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This is a list of Unitarian, Universalist, and Unitarian Universalist churches. Various congregations (churches, societies, fellowships, etc.) and/or individual churches as buildings, of these related religious groups have historic or other significance.

Numerous Unitarian churches are notable for having historic buildings, and there are former church buildings that are historic as well. There are numerous Unitarian churches that are listed buildings in England, that are listed on the National Register of Historic Places in the United States, or that are noted on other historic registers.

This article includes churches notable either as congregations or as buildings or as both.


Church Image Dates Location City, State Description
Unitarian Church of South Australia 1855 founded
1972 current building

34°55′33″S 138°37′56″E / 34.9259°S 138.6321°E / -34.9259; 138.6321
Norwood, South Australia Founded in Adelaide 1855 as the Unitarian Christian Church; original church building in Wakefield Street 1857, sold 1971, demolished 1973. Current building 1972 at 99 Osmond Tce, Norwood.
Melbourne Unitarian Peace Memorial Church 1852 founded
1964 current building

37°48′40″S 144°59′06″E / 37.8112°S 144.9849°E / -37.8112; 144.9849
East Melbourne, Victoria Founded in Melbourne 1852 as the Unitarian Church; original church building in Cathedral Place. Current building 1964 at 110 Grey St, East Melbourne.


This is a list intended to cover notable Canadian Unitarian Universalist (UU) churches as either congregations or as buildings or as both. UU congregations in Canada are members of the Canadian Unitarian Council (CUC). The CUC is made up of 46 member congregations and emerging groups.[1]

Church Image Dates Location City, Provence Description
First Unitarian Congregation of Ottawa 1898 founded
1967 current building
Ottawa, Ontario Congregation Founded in 1898.[2] Current building constructed in 1967, it's memorable for its soaring spire and beautiful interior design. Architect, James B. Craig, won second place in an annual city design contest run by the Ottawa chapter of the Ontario Association of Architects for his work on the building.[3]
First Unitarian Congregation of Toronto 1845 founded
1950s current building

43°41′10″N 79°24′09″W / 43.686157°N 79.402463°W / 43.686157; -79.402463 (First Unitarian Congregation of Toronto)
Toronto, Ontario Founded in 1845, the second one in Canada following the congregation in Montreal.
Unitarian Church of Montreal 1842 founded Montreal, Quebec The first Unitarian church in Canada, founded in 1842.[4]
Unitarian Church of Vancouver 1909 founded Vancouver, British Columbia Founded in 1909.[5] Currently the largest UU congregation in Canada by official membership numbers, with 368 members.[6]
Universalist Unitarian Church of Halifax 1837 founded Halifax, Nova Scotia The first Universalist church in Canada, founded in 1837.[7] Current building is registered as a historic place with the province of Nova Scotia.[8]


Indian Council of Unitarian Churches —ICUU


Jemaat Allah Global Indonesia (JAGI), internationally known as Unitarian Christian Church of Indonesia (UCCI), was founded in 1998 and formally registered in 2000, headquarter in Semarang, Java, includes several congregations, member of ICUU. For the church are observed some Law of Moses practices, such as dietary laws and seventh-day Sabbath.[11]


Unitarian Church in Ireland, consisting of two churches, part of the Non-subscribing Presbyterian Church of Ireland.


The Unitarian Universalist Church of the Philippines, Inc. Status: Full Member Members: 2000 Ministers: 34 Founded: The Universalist Church of the Philippines was started in 1954 by Rev. Toribio S. Quimada (d. 1988; martyred). In 1954, the Church was affiliated with the Universalist Church of America. In 1988, UUCP was admitted as a member congregation of the UUA. In 1995, UUCP was one of the founding churches of the ICUU. Congregations: 30 [12]


The Unitarian Church of Transylvania includes a number of individual churches, several with notable historic murals.

Church Image Dates Location City, State Description
Unitarian church, Dârjiu 13th century Dârjiu Unitarian fortified church, which is on UNESCO's World Heritage List. Murals, dating back to the Roman Catholic period, show King Ladislaus I of Hungary's legend.
Unitarian church, Braşov Braşov
Unitarian church, Cluj-Napoca Cluj-Napoca
Unitarian church, Crăciunel Crăciunel Has notable mural
Unitarian church, Cristuru Secuiesc Cristuru Secuiesc Has notable mural
Unitarian church, Inlăceni Inlăceni Ceiling has a statement rendered in Old Hungarian script
Unitarian church, Mugeni Mugeni Has notable mural
Unitarian church, Rugăneşti Rugăneşti Has notable mural
Unitarian church, Şimoneşti Şimoneşti

South Africa

The Unitarian Community of Cape Town is the founding site for Unitarianism in South Africa, started in 1867 by Rev. David Faure.[13][14] It is a welcoming congregation.

United Kingdom

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Main article: General Assembly of Unitarian and Free Christian Churches § Member churches

The General Assembly of Unitarian and Free Christian Churches counts about 180 churches as members. The following have articles on Wikipedia:

Newington Green Unitarian Church

United States

This is a list intended to cover notable churches, including many that are listed on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places.

(by state then city)

Church Image Dates Location City, State Description
Anchorage Unitarian Universalist Fellowship 1955 founded Anchorage, Alaska Congregation made headlines in 2006 for its voluntary "payment in lieu of taxes" to its city government.
First Unitarian Church (Berkeley, California) 1898 built
1981 NRHP-listed
2401 Bancroft Way
37°52′7″N 122°15′36″W / 37.86861°N 122.26000°W / 37.86861; -122.26000 (First Unitarian Church (Berkeley, California))
Berkeley, California Building now belongs to University of California
Unitarian Universalist Church of Berkeley 1891 founded, 1961 moved from Berkeley 1 Lawson Road Kensington, California Often abbreviated UUCB. Certified membership 2012-13 was 459[17]
Unitarian Universalist Church in Livermore 1963 founded
1977 first permanent church
2007 expanded facility
1893 N. Vasco Road Livermore, California Often abbreviated UUCiL. Certified membership 2012-13 was 158.[17]
Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Marin San Rafael, Marin County, California Often abbreviated UUCM. Certified membership 2012-13 was 154.[17]
Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Stanislaus County 1953 founded Near Modesto, California The only Unitarian Universalist congregation in Stanislaus County, which is within California's Central Valley. Has oldest building of any church in the county, owned by this congregation since the 1960s.
First Unitarian Church of Los Angeles 1877 founded

1887 first permanent church, later destroyed by fire 1927 relocation to current building

2936 West 8th Street Koreatown, Los Angeles, California Founded by Caroline Severance on March 7, 1877. Embracing of progressive causes and sometimes radical politics have earned it a reputation as both a place of controversy and a beacon of justice.
Sepulveda Unitarian Universalist Society 1943 founded
1964 built
9550 N. Haskell Avenue
34°14′39″N 118°28′32″W / 34.24417°N 118.47556°W / 34.24417; -118.47556 (Sepulveda Unitarian Universalist Society)
North Hills, Los Angeles, California Building, known as "the Onion," is a Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monument; in 1966 was the site of an Acid Test.
Throop Unitarian Universalist Church of Pasadena 1887 founded Pasadena, California was founded in 1887 by Amos Throop and is the largest ex-Universalist church building west of the Mississippi River.[18] Certified membership 2012-13 was 49.[17]
Unitarian Universalists of Petaluma 2002 founded Petaluma, California Founded in 2002 by four Petaluma families, and has grown to a membership of over 100 as of 2023. UU Petaluma acquired the historic 1901 Congregational church in 2021, designed by Brainerd Jones.
Pacific Unitarian Church 1957 founded
1965 building built
Rancho Palos Verdes, California Recognized as a "Breakthrough Congregations" in 2008 based on growth, ministry, and donations.[19]
First Unitarian Church of Oakland 1891 built
1977 NRHP-listed
685 14th Street
37°48′23″N 122°16′36″W / 37.80639°N 122.27667°W / 37.80639; -122.27667 (First Unitarian Church of Oakland)
Oakland, California Certified membership 2012-13 was 300.[17]
Universalist Unitarian Church of Riverside 1892 built
1978 NRHP-listed

33°58′56″N 117°22′17″W / 33.98222°N 117.37139°W / 33.98222; -117.37139 (Universalist Unitarian Church of Riverside)
Riverside, California Norman English Gothic architecture, built of Permian age red sandstone from Arizona
First Unitarian Universalist Society of San Francisco San Francisco, California Certified membership 2012-13 was 340.[17]
First Unitarian Church of San Jose 1892 built
1977 NRHP-listed
160 N. Third Street
37°20′23.02″N 121°53′23.65″W / 37.3397278°N 121.8899028°W / 37.3397278; -121.8899028 (First Unitarian Church of San Jose)
San Jose, California Certified membership 2012-13 was 267.[17]
Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Santa Rosa 1954 founded
1961 first facility
2004 current facility
547 Mendocino Avenue
38°26′36.32″N 122°42′59.20″W / 38.4434222°N 122.7164444°W / 38.4434222; -122.7164444 (Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Santa Rosa)
Santa Rosa, California Certified membership 2016 was 345.[17] Largest UU congregation in the North Bay; second largest UU congregation in the San Francisco Bay Area.
Unitarian Universalist Congregation at Shelter Rock Founded in 1941 as The North Shore Unitarian Society 48 Shelter Rock Road Manhasset, New York The Unitarian Universalist Congregation at Shelter Rock is a spiritual home that nourishes both the heart and mind. It is a mix of engaging worship, religious education, opportunities for social action, and a community of caring, curious and compassionate people.
Unitarian Universalists of San Mateo, California 1952 founded
1905 building built
300 East Santa Inez Avenue San Mateo, California In 1971 this church, founded in 1952, purchased a former Methodist, Carpenter Gothic whose construction was started in 1905.
Mount Diablo Unitarian Universalist Church 1959 founded
2000 building built
55 Eckley Lane Walnut Creek, California Certified membership 2012-13 was 455.[17]
Unitarian Meetinghouse 1771 built
1972 NRHP-listed

41°47′15.31″N 71°57′0.16″W / 41.7875861°N 71.9500444°W / 41.7875861; -71.9500444 (Unitarian Meetinghouse)
Brooklyn, Connecticut
Unitarian-Universalist Church (Stamford, Connecticut) 1870 built
1987 NRHP-listed
20 Forest St.
41°3′27″N 73°32′14″W / 41.05750°N 73.53722°W / 41.05750; -73.53722 (Unitarian-Universalist Church (Stamford, Connecticut))
Stamford, Connecticut Gothic, English Country Gothic architecture
Unitarian Society Hartford 1830 founded 50 Bloomfield Ave.
Hartford, Connecticut
Unitarian Universalist Society: East 1969 founded

1979 built

153 Vernon St. W Manchester, Connecticut
Universalist Church of West Hartford 1821 founded
41°46′08″N 72°44′25″W / 41.769°N 72.7404°W / 41.769; -72.7404 (Universalist Church of West Hartford)
West Hartford, Connecticut
The Unitarian Church in Westport 1949 founded 10 Lyons Plains Road
Westport, Connecticut
Unitarian Universalist Church of Fort Myers founded
Fort Myers, Florida
First Unitarian Universalist Congregation of the Palm Beaches founded
North Palm Beach, Florida
Unitarian Universalist Church of Pensacola 1958 founded 9888 Pensacola Boulevard Pensacola, Florida Serves congregants from Escambia and Santa Rosa Counties in Florida and Baldwin County, Alabama.
Unitarian Universalist Church of Tarpon Springs 1882 founded
230 Grand Boulevard
Tarpon Springs, Florida One of the oldest UU churches in the South, home of Inness paintings.[17]
Rockwell Universalist Church 1881 built
1985 NRHP-listed

34°2′7″N 83°42′49″W / 34.03528°N 83.71361°W / 34.03528; -83.71361 (Rockwell Universalist Church)
Winder, Georgia Greek Revival
Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Atlanta 1965 built; 2018 move to new building 1911 Cliff Valley Way NE Atlanta, Georgia
First Unitarian Church of Honolulu 1952 founded 2500 Pali Highway
21°19.799′N 157°50.678′W / 21.329983°N 157.844633°W / 21.329983; -157.844633 (First Unitarian Church of Honolulu)
Honolulu, Hawaii Only Universalist church in the state. In 1969, church offered refuge to U.S. service members protesting the war in Vietnam; the service members were arrested by military police within the church grounds.
Unity Temple 1905-08 built
1970 NRHP-listed
875 Lake St.
41°53′18″N 87°47′48″W / 41.88833°N 87.79667°W / 41.88833; -87.79667 (Unity Temple)
Oak Park, Illinois Building, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, is a U.S. National Historic Landmark. Reopened in 2017 after restoration
First Unitarian Church of Chicago 1836 founded Hyde Park, Chicago, Chicago, Illinois
Beverly Unitarian Church 1874 founded Beverly, Chicago, Chicago, Illinois
Universalist Church/Arthur Stark House 1855 built
1978 CP-NRHP-listed
Sycamore, Illinois Contributing property in NRHP-listed Sycamore Historic District
Unitarian Church of Urbana 1908 built
1991 NRHP-listed
1209 W. Oregon St.
40°6′24″N 88°13′30″W / 40.10667°N 88.22500°W / 40.10667; -88.22500 (Unitarian Church of Urbana)
Urbana, Illinois Bungalow/craftsman, Gothic, Tudor Revival in style
Unitarian Fellowship of Elkhart 1961 founded 1732 Garden Street Elkhart, Indiana
First Unitarian Church of Hobart 1875 built
1999 NRHP-listed
497 Main St.
41°31′48″N 87°15′12″W / 41.53000°N 87.25333°W / 41.53000; -87.25333 (First Unitarian Church of Hobart)
Hobart, Indiana Italianate architecture
Unitarian Universalist Church, Tippecanoe County 1949 founded
1959 built
333 Meridian St.
40°26′4″N 86°54′33″W / 40.43444°N 86.90917°W / 40.43444; -86.90917 (Unitarian Universalist Church (West Lafayette, Indiana))
West Lafayette, Indiana Congregation moved from Temple Israel (Lafayette, Indiana) location it had occupied since 1976 to the former St. Andrews United Methodist Church building in West Lafayette, Indiana October 2007.
Unitarian Universalist Congregation of the Quad Cities 1868 3707 Eastern Ave. Davenport, Iowa Founded by freethinking Germans a number of years after Emerson visited. Current Building built in 1959
First Universalist Church of Cedar Rapids 1875 built
1978 NRHP-listed
600 3rd Ave.
41°58′48″N 91°39′44″W / 41.98000°N 91.66222°W / 41.98000; -91.66222 (First Universalist Church of Cedar Rapids)
Cedar Rapids, Iowa Mission/Spanish Revival building served for 135 years, but was demolished in 2011.
First Unitarian Church (Des Moines, Iowa) Des Moines, Iowa In 2007, the minister performed the first legal same sex marriage in Iowa (and the first one in the U.S. outside Massachusetts).[20][21]
Universalist Church (Mitchellville, Iowa) 1878 founded 420 4th St.
41°40′16″N 93°21′41″W / 41.67111°N 93.36139°W / 41.67111; -93.36139 (Universalist Church (Mitchellville, Iowa))
Mitchellville, Iowa Mid 19th Century Revival architecture. NRHP-listed.
First Universalist Church 1876 built
1979 NRHP-listed

44°5′39″N 70°13′46″W / 44.09417°N 70.22944°W / 44.09417; -70.22944 (First Universalist Church (Auburn, Maine))
Auburn, Maine Gothic Revival architecture
Dexter Universalist Church 1867 built
1985 NRHP-listed
Church St.
45°1′29″N 69°17′22″W / 45.02472°N 69.28944°W / 45.02472; -69.28944 (Dexter Universalist Church (Dexter, Maine))
Dexter, Maine
Unitarian Church of Houlton 1902 built
1987 NRHP-listed
Military St.
46°7′27″N 67°50′15″W / 46.12417°N 67.83750°W / 46.12417; -67.83750 (Unitarian Church of Houlton)
Houlton, Maine
Universalist Meeting House 1839 built
1988 NRHP-listed

43°56′33″N 70°15′20″W / 43.94250°N 70.25556°W / 43.94250; -70.25556 (Universalist Meeting House)
New Gloucester, Maine Greek Revival
Pittsfield Universalist Church 1898 built
1983 NRHP-listed
N. Main and Easy Sts.
44°47′3″N 69°22′55″W / 44.78417°N 69.38194°W / 44.78417; -69.38194 (Pittsfield Universalist Church)
Pittsfield, Maine Queen Anne
First Universalist Society of West Sumner 1867 built
2002 NRHP-listed
1114 Main St.
44°21′58″N 70°27′40″W / 44.36611°N 70.46111°W / 44.36611; -70.46111 (First Universalist Society of West Sumner)
Sumner, Maine Greek Revival, Italianate
Universalist-Unitarian Church 1832 built
1978 NRHP-listed
Silver and Elm Sts.
44°32′48″N 69°38′9″W / 44.54667°N 69.63583°W / 44.54667; -69.63583 (Universalist-Unitarian Church)
Waterville, Maine Gothic Revival, Federal
First Unitarian Church (Baltimore, Maryland) 1817 founded
1817 built
1972 NRHP-listed

39°17′43″N 76°36′58″W / 39.29528°N 76.61611°W / 39.29528; -76.61611 (First Unitarian Church (Baltimore, Maryland))
Baltimore, Maryland was founded in 1817 and is the oldest church building specifically built for worship by Unitarians, whereas older UU churches were built and initially used for other Christian denominations. The church gained prominence early in the American Unitarian movement when William Ellery Channing preached the "Baltimore Sermon" in 1819 at the ordination of Jared Sparks. The sermon was then the most published Unitarian tract in the United States and articulated for the first time the idea of Unitarian Christianity.
Unitarian Church of Barnstable 1639 founded 1639
1907 built

41°42′2″N 70°17′56″W / 41.70056°N 70.29889°W / 41.70056; -70.29889 (Unitarian Church of Barnstable)
Barnstable, Massachusetts Current building built after a fire in 1907.
First Parish Church in Bedford 1729 founded
1816 built
Bedford, Massachusetts
Bernardston Congregational Unitarian Church 1739 built
1993 NRHP-listed

42°40′14″N 72°33′0″W / 42.67056°N 72.55000°W / 42.67056; -72.55000 (Bernardston Congregational Unitarian Church)
Bernardston, Massachusetts Greek Revival
Arlington Street Church 1729 founded
Boston, Massachusetts (founded 1729 in Boston) was the congregation of William Ellery Channing and Dana McLean Greeley. The congregation played a large role in the origin and foundation of the faith and has been a leader in social justice causes. It is considered by many to be the 'Mother Church' of the faith.[22]
First Church in Boston 1630 founded
1867 built
1968 rebuilt

42°21′13.7″N 71°4′28.3″W / 42.353806°N 71.074528°W / 42.353806; -71.074528
Boston, Massachusetts It was originally a Congregationalist church as part of original Puritan settlement in Boston.[23]
King's Chapel Boston, Massachusetts is one of the oldest New England churches of any denomination (1686), and is on the Freedom Trail. It is one of the oldest surviving congregations in the United States. It was originally Episcopalian but unitarian Christian after the Revolution, in practice today an open but strongly Christian ecumenical church, traditional in its worship and using the latest (1985) revision of its Common Prayer Book.
First Parish Unitarian Universalist 1716 founded
1717 built
1845 rebuilt
50 School St. Bridgewater, Massachusetts
Second Unitarian Church 1916 built
1985 NRHP-listed
11 Charles St.
42°21′6″N 71°7′46″W / 42.35167°N 71.12944°W / 42.35167; -71.12944 (Second Unitarian Church)
Brookline, Massachusetts Colonial Revival, Georgian Revival
First Parish Church of Dorchester 1631 founded
1897 built

42°18′29.4″N 71°3′44.2″W / 42.308167°N 71.062278°W / 42.308167; -71.062278 (First Parish Church of Dorchester)
Dorchester, Massachusetts This is the oldest worshiping congregation in the city of Boston. It was founded in 1630.[24]
First Parish Church, Unitarian Universalist 1632 founded
1840 built
1978 NRHP-listed

42°2′6″N 70°41′33″W / 42.03500°N 70.69250°W / 42.03500; -70.69250 (First Parish Church (Duxbury, Massachusetts))
Duxbury, Massachusetts [25] in Duxbury, Massachusetts, was founded in 1632 by Pilgrims. The Elder William Brewster (Pilgrim) was the church's first religious leader, and the church included John Alden and Myles Standish as members. It was the second religious body of the Plymouth Colony. Greek Revival building built in 1840.
Unitarian Memorial Church 1901 built
1996 NRHP-listed

41°38′1″N 70°54′9″W / 41.63361°N 70.90250°W / 41.63361; -70.90250 (Unitarian Memorial Church)
Fairhaven, Massachusetts Late Gothic Revival. Very grand church donated by Henry Rogers.
The Unitarian Society 1835 built
1982 NRHP-listed

41°42′22″N 71°9′17″W / 41.70611°N 71.15472°W / 41.70611; -71.15472 (The Unitarian Society)
Fall River, Massachusetts Its 1835 Gothic Revival building was listed on the National Register in 1982, but was destroyed by fire in 1983.
Foxborough Universalist Church, Unitarian Universalist Association 1838 founded
1843 built
Foxborough, Massachusetts is the oldest church building in Foxborough. It was founded in 1838 and built in 1843.[26]
First Parish Unitarian Universalist Church 1700 founded
Framingham, Massachusetts founded in 1700
Follen Church Society 1841 built
1976 NRHP-listed

42°25′47″N 71°12′27″W / 42.42972°N 71.20750°W / 42.42972; -71.20750 (Follen Church Society)
Lexington, Massachusetts was, from 1836 to 1838, the last pulpit of Ralph Waldo Emerson. Its unique octagonal sanctuary was designed by first minister Charles Follen, a noted abolitionist.
First Parish Unitarian Church

1789 built
1974 NRHP-listed

42°11′14″N 71°18′25″W / 42.18722°N 71.30694°W / 42.18722; -71.30694 (First Parish Unitarian Church)
Medfield, Massachusetts Greek Revival
Unitarian Universalist Church of Medford and the Osgood House 1690 founded
1894 built
1975 NRHP-listed

42°25′13″N 71°6′55″W / 42.42028°N 71.11528°W / 42.42028; -71.11528 (Unitarian Universalist Church of Medford and the Osgood House)
Medford, Massachusetts Gothic, Georgian architecture, also known as Unitarian Universalist Church and Parsonage
First Religious Society Church and Parish Hall 1801 built
1976 NRHP-listed
26 Pleasant St.42°48′39″N 70°52′18″W / 42.81083°N 70.87167°W / 42.81083; -70.87167 (First Religious Society Church and Parish Hall) Newburyport, Massachusetts Church was originally a Reformed congregation, is now Unitarian Universalist. Federal architecture.
First Unitarian Society in Newton 1906 built
1986 NRHP-listed
1326 Washington St.42°20′54″N 71°13′41″W / 42.34833°N 71.22806°W / 42.34833; -71.22806 (First Unitarian Society in Newton) Newton, Massachusetts Designed by architect Ralph Adams Cram: Late Gothic Revival, Tudor Revival, Elizabethan Revival, other
North Parish Church 1836 built 190 Academy Road North Andover, Massachusetts Unitarian Universalist church; building designed by Richard Bond (architect) and built in 1836 when the congregation changed from Puritan to Unitarian. Fifth meetinghouse of the congregation that was founded in 1645. The building's architecture is called "Cardboard Gothic" architecture.
Universalist Society Meetinghouse 1834 built
1999 NRHP-listed

41°46′59″N 69°58′40″W / 41.78306°N 69.97778°W / 41.78306; -69.97778 (Universalist Society Meetinghouse)
Orleans, Massachusetts Greek Revival
First Unitarian Church 1872 built
1989 NRHP-listed
42°31′28″N 70°55′38″W / 42.52444°N 70.92722°W / 42.52444; -70.92722 (First Unitarian Church (Peabody, Massachusetts)) Peabody, Massachusetts Greek Revival, Italianate
First Parish Church in Plymouth 1606 founded Plymouth, Massachusetts founded in 1606 by Pilgrims, is possibly the oldest church in continuous operation in the United States[27][28]
First Universalist Church (Provincetown, Massachusetts) 1829 founded
1847 built
1972 NRHP-listed

42°3′3″N 70°11′17″W / 42.05083°N 70.18806°W / 42.05083; -70.18806 (First Universalist Church (Provincetown, Massachusetts))
Provincetown, Massachusetts Greek Revival
Founded in 1829 as The Church of the Redeemer (Universalist). The name was changed to the Universalist Church in 1863, and later to the Universalist Meeting House. Current Meeting House was built in 1847.
United First Parish Church (Unitarian) of Quincy 1828 built
1970 NRHP-listed
42°15′4″N 71°0′11″W / 42.25111°N 71.00306°W / 42.25111; -71.00306 (United First Parish Church (Unitarian) of Quincy) Quincy, Massachusetts Burial place of U.S. Presidents John Adams and John Quincy Adams and their wives.
Wollaston Unitarian Church 1888 built
1989 NRHP-listed
155 Beale St.42°15′51″N 71°1′19″W / 42.26417°N 71.02194°W / 42.26417; -71.02194 (Wollaston Unitarian Church) Quincy, Massachusetts Shingle Style
First Universalist Church 1808 built
1983 NRHP-listed

42°31′26″N 70°53′44″W / 42.52389°N 70.89556°W / 42.52389; -70.89556 (First Universalist Church (Salem, Massachusetts))
Salem, Massachusetts Federal
First Parish Church 1616 founded
Scituate, Massachusetts A small log cabin on Meeting House Lane served as the first church. The site is marked today by a monument that lists the early members of the parish, "The Men of Kent," and by gravestones from the 17th century.
First Unitarian Church 1875-1899 built
1989 NRHP-listed

42°23′15.2″N 71°6′5.3″W / 42.387556°N 71.101472°W / 42.387556; -71.101472 (First Unitarian Church (Somerville, Massachusetts))
Somerville, Massachusetts
First Universalist Church 1916 built
1989 NRHP-listed
125 Highland
42°23′15″N 71°6′5″W / 42.38750°N 71.10139°W / 42.38750; -71.10139 (First Universalist Church (Somerville, Massachusetts))
Somerville, Massachusetts Romanesque, designed by Ralph Adams Cram
First Unitarian Church 1869 built
1984 NRHP-listed
42°28′52″N 71°5′55″W / 42.48111°N 71.09861°W / 42.48111; -71.09861 (First Unitarian Church (Stoneham, Massachusetts)) Stoneham, Massachusetts Stick/Eastlake, Gothic Revival
First Parish of Sudbury 1797 built 42°22′58″N 71°24′45″W / 42.38278°N 71.41250°W / 42.38278; -71.41250 (First Parish of Sudbury) Sudbury, Massachusetts First Parish in Sudbury, MA was erected in 1797. Part of the Sudbury Center Historic District.
The First Parish 1814 built Wayland, Massachusetts The First Parish in Wayland, Massachusetts, was erected in 1814, although the congregation first gathered in 1640. The original church bell, still hanging in the recently renovated bell tower, was cast by the foundry of Paul Revere and Son.
Unitarian Universalist Church of Weymouth Weymouth, Massachusetts Unitarian Universalist Church of Weymouth Successor to three Weymouth congregations, the oldest founded in 1836. Built in 1873. Provided the first pulpit for Olympia Brown, the first American ordained woman minister.
South Unitarian Church 1894 built
1980 NRHP-listed
888 Main St.42°15′11″N 71°49′5″W / 42.25306°N 71.81806°W / 42.25306; -71.81806 (South Unitarian) Worcester, Massachusetts Romanesque
First Unitarian Church (Second Parish in the Town of Worcester) 1785 founded Worcester, Massachusetts founded in 1785 in Worcester, Massachusetts. The first minister was Aaron Bancroft the first president of the American Unitarian Association. In 2023, the membership is 275.[29][30]
Unitarian Universalist Church (Ann Arbor, Michigan) 1881 built
1978 NRHP-listed
100 N. State St.42°16′53″N 83°44′26″W / 42.28139°N 83.74056°W / 42.28139; -83.74056 (Unitarian Universalist Church (Ann Arbor, Michigan)) Ann Arbor, Michigan Queen Anne, Richardsonian Romanesque
First Unitarian Universalist Church of Detroit 1830s founded
1916 built
4605 Cass Ave.42°21′11.84″N 83°3′55.67″W / 42.3532889°N 83.0654639°W / 42.3532889; -83.0654639 (First Unitarian Church of Detroit) Detroit, Michigan Neo-Gothic, Donaldson & Meier-designed.

Perry McAdow House (church house) built 1892, NRHP list 1980.

First Unitarian Church of Detroit 1889 built
1982 NRHP-listed
42°20′37.6″N 83°3′18.91″W / 42.343778°N 83.0552528°W / 42.343778; -83.0552528 (First Unitarian Church of Detroit) Detroit, Michigan Romanesque, Donaldson & Meier-designed.
Destroyed by fire May 10, 2014.
Unity Church-Unitarian Unity Church exterior and main entrance. Stone building with bell tower Articles of association launching Unity Church of St. Paul established: February 25, 1872

Current building: 1905

733 Portland Avenue, St. Paul, MN 55104 St. Paul, MN Norman Romanesque style built of local yellow limestone with trimming of Bedford stone. Sanctuary features a Noack Tracker organ, the first of its scope and style in the Upper Midwest.
Unitarian Church of the Messiah 1880 built
1980 NRHP-listed
1987 demolished
1994 delisted
Locust and Garrison Sts.38°38′9″N 90°13′17″W / 38.63583°N 90.22139°W / 38.63583; -90.22139 (Unitarian Church of the Messiah) St. Louis, Missouri Peabody & Stearns-designed, Late Victorian. Demolished after damaged in a fire.
Gaia Community 1998 founded Kansas City, Missouri is the oldest active Pagan-themed UU congregation. Chartered on May 1, 1998, Gaia Community is not associated with CUUPS.[31]
First Unitarian Church of St. Louis 1835 founded St. Louis, Missouri was founded in 1835 and is the first Unitarian church west of the Mississippi. William Greenleaf Eliot, the first minister of the church, along with members of his congregation, founded Washington University in St. Louis in 1853, and was its first President.[32]
First Unitarian Church of Omaha 1917 built
1980 NRHP-listed
41°15′25″N 95°57′28″W / 41.25694°N 95.95778°W / 41.25694; -95.95778 (First Unitarian Church of Omaha) Omaha, Nebraska Colonial Revival
People's Unitarian Church 1901 built
1984 NRHP-listed
1640 N St.41°36′5″N 98°55′48″W / 41.60139°N 98.93000°W / 41.60139; -98.93000 (People's Unitarian Church) Ord, Nebraska
Unitarian Church (Hampton Falls, New Hampshire) 1838 built
1984 NRHP-listed
42°56′0″N 70°53′23″W / 42.93333°N 70.88972°W / 42.93333; -70.88972 (Unitarian Church (Hampton Falls, New Hampshire)) Hampton Falls, New Hampshire
Peterborough Unitarian Church 1825 built
1973 NRHP-listed
Main and Summer Sts.42°52′40″N 71°57′0″W / 42.87778°N 71.95000°W / 42.87778; -71.95000 (Peterborough Unitarian Church) Peterborough, New Hampshire Federal
South Parish (Portsmouth, New Hampshire) 1826 built
1979 NRHP-listed
State St.
43°4′32″N 70°45′29″W / 43.07556°N 70.75806°W / 43.07556; -70.75806 (South Parish (Portsmouth, New Hampshire))
Portsmouth, New Hampshire Early Republic
First Universalist Church 1879 built
1979 NRHP-listed
Main St.
42°56′0″N 71°3′15″W / 42.93333°N 71.05417°W / 42.93333; -71.05417 (First Universalist Church (Kingston, New Hampshire))
Kingston, New Hampshire Stick/Eastlake
First Universalist Chapel (Lempster, New Hampshire) 1845 built
2006 NRHP-listed
3 2nd New Hampshire Turnpike
43°13′39″N 72°10′43″W / 43.22750°N 72.17861°W / 43.22750; -72.17861 (First Universalist Chapel)
Lempster, New Hampshire
First Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Hunterdon County 1837 built
1986 founded
2018 NRHP-listed
Oak Summit Road
40°32′34″N 75°00′20″W / 40.54278°N 75.00556°W / 40.54278; -75.00556 (First Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Hunterdon County)
Kingwood Township, New Jersey Historically known as the Old Stone Presbyterian Church in Kingwood
Beacon Unitarian Universalist Congregation in Summit 1908 founded
1913 built

40°43′7″N 74°21′15″W / 40.71861°N 74.35417°W / 40.71861; -74.35417 (Unitarian Church in Summit)
Summit, New Jersey
First Unitarian Univeralist Society Albany 1842 founded
1925 built
405 Washington Avenue Albany, NY
Unitarian Universalist Church of Buffalo 1831 founded
1906 built
2015 NRHP-listed
695 Elmwood Ave.
42°54′58″N 78°52′37″W / 42.916185°N 78.877050°W / 42.916185; -78.877050 (Unitarian Universalist Church of Buffalo)
Buffalo, NY
Unitarian Universalist Church (Cortland, New York) 1837 built
1993 NRHP-listed
3 Church St.42°36′5″N 76°10′41″W / 42.60139°N 76.17806°W / 42.60139; -76.17806 (Unitarian Universalist Church (Cortland, New York)) Cortland, New York Greek Revival, Federal architecture, implemented with Cobblestone architecture
Dexter Universalist Church 1841 built
2003 NRHP-listed
Brown and Kirby Sts.
44°0′29″N 76°2′41″W / 44.00806°N 76.04472°W / 44.00806; -76.04472 (Dexter Universalist Church (Dexter, New York))
Dexter, New York Greek Revival
First Unitarian Society of Ithaca 1865 founded;
1893 built
306 North Aurora Street Ithaca, New York Style: Romanesque Revival
Architect: William Henry Miller[33]
Christ Church (Middletown, New York) 1901 built
2008 NRHP-listed
6 Orchard St.
41°26′45.45″N 74°25′3.9″W / 41.4459583°N 74.417750°W / 41.4459583; -74.417750 (Christ Church (Middletown, New York))
Middletown, Orange County, New York Late Gothic Revival
First Unitarian Congregational Society in Brooklyn 1833 founded
Pierrepont Street and Monroe Place, Brooklyn Heights
40°41′43″N 73°59′34″W / 40.69529°N 73.99282°W / 40.69529; -73.99282 (First Unitarian Congregational Society in Brooklyn)
Brooklyn, New York City
Unitarian Church of All Souls 1819 founded 1157 Lexington Avenue (at East 80th Street)
40°46′32″N 73°57′30″W / 40.7755°N 73.9584°W / 40.7755; -73.9584 (Unitarian Church of All Souls)
Manhattan, New York City Founded in 1819 following an inspiring sermon by William Ellery Channing during a visit there, All Souls is one of the largest and most influential churches in the denomination. Herman Melville and Peter Cooper were members of All Souls, and minister Henry Whitney Bellows led the congregation for 43 years. Forrest Church, author and theologian, served as senior Minister for almost 30 years and was Minister of Public Theology until his death on September 24, 2009.[34]
Fourth Universalist Society in the City of New York Founded: 1838
Current Building Constructed: 1898
160 Central Park West (at W. 76th St.)
40°46′43.4″N 73°58′28.5″W / 40.778722°N 73.974583°W / 40.778722; -73.974583 (Fourth Universalist Society of New York)
Manhattan, New York City Dubbed the "Cathedral of Universalism," the Fourth Universalist Society in the City of New York was founded in 1838. Through the years, the congregation has attracted such notables as P. T. Barnum, Horace Greeley, Louise Whitfield Carnegie, and Lou Gehrig to its pews. In 1898, the congregation constructed its current building across from Central Park on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. Designed by William Appleton Potter, the church contains significant works by Louis Comfort Tiffany, Augustus Saint-Gaudens, Clayton and Bell and the Ernest M. Skinner & Company.
First Unitarian Universalist Church of Niagara founded
1922 built
639 Main St.
43°5′44″N 79°3′24″W / 43.09556°N 79.05667°W / 43.09556; -79.05667 (First Unitarian Universalist Church of Niagara)
Niagara Falls, New York
First Universalist Church of Portageville 1841 built
2008 NRHP-listed
E. Koy Rd. at NY 19A
42°34′4″N 78°2′43″W / 42.56778°N 78.04528°W / 42.56778; -78.04528 (First Universalist Church of Portageville)
Portageville, New York Greek Revival with Gothic and Federal elements
First Universalist Church (Rochester, New York) 1908 built
1971 NRHP-listed

43°9′14″N 77°36′17″W / 43.15389°N 77.60472°W / 43.15389; -77.60472 (First Universalist Church (Rochester, New York))
Rochester, New York Romanesque Revival style, designed by Claude Fayette Bragdon
First Unitarian Church of Rochester 1962 built
2008 NRHP-listed
220 Winton Road South
43°8′28″N 77°33′26″W / 43.14111°N 77.55722°W / 43.14111; -77.55722 (First Unitarian Church of Rochester)
Rochester, New York Susan B. Anthony, national leader of the women's suffrage movement, was a long-time member. The building was designed by Louis Kahn.
The Boone Unitarian Universalist Fellowship Founded 1958 381 E. King St. Boone, NC Liberal religion in the High Country for over 50 years
The Unitarian Universalist Church of Charlotte 1947 founded
1965 built
234 North Sharon Amity Road
35°10′34″N 80°47′44″W / 35.176024°N 80.795539°W / 35.176024; -80.795539 (The Unitarian Universalist Church of Charlotte)
Charlotte, North Carolina
Eno River Unitarian Universalist Fellowship Durham, North Carolina
St John's Unitarian Universalist Church 1814 founded
1868 Washington Park location
1960 Clifton location
320 Resor Ave
Cincinnati, OH 45220-1698
39°08′54″N 84°31′12″W / 39.148332°N 84.519944°W / 39.148332; -84.519944 (St John's Unitarian Universalist Church)
Cincinnati, Ohio St John's is one of the oldest congregations west of the Appalachians. The congregation occupied several locations before moving to historic Washington Park building (now The Transept). The Congregation relocated to current Clifton location in 1960. Architectural lines in the floor of the current building track the sun at the winter solstices and the equinoxes; at summer solstice, the sun shines along the interior ceiling. The facade is said to be slightly curved which if extended would be create a circle centered in the heart of Cincinnati. Sound quality for musical performances is said to be extraordinary.
All Souls Unitarian-Universalist Church 1822 founded
1897 built
1976 NRHP-listed
Bellville, Ohio Richardsonian Romanesque
First Universalist Church (Cincinnati, Ohio) 1980 NRHP-listed 39°7′40.19″N 84°29′53.55″W / 39.1278306°N 84.4982083°W / 39.1278306; -84.4982083 (First Universalist Church (Cincinnati, Ohio)) Cincinnati, Ohio Designed by Samuel Hannaford & Sons in Romanesque style
First Congregational-Unitarian Church 1830 founded
1889 built
1976 NRHP-listed
2901 Reading Rd.39°7′55″N 84°29′53″W / 39.13194°N 84.49806°W / 39.13194; -84.49806 (First Congregational-Unitarian Church) Cincinnati, Ohio Richardsonian Romanesque
Unitarian Universalist Church of Kent Ohio Kent, Ohio
First Universalist Church of Lyons, Ohio 1852 gathered
1868 built
145 East Morenci Street41°41′58″N 84°04′12″W / 41.69944°N 84.07000°W / 41.69944; -84.07000 (First Universalist Church of Lyons, Ohio) Lyons, Ohio Victorian
First Unitarian Church of Marietta 1855 built
1973 NRHP-listed
232 3rd St.39°24′58″N 81°27′11″W / 39.41611°N 81.45306°W / 39.41611; -81.45306 (First Unitarian Church of Marietta) Marietta, Ohio Gothic Revival
Universalist Church (Montgomery, Ohio) 1970 CP NRHP-listed Montgomery, Ohio Contributing property in NRHP-listed Universalist Church Historic District
First Universalist Church of Olmsted 1847 built
1980 NRHP-listed
5050 Porter Rd.
41°24′58″N 81°55′45″W / 41.41611°N 81.92917°W / 41.41611; -81.92917 (First Universalist Church of Olmsted)
North Olmsted, Ohio Greek Revival
West Shore Unitarian Universalist Church 1946 founded
Built 1952
20401 Hilliard Blvd Rocky River, Ohio Largest Unitarian Universalist Church in Northeast Ohio
Springboro Universalist Church or "Old Stone Church" 1905 built
1999 NRHP-listed as part of Springboro Historic District
300 South Main Street
39°33′11″N 84°13′59″W / 39.55306°N 84.23306°W / 39.55306; -84.23306
Springboro, Ohio Late Gothic Revival. Springboro's Universalist Church built the "Old Stone Church" in 1905, the congregation disbanded in the 1950s. Church presently used by South Dayton Church of Christ.[35][36]
Universalist Church of Westfield Center 1849 built
1978 NRHP-listed
LeRoy and Greenwich Rds.
41°1′39″N 81°55′59″W / 41.02750°N 81.93306°W / 41.02750; -81.93306
Westfield Center, Ohio Greek Revival, Stick/Eastlake
All Souls Unitarian Church 1921 founded
1955 built
36°07′16″N 95°58′35″W / 36.121181°N 95.976332°W / 36.121181; -95.976332 (All Souls Unitarian Church (Tulsa, Oklahoma)) Tulsa, Oklahoma is the largest one-church UU congregation.
First Unitarian Church of Portland 1924 built
1978 NRHP-listed
1011 SW 12th Ave45°31′6.3″N 122°41′8.4″W / 45.518417°N 122.685667°W / 45.518417; -122.685667 (First Unitarian Church of Portland) Portland, Oregon Colonial Revival, Georgian Revival
Unitarian Universalist Church of Lancaster, Pennsylvania 1902 founded
1908-1909 built
538 West Chestnut Street.40°02′24″N 76°19′00″W / 40.039953°N 76.316560°W / 40.039953; -76.316560 (Unitarian Universalist Church of Lancaster) Lancaster, Pennsylvania transitional Gothic Revival by C. Emlen Urban; Franz Xaver Zettler stained glass with unique pacifist themes; Charles Connick stained glass
First Unitarian Church of Philadelphia 1796 founded
1886 built
1971 NRHP-listed
2125 Chestnut St.39°57′8.67″N 75°10′36.8″W / 39.9524083°N 75.176889°W / 39.9524083; -75.176889 (First Unitarian Church of Philadelphia) Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Church was established by Joseph Priestley on June 12, 1796, and is currently the first continuously functioning church in the United States to proclaim itself "Unitarian". Frank Furness-designed Gothic building.
The Unitarian Universalist Church of the Restoration in Mt. Airy Founded 1820, current building 1938–present 6900 Stenton Ave. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Frank A. Stewart designed cruciform sanctuary, Pennsylvania bluestone
Channing Memorial Church Founded 1836,
current building 2009
135 Pelham St. Newport, Rhode Island Designed by Elbridge Boyden and Sons in a Romantic Gothic Revival style
First Universalist Church 1872 built
1977 NRHP-listed

41°49′15″N 71°25′4″W / 41.82083°N 71.41778°W / 41.82083; -71.41778 (First Universalist Church (Providence, Rhode Island))
Providence, Rhode Island Gothic
First Unitarian Church of Providence 1720 founded
1816 built

41°49′27.6″N 71°24′18.3″W / 41.824333°N 71.405083°W / 41.824333; -71.405083 (First Unitarian Church of Providence (Rhode Island))
Providence, Rhode Island
Unitarian Church in Charleston 1772 founded
1787 built
1973 NRHP-listed
4 Archdale St.32°46′20″N 79°56′2″W / 32.77222°N 79.93389°W / 32.77222; -79.93389 (Unitarian Church in Charleston) Charleston, South Carolina Gothic Revival architecture; a U.S. National Historic Landmark. Church, established in 1772, is "the oldest Unitarian church in the South".[37]
Liberty Universalist Church and Feasterville Academy Historic District 1832 built
1984 NRHP-listed

34°30′13″N 81°21′36″W / 34.50361°N 81.36000°W / 34.50361; -81.36000 (Liberty Universalist Church and Feasterville Academy Historic District)
Near Winnsboro, South Carolina
Tennessee Valley Unitarian Universalist Church 1949 founded
1997 built
Knoxville, Tennessee Site of the 2008 Knoxville Unitarian Universalist church shooting
First Unitarian Church of Memphis, the Church of the River 1898 founded
built 1965
292 Virginia Avenue, West a/k/a Burton Dean Carley Drive Memphis, Tennessee Award-winning architecture by Roy Harrover for church building built in 1965
Cavendish Universalist Church 1844 built
1973 NRHP-listed
VT 131
43°23′5″N 72°36′22″W / 43.38472°N 72.60611°W / 43.38472; -72.60611 (Cavendish Universalist Church)
Cavendish, Vermont Greek Revival, Vernacular Greek Revival
Champlain Valley Unitarian Universalist Society Middlebury, Vermont
Unitarian Universalist Church of Arlington 1948 founded
1964 built
4444 Arlington Boulevard
38°52′6.07″N 77°6′26.95″W / 38.8683528°N 77.1074861°W / 38.8683528; -77.1074861 (Unitarian Universalist Church of Arlington)
Arlington County, Virginia Brutalist style sanctuary listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2014.
Edmonds Unitarian Universalist Church 1957 founded
47°47′49″N 122°20′34″W / 47.79694°N 122.34278°W / 47.79694; -122.34278 (Edmonds Unitarian Universalist Church)
Edmonds, Washington
All Souls Church, Unitarian (Washington, D.C.) 1821 founded Harvard Street Washington, D.C. on Harvard Street in DC, was founded in 1821 by (among others) John Quincy Adams, and has spawned many Unitarian congregations in the Joseph Priestley District.
Universalist National Memorial Church 1925 founded
1930 built
1810 16th Street, NW
38°54′51″N 77°02′12″W / 38.914289°N 77.036712°W / 38.914289; -77.036712 (Universalist National Memorial Church)
Washington, D.C.
Free Congregation of Sauk County 1852 founded
1884 built
1988 NRHP-listed
309 Polk St.
43°16′34″N 89°43′28″W / 43.27611°N 89.72444°W / 43.27611; -89.72444 (Free Congregation of Sauk County)
Sauk City, Wisconsin Oldest Freethought-oriented congregation in the United States, located in Sauk City, Wisconsin, since 1852. Its current building, known as Freethinkers' Hall or as Park Hall, was built in 1884.
First Unitarian Society of Madison 1949-1951 built
1973 NRHP-listed
2004 NHL

43°4′33.2″N 89°26′6.65″W / 43.075889°N 89.4351806°W / 43.075889; -89.4351806 (First Unitarian Society of Madison)
Shorewood Hills, Wisconsin This is one of the largest congregations; its Modern Movement building was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. Located in Shorewood Hills, a suburb of Madison, Wisconsin
First Unitarian Church 1891 built
1974 NRHP-listed
1009 E. Ogden Ave. Milwaukee, Wisconsin Ferry & Clas-designed Gothic Revival building
United Unitarian and Universalist Church 1878 built
1987 NRHP-listed
216 Main St.42°51′43″N 88°19′55″W / 42.86194°N 88.33194°W / 42.86194; -88.33194 (United Unitarian and Universalist Church) Mukwonago, Wisconsin Gothic
Stoughton Universalist Church 1858 built
1982 NRHP-listed
324 S. Page St.
42°54′58″N 89°13′25″W / 42.91611°N 89.22361°W / 42.91611; -89.22361 (Stoughton Universalist Church)
Stoughton, Wisconsin
First Universalist Church 1898 built
1980 NRHP-listed
504 Grant St.
44°57′45″N 89°37′29″W / 44.96250°N 89.62472°W / 44.96250; -89.62472 (First Universalist Church (Wausau, Wisconsin))
Wausau, Wisconsin Medieval English Revival style building designed by Alexander C. Eschweiler


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