
Introduced in Birds of Prey
Helena Bertinelli
Mary Elizabeth Winstead
Cassandra Cain Ella Jay Basco
Dinah Lance
Black Canary
Jurnee Smollett-Bell
Renee Montoya Rosie Perez
Roman Sionis
Black Mask
Ewan McGregor
Ellen Yee Ali Wong
Victor Zsasz Chris Messina
Introduced in The Flash
Barry Allen
The Flash
Ezra Miller
Nora Allen Maribel Verdú
Supergirl Sasha Calle
Introduced in Batgirl
Anthony Bressi Jacob Scipio
Ted Carson
Brendan Fraser
Barbara Gordon
Leslie Grace
Killer Moth TBA
Alysia Yeoh Ivory Aquino

The Batman films (2022–present)

DC Universe (–2025)

Joker films (2019–present)

Character Joker films
Joker Joker: Folie à Deux
2019 2024
Introduced in Joker
GCPD Detective Burke Shea Whigham
Clark Brian Tyree Henry
Sophie Dumond Zazie Beetz
Arthur Fleck
The Joker
Joaquin Phoenix
Penny Fleck Frances Conroy
Hannah GrossY
Murry Franklin Robert De Niro
GCPD Detective Garrity Bill Camp
Gary Leigh Gill
Alfred Pennyworth Douglas Hodge
Randall Glenn Fleshler
Gene Ufland Marc Maron
Hoyt Vaughn Josh Pais
Bruce Wayne Dante Pereira-Olson
Martha Wayne Carrie Louise Putrello
Thomas Wayne Brett Cullen
Introduced in Joker: Folie à Deux
Dr. Harleen Quinzel Lady Gaga
TBA Brendan Gleeson
TBA Catherine Keener
TBA Jacob Lofland
TBA Harry Lawtey

Feature-length animated films

Standalone Direct-to-DVD films (2005–present)

Character The Batman vs. Dracula Batman Unlimited:
Animal Instincts
Batman Unlimited:
Monster Mayhem
Batman Unlimited:
Mechs vs. Mutants
Return of the Caped Crusaders
Batman vs. Two-Face Batman Ninja Scooby-Doo! & Batman:
The Brave and the Bold
Batman vs. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
2005 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019
Bruce Wayne
Rino Romano Roger Craig Smith Adam West Diedrich Bader Roger Craig Smith Troy Baker
Introduced in The Batman vs. Dracula
Oswald Cobblepot
The Penguin
Tom Kenny Dana Snyder Dana Snyder William Salyers Tom Kenny
Count Dracula Peter Stormare
The Joker Kevin Michael Richardson Troy Baker Jeff Bergman Jeff Bennett Tony Hale Troy Baker
Alfred Pennyworth Alastair Duncan Steven Weber Adam Croasdell
Vicki Vale Tara Strong
Introduced in Batman Unlimited: Animal Instincts
Barry Allen
The Flash
Charlie Schlatter
Tim Drake
Red Robin
Yuri Lowenthal Yuri Lowenthal
James Gordon Richard Epcar Jim Ward
Richard "Dick" Grayson
Robin / Nightwing
Will Friedle Burt Ward Adam Croasdell
Waylon Jones
Killer Croc
John DiMaggio John DiMaggio
Kirk Langstrom
Phil LaMarr Phil LaMarr
Barbara Ann Minerva
Laura Bailey
Oliver Queen
Green Arrow
Chris Diamantopoulos
Silverclaw Keith Szarabajka
Gladys Windsmere Amanda Troop
Introduced in Batman Unlimited: Monster Mayhem
Jonathan Crane
Brian T. Delaney
Solomon Grundy Fred Tatasciore
Basil Karlo
Dave B. Mitchell Kevin Michael Richardson
Siobhan McDougal
Silver Banshee
Siobhan McDougal
Houston Raines Eric Bauza
Gogo Shoto Noel Fisher
Silas Stone Cedric Yarbrough
Victor Stone
Khary Payton
Introduced in Batman Unlimited: Mechs vs. Mutants
Bane Carlos Alazraqui Kenta Miyake Carlos Alazraqui
Chemo Dave B. Mitchell
Harvey Dent
Troy Baker William Shatner Eric Bauza
Thomas Elliot
Dave B. Mitchell
Victor Fries
Mister Freeze
Oded Fehr John DiMaggio John DiMaggio
Sam Lane John DiMaggio
Jervis Tetch
Mad Hatter
Troy Baker
Damian Wayne
Lucien Dodge Yuri Lowenthal Ben Giroux
Introduced in Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders
Harriet Cooper Lynne Marie Stewart
Warden Crichton Thomas Lennon
Selina Kyle
Julie Newmar Nika Futterman Grey DeLisle
Miranda Moore Sirena Irwin
Edward Nashton
The Riddler
Wally Wingert John Michael Higgins
Miles O'Hara Thomas Lennon
Introduced in Batman vs. Two-Face
Bookworm Jeff Bergman
Lucilee Diamond Lee Meriwether
Desmond Dumas Jeff Bergman
William McElroy
King Tut
Wally Wingert
Harleen Quinzel
Harley Quinn
Sirena Irwin Tara Strong
Hugo Strange Jim Ward
Introduced in Scooby-Doo! & Batman: The Brave and the Bold
Daphne Blake Grey DeLisle
Harvey Bullock Fred Tatasciore
Detective Chimp Kevin Michael Richardson
Arthur Curry
John DiMaggio
Velma Dinkley Kate Micucci
Scooby-Doo Frank Welker
Dinah Drake
Black Canary
Grey DeLisle
Pamela Isley
Poison Ivy
Tara Strong
J'onn J'onzz
Martian Manhunter
Nicholas Guest
Fred Jones Frank Welker
Achilles Milo Sam Riegel
Patrick O'Brian
Plastic Man
Tom Kenny
Shaggy Rogers Matthew Lillard
Leo Scarlett
Crimson Cloak
Sam Riegel
John DiMaggio
Sam Scarlett Jeffrey Combs
Charles Szasz
Jeffrey Combs
Introduced in Batman Ninja
Eian Matthew Yang King
Gorilla Grodd Fred Tatasciore
Monkichi Anna Mugiho
Monmi Juri Nagatsuma
Slade Wilson
Fred Tatasciore
Introduced in Batman vs. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Ra's al Ghul Cas Anvar
Donatello Baron Vaughn
Barbara Gordon
Rachel Bloom
Leonardo Eric Bauza
Michelangelo Kyle Mooney
Raphael Darren Criss

DC Universe Animated Original Movies (2008–present)

Character DC Animated Universe films
Under the Red Hood
Year One
The Dark Knight Returns
Assault on Arkham
The Killing Joke
Gotham by Gaslight
Soul of the Dragon
The Doom That Came to Gotham
2010 2011 2012-13 2014 2016 2018 2021 2023
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Greenwood Ben McKenzie Peter Weller Kevin Conroy Bruce Greenwood David Giuntoli David Giuntoli
Jason MarsdenY
Alfred Pennyworth Jim Piddock Jeff Bennett Michael Jackson Martin Jarvis Brian George Anthony Head Brian George
James Gordon Gary Cole Bryan Cranston David Selby Chris Cox Ray Wise Scott Patterson John DiMaggio
Richard "Dick" Grayson
Neil Patrick Harris Lincoln Melcher Jason Marsden
The Joker John DiMaggio Michael Emerson Troy Baker Mark Hamill
Jason Todd
Red Hood / Robin
Jensen Ackles
Alexander MartellaY
Vincent MartellaY (teen)
Photograph Grey DeLisle
Roman Sionis
Black Mask
Wade Williams
Ra's al Ghul Jason Isaacs Navid Negahban
Talia al Ghul No voice actorC Emily O'Brien
Amazo Fred Tatasciore
Edward Nashton
The Riddler
Bruce TimmC Matthew Gray Gubler
Selina Kyle
Eliza Dushku Tress MacNeille Jennifer Carpenter
Gillian B. Loeb Jon Polito
Carmine Falcone Alex Rocco
Sarah Essen Katee Sackhoff Grey DeLisle
Barbara Eileen Gordon Grey DeLisle Kari Wuhrer
Harvey Dent
Robin Atkin Downes Wade Williams No voice actorC Yuri Lowenthal Patrick Fabian
Holly Robinson Liliana Mumy
Arnold John Flass Fred Tatasciore
Vicki Vale Grey DeLisleC
Carrie Kelley
Ariel Winter
The Mutant Leader Gary Anthony Williams
Kal-El / Clark Kent
Mark Valley
Oliver Queen
Green Arrow
Robin Atkin Downes Christopher Gorham
Lana Lang Paget Brewster
Thomas Wayne Bruce TimmC Darin De Paul
Martha Wayne No voice actorC Emily O'Brien
Floyd Lawton
Neal McDonough
Harleen Quinzel
Harley Quinn
Hynden Walch Photograph
Amanda Waller CCH Pounder

Batman/Superman films

Batman Unlimited trilogy (2015–16)

Shared Universe animated films

DC Animated Universe (1993–2019)

Main article: DC Animated Universe § Recurring cast and characters

Character DC Animated Universe films
Mask of the Phantasm
Batman & Mr. Freeze:
Batman Beyond:
Return of the Joker
Mystery of the Batwoman
Short film Batman and Harley Quinn Justice League vs. the Fatal Five
Chase Me
1993 1998 2001 2003 2003 2017 2019
Introduced in the DC Animated Universe
Ace the Bathound Frank Welker
Bane Héctor Elizondo
Brainiac 5 Noel Fisher
Harvey Bullock Robert Costanzo Robert Costanzo Silent role
Michael J. Carter
Booster Gold
Bruce Timm
Oswald Cobblepot
The Penguin
David Ogden Stiers
Charles "Rhino" Daily Robin Atkin Downes
Harvey Dent
Bruce Timm
Diana of Themyscira
Wonder Woman
Susan Eisenberg
Tim Drake
Dean Stockwell
Mathew ValenciaY
Eli Marienthal
Kal-El / Clark Kent
George Newbern
Emerald Empress Sumalee Montano
Victor Fries
Mister Freeze
Michael Ansara
Summer Gleeson Mari Devon
James Gordon Bob Hastings Bob Hastings
Richard "Dick" Grayson
Nightwing / Robin
Loren Lester Loren Lester
Michael Holt
Mister Terrific
Kevin Michael Richardson
Pamela Isley
Poison Ivy
Paget Brewster Tara Strong
The Joker Mark Hamill Mark Hamill
Kilowog Kevin Michael Richardson
Selina Kyle
Silent role
Mano Philip Anthony-Rodriguez
Terry McGinnis
Will Friedle
Min and Max Rob Paulsen
Alfred Pennyworth Efrem Zimbalist Jr. Efrem Zimbalist Jr. Silent role
Persuader Matthew Yang King
Harleen Quinzel
Harley Quinn
Arleen Sorkin Melissa Rauch Tara Strong
Salaak Tom Kenny
Saturn Girl Tara Strong
Tharok Peter Jessop
Rupert Thorne John Vernon
Veronica Vreeland Marilu Henner
Bruce Wayne
Kevin Conroy Silent role Kevin Conroy
Introduced in Batman: Mask of the Phantasm
Andrea Beaumont
Dana Delany
Stacy Keach
Carl Beaumont Stacy Keach
Buzz Bronski John P. Ryan
Arthur Reeves Hart Bochner
Charles "Chuckie" Sol Dick Miller
Salvatore Valestra Abe Vigoda
Introduced in Batman & Mr. Freeze: SubZero
Dean Arbagast Dean Jones
Dr. Gregory Belson George Dzundza
Hotchka and Shaka Frank Welker
Koonak Rahi Azizi
Introduced in Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker
Charles Buntz
Donald Patrick Harvey
Delia and Deidre Dennis
Dee Dee
Melissa Joan Hart
Benjamin Knox
Henry Rollins
Jordan Pryce Mark Hamill
Stewart Winthrop III
Michael Rosenbaum
Woof the Hyena-Man Frank Welker
Introduced in Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman
Sonia Alcana
Elisa Gabrielli
Kyra Sedgwick
Cyndi Almouzni Herself
Roxanne Ballantine
Kelly Ripa
Kyra Sedgwick
Kathy Duquesne
Kimberly Brooks
Kyra Sedgwick
Carlton Duquesne Kevin Michael Richardson
Kevin Tim Dang
Introduced in Batman and Harley Quinn
Dr. Harold Goldblum Rob Paulsen
Alec Holland
Swamp Thing
John DiMaggio
Bobby Liebowitz Trevor Devall
Sarge Steel John DiMaggio
Wesley Eric Bauza
Jason Woodrue
Floronic Man
Kevin Michael Richardson
Introduced in Justice League vs. the Fatal Five
Bloodsport Tom Kenny
Jessica Cruz
Green Lantern
Diane Guerrero
Thomas Kallor
Star Boy
Elyes Gabel
M'gann M'orzz
Miss Martian
Daniela Bobadilla

DC Animated Movie Universe (2014–20)

Main article: DC Animated Movie Universe § Recurring cast and characters

Character DC Animated Movie Universe films
Son of Batman Short film Batman vs. Robin Batman:
Bad Blood
Nightwing and Robin
2014 2015 2015 2016 2019
Introduced in the DC Animated Movie Universe
Harvey Dent
No voice actorC
Kal-El / Clark Kent
Jerry O'Connell
Lois Lane Rebecca Romijn
Lex Luthor Rainn Wilson
Harleen Quinzel
Harley Quinn
Hynden Walch
Amanda Waller Vanessa Williams
Bruce Wayne
Jason O'Mara Jason O'MaraC Jason O'Mara
Griffin GluckY
Jason O'Mara
Martha Wayne No voice actorC
Thomas Wayne Kevin ConroyC
Slade Wilson
Thomas Gibson
Introduced in Son of Batman
Ra's al Ghul Giancarlo Esposito
Talia al Ghul Morena Baccarin Morena Baccarin
Bane John Smith Adam Gifford
Harvey Dent
No voice actorC
Richard "Dick" Grayson
Nightwing / Batman II
Sean Maher No voice actor Sean Maher
The Joker Dee Bradley BakerC Jason Spisak
Francine Langstrom Diane Michelle
Kirk Langstrom Xander Berkeley
Rebecca Langstrom Kari Wahlgren
Alfred Pennyworth David McCallum David McCallum James Garrett
Damian Wayne
Stuart Allan No voice actor Stuart Allan Stuart AllanC
Introduced in Nightwing and Robin
Jonathan Crane
Michael Rosenbaum Chris Cox
Talon No voice actorC Jeremy Sisto
Introduced in Batman vs. Robin
Court of Owls Grandmaster Robin Atkin Downes
Court of Owls Lieutenant Troy Baker
Kate Kane
No voice actorC Yvonne Strahovski
Anton Schott
The Dollmaker
"Weird Al" Yankovic
Samantha Vanaver Grey DeLisle
Introduced in Batman: Bad Blood
Black Mask Steve Blum
Blockbuster John DiMaggio
Electrocutioner Robin Atkin Downes
Firefly Steve Blum
Lucius Fox Ernie Hudson
Luke Fox
Gaius Charles
Barbara Gordon
No voice actorC Peyton List
James Gordon Bruce Thomas
Hellhound Matthew Mercer
Heretic Travis Willingham
Colonel Jacob Kane Geoff Pierson
Killer Moth Jason Spisak
Kari WahlgrenC
Noah Kuttler
Jason Spisak
Renee Montoya Vanessa Marshall
Oswald Cobblepot
The Penguin
No voice actorC
Jervis Tetch
The Mad Hatter
Robin Atkin Downes
Introduced in Batman: Hush
Bane Adam Gifford
Thomas Elliot Maury Sterling
Victor Fries
Mister Freeze
No voice actorC
Pamela Isley
Poison Ivy
Peyton List
Basil Karlo
Adam Gifford
Selina Kyle
Jennifer Morrison
Edward Nashton
The Riddler / Hush
Geoffrey Arend
Lady Shiva Sachie Alessio

Tomorrowverse (2020–present)


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This section shows characters who will appear or have appeared in noteworthy roles.

Character Lego DC Comics Super Heroes film series The Lego Movie film series
Lego Batman:
The Movie –

DC Super Heroes Unite
Lego DC Comics:
Batman Be-Leaguered
Justice League vs. Bizarro League Justice League:
Attack of the Legion of Doom
Justice League:
Cosmic Clash
Justice League:
Gotham City Breakout
The Flash Aquaman:
Rage of Atlantis
Lego DC Batman:
Family Matters
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  1. ^ The corpse of General Zod appears in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice; however, Michael Shannon did not film any scenes and the corpse was created using the physique of fitness model Greg Plitt and a headcast of Shannon.[2]
  2. ^ This version of the character, also played by Ezra Miller, originates from an alternate reality separate from that of the DCEU.


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