View of Longemont
General information
TypeOffice, hotel, retail
LocationChangning District,
Shanghai, China
Coordinates31°13′16″N 121°24′43″E / 31.221°N 121.412°E / 31.221; 121.412
Construction started2001
Height238.0 m (781 ft)
Technical details
Floor count60[1]
Floor area300,000 m2 (3,200,000 sq ft)
Design and construction
An entrance to the Longemont shopping mall
An atrium in the Longemont shopping mall
View inside the mall

Longemont (Chinese: 龙之梦,[2] literally: 'Dragon's Dream', also known as Cloud Nine Shopping Mall[3] or Shanghai Summit Shopping City[4]) is a 60-floor,[1] 238-meter (781 ft) tall skyscraper with a shopping mall at its base, and offices and Renaissance Shanghai Zhongshan Park Hotel[1] as its main body, completed in 2006 and located in Shanghai, China.


The building is primarily a shopping mall at the lower levels. The mall is home to many multinational retailers such as Uniqlo, C&A, and Zara (retailer), and is also connected to a Renaissance Shanghai Zhongshan Park Hotel. At night the skyscraper is lit by floodlights attached to the outside walls.

Longemont is located in western Shanghai, near Zhongshan Park. The park itself is just to the north and to the north of that is Suzhou Creek.

An accident with an escalator in August 2015 resulted in the amputation of a man's leg.[5]


The skyscraper are immediately northeast of the Zhongshan Park Station on Shanghai Metro Line 2, Line 3, and Line 4. It can be seen from Lines 3 and 4, which are elevated at this point.

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