Beijing apm
One of the mall's entrances in 2021
LocationWangfujing, Beijing, China
Coordinates39°54′49″N 116°24′20″E / 39.913696°N 116.405664°E / 39.913696; 116.405664
Opening date1993
DeveloperSun Hung Kai Properties
Total retail floor area120,000 m2 (1,300,000 sq ft)
No. of floors6

Beijing apm, also known as Xindong'an Plaza (Chinese: 新东安广场; pinyin: Xīndōng'ān Guǎngchǎng), is a shopping mall and office building at Wangfujing, Beijing, China. It is a commercial property developed by Sun Hung Kai Properties. It has a total area of 120,000 m2 (1,300,000 sq ft).[1]

The building was built on the site of the old Dong'an Department Store and opened in 1998.[2] In 2001, the building was voted as one of Beijing's Top 10 Great Buildings in the 1990s.[3]

The mall will be accessible via Jinyu Hutong station on Beijing Subway Line 8 in late 2021.[4]

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