This is an incomplete list of dedicated video game consoles in chronological order. Only officially licensed dedicated consoles are listed in the retro style sections.

Dedicated consoles are video game consoles that have a single game or a limited list of games built into the console itself, and are not equipped for additional games that are distributed via ROM cartridges, discs, downloads, or other media. All first-generation video game consoles are dedicated consoles. Starting in the 2000s, there has been a new wave of dedicated consoles focused primarily on retrogaming.

Early dedicated home consoles (1972–1984)

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There are 963 home video game consoles known to have been released in the first generation of video game consoles. They can be found in the List of first generation home video game consoles.

Early handheld electronic games (1976–present)

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Name Release date Manufacturer
Mattel Handheld Games original series 1976-1982[1] Mattel
Blip 1977 Tomy
Coleco Handheld Games 1978-? Coleco
Merlin 1978-? Parker Brothers
VTech Handheld games 1979-1991 VTech Palmtex
Game & Watch series 1980-1991 Nintendo
Astro Wars 1981 Grandstand
LCD Solarpower 1982 Bandai
Tiger Electronics Handheld Games series 1987-1998 Tiger Electronics
Acclaim Handheld Games series 1988-1991[2] Acclaim Entertainment
Barcode Battler 1991 Epoch
Nintendo Mini Classics 1998-present Nintendo
Pokémon Pikachu 1998 Nintendo
Pokémon Pikachu 2 1999 Nintendo

Retro style dedicated home consoles and handhelds (2001–present)

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Retro styled dedicated video game consoles and handhelds are listed within the main article.

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