Marvel Super Hero Adventures
Based on
Written by
  • Eugene Son (S1)
  • David Kidd (S2-)
  • Ron Burch (S2-)
Directed bySvend Gregori
Country of origin
  • United States
  • Canada
Original languageEnglish
No. of seasons4
No. of episodes40
Executive producers
Running time3.5 mins.
Production companies
Original release
NetworkDisney Channel
Disney Junior
ReleaseOctober 13, 2017 (2017-10-13) –
September 17, 2020 (2020-09-17)

Marvel Super Hero Adventures is an short-form animated series based on characters created by Marvel Comics. Aimed at a preschool audience, the shorts first air on Disney Channel's Disney Junior block, followed by the Disney Junior channel and later the Marvel HQ YouTube channel and DisneyNOW app.[1] The series uses the style of the 2017 animated series, but with Flash animation and Canadian voice actors.


The series depicts Spider-Man telling the viewers how he helped another superhero stop a villain.


Marvel Super Hero Adventures was announced via The Hollywood Reporter on September 7, 2017 as part of a multi-media push across publishing and merchandise aimed at introducing the Marvel Universe to a younger audience.[2] The first season, which consists of ten 3.5 minute episodes, debuted on October 13, 2017.[1] The second season followed on October 22, 2018.[3] The third season began on Disney Junior and DisneyNOW on April 1, 2019, with the fourth on April 6, 2020.[4] No more new shorts were produced as of September 2020.

The series was directed by Svend Gregori and produced at Atomic Cartoons.

Voice cast


Season 1

Series # Season # Title Original airdate
11"One Big Mess"13 October 2017
Spider-Man teams up with Iron Man when Ultron plans to pollute the city.
22"Uh Oh, It's Magic!"13 October 2017
Spider-Man teams up with Thor when Loki plans to ruin everybody's summer fun.
33"That Drone Cat"27 October 2017
Spider-Man and Miles Morales thwart Doctor Octopus' heist and then work to rescue a kid's cat named Mittens who ran into a factory.
44"Rock and Roll"27 October 2017
When a rockslide threatens to collapse a bridge, Spider-Man and Ant-Man must persuade Hulk to follow their advice when it comes to helping the trapped people.
55"Electric Youth"27 October 2017
Spider-Man teams up with Ms. Marvel when Electro robs a bank.
66"The Toys Are Back In Town"1 December 2017
Spider-Man teams up with Captain America when Tinkerer steals everyone's toys and combines them into a dangerous robot.
77"Way Outer Space"1 December 2017
Spider-Man teams up with Captain Marvel to save the astronauts on a malfunctioning shuttle.
88"Family Friendly"1 December 2017
Black Panther teaches Spider-Man the importance of family when they team up to fight Absorbing Man.
99"Stomp and Listen"1 December 2017
Spider-Man teams up with Wasp when Rhino goes on a rampage.
1010"I'm Positive!"1 December 2017

Reptil teaches Spider-Man about being positive when they team up to fight Stegron when he robs a museum.

Note: This is Stegron's first appearance of TV.

Season 2

Series # Season # Title Original airdate
111"Evil Mittens"26 October 2018
Spider-Man, Ant-Man, and Wasp work together to get Mittens down from the tree. Unfortunately, Ant-Man uses a growing disk on Mittens causing him to go on a rampage.
122"Doctor Octopus’s Garden"26 October 2018
Spider-Man teams up with Ghost-Spider when Doctor Octopus steals the Green Diamond and other green things in a museum.
133"Mine!"2 November 2018
Iron Man invents a tractor beam at the same time when Rhino has escaped from prison. When Spider-Man borrows it from Iron Man when the tractor beam isn't finished, Rhino gets magnetized enough to attract every item in the city.
144"Now That’s Funny!"2 November 2018
When Black Panther unveils a vehicle made from Vibranium, it is hijacked by Ultron. Spider-Man and Black Panther must team up to reclaim the vehicle and defeat Ultron.
155"LISTEN"9 November 2018
When Green Goblin robs a bank, Spider-Man accidentally loses Captain America's shield which he can't control as they work to reclaim the shield and defeat Green Goblin.
166"Sticky Mittens"19 December 2018
When a beekeeper's honey bees go missing, Spider-Man and Ms. Marvel discover that Swarm is responsible where he plans to have the honey for himself which also prevents the plants from being pollinated. Spider-Man and Ms. Marvel must rescue the honey bees and defeat Swarm and his Techno-Bees.
177"Cloudy With A Chance of Smiles"19 December 2018
When Spider-Man gets taken over by the evil Symbiote Venom, Hulk must learn to control his emotions in order to save Spidey and all of New York.
188"That’s Why They Make Chocolate & Vanilla"21 December 2018
Spider-Man and Spider-Girl head to an ice cream parlor where their plans to obtain ice cream are thwarted when Electro plans to short-circuit the fuse boxes for the ice cream parlors since the ice cream always melts in his hands.
199"It's An Alien!"6 February 2019
Spider-Man and Captain Marvel come across a crashed spaceship. They discover that its passenger Miek is stealing sugar while leaving green slime.
2010"You Go High, I’ll Go Low"21 December 2018
When Hobgoblin steals all the money from the bank, Spider-Man goes after him and runs into Falcon who is also after Hobgoblin after he stole Falcon's power ray. They now must work together to defeat Hobgoblin and reclaim the power ray.

Season 3

Series # Season # Title Original airdate
211"Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word"1 April 2019
As Spider-Man escorts Black Panther to the convention center, they spot Nebula who is carrying a box that contains a replacement part for her crashed ship as her running out into the road causes Black Panther to crash his power car. Spider-Man must persuade Black Panther and Nebula to make up for that incident.
222"The Claws of Life"2 April 2019
Spider-Man runs into Rocket Raccoon and Groot when they are tracking down Blackjack O'Hare. As they work together to stop Blackjack O'Hare from stealing gold, Spider-Man must teach Rocket Raccoon that yelling is not the best way to get things done.
233"Not So Dry Cleaners"3 April 2019
Spider-Man is recruited by Doctor Strange to help with his Sorcerer Spring Cleaning Time at the Sanctum Sanctorum. After most of it is done, the final thing to do is for Doctor Strange and Spider-Man to wash the Cloak of Levitation.
244"From Hulk to Eternity"4 April 2019
While at the beach, Spider-Man accidentally wrecks Hulk's sandcastle while playing volleyball with She-Hulk. When Hulk builds one that is too large enough to threaten the boardwalk, Spider-Man and She-Hulk must help Hulk keep the collapsing sandcastle from burying everything on the boardwalk.
255"Sticky Rain"5 April 2019
When the city's new park and playground is having a ribbon-cutting ceremony, it is crashed by a left-out Hobgoblin who starts dumping garbage all over it. Spider-Man and Miles Morales must work to stop Hobgoblin's littering spree.
266"Try It, You’ll Like It"2 September 2019
When Spidey is feeling nervous about a mission to outer space, Iron Man reminds his apprehensive apprentice that trying new things is just as important as being confident in what you already know.
277"Bend, Don’t Break"3 September 2019
Spidey and Ghost-Spider chase the rampaging Rhino, but when their original plan doesn’t slow him down, Spidey is swiftly reminded that super heroes need to be flexible with their plans.
288"That’s What Friends Are For"4 September 2019
When his webs won’t work during a fight with Green Goblin, Spidey is reminded by his flexible super-friend, Ms. Marvel, that he has more than one super power: he also has super-smarts!
299"Happy Birthday"5 September 2019
Spidey and Captain America celebrate Cap’s birthday but, of course, no Avenger’s birthday can go uninterrupted! It seems like Loki’s up to his usual mischief... or is he?
3010"Things That Go HaHa! In the Night"6 September 2019
Spidey and Spider-Girl take on magical menace Morgan Le Fay, but when she conjures a mystical monster, our spider-heroes are forced to face their fears.

Season 4

Series # Season # Title Original airdate
311"Charge Ahead"6 April 2020
Spidey and Ironheart try to find a solution to stop Electro from absorbing the city's electricity.
322"Aww... Do I Have To?"7 April 2020
Morgan Le Fay steals the Hulk's super-strength, and he and Spidey must think of an other way to stop her.
333"It's On Me"8 April 2020
Captain America leaves his bike unlocked and Blackjack steals it, now he and Spidey must outsmart the bounty hunter in order to get it back.
344"Promises Promises"9 April 2020
Spidey learns the value of keeping his promise while helping Mister Fantastic on his jet.
355"Outside the Box"10 April 2020[a]
Spider-Man teams up with the Invisible Woman in order to stop Swarm from stealing more jewelry.
366"It's Clobberin' Time"13 September 2020
While fighting the Trapster, Spidey and the Thing get glued together and they must find a way to stop him while being stuck to each other.
377"It's Too Darn Hot"14 September 2020
Spider-Man teamps up with the Human Torch in order to stop Sandman from stealing money at the beach.
388"One For All and All 4 One"15 September 2020[b]
While attempting to stop Absorbing Man Spider-Man tries to convince the Fantastic Four to work as a team.
399"Building Bridges"16 September 2020[b]
While taking a stroll in the park Spider-Man and Captain Marvel must stop the rampaging Rhino.
4010"Obstacle, Of Course"17 September 2020[b]
On Black Panther's birthday, him and Spider-Man must go through an obstacle course designed by Shuri


Season # Title Original airdate
1"Be Like Spidey!"27 February 2019
2"Meet Captain Marvel!"6 March 2019
3"Meet Thor!"13 March 2019
4"Spidey Remix with Miles!"20 March 2019
5"Spidey Spyin' with Thor!"27 March 2019
6"Spidey Spyin' with Electro!"6 July 2019
7"Meet Ms. Marvel!"6 July 2019
8"Spidey Spyin' with Miles!"6 July 2019
9"Spidey Remix: Villain Fails!"7 July 2019
10"Meet Black Panther!"7 July 2019


Marvel Super Hero Adventures pre-school franchise was announced by Marvel Entertainment in September 2017 consisting of a short-form animated series along with publishing and merchandise during "Marvel Mania" October.[2] The toy line was manufactured by Hasbro with additional merchandise from Mad Engine, Jay Franco, GBG, Jakks Pacific and others.[5]

In the publishing field, Marvel Press issued chapter books beginning in September[2] and from Marvel Comics a five-issue miniseries starting in April 2018.[6] Super Hero Adventures has Spider-Man teaming with another Marvel hero.[2] The first early reader chapter books was Deck the Malls! teamed Spider-Man with Spider-Gwen written by MacKenzie Cadenhead and Sean Ryan and art by Derek Laufman. Three additional chapter books were planned continuing into 2018.[2] With low orders, the limited series was re-solicited as a series of issue 1.[7]

Comic books - five #1 issues written by Jim McCann with art by Dario Brizuela:[8]
early reader chapter books:


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