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Keynote at TechEd 2007
Keynote at TechEd Europe 2007

TechEd was an annual conference for developers and IT professionals put on by Microsoft. It took place in several locations around the world. The first TechEd happened in 1993 in Orlando, Florida, United States, the last took place in Barcelona in 2014. Microsoft rescheduled its conference schedule and introduced Microsoft Ignite from 2015 on.

The conference normally lasts between three and five days, and consists of presentation and whiteboard sessions and hands-on labs. It offers opportunities to meet Microsoft experts, MVPs and community members. Networking is enhanced through parties, community areas and "Ask the Expert" sessions. The event also includes an exhibition area where vendors can show off technologies and sell products. There is a vast content catalog from which attendees can select sessions that will be most beneficial. An agenda is published online before the conference begins.


Was previously known as TechEd South Africa until 2007, where it changed to TechEd Africa. 2007 was also the last year the event was hosted at Sun City, after which it was moved to the Durban International Conference Centre (ICC) due to the growing size of the audience, which was no longer able to be accommodated at Sun City.


TechEd Australia is the largest TechEd in the Asia-Pacific region


Each year for the European event changes to a new location.


Microsoft TechEd India has been an annual fixture since 2003 except for 2008 which was the only year when Microsoft TechEd India event was not organized.

In 2006, TechEd was held in New Delhi, Pune, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad and Bangalore during the month of June. There were two TechEd events held in each city, the first one delved into architectural aspects of technology and laid emphasis on the needs of the Architect audience alongside four tracks focused on Platform and Tools for Developers. The second event was geared towards technology professionals working on IT infrastructure.

In 2007, TechEd was held in Bangalore.

In 2009, TechEd was held in Hyderabad in the month of May. Rechristened Microsoft TechMela, the name change was necessitated by an urge to Indianize the event and its content so that it aligned with the ethos of every Indian. It was attended by over 2,500 CXOs, TDMs, BDMs, Developers, IT Professionals, Architects, Designers, faculty Members and Technology Students.

TechEd-India 2009 was keynoted by Steve Ballmer, the only TechEd event worldwide where Steve Ballmer was to speak. There were 28 Technical Tracks that spanned more than 112 breakout sessions, 24 instructor-led Labs, more than 20 Chalk-Talk sessions. The tracks were designed as a navigational tool which assisted in finding the sessions and labs best suited for individual needs.

In 2011, TechEd India was held in Bangalore from March 23–25 at Hotel Lalit Ashok. The event included keynotes by Senior Microsoft Executives, breakout sessions, hands-on-labs, instructor-led labs, product team tents, free Microsoft certification, community programs and solution expo. The event was keynoted by Qi Lu.

In 2012, 2013, and 2014, Tech Ed India was held in Bangalore at The LaLiT Hotels, Palaces and Resorts.


TechEd conferences in Israel were held in Eilat. The first TechEd conference was hekd in 2001, with more than 1,000 participants. Six more conferences were held till 2010.

Latin America

The Latin American TechEd has always been held in São Paulo, Brazil. But there were an edition of it in Mexico in 2001.[1]

Middle East

First started in 2010 and hosted in Dubai.

New Zealand

TechEd New Zealand is the largest IT Conference in New Zealand and is held annually in Auckland.

North America

Each year for the North American event changes to a new location.

TechEd Online

TechEd Online was an online supplement to the in-person events, which contained video interviews recorded at the event, videos of sessions and keynotes, blogs and speaker blog aggregation. Much of this content can now be found on Microsoft's Channel 9.

For TechEd North America, video recordings, session slide decks, and supplemental content can be found on myTechEd.


Microsoft myTechEd is an online community and social networking tool where conference attendees can participate in technical discussions, access recordings of past year's sessions, and connect with speakers and other attendees through a directory. myTechEd is a free resource available for both in-person attendees and virtual attendees who are not able to make it to the annual conference.

Dates and Locations of TechEd Events

Year Africa Australia China Europe EMEA India Japan Latin America New Zealand Middle East North America Russia South East Asia
1993 March 9–12, Disney Swan/Dolphin Hotels, Orlando, FL
1994 Apr 19-21, Bournemouth, UK Mar 28-31, New Orleans, LA
1995 Sydney Apr 10-12, Hamburg, Germany Mar 27-31, New Orleans, LA
1996 Brisbane June 11–14, Nice, France April 15–19, Los Angeles, CA
1997 Melbourne July 1–4, Nice, France May 5–9, Orlando, FL
1998 Sydney July 6–10, Nice, France June 1–5, New Orleans, LA
1999 Brisbane July 5–9, Amsterdam, Netherlands May 21–28, Dallas Convention Centre
2000 Cairns July 3–7, Amsterdam, Netherlands Jun 5-9, Orlando, FL Aug 21-25, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
2001 Melbourne July 3–6, Barcelona, Spain Jun 17-21, Atlanta, GA
2002 Brisbane Jul, 1-5, Barcelona, Spain Apr 9-13, New Orleans, LA
2003 Brisbane Jun 30 - Jul 4, Barcelona, Spain Jun 1-6, Dallas, TX
2004 Canberra Jun 29 - Jul 2, Amsterdam, Netherlands May 23–28, San Diego, CA Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
2005 Aug, Sun City, South Africa Gold Coast Jul 5-8, Amsterdam, Netherlands Jun 5-10, Orlando, FL
2006 Oct 21-24, Sun City, South Africa Sydney Nov 7-10/14-17, Barcelona, Spain Jun 11-16, Boston, MA
2007 Oct, Sun City, South Africa Gold Coast Nov 5-9/12-16, Barcelona, Spain Jun 3-8, Orlando, FL Sep 10-13, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
2008 Aug 03-05, ICC, Durban, South Africa Sydney Nov 10-14, Barcelona, Spain Jun 2-6/9-13, Orlando, FL Aug 11-14, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
2009 Aug 02-05, ICC, Durban, South Africa Sep 08-11, Gold Coast Nov, Beijing, China Oct 27-29, Vienna, Austria May 13–15, Hyderabad Aug 25-28, Yokohama Sep 14-16, Auckland May 11–15, Los Angeles, CA Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
2010 Oct 17-20, ICC, Durban, South Africa Aug 24-27, Gold Coast Nov 8-12, Berlin, Germany April 12–14, Bangalore Sep 13-15, São Paulo, Brazil Aug 30 - Sep 1, Auckland Mar 1-3, Dubai International Convention Centre, Dubai, UAE Jun 7-10, New Orleans, LA
2011 Aug 30 - Sep 2, Gold Coast Nov 8-10, Madrid, Spain Mar 23-25, Bangalore August 24–26, Auckland May 16–19, Atlanta, GA Nov 9-10, Krasnogorsk
2012 Sep 11-14, Gold Coast Dec 4-6, Beijing June 26–29, Amsterdam, Netherlands Mar 21-23, Bangalore September 4–7, Auckland Jun 11-14, Orlando, FL
2013 April 16–19, Durban, South Africa Sep 3-6, Gold Coast June 25–28, Madrid, Spain Bengaluru, March 18–19, 2013
Pune, March 25–26, 2013
September 10–13, Auckland June 3–6, New Orleans, LA
2014 October 27–31, Barcelona, Spain September 9–12, Auckland May 12–15, Houston, TX