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Association football video games are a sub-genre of sports video games. The largest association football video game franchise is FIFA by Electronic Arts (EA), with the second largest franchise being Konami's competing eFootball (formerly known as Pro Evolution Soccer or Winning Eleven). FIFA is also the most successful sports video game franchise overall.[1]


Arcade games



  • Global Soccer Manager
    • Global Soccer Manager 2017
    • Global Soccer Manager 2018
    • Global Soccer Manager 2019


Commodore Amiga

Commodore 64

Sinclair ZX Spectrum

Amstrad CPC


Note: The consoles in chronological order (divided into handhelds and home consoles), while invidual game series are apathetical

Game Boy

Game Boy Color

Game Boy Advance

Nintendo DS

Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo Entertainment System

Super Nintendo Entertainment System/Super Famicom

Nintendo 64

Nintendo GameCube


Wii U

Nintendo Switch



PlayStation 2

PlayStation 3

PlayStation Portable

PlayStation Vita

PlayStation 4

PlayStation 5


Sega 32X

Sega Game Gear

Sega Master System

Sega Mega-CD

Sega Mega Drive/Genesis

Sega Saturn

Sega Dreamcast



* backwards compatible on the Xbox 360

Xbox 360

Xbox One

Xbox Series X and Series S

Android & IOS

Google Play


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