The following is a list of current National Football League franchise owners:

Franchise Principal owner Purchase price Year acquired Ref.
Arizona Cardinals Michael Bidwill $50,000 1932 [1]
Atlanta Falcons Arthur Blank[a] $545,000,000 2002 [2]
Baltimore Ravens Steve Bisciotti[a] $300,000,000
& $600,000,000
& 2004
Buffalo Bills Terry and Kim Pegula $1,400,000,000 2014 [4]
Carolina Panthers David Tepper $2,275,000,000 2018 [5]
Chicago Bears Virginia Halas McCaskey[a] $100 1920 [6]
Cincinnati Bengals Mike Brown >$200,000,000 1968
& 2011
Cleveland Browns Jimmy and Dee Haslam $1,050,000,000 2012 [9][10]
Dallas Cowboys Jerry Jones $140,000,000 1989 [11]
Denver Broncos Rob Walton[b] $4,650,000,000 2022 [12][13]
Detroit Lions Sheila Ford Hamp[a] $4,500,000 1963 [14]


Green Bay Packers Green Bay Packers, Inc.[c] 1923
Houston Texans Janice McNair[a] $700,000,000 1999 [17]
Indianapolis Colts Jim Irsay $19,000,000 1972 [18]
Jacksonville Jaguars Shahid Khan $760,000,000 2012 [19]
Kansas City Chiefs Clark Hunt[d] $25,000 1960 [20]
Las Vegas Raiders Mark Davis and Carol Davis[a] 2011
Los Angeles Chargers Dean Spanos >$72,000,000 1984 [21][22][23]
Los Angeles Rams Stan Kroenke $80,000,000
& $450,000,000
& 2010
Miami Dolphins Stephen Ross[a] $1,000,000,000 2008 [25]
Minnesota Vikings Zygi Wilf[a] $600,000,000 2005 [26]
New England Patriots Robert Kraft $175,000,000 1994 [27]
New Orleans Saints Gayle Benson $64,000,000 1985 [28]
New York Giants John Mara and Steve Tisch $500 1925 [29]
New York Jets Woody and Christopher Johnson[e] $635,000,000 2000 [30]
Philadelphia Eagles Jeffrey Lurie $185,000,000 1994 [31]
Pittsburgh Steelers Rooney family (Art Rooney II) $2,500 1933 [32]
San Francisco 49ers Denise DeBartolo York and Jed York $17,000,000 1977 [33]
Seattle Seahawks Jody Allen[f] $200,000,000 1997 [34]
Tampa Bay Buccaneers Glazer family (Bryan Glazer) $192,000,000 1995 [35]
Tennessee Titans Amy Adams Strunk[g] $25,000 1959 [36][37]
Washington Commanders Josh Harris[a][h] $6,050,000,000 2023 [38]

Ownership restrictions

The NFL forbids corporations, religious groups, governments, and non-profit organizations owning a team.[39] The NFL requires a controlling owner to hold at minimum a 30% stake in the team and forbids ownership groups of over 24 people, or any publicly traded corporations from purchasing NFL teams; one team, the Green Bay Packers, is exempt from this under a grandfather clause and is owned by shareholders. The Houston Texans are also grandfathered in for their home county–the Harris County, Texas government–which owns 5% of the team, as the rule forbidding governments from owning a team became effective in 2007. The NFL's constitution also forbids its owners from owning any other professional football teams, although an exception was made for teams from the now-defunct Arena Football League located in the NFL team's home market. In addition, the controlling owners of NFL teams were previously only permitted to own major league baseball, basketball and hockey teams if they were in the NFL team's home market, or were not located in other NFL cities.[40]

Stan Kroenke, who owned hockey and basketball teams in Denver, was nonetheless unanimously allowed to buy the then-St. Louis Rams in 2010 and hold on to his Denver assets until 2015. Even then, the Denver assets were transferred to his wife, Ann.[41] Soccer has been exempt from these restrictions since 1982, when the league lost a lawsuit filed by the original NASL stemming from the investments of Kansas City Chiefs owner Lamar Hunt and Elizabeth Robbie, the wife of Miami Dolphins founder Joe Robbie in NASL teams;[42] as a result, NFL owners have owned teams in MLS in other NFL markets. In October 2018, the NFL owners voted to relax the cross-ownership rule, allowing controlling NFL owners to own other professional teams within NFL markets outside their home market.[43] The league also informally requires prospective owners to have high liquidity in their assets and positive cash flow; having a majority of one's wealth invested in real estate is often grounds for rejection.[44]

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