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Wayne Enterprises, Inc.
Wayne Enterprise Logo
Publication information
PublisherDC Comics
First appearanceBatman #307 (January 1979)
In-story information
Type of businessConglomerate
Base(s)Gotham City
Owner(s)Thomas Wayne
Bruce Wayne

Wayne Enterprises, Inc., also known as WayneCorp and Wayne Industries, is a formerly wealthy fictional company appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics, commonly in association with the superhero Batman. Wayne Enterprises is a large, growing multinational company.

The American diversified multinational conglomerate is owned and chaired by Bruce Wayne, the son of Thomas and Martha Wayne. Wayne Enterprises is based out of Gotham City and headquartered in Wayne Tower.[1][better source needed]

Wayne Enterprises and the Wayne Foundation are largely run by Bruce Wayne's business manager, Lucius Fox. Fox makes most company decisions on Bruce Wayne's behalf, since Wayne's time is largely occupied by his duties as the vigilante, Batman.

Wayne Enterprises has been presented in films and television as a business conglomerate, modeled after the standards of a multinational company. In the 2020 storyline "Joker War", the Joker became the rightful owner of the company, and proceeded to waste the Wayne Fortune by waging a war on Gotham City. Although Catwoman was able to recover the money, she gave it to Lucius Fox, who now holds the Wayne Fortune to keep it in safe hands. As the federal government blamed Bruce Wayne for financing Batman and Batman Inc in causing the "Joke War" they are watching the money held by Fox. Fox can return the money to Bruce Wayne but as it is being monitored he cannot use it for his activities as Batman. At present Lucius is trying to find a legal way to return Bruce's fortune to him.

The logo is modeled after Merck KGAA

Company History

Wayne Tower in Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight#27 (February 1992). Art by Chris Sprouse.

Founded by merchant ancestors of the dead Wayne family in the 17th century as a merchant house, it is among the oldest companies in the DC Universe. The company began as a dozen businesses started by brothers Judge Solomon Wayne and Joshua Wayne. With the revenue generated Judge Wayne essentially built Gotham City by hiring Cyrus Pinkney.[2]

Judge Wayne's son and heir, Alan Wayne, officially made it a corporate company in the 19th century. Alan Wayne, who was Bruce Wayne's great-great-grandfather, erected Wayne Shipping, Wayne Chemical, and Wayne Manufacturing. All these companies were energized by the world's Industrial Revolution; more branches were created and diversified while others dwindled and subsequently dissolved. Along the years, it has developed from a merchant house to a large multinational conglomerate company in the DC Universe; exceeding LexCorp, Stagg Enterprises, and Ferris Aircraft.

Under the control of Patrick and Laura Wayne, Wayne Enterprises became a "green company" and environmentally conscious from that time forward.

When Bruce Wayne returned from the past, after a final battle with Darkseid, he revealed that he had been publicly funding Batman for years and founded Batman Inc. to publicly fund Batman's allies throughout the world.

Following the end of the Joker War, Wayne Enterprises officially shut down Batman Inc. as a result of Bruce Wayne's choice to publicly fund Batman. Lucius Fox officially regained control of the Wayne fortune but warned Bruce that even if he did return his wealth to him, he would no longer be able to use the companies to fund his crusade as Batman as the board of directors would be monitoring the money. The board also set about attempting to remove Bruce Wayne from active participation within the company and simply pay him a large amount to fund his playboy lifestyle. Lucius Fox is attempting to fight the situation on Wayne's behalf and return his fortune to him with no legal ramifications. This has resulted in Bruce personal wealth status from a billionaire to a millionaire,

Wayne Tower

Within the DC Universe, Wayne Tower is the headquarters of Wayne Enterprises. Also called "Old Wayne Tower" and "Wayne Industries Headquarters"; it was built in 1888 by Alan Wayne. After its construction, the tower was the tallest building in Gotham City. Built as a symbol to welcome all of those who enter the city, Wayne Tower has 13 gargoyles or "guardians", which Alan Wayne insisted they be called, welcome visitors for each of the 13 entry points into the city. The five guardians on the first tier watch the original five gateways into Gotham, the three bridges and two tunnels. Higher up, the seven guardians watch the seven train lines that converge at Union Station below the tower's base. A 13th guardian was added in 1930 and sits in the middle of the tower. This last one, added by Henry Wayne, watches the airport and cannot be seen by elevator or from the deck.[3][4]

At the top of the tower is an observation deck which Alan Wayne asserted be open to the public for free every weekend. It has double bonded laminated float glass for windows that are crystal-quality, weatherproof, and unbreakable.[3]

Wayne Foundation

The Wayne Foundation Building as it appears in Who's Who: The Definitive Directory of the DC Universe#25 (March 1987). Art by Terry Austin.

The Wayne Foundation is the holding company for the Thomas Wayne Foundation and the Martha Wayne Foundation; it is the largest transparently operated private foundation within the DC Universe. The primary aims of the foundation are, globally, the arts and humanities: to enhance healthcare and reduce extreme poverty, to expand educational opportunities and access to information technology, and to fund scientific research and help altruistic people with research by providing facilities and training.

The foundation has its own building, called the Wayne Foundation Building, which includes a penthouse where Bruce Wayne lived for a period of time. It also has a secret elevator that leads to a matching Batcave in a secret sub-basement under the building.

Through the Wayne Foundation and the affiliated organizations underneath, Bruce Wayne addresses social-economic problems encouraging crime, assists victims of crimes, and maintains connections to the streets through the soup kitchens and social services groups; all of which augments his crime fighting efforts in a way that his Batman persona cannot. This arrangement also provides a large network of connections in the world of charities. He finds out about the newest trends, sciences and the arts.

Thomas Wayne Foundation

The Thomas Wayne Foundation is a foundation for medicine and medical help. This foundation gives annual awards for medical breakthroughs and lifelong commitment, similar to the Nobel Foundation. The Thomas Wayne Foundation is also responsible for funding the Thomas Wayne Memorial Clinic in Park Row, Gotham's infamous Crime Alley. The foundation funds and runs dozens of clinics in Gotham. Bruce Wayne's surrogate mother, Dr. Leslie Thompkins, runs the Memorial Clinic in Crime Alley and governed the other clinics until she left Gotham.

Martha Wayne Foundation

The Martha Wayne Foundation is a patron and supporter of arts, families, education, and tolerance. The foundation supports and helps to run a number of orphanages and free schools, and provides teachers for those who have learning difficulties. Artists can apply for grants from the foundation to help support them in furthering the arts. The foundation sponsors companies like Family Finders. Family Finders is an organization directed at finding lost people and uniting families. The Martha Wayne Foundation also sponsors and runs dozens of soup kitchens within the city.

Bat Bunker

Under the Wayne Foundation building, there is a secret bunker, which is similar to the secret bunker of New Babylon in The Hague. As of Batman #687, Dick Grayson has taken to using this as his "Batcave," stating that he wishes to embody the role of Batman in a way that is specific to him as well as getting closer to the action in the city. The bunker is as well-equipped as the original Batcave, including the Subway Rocket vehicle (which is Grayson's favorite means of transport during the Prodigal storyline) stationed beneath the bunker.

In other media


DC Animated Universe

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Wayne Enterprises appears on the CW's Arrowverse.



Batman Anthology

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The Dark Knight Trilogy

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Wayne Enterprises appears in the film Joker as Wayne Investments where three employees of the company attack Arthur Fleck/Joker at a Gotham City subway train until he kills all three of them. The company's CEO Thomas Wayne, his wife Martha Wayne and their son Bruce Wayne appear as well with the former being the mayor of Gotham City until he is killed alongside his spouse during a riot.

The Batman

In The Batman, the Wayne family moved into Wayne Tower after Thomas Wayne had Wayne Manor turned into an orphanage. Bruce would use the Tower's forgotten subway station as his base of operations. It was represented by the Tribune Tower in Chicago.

Video games

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