A list of statues of George Washington, an American Founding Father, commanding general of the Continental Army during the American Revolutionary War, and the first U.S. president.


Image Statue name Location Date Sculptor Source
Boston Public Garden - Boston, MA - DSC01502.JPG
Equestrian statue of George Washington Boston, Massachusetts

Boston Public Garden

1869 Thomas Ball
Henry Kirke Brown George Washington statue by David Shankbone.jpg
Equestrian statue of George Washington New York City, New York

Union Square

1856 Henry Kirke Brown
Washington Indy Hall.jpg
George Washington Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Independence Hall

1910 Joseph A. Bailly
George Washington Sculpture (1857, Edward Sheffield Bartholomew, sculptor; George Mann and Son, niche-base), Druid Hill Park, Swann Drive, Baltimore, MD 21217 (33632065775).jpg
George Washington Baltimore, Maryland

Druid Hill Park

1857 Edward Sheffield Bartholomew
Virginia State Capitol complex - Houdon
George Washington Richmond, Virginia

Virginia State Capitol

1791-1792 Jean-Antoine Houdon
George Washington Greenough statue.jpg
George Washington Washington, D.C.

National Museum of American History

1840 Horatio Greenough
George Washington on Horseback Washington, D.C.

Washington National Cathedral

1959 Herbert Haseltine
Heald Monument (2).JPG
Heald Square Monument Chicago, Illinois

Heald Square

1936-1941 Lorado Taft and Leonard Crunelle
Washington Circle Equestrian Statue.jpg
Lieutenant General George Washington Washington, D.C.

Washington Circle

1860 Clark Mills
Point of View Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Point of View Park

2006 James A. West
Princeton Battle Monument Princeton, New Jersey

New Jersey Route 27

1922 Frederick William MacMonnies and Thomas Hastings
Virginia Washington Monument 2011.JPG
Virginia Washington Monument Richmond, Virginia

Capitol Square

1850-69 Thomas Crawford and Randolph Rogers
George Washington by Pompeo Coppini, 1955 - University of Texas at Austin - DSC08601.jpg
Statue of George Washington Austin, Texas

University of Texas at Austin

1955 Pompeo Coppini
Portland, OR - George Washington statue outside German-American Society 01 (cropped).jpg
Statue of George Washington Portland, Oregon

German American Society Building

1926-27 Pompeo Coppini
University of Washington, February 2014 -7.JPG
Statue of George Washington Seattle, Washington

University of Washington

1909 Lorado Taft
NYC Federal Hall.jpg
Statue of George Washington New York City, New York

Federal Hall

1883 John Quincy Adams Ward
Statue of George Washington Indianapolis, Indiana

Indiana Statehouse

1959 Donald De Lue
Statue of George Washington Mexico City, Mexico

Parque Rosario Castellanos

1916 Unknown
Statue of George Washington, Trafalgar Square 02.JPG
Statue of George Washington London, England

Trafalgar Square

1924, 1921 [1] copy of Houdon’s Richmond statue [2]
Tomb of the Unknown Revolutionary War Soldier-27527.jpg
Tomb of the Unknown Revolutionary War Soldier Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Washington Square

1957 Jean-Antoine Houdon and G. Edwin Brumbaugh
Washington Monument (Baltimore).png
Washington Monument Baltimore, Maryland

Mount Vernon Place & Washington Place

1815-29 Robert Mills
Washington Monument (Milwaukee) in 2019.jpg
Washington Monument Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Milwaukee Central Library

1885 Richard Henry Park
WashingtonMonumentWest Point.JPG
Washington Monument West Point, New York

United States Military Academy

1916 Henry Kirke Brown
Geo W Washington Park jeh.JPG
Equestrian statue of George Washington Newark, New Jersey

Washington Park

1912 J. Massey Rhind
George Washington by Frederick Roth, Morristown, NJ.jpg
Equestrian statue of George Washington Morristown, New Jersey

Washington's Headquarters

1927–1928 Frederick Roth
07 - Bust of George Washington in Warsaw - 01.jpg
Bust of George Washington Warsaw, Poland
Waszyngtona Roundabout (Washington Roundabout)
1989 Bronisław Koniuszy, Bronisław Kubica

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