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Map of diplomatic missions in Canada
Map of diplomatic missions in Canada

This is a list of diplomatic missions in Canada. At present, the capital city of Ottawa hosts 128 embassies/high commissions. Several other countries accredit their embassies and missions in the United States to Canada.

This listing excludes honorary consulates.

Embassies/High Commissions in Ottawa

Main article: List of diplomatic missions in Ottawa

Other missions in Ottawa

Consulates General/Consulates







Quebec City

Greater Toronto Area



Accredited Embassies and High Commissions

Resident in Washington, D.C., United States of America

Resident in New York City, United States of America[a]

Closed missions

Host city Sending country Mission level Year closed Ref.
Ottawa  Angola Embassy 2018 [7]
 Benin Embassy 2021
 Burundi Embassy
 Iran Embassy 2012 [8]
 Mauritania Embassy 2007 [9]
 Niger Embassy
 Syria Embassy 2012
Calgary  France Consulate General 2013 [10]
Edmonton  France Consulate 1996 [11]
Montreal  Czechia Consulate General 2010 [12]
 Venezuela Consulate General 2019 [13]
Toronto  Belgium Consulate General 2014 [14]
 New Zealand Consulate General 1982 [15]
 Venezuela Consulate General 2019 [13]
Vancouver  Norway Consulate General [16]
 Venezuela Consulate General 2019 [13]
Winnipeg  Philippines Consulate General 1985 [17]

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