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This is a list of boxing families with two or more notable boxers. Many families have had multiple members become famous in the sport of boxing, with some having held multiple world titles. While this does not have extensive details, their highest career achievements are listed.


Matthysse siblings
Bermúdez siblings


Mundine family
Moloney brothers
Nissen brothers
Tszyu family


Falcão brothers


Pulev brothers


Gatti brothers
Hilton family
Vanderpool brothers


Cardona brothers


Savón family
Ribalta brothers


Bredahl brothers

The only brothers in the world to become world champions the same night at the same event. Took place at Parken Stadium on September 4, 1992.

Dominican Republic

Cruz brothers


Tiozzo brothers


Rocchigiani brothers


Dundee brothers (first siblings to become world champions)
Stecca brothers


Ioka family
Kameda family
Inoue family
Noguchi family


Álvarez brothers
Arce brothers
Arredondo brothers
Burgos family
Castillo brothers
Chávez family
Díaz brothers
Espadas family
García brothers
González family
Juárez sisters
Karass brothers
López family
Margarito family
Márquez brothers
Mijares family
Montiel family
Morales family
Páez family
Ruelas brothers
Sánchez family
Solís brothers
Zárate family


Havnå family


Durán family
Pedroza Family


Donaire family
Magramo family
Pacquiao brothers
Pagara brothers
Peñalosa family
Jaro family
Rubillar brothers
Sonsona family


Skrzecz brothers
Kosedowski brothers
Malinowski brothers

Puerto Rico

Arroyo brothers
Bisbal brothers
Camacho family
Cotto family
Serrano sisters
Solis brothers
Vázquez family


Simion brothers



Boonjumnong brothers
Kamsing brothers
Jongjohor family
Pannon family


Poontarat brothers
Galaxy brothers
Payakaroon brothers
Sor Vorapin brothers
Sitbangprachan brothers
Porpaoin brothers
Charoen family
Dejrath family
Dutch Boy Gym brothers
Sor Rungvisai brothers
Sakkreerin family
Kratingdaenggym family
Petchyindee family
Phisitvuthinun family


Klitschko brothers
Sydorenko brothers

United Kingdom

Benn family
Booth brothers
Dubois siblings
Edwards brothers
Eubank family
Finnegan brothers
Fury family
Hatton family
Khan brothers
London family
Magee brothers
McDonnell twins
Minter family
Selby brothers
Smith brothers
Yafai brothers

United States

Ali family
Ayala family
Baer brothers
Baltazar brothers
Beard brothers
Byrd family
Carbajal brothers
Canizales brothers
Charlo brothers
Cisneros family
Cortez brothers
Curry brothers
De La Hoya family
Douglas family
Eklund & Ward brothers
Flanagan brothers
Folley family
Foreman family
Frazier family
Fullmer brothers
Garcia family
Gardner brothers
Gibbons brothers
Hagler & Sims brothers
Harris & Johnson brothers
Hearns family
Holyfield family
Hopkins family
Jackson family
Jones family
Judah family
Leonard brothers
Litzau brothers
Lopez brothers
Magdaleno brothers
Mancini family
Mayweather family
McCall family
McCrory brothers
McGirt family
McNeeley family
Norris brothers
Patterson family
Perez Brothers
Quarry brothers
Richardson family
Russell brothers
Sandoval brothers
Shuler brothers
Spinks family
Tate brothers
Tubbs family
Tucker family
Vargas brothers
Webber sisters
Zivic brothers


España brothers

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