Roads in Nepal are administered by three levels of Government as below:

Administration of roads in Nepal
# Government Administrative body Type
1 Federal government Department of Roads (under MoPIT) National Highway
2 Provincial government Ministry of Physical Infrastructure Development (Provincial government) Provincial Highway
Department of Local Infrastructure (under MOUD)
3 Local government Municipal government Urban/rural road
Department of Local Infrastructure (under MOUD)
Nepal National highways map 2014-15

The Economic Survey 2014–15 released by the Ministry of Finance (Nepal), shows that the country had total road network of 80,078 km in 2014/15 that included 26,935 km roads constructed and maintained by the Department of Roads (DoR) and 53,143 km roads constructed by the government of local bodies. This includes the national highway, feeder roads, district roads and urban roads.[1]

E-W (Mahendra) Highway H01 at Eastern starting point Jhapa

National Highway

Further information: National Highway System (Nepal)

National Highways are administered by Department of roads under Ministry of Physical Infrastructure and Transport (Nepal). According to the Statics of National Highway SNH-2020/21 there are 80 National Highways in Nepal which are 14,913 KM long in total distance.[2]

List of National Highways

National Highways in Nepal
# Highway Numbers Highway Name Length (KM)
1 NH01 East-West Highway 1028
2 NH02 Tribhuvan Highway 189
3 NH03 Araniko Highway 112.83
4 NH04 Prithivi Highway 174
5 NH05 Madan Ashrit Highway 1016
6 NH06 BP Highway 158
7 NH07 Mechi Highway 268
8 NH08 Koshi Highway 320
9 NH09 Madan Bhandari Highway 1200
10 NH10 Siddhartha Highway 182
11 NH11 Rapti Highway 168.68
12 NH12 Ratna Highway 113.08
13 NH13 Karnali Highway 160
14 NH14 Mahakali Highway 100
15 NH15 Seti Highway 128
16 NH16 Ring Road (Kathmandu) 28
17 NH17 Postal Highway 173
18 NH18 Pushpalal Highway 1,889
19 NH19 Ridi-Balkot-Pyuthan Highway 220
20 NH20 Kathmandu-Terai Expressway 193
21 NH21 Kathmandu Outer Ring Road 71.93

Provincial Highways

Bagmati Provincial Highway with National Highway

There are seven provinces in Nepal which have many provincial highways and provincial roads which are marked by province's government. Provincial highways or roads are marked as below:

Road codes of Provincial Highway in Nepal
# Province Provincial Highway Provincial Road
1 Koshi KH-00 KR-00
2 Madhesh MH-00 MR-00
3 Bagmati BH-00 BR-00
4 Lumbini LH-00 LR-00
5 Gandaki GH-00 GR-00
6 Karnali KH-00 KR-00
7 Sudurpashchim SH-00 SR-00
8 Nepal NH-00

'00' stands for highway or road numbers.

Urban/rural roads

Agriculture road

Main article: Department of Local Infrastructure

Nepal has special kind of road for agricultural areas and such roads are constructed by Department of Local Infrastructure.[3]

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