This is a comprehensive index of commercial, indie and freeware space flight simulator games. The list is categorized into four sections: space flight simulators, space flight simulators with an added element of combat, space combat simulators with an added element of trading, and unreleased space flight simulators.

A space flight simulator game is software that allows the operator to experience spacecraft space flight in outer space with the added elements of gameplay. There are many different types of simulators. These simulators range in purpose from pure simulation to sheer entertainment. Space flight occurs beyond the Earth's atmosphere, and space flight simulators feature the ability to roll, pitch, and yaw. Space flight simulators use flight dynamics in a free environment; this free environment lets the spacecraft move within the three-dimensional coordinate system or the x, y, and z (applicate) axis.

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Space flight simulator games

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Title Rating Release year Developer Publisher Platform Notes
A-OK! Wings of Mercury N/A ? Joe Nastasi Apogee Development, Ltd. OS X, Microsoft Windows Mercury spacecraft simulator
Apollo 18[1] N/A 1987 Artech Digital Entertainment Accolade Commodore 64
Apollo Simulator[2] N/A 2006 Stephan Guenther SpaceDreamStudios Windows
Apollo 18: The Moon Missions[3] N/A 1999 AIM Software Project Two Windows
Artemis: Spaceship Bridge Simulator 4.0 / 5 (iOS) 2010 Thom Robertson Thom Robertson Windows, Android, iOS, WINE Multiplayer co-operative spaceship bridge simulator
Buzz Aldrin's Race into Space N/A 1992 Fritz Bronner, Michael McCarty Interplay DOS More of a turn-based strategy/management sim, with no space flight
Eagle Lander 3D[4] N/A 2002 Ron Monsen Ron Monsen Windows
Empty Epsilon N/A 2017 Daid & Nallath Daid Windows, Linux, MacOS Collaborative spaceflight using various controls over LAN or WAN. Focuses on crew interaction, with elements of combat and training. Supports LUA scripting.
F-Sim Space Shuttle 4.6 / 5 (iOS) 2012 Ledinsky Software GmbH Ledinsky Software GmbH Android, iOS Realistically simulates the landing of the Space Shuttle with different challenges.
Flight Of Nova N/A 2020 Aerovery Lab Aerovery Lab Windows Realistic aerodynamic and orbital physic. Several types of crafts near a planet called NVA-31. Transport and search mission scenarios. Planet Nova is at full scale in the game (12'700 km diameter and 98 km atmosphere)
Apollo 11 Spaceflight Simulator 4 2019 Renzo Macedo Dogame software Android, IOS Realistic simulator about all steps of Apollo 11 Mission Android and IOS
Kerbal Space Program N/A 2015 Squad Squad Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Xbox one Released in 2015 following 2 years of early access development. Features game modes allowing the player to either administrate their own space program or freely explore the fictional star system. Extremely moddable. The Kerbol system is 1/10th the size of the Solar System.
Liftoff[5] N/A 2002 Entertainment Technologies, Inc. Entertainment Technologies, Inc. Windows, Mac OS X
Lunar Explorer: A Space Flight Simulator[citation needed] N/A 1986 EduWare Electric Transit, Inc. DOS, Macintosh
Lunar Flight N/A 2012 Shovsoft Shovsoft, Headup Games Windows 7, XP, Macintosh Lunar module simulator providing a variety of mission types involving transporting cargo, acquiring data at survey locations and locating lost cargo.
Lunar Pilot[6] N/A 2004 Things-to-Come Things-to-Come Windows Expansion pack for Microsoft Flight Simulator
Microsoft Space Simulator N/A 1994 Bruce Artwick Organization Ltd. Microsoft DOS
NEW ORBIT N/A 2011 BLACKISH BLACKISH Windows, OS X, iOS, Android A space adventure with realistic gravitation and a fully voiced story
Noctis N/A 2002 Alessandro Ghignola Alessandro Ghignola Windows, DOS Occurs in an imaginary universe with futuristic/fictional aspects such as planetary landings and sentient aliens; no weapons or combat
Orbiter N/A 2000 Martin Schweiger Martin Schweiger Windows Accurately simulates the physics and it is moddable.[7] Released as freeware.
Perilune[8] N/A 2019 George Kristiansen George Kristiansen Android Procedurally generated 3D lunar landing simulator which challenges the player to land as safely and efficiently as possible.
Project Space Station N/A 1985 HESware HESware Commodore 64, Apple II, DOS Four-part gameplay: administration of a space station program; shuttle launches, using a highly abstracted navigation system; assembling space station parts using an EVA pod; and shuttle landings using a 2D representation.
Reentry - An Orbital Simulator N/A 2018 Wilhelmsen Studios Wilhelmsen Studios Windows A realistic space flight simulator based on NASAs space flight programmes Apollo, Gemini and Mercury.
Rendezvous: A Space Shuttle Simulation[9] N/A 1982 Wes Huntress Edu-Ware Services Apple II Simulates shuttle launch, rendezvous with space station, and docking
Shuttle: the Space Flight Simulator N/A 1992 Vektor Grafix Virgin Interactive DOS, Amiga, Atari ST
Space Shuttle: A Journey into Space[10] N/A 1982[citation needed] Steve Kitchen Activision Amstrad CPC, Atari 2600, Atari 5200, Atari 8-bit, Commodore 64, MSX, ZX Spectrum[11]
Space Agency 4.3 / 5 (iOS) 2012 Andrew "Andy" Barry Nooleus iOS, Android Simple arcade style game where the player does missions of varying degrees of difficulty. Its sequel, Space Agency 2138, was released since March 25, 2020.
Space Simulator (Mobile)[12] 3.7/5 (Google Play) 2015 Brixton Dynamics Ltd App Store/Google Play iOS iPad iPhone, Android, PS3 Full physics simulation, solar system wide, full scale planets, historical missions. Released for iPad from March 2015
Space Simulator (Windows)[13] 41% positive (Steam) 2018 Stuka Games Inc. Brixton Dynamics Ltd. Windows Realistic simulation of spaceflight in a full sized Solar System, with all the planets and their major moons. using real forces, distances, velocities and time. Still in early access, development appears to have stalled.
Space Shuttle Mission 2007 N/A 2008 Exciting Simulations Simsquared Ltd. Windows
Spaceflight Simulator 4.6 / 5 (iOS) 2017 Stefo Mai Morojna Stefo Mai Morojna iOS,[14] Android,[15] Windows,[16] MacOS, Linux[17] 2D Spaceflight Simulator with elements of real life physics, scaled planets, realistic gravity and atmosphere.
SimpleRockets[18] 4.2 / 5 (iOS) 2013 Andrew Garrison Jundroo, LLC Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Windows Phone 2D space simulator for mobile devices with realistic orbital mechanics in a system 1/10th real scale.
SimpleRockets 2 4.4 / 5 (iOS) 2018 Jundroo, LLC Jundroo, LLC Windows, Mac, iOS, Android Sequel of SimpleRockets, 3D Rocket builder with full customizability of parts and closer art style to SimplePlanes.
Starship[19] N/A 1992 Deneban Sortware Deneban Software Amiga (Windows under development) Features realistically placed stellar objects and ability to control ship position, direction, speed, destination, depth of visibility, and background music.

Space combat games

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Free-form space trading and combat games

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Title Release year Developer Publisher Platform Notes
3030 Deathwar 2007 Bird in Sky Crunchy Leaf Games Windows
Archimedean Dynasty 1996 Massive Development Blue Byte DOS Play occurs in a submarine and under the ocean; many reviews have stated the look and feel of this game as that of a space sim;[20][21]
Ascent - The Space Game 2013 Fluffy Kitten Studios Fluffy Kitten Studios Windows, Browser Trading, exploration, colonization, player built starbases, research and industry, asteroid mining and combat[22]
Battlecruiser 3000AD 1996 3000AD Take Two Interactive Software, GameTek Windows All Battlecruiser and Universal Combat games feature trade[23]
Battlecruiser 3000AD v2.0 1998 3000AD Interplay Windows
Battlecruiser Millennium 2000 3000AD Interplay Windows
Battlecruiser Millennium Gold 2003 3000AD DreamCatcher Interactive, Inc. Windows Includes some extra missions, instant action scenarios
Starpoint Gemini 2 2014 LGM Games Iceberg Interactive Microsoft Windows, Xbox One Space trading and combat sim / RPG
Dangerous 2011 Binary Helix Binary Helix Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android Cloud save enables sharing save game from any platform
DarkStar One 2006 Ascaron Entertainment cdv Software Entertainment Windows
DarkStar One: Broken Alliance 2010 Gaming Minds Studios Kalypso Media Xbox 360 Enhanced and extended from its predecessor, on Xbox 360 only[24]
Earth & Beyond 2002 Westwood Electronic Arts Windows, Mac OS X, Linux MMORPG; Electronic Arts officially shut down this game's servers in 2004, but as of 2011, a fan-made revival project is working on an emulator[25]
Elite 1984 David Braben, Ian Bell Acornsoft, Firebird Acorn Archimedes, Acorn Electron, Amiga, Amstrad CPC, Apple II, Atari ST, BBC Micro, Commodore 64, DOS, MSX, NES, ZX Spectrum A seminal work in the genre; many other games on these lists show influence by it
Elite: Dangerous 2014 Frontier Developments Frontier Developments Microsoft Windows, OS X Xbox One The fourth game in the Elite series featuring a persistent universe and online multiplayer
Endless Sky 2015 Michael Zahniser Michael Zahniser Windows, OS X, Linux An Open-Source 2D game similar to Escape Velocity. The game takes place in November 3013.
Escape Velocity 1996 Matt Burch, Ambrosia Software Ambrosia Software Mac OS Effectively a modernized shareware Elite clone with RPG elements, with an extensive modding community
EV Override 1998 Matt Burch, Peter Cartwright, Ambrosia Software Ambrosia Software Mac OS Originally a third-party plugin for Escape Velocity, later adopted as an official sequel
EV Nova 2002 Matt Burch, ATMOS Software, Ambrosia Software Ambrosia Software Mac OS, Mac OS X, Windows Third and final game in the Escape Velocity series (like EVO, also originally a third-party plugin), which also spawned a trading card game set in the same universe
Eve Online 2003 CCP Games CCP Games Mac OS X, Windows Player-driven, persistent-world MMORPG set in a science fiction space setting
Rebel Galaxy 2015 Double Damage Games Double Damage Games Mac OS X, Windows Modern freeform set in a dynamic science fiction space setting
Evochron Alliance 2005 StarWraith 3D Games StarWraith 3D Games Windows
Evochron Renegades 2007 StarWraith 3D Games StarWraith 3D Games Windows
Evochron Legends 2009 StarWraith 3D Games StarWraith 3D Games Windows
Evochron Mercenary 2010 StarWraith 3D Games StarWraith 3D Games Windows
Evochron Legacy 2016 StarWraith 3D Games StarWraith 3D Games Windows
Frontier: Elite II 1993 Frontier Developments Konami, GameTek Commodore Amiga, Amiga CD32, Atari ST, DOS
Frontier: First Encounters 1995 Frontier Developments Konami, GameTek DOS Often called Elite III[26]
GLFrontier 2006 Tom Morton Tom Morton Windows, Linux Fan-made remake of Frontier: Elite II using OpenGL and higher resolution
Elite Starfighter 2004 Michael Molkenthin Novitas Peppergames Windows Tries to be much like Elite, but with updated graphics
Pocket PC Elite 2003 Jon Welch, George Hooper Jon Welch, George Hooper Windows Mobile An Elite for Windows Mobile
Galaxy on fire 2006 Fishlabs Fishlabs Java ME, iOS One of the only games which support Java ME for mobile phones to include trade in the game[27]
Galaxy on fire 2 2009 Fishlabs Fishlabs Java ME, Android, iOS, Windows, Mac Improved graphics, play and trade[28]
Federation of Free Traders 1989 Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd. Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd. Amiga, Atari ST
Flatspace 2003 Cornutopia Software Cornutopia Software Windows Play is open-ended: activities available include trading, missions, exploration, bounty hunting, space piracy, and police work.
Flatspace II: The Rise of the Scarrid 2005 Cornutopia Software Cornutopia Software Windows Play is open-ended: activities available include trading, missions, exploration, bounty hunting, space piracy, and police work.
Flatspace IIk: The Scarrid Dominion 2012 Cornutopia Software Cornutopia Software Windows
Freelancer 2003 Digital Anvil Microsoft Windows Supports keyboard/mouse controls, no joysticks
Final Rift 2011 LargeLaser Games Xbox Live Indie Games Xbox 360 Space trading simulator
Hardwar 1998 The Software Refinery Gremlin Interactive, Interplay Windows Ships never leave the planet, yet this futuristic sim is very similar to Elite
Independence War 2: Edge of Chaos 2001 Particle Systems Ltd. Infogrames Windows Like its predecessor, features a Newtonian flight model
Infinite Space 2010 PlatinumGames Sega Nintendo DS First space combat sim with trading to become available for the DS
Jumpgate: The Reconstruction Initiative 2001 NetDevil 3DO, Mightygames, NetDevil Windows Prequel to Jumpgate Evolution
Lightspeed 1990 MicroProse MicroProse Tandy, DOS
Moonfall 1991 Jukka Tapanimäki 21st Century Entertainment Ltd. Commodore 64, Amiga
No Man's Sky 2016 Hello Games Hello Games PS4, Windows
Nomad 1993 Intense Interactive GameTek DOS
Omnitrend's Universe[29] 1983 William G. M. Leslie, Thomas R. Carbone Omnitrend Software Atari 8-bit, Apple II series, DOS
Oolite 2006 Giles Williams Windows, Linux, Mac OS X Free software remake of original 1984 Elite
Parkan II 2007 Nikita 1C Company Windows Parkan 2 is said to be a very good but very unknown,[30] it is notable as being a mix of space combat sim and FPS;[31] English release is and was ever available via online distribution only[32]
The Precursors 2010 Deep Shadows Game Factory Interactive Windows Was released in English on Gamersgate[33]
Project Alpha 2009 2.0 Studios Xbox Live Indie Games Xbox 360 Space trading simulator on a futuristic version of our solar system
Project Delta 2010 2.0 Studios Xbox Live Indie Games Xbox 360 Sequel-remake of Project Alpha, by the same studio
Protostar: War on the Frontier 1993 Tsunami Media, Inc. Tsunami Media, Inc. DOS Electronic Arts originally contracted Tsunami Media to create Starflight 3: Protostar, this contract was canceled; game was released as Protostar: War on the Frontier;[34] original Starflight and Starflight 2 are not included in this list as they are strategy/role-playing video game oriented and the view of the ship is a top down perspective
RiftSpace 2004 StarWraith 3D Games StarWraith 3D Games Windows Released as freeware
Rebel Galaxy Outlaw 2019 Double Damage Games Double Damage Games Windows, Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One Prequel to Rebel Galaxy.
Space Vikings 1982 Mitchell Robbins SubLOGIC Apple II series [35]
Universal Combat 2004 3000AD DreamCatcher Interactive, Inc. Windows The follow-up to the Battlecruiser series from Darek Smart
Universal Combat: Gold 2005 3000AD 3000AD Windows
Universal Combat: A World Apart 2005 3000AD 3000AD Windows
Universal Combat: Special Edition 2006 3000AD 3000AD Windows
Universal Combat: Collectors Edition 2007 3000AD 3000AD Windows Contains the campaigns and instant action scenarios from the prior titles in the Battlecruiser and Universal Combat series of games[36]
Wing Commander: Privateer 1993 Origin Systems Electronic Arts DOS, Macintosh
Wing Commander: Righteous Fire 1994 Origin Systems Electronic Arts DOS, Macintosh Expansion pack for the original Wing Commander: Privateer
Wing Commander: Privateer CD-ROM Classic Edition 1996 Origin Systems Electronic Arts DOS, Macintosh Includes Righteous Fire expansion and full speech
Privateer 2: The Darkening 1996 Origin Systems Electronic Arts DOS, Macintosh
Wing Commander: Privateer Remake 2005 Privateer Remake Team The Vega Strike Team Windows, Mac OS X, Linux Fan-made remake, includes better graphics and more game play-related features; freeware
Wing Commander: Privateer Gemini Gold 2005 Privateer Gemini Gold Team The Vega Strike Team Windows, Mac OS X, Linux Fan remake, strives to be as true to the original Privateer as possible; freeware
Privateer: Parallel Universe 2005 Parallel Universe Team The Vega Strike Team Windows, Mac OS X, Linux Fan-made project; adds some new ships and fan campaign missions; freeware
Space Engineers 2019 Keen Software House Keen Software House Windows, (Xbox TBD) Open ended sandbox with modelled physics, voxel environment builder game. Single- and Multiplayer. Trade enabled through DLC.
Space Force: Rogue Universe 2007 Provox Games DreamCatcher Interactive, Inc., JoWooD Productions Windows
Space Pirates from Tomorrow 2010 MStar Games Xbox Live Indie Games Xbox 360 Open ended space trading simulator
Space Probe 2007 Lars Brandt Stisen Deep Division Windows Real time spacecraft simulator and adventure game; freeware
Space Rogue 1989 Origin Systems Origin Systems DOS, Macintosh, Amiga, Atari ST, FM Towns
Space Treker 3 2005 SundialSoft ClickGamer Windows Mobile
Starfunk 2013 Superdecade games Superdecade games Windows BBC BASIC for Windows implementation
Starpoint Gemini 2011 Little Green Men Games Little Green Men Games, Iceberg Interactive Windows
Starport: Galactic Empires 2004 PlayTechTonics, Inc. PlayTechTonics, Inc. Windows MMORPG, free to play, with optional items able to be bought with real money
Star Wars Galaxies 2003 Sony Online Entertainment, Electronic Arts Japan LucasArts Windows MMORPG
Starglider 2 1988 Argonaut Software Ltd. Rainbird Software Amiga, Atari ST, DOS, ZX Spectrum
SunDog: Frozen Legacy 1984 FTL Games Accolade Apple II, Atari
Tachyon: The Fringe 2000 NovaLogic NovaLogic Windows
Taikodom 2008 Hoplon Infotainment Hoplon Infotainment Windows Considered a MMOG
Terminus 2000 Vicarious Visions Vatical Entertainment Windows, Mac OS, Linux
The Universal 2004 The Universal Team The Universal Team Windows Unique MMORPG set in a virtual universe of realtime 3d worlds, owned and run by players[37]
Vendetta Online 2004 Guild Software Strategy First Windows, Mac OS X, Linux MMORPG
Venture The Void 2007 Kitty Lambda Kitty Lambda Windows MMORPG
X: Beyond the Frontier 1999 Egosoft THQ, SouthPeak Games Windows
X: Tension 2000 Egosoft THQ Windows X: Beyond The Frontier is needed to run this expansion
X: Gold 2000 Egosoft THQ Windows Combination of X: Beyond The Frontier and X: Tension
X2: The Threat 2003 Egosoft Deep Silver, QV Software International Windows, Mac OS X, Linux
X3: Reunion 2005 Egosoft Deep Silver, Enlight Windows, Mac OS X, Linux
X3: Reunion 2.0 2007 Egosoft Deep Silver, Enlight Windows, Mac OS X, Linux Updated, patched, working version of the original X3: Reunion with added Bala Gi Missions
X3: Terran Conflict 2008 Egosoft Deep Silver, Enlight Windows, Mac OS X, Linux Final chapter in the story of the X series of games[38]
X3: Terran Conflict 2.0 Aldrin Missions 2009 Egosoft IGS Software Publishing Windows
X3: Gold Edition 2009 Egosoft Deep Silver Windows, Linux Includes the Reunion 2.0 Bala Gi Mission, Terran Conflict 2.0 Aldrin Missions, soundtrack, poster
X3: Albion Prelude 2011 Egosoft Egosoft Windows, Linux Continuation of the X series of space simulation games
X Rebirth 2013 Egosoft Egosoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux Continuation and reboot of the X series of space simulation games
X Rebirth VR Edition 2017 Egosoft Egosoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux VR version of X Rebirth
X4: Foundations 2018 Egosoft Egosoft Windows, Linux Continuation of the rebooted X series of space simulation games
Xiphos 1990 Voodoo Electronic Zoo Windows, Amiga, Atari ST Play resembles Elite, involving first-person space shooting and trading[39]

Space flight simulator games under development

Title Release year Developer Publisher Platform Notes
4EVOLVE: Deep Stars[40] TBA 4EVOLVE Games TBA Windows Space simulator game with elements of advanced 4X gameplay
Abyss Lights: Frozen Systems TBA Abyss Lights Studio TBA Windows A demo for this, with a working title of Abyss Lights: Frozen Systems, debuted at E3[41]
Age of Ascent TBA Illyriad Games Illyriad Games Multiplatform, Windows, Macintosh Space MMO with real-time dog fighting.
Alliance Space Guard TBA (2021) D.C.Elington TBA Windows Sci-fi space simulation game with a focus on physics (hyperspace but orbital mechanics), ship systems and avionics
Astroneer 2016 System Era Softworks System Era Softworks Windows, Xbox One Outer space mining resources on planets
Blackstar TBA Spacetime Interactive TBA Windows, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 This MMOG[42] is on the brink of cancellation as of 2008,[43] again[44]
Blockade Runner 2012 ZANMGT Windows
Cold Stars TBA Quazar Studio Akella, Paradox Interactive Windows Third installment in the series of The Tarr Chronicles[45]
Darwin TBA ConstantSUM ConstantSUM Windows, Mac OS X, Linux Browser-based space combat sim
Exospace Game TBA Exospace Game Exospace Game Windows, Mac OS X, Linux Browser-based space MMO strategy-building-exploration game
Dreadnought (video game) 2016 Yager Development Grey Box Windows
Drifter[46] TBA Celsius Game Studios Celsius Game Studios Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, PS4 Space trading and combat sim. Preorder available with beta access on site, greenlit for Steam October 2013[47]
Fractured Suns 2020 The Fractured Suns Team The Fractured Suns Team Windows, Mac OS X, Linux Freeware mod to FreeSpace Open set in the 2012 Total Recall movie universe; game is not a spin-off, but requires the full, retail version of FreeSpace 2.
Fringespace TBA The Fringespace Team The Fringespace Team Windows, Mac OS X, Linux Freeware mod to FreeSpace Open; game is not a clone[48] but is designed to duplicate, as nearly as possible, the 'feel' of Tachyon: The Fringe[49]
Galactic Command Online TBA 3000AD TBA Xbox 360, Windows MMOG
Hellion 2017 ZeroGravity Games TBA Windows Survival with PvP and PvE elements. Development suspended.
Heresy War 2012 Dream Builder Studios TBA Windows
Kerbal Space Program 2 2021 Private Division, Intercept Games Intercept Games Windows, Xbox, PlayStation Sequel to the critically acclaimed game Kerbal Space Program.
Kinetic Void 2013 Badland Studio Valve Microsoft Windows, Mac OS and Linux Alpha released on Steam on the 20 March 2013[50]
Infinity: The Quest for Earth TBA F. Brebion TBA Windows MMORPG
Iron Sky: Invasion 2012 Reality Pump TopWare Interactive Windows, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, iOS, Android, Mac OS Official video game expansion of the 2012 sci-fi film "Iron Sky".[51] Combines space combat simulation with strategy and RPG elements.[52]
Jumpgate Evolution CANCELLED NetDevil Codemasters Windows MMORPG
Kn'thrak 2020 The Kn'thrak Team The Kn'thrak Team Windows, Mac OS X, Linux Freeware mod to FreeSpace Open set in the 2008 City of Ember movie universe; game is not a spin-off, but a mod-of-a-mod for Wing Commander Saga.
Limit Theory CANCELLED[53] Josh Parnell TBA Windows, Mac OS X, Linux Single player space simulator in entirely procedurally generated universes.[54]
Miner Wars 2081 2012 Keen Software House TBA Windows Single Player; Currently in Closed Beta[55]
Naumachia: Space Warfare TBA Naumachia team TBA Windows
NorthStar TBA Kerberos Productions TBA Windows Envisioned as a space trader sim with space and ground combat elements; space combat will not be fighter-based as in Privateer but more like large ship combat as in Kerberos' 4X title Sword of the Stars; ground combat will be squad turn-based, as in X-Com: UFO Defense
Pioneer TBA Windows, Mac OS X, Linux Free and open source software; development version is downloadable and playable as of 2012
Precursors 2 2012 Deep Shadows Play Ten Interactive Windows, Xbox 360 Stand-alone game that continues prior story, but no need to play the original to understand the story[56]
Rekt Galaxies 2020 The Rekt Galaxies Team The Rekt Galaxies Team Windows, Mac OS X, Linux Freeware mod to FreeSpace Open set in the 2018 Mortal Engines movie universe; game is not a spin-off, but requires the full, retail version of FreeSpace 2; and game is a series of episodic games.
Rise: The Vieneo Province 2019 Unistellar Industries, LLC Unistellar Industries, LLC Windows Persistent world with player-driven economy
Rodina 2013 Brendan Anthony Elliptic Games PC [57]
Rogue System TBA Digits Crossed Interactive, LLC Digits Crossed Interactive Windows Rogue System is currently in the pre-alpha stage of development. It is a modular space combat sim that features ship system functionality on the level of a "hardcore" flight simulator, along with first-person and RPG elements. Rogue System provides a richly detailed story driven experience coupled with open exploration and randomly generated side missions.
ScrumbleShip 2012 Orangehat Tech, LLC Windows, Mac OS X, Linux ScrumbleShip is in the alpha stage of development. Currently players can build and damage their ships; the final version will be an open-world MMO space flight simulator in which players mine materials, build their own ships, battle, and fly between solar systems.
Space Miner 2014 Kim Lillås Aurora Borealis Games Android First version released
SpaceEngine 2012 Vladimir Romanyuk Vladimir Romanyuk Windows As of 2011, simulates stars from Hipparcos catalogue, procedurally adds other stars and systems as appropriate, and generates planets with landscapes, atmospheres and water[58][59]
Spacemen TBA Florin Bucur TBA Windows, MacOSX, Linux
Space Noir TBA N-Fusion Interactive Entertainment TBA iOS, Android, Windows
Star Citizen TBA Cloud Imperium Games (Chris Roberts) Cloud Imperium Games Linux, Windows MMO Space trading and combat simulator, FPS[60]
Star Villains and Space Heroes TBA Area Denial Games TBA Windows, Linux Capital ship combat game, with Newtonian space physics and third person controls.[61]
In The Black 2017 Impeller Studios Impeller Studios Windows Realistic hardcore online multiplayer space combat simulator set in our solar system 200 years in the future. Players are mercenary pilots working for private military contractors to fight a shadow war between ruthless megacorps.[62]
The Tomorrow War: Factor K 2012 CrioLand 1C, 505 Games Windows Expansion pack to the space combat sim The Tomorrow War[63]
Torchships TBA Product7 Product7 Windows & Mac Newtonian Space combat game
Universe Online CANCELLED Colony Studios Colony Studios Windows MMORPG; not the same as X: Universe Online[64]
Universe Sandbox 2017 Dan Dixon Giant Army Windows An interactive space and gravity simulator. It is completely rewritten as "Universe Sandbox ²"
Untitled Foundation space game TBA TBA TBA Windows, Mac OS X, Linux Freeware mod to FreeSpace Open set in Issac Asimov's Foundation universe
Untitled FSO original total conversion TBA TBA TBA Windows, Mac OS X, Linux Freeware mod to FreeSpace Open set in an original setting; not based on any IP whatsoever
Vega Strike TBA The Vega Strike Team The Vega Strike Team Windows, Mac OS X, Linux Free and open source software; development version is downloadable and playable as of 2011
X: Online Universe TBA Egosoft Egosoft Windows MMORPG; whether or not it comes to be, it is unrelated to the game Universe Online by Colony Studios[65] though both have similar names
XO Q1 2016 Jumpdrive Studios Jumpdrive Studios Linux, Mac OS X, Windows Command a ragtag fleet of starships against an unbeatable enemy.[66]
Star Trek Excalibur TBA Windows Classic Star Trek Universe[67]
Strike Wing 2013 Dream Builder Studios Crescent Moon Games, Dream Builder Studios iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8 Space Combat Simulator for iOS to be released in 2013.[68]


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