Mazda MX-5 (ND)
Model codeND
Also called
  • Mazda Roadster (Japan)
  • Mazda MX-5 Miata (North America)
ProductionMarch 2015–present
Model years2016–present (North America)
AssemblyJapan: Hiroshima (Hiroshima Plant)
DesignerMasashi Nakayama (2012)[1]
Body and chassis
ClassSports car (S)
Body style
LayoutFront mid-engine, rear-wheel-drive
PlatformSkyactiv-R[2][better source needed]
Power output
  • 96 kW (129 hp; 131 PS) (1.5 L)
  • 118 kW (158 hp; 160 PS) (2.0 L)
  • 135 kW (181 hp; 184 PS) (2.0 L)
Wheelbase2,310 mm (90.9 in)[4]
Length3,915 mm (154.1 in)
Width1,730 mm (68.1 in)
Height1,235 mm (48.6 in)
Curb weight
  • Manual: 1,058 kg (2,332 lb)
  • Automatic: 1,080 kg (2,381 lb)[5]
  • 1.5 Skyactiv: 961 kg (2,119 lb) [6]
PredecessorMazda MX-5 (NC)

The fourth-generation Mazda MX-5, model code ND, is the current generation of the Mazda MX-5 roadster. The car has been manufactured in Mazda's Hiroshima plant since March 4, 2015.[7]

Mazda officially unveiled the car on September 3, 2014, in the United States and Spain, and on September 4, 2014, in Japan.[8][9] It was presented at the 2014 Paris Motor Show in October that year, and at the 2014 Los Angeles Auto Show in November. The vehicle was released in the third quarter of 2015. In the US, the list price of the MX-5 was between $24,915 and $30,065.[10] On March 24, 2016, the MX-5 was awarded World Car of the Year (WCOTY) and the World Car Design of the Year at the New York International Auto Show, being the second Mazda to win WCOTY following the Mazda2 in 2008.[11]


The MX-5's 2.0 L Skyactiv-G engine

The fourth-generation MX-5 is 105 mm (4 inches) shorter and 100 kg (220 lb) lighter than its predecessor, putting the vehicle's curb weight near 1,000 kg (2,200 lb). Incorporating Mazda's Skyactiv technology, the MX-5 is offered with two naturally aspirated direct-injection petrol engines. The base model has a 1.5 L 96 kW (129 hp; 131 PS) engine, while pre-2019 American and Canadian-market models with a 1,998 cc (2.0 L; 121.9 cu in) engine are rated at 116 kW (155 hp; 157 PS) at 6000 rpm and 201 N⋅m (148 lb⋅ft) of torque at 4600 rpm.[12] Mazda also replaced the hydraulic power steering system in previous MX-5s with their new Electric Power Assisted Steering (EPAS) system.[13]

The car was launched with a six-speed manual transmission and a six-speed automatic transmission. The cockpit, steering wheel, and infotainment system are very similar to those in the 2014 Mazda3. The MX-5 is fitted as standard with a manually operated fabric roof that can be opened or closed within a few seconds.

The fourth-generation MX-5 has been popular with die-cast toy car manufacturers like Tomica, Hot Wheels, and Matchbox, with all three companies releasing their own versions of the car to the market.[14]


The targa-style greenhouse of the MX-5 RF

In late 2016, a new MX-5 RF (Retractable Fastback) model was announced. It features a rigid roof and buttresses that give the car a more coupé-like silhouette than the soft top convertible. The whole of the rear tunnel roof, including the buttresses, lift up and back to allow the top (targa top) panel of the roof to fold back and down behind the seats. The tunnel roof, including the buttresses, then move back into place. Rollover protection is provided by roll hoops behind the seats. The interior of the RF is almost identical to that of the standard MX-5; differences include a full-colour circular digital gauge in place of the standard model's semi-rectangular half-digital monochrome display. The storage cubby behind the driver's seat has been eliminated, and the cubby behind the passenger seat as well as the glove box behind the center console have been made shallower to make room for the roof mechanism. The MX-5 RF uses the same engines as the standard model and offers similar performance. The MX-5 RF also introduced a new 'Machine Grey Mica' paint colour.[15][16]

A limited edition run of 500 models was introduced with the launch of the Mazda MX-5 RF. Called the 'Launch Edition' these models were priced at £28,995 and were only available with the 118 kW (158 hp; 160 PS) 2.0-litre engine. These models included BBS alloy wheels, a twin-tone roof, black door mirrors and rear spoiler as well as Recaro seats. This version was only available in two colours: 'Soul Red' or 'Machine Grey'.[17] It was the first time since the original NA series MX-5 was available with a companion body style since the Mazda MX-3, which was a liftback sport coupe.

2018 update

In late 2018, for the 2019 model year, the 2.0-litre engine was revised to generate 135 kW (181 hp; 184 PS) and 205 N⋅m (151 lb⋅ft) of torque, with the redline increased to 7,500 rpm, and a dual-mass flywheel was introduced to the powertrain. Externally, the car received a burgundy soft top and black 17" wheels. Interior upgrades include a telescoping steering column, a standard reverse camera, a reworked door opening mechanism, revised seat controls, and redesigned cupholders.[18]

In North America, the 2019 MX-5 has three variants, called Sport, Club, and Grand Touring in the US (GS, GS-P, and GT in Canada, respectively); all come standard with a 1,998 cc (2.0 L; 121.9 cu in) engine rated at 135 kW (181 hp; 184 PS) at 7000 rpm and 205 N⋅m (151 lb⋅ft) at 4000 rpm of torque.[19] All variants can be had with a MT or AT, with the MT fuel efficiency of 9.0 L/100 km (31.4 mpg‑imp; 26.1 mpg‑US) City and 7.0 L/100 km (40.4 mpg‑imp; 33.6 mpg‑US) Highway. The AT performs slightly better, at 9.0 L/100 km (31.4 mpg‑imp; 26.1 mpg‑US) City and 6.6 L/100 km (42.8 mpg‑imp; 35.6 mpg‑US) Highway.

A GT-S trim was introduced in 2019 for the U.S., bringing the Club trim's limited-slip differential, Bilstein shock absorbers, and strut tower brace to the GT trim as well as a black roof on all RF models. In 2020, these became standard features in the GT trim, and the separate GT-S designation was retired.

2021 update

In December 2021, Mazda announced that the 2022 model year MX-5 will feature Kinematic Posture Control (KPC), a new technology that improves steering response and body roll by applying single-wheel rear braking during high-g cornering.[20]

2024 update

New headlights incorporating the DRLs and taillights incorporating the reverse lights, introduction of the "asymmetric LSD" and "DSC-Track" mode, revised steering rack, and other "facelift" upgrades marked the ND3.[clarification needed][citation needed]

Cooperation with Fiat Chrysler

A joint venture with Alfa Romeo on a joint rear-wheel drive platform was announced in 2012, but cancelled in 2014.[21] Fiat Chrysler later announced the Fiat 124 Spider and Abarth 124 Spider, both based on the Mazda ND platform, in 2015. Primary differences from the Mazda was a 1.4 litre, turbocharged engine with 127 kW (170 hp) and distinctive front and rear lights.[22]

In 2016, The Detroit News stated that "in partnering with Mazda’s MX-5 Miata to resurrect the classic Fiat 124 Spider, Fiat Chrysler not only gained a halo sports car for its struggling Italian brand, but likely saved the most celebrated small sports car of the past 25 years (the MX-5)" — citing the markedly increased cost of developing a new car at the time[23] and "the costliest wave of government regulation since the 1970s."[23]

Special editions

Mazda MX-5 Icon (2016)

Based on a 1.5-l SE-L model, the Icon was released in the UK as the fourth MX-5 to wear the "Icon" badge (the others were 2000, 2005 and 2007 models). The interior features red stitching, special floor mats, and a plaque on the centre console. It was available in Meteor Grey Mica or Crystal White Pearlescent and featured chequered decals along the sides along with Soul Red paint on the front air dam, mirror caps and spoiler, finished with 16-inch gunmetal alloy wheels. Production was limited to 600 cars.[24]

Mazda MX-5 Levanto (2016)

Inspired by the 1966 film The Endless Summer, this one-off collaboration with Garage Italia Customs features a unique indigo blue and bright orange gradient paint job. In addition, the interior has been reupholstered in Japanese blue denim with blue Alcantara and orange stitching.[25]

Mazda MX-5 Z-Sport (2018)

The Z-Sport is characterized by its exclusive combination of 17-inch BBS alloy wheels, Machine Grey paint, and a cherry-red soft top. It also came with sand-coloured leather upholstery, a numbered "Z-Sport" dashboard plaque, and "Z-Sport" logos on the door sills and floor mats. It is essentially the same as a Sports Nav 2.0 model, with additions available on the upgrade list.[26]

Mazda MX-5 Yamamoto Signature (2018)

This Italy-exclusive model was a tribute to Mazda MX-5 Ambassador Nobuhiro Yamamoto and was only available with the 1.5 L engine and in Jet Black with red highlights. It is equipped with a Mazdaspeed aero kit, a red engine bay brace and oil cap, and a special badge on the driver's side door behind the side mirror. The interior features black and red Alcantara trim with an embroidered reproduction of Yamamoto's signature. Optional upgrades include Öhlins suspension, Toyo R888R 205/50ZR16 semi-slick tires on 16" Enkei RPF1 wheels, 280 mm brake discs with Brembo 4-piston front calipers, Nissin rear calipers, and stainless steel braided hoses. Only four examples of this model were released.[27]

Mazda MX-5 30th Anniversary Edition (2019)

MX-5 30th Anniversary Edition

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the MX-5, Mazda released a limited-edition variant of the ND. The MX-5 Miata 30th Anniversary Edition debuted at the 2019 Chicago Auto Show on 7 February.[28] The car comes in a Racing Orange colour with a special numbering badge, as well as engraved Rays forged aluminium wheels and updated orange Brembo front and orange Nissin rear brake calipers along with Recaro seats with orange piping.[29] Each U.S. market owner was able to configure their 30th Anniversary Edition MX-5 before placing a $500 deposit. Of the 3,000 worldwide units, only 500 examples were allocated to the U.S., but after feedback from buyers, Mazda announced that an additional 143 units would be allocated for the U.S. market.[30] 165 examples were exported to Canada, 30 went to Australia,[31] and 30 were sold in the Philippines, including the 3,000th unit.[32][33]

Mazda MX-5 Eunos Edition (2020)

Available only in France with a limited run of 110 units, the MX-5 Eunos Edition features a Jet Black Mica exterior, burgundy Napa leather interior, and black Rays wheels as an homage to the Eunos brand and the 1992 S-Limited Roadster.[34][35]

Mazda MX-5 100th Anniversary (2020)

To commemorate Mazda's 100-year anniversary and pay homage to their R360 coupe, Mazda released the 100th Anniversary Mazda MX-5 Miata and MX-5 Miata RF in 2020.[36][37] Based on their 2020 Grand Touring models, this edition is only offered in their Snowflake White Pearl Mica colour and paired with their Garnet Red Napa leather seats,[38] a colour combination inspired by the R360. There are several interior accents, with special 100th Anniversary badges and logos throughout. The "100 YEARS 1920–2020" anniversary logo is imprinted on the seat headrests, the key fob, and central wheel caps. "1920–2020" badges appear on the red accent rugs and front fenders of the car. The convertible version of this edition has an exclusive burgundy top, while the retractable fastback (RF) version has a piano black top. Less than 700 of these editions across the Mazda lineup (comprising the MX-30, 2, 3, 6, CX-3, CX-30, CX-5, CX-9, and MX-5) have been built and distributed worldwide.[39]

Mazda MX-5 MCP 25th Anniversary Edition (2022)

Available exclusively in the Philippines to commemorate the 25th anniversary of Miata Club Philippines, the MX-5 MCP 25th Anniversary Edition features a Platinum Quartz Metallic exterior with a navy blue soft top and a red stripe. Each unit will come with a commemorative book highlighting the history of the car club.[40][41][42]



Petrol engines[43]
Model Calendar
Model Transmission Displacement Power Torque 0–100 km/h
(0–62 mph)
1.5 L 2015– Convertible Manual 1,496 cc (91 cu in) 96 kW (129 hp; 131 PS) 150 N⋅m (111 lbf⋅ft) 8.3 s[44] 139 g/km
1.5 L 2017– RF Manual 1,496 cc (91 cu in) 96 kW (129 hp; 131 PS) 150 N⋅m (111 lbf⋅ft) 8.6 s 142 g/km
2.0 L 2015–2018 Convertible Manual 1,998 cc (122 cu in) 118 kW (158 hp; 160 PS) 200 N⋅m (148 lbf⋅ft) 7.3 s 154 g/km[45]
2.0 L 2016–2018 RF Manual 1,998 cc (122 cu in) 118 kW (158 hp; 160 PS) 200 N⋅m (148 lbf⋅ft) 7.5 s 154 g/km
2.0 L 2016–2018 RF/Convertible Automatic 1,998 cc (122 cu in) 118 kW (158 hp; 160 PS) 200 N⋅m (148 lbf⋅ft) 8.5 s 149 g/km
2.0 L 2019– RF/Convertible Automatic/Manual 1,998 cc (122 cu in) 135 kW (181 hp; 184 PS) 205 N⋅m (151 lbf⋅ft) 6.5–7.9 s 156 g/km


Euro NCAP test results
Mazda MX-5 (2015)
Test Points %
Adult occupant: 31.9 84%
Child occupant: 17 80%
Pedestrian: 33.7 93%
Safety assist: 8.3 64%

Four airbags are fitted as standard, including torso airbags, pelvis airbags, and head airbags for the driver and passenger. Headrests provide protection from whiplash. A Vehicle Stability Control+ (VSC+) system, an 'active' hood for pedestrian protection, and a Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS) are available. Since the MX-5 is a two-seater, the front passenger airbag can be disabled for a child passenger and a suitable rear-facing child seat restraint can be installed. In the Euro NCAP safety test, the MX-5 suffered from a malfunctioning driver's airbag, which was unable to prevent the dummy from hitting the steering wheel. Its rating was 4 out of 5 stars.[46]


The fourth generation MX-5 received praise from automotive journalists. Jeremy Clarkson, in his "Driving" column of The Sunday Times, gave the car five out of five stars, calling it an "engineering gem." He also commented that "It’s a cure for depression, this car, it really is. You just can’t be in a bad mood when you’re driving it."[47]

Top Gear magazine gave the car a score of nine out of 10, calling it "A complete sweetie of a roadster, this is the best the MX-5 has been perhaps ever."[48] The car also received perfect five star review ratings from Car and Driver[49] and What Car? magazines.[50]



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