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The entire X-Men roster as seen in the series finale.

The series X-Men: Evolution featured a diverse cast of complicated characters. A common staple of the series was whether a particular person had chosen their allegiances correctly, with several instances of a character switching teams.




New Mutants

As a whole, the New Mutants did not have a significant role in the series. They were added in the second season of the show to make the Xavier Institute seem more populated by having several students in the background, and primarily have supporting roles. While Boom Boom is listed under "Neutral Mutants" due to her lack of a direct allegiance to any one party, she did originally attend the Xavier Institute as a "New Mutant".

Brotherhood of Mutants

The Brotherhood of Mutants had an evolving role throughout the series. While the X-Men represent the ideal of mutant responsibility, the Brotherhood of Mutants represents the reality, wasting their powers on selfish, small-time interests. They were little more than a plot device during the first season (often an excuse to have the X-Men fight somebody) but from the second season onward, they semi-retired from costumed villainy and were most often seen hanging out in their run-down house, only occasionally committing petty crimes to pay for bills and food. Despite their ongoing contempt for the X-Men, the Brotherhood of Mutants (particularly Avalanche and Toad) were portrayed in a sympathetic light; they were easily manipulated by their elders, such as Magneto, Mystique, and even Edward Kelly, but were not truly evil. The Brotherhood of Mutants have been known to team up with their rivals, often voluntarily such as in "Ascension" when they aid Shadowcat's group of X-Men in defeating Magneto (who is being controlled by Apocalypse) and stand side by side with their former enemies at the Xavier Institute. The first time they all worked with the X-Men was to stop the Juggernaut. At the end of the series, the Brotherhood of Mutants has a change into moral heroes and become members of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s Freedom Force division.


When the Brotherhood of Mutants fell out of Magneto's favor (due to both incompetence and uncertain loyalty) he created a new team. Though never named on-screen, they are referred to as the Acolytes, named after Magneto's second-most famous team from the comics (the first, of course, is the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants) Sabretooth and Quicksilver were retained, but the rest of the team was brand new. The Acolytes were first referenced in "On Angel's Wings" when Magneto invited Angel to join him (he refused) the team was first revealed during the second-season finale, "Day of Reckoning", where despite being quite smaller in number than the combined forces of the X-Men and the Brotherhood of Mutants, held their own against both. They were the primary threat against the X-Men in season three; until the threat of Apocalypse sidetracks Magneto. Magneto apparently sought to further expand the team, forcing the Brotherhood of Mutants to prove they were worthy of being Acolytes and even trying to recruit Wolverine (he also refused) the team roster does not seem to be stable, as Sabretooth and Mastermind tend to disappear, Quicksilver is never presented as a member in promotional material (despite being one) and in "Dark Horizon" Toad and Blob are briefly seen among the Acolytes.

Other mutants


Other villains

Other characters


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