The following is list of universities and colleges in Anhui.


For a more comprehensive list, see List of universities in China.

Name Chinese name Type Location
Hefei University of Technology 合肥工业大学 National (Direct) Hefei
University of Science and Technology of China 中国科学技术大学 National (Other) Hefei
Anhui Agricultural University 安徽农业大学 Provincial Hefei
Anhui Jianzhu University 安徽建筑大学 Provincial Hefei
Anhui Medical University 安徽医科大学 Provincial Hefei
Anhui Normal University 安徽师范大学 Provincial Wuhu
Anhui Polytechnic University 安徽工程大学 Provincial Wuhu
Anhui University 安徽大学 Provincial Hefei
Anhui University of Chinese Medicine 安徽中医药大学 Provincial Hefei
Anhui University of Finance and Economics 安徽财经大学 Provincial Bengbu
Anhui University of Science and Technology 安徽理工大学 Provincial Huainan
Anhui University of Technology 安徽工业大学 Provincial Maanshan
Anqing Normal University 安庆师范大学 Provincial Anqing
Bengbu Medical College 蚌埠医学院 Provincial Bengbu
Chaohu University 巢湖学院 Provincial Hefei
Fuyang Normal University 阜阳师范学院 Provincial Fuyang
Hefei Normal University 合肥师范学院 Provincial Hefei
Hefei University 合肥学院 Provincial Hefei
Huaibei Normal University 淮北师范大学 Provincial Huaibei
Huainan United University 淮南联合大学学 Provincial Huainan
Huangshan University 黄山学院 Provincial Huangshan
Wannan Medical College 皖南医学院 Provincial Wuhu
West Anhui University 皖西学院 Provincial Lu'an
Anhui Science and Technology University 安徽科技学院 Provincial Chuzhou
Bengbu University 蚌埠学院 Provincial Bengbu
Chizhou University 池州学院 Provincial Chizhou
Chuzhou University 滁州学院 Provincial Chuzhou
Huainan Normal University 淮南师范学院 Provincial Huainan
Suzhou University 宿州学院 Provincial Suzhou
Tongling University 铜陵学院 Provincial Tongling