Milestone Returns
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Official cover for Milestone Returns #0.
Publication information
PublisherDC Comics
Publication dateSeptember 2020 – present
Main character(s)Earth-M (Milestone Universe)

Milestone Returns or Earth-M is an ongoing line of American comic books published by DC Comics that began in September 2020.[1]

The line features reimagined versions of the fictional characters and shared universe of Milestone Media by Denys Cowan, Michael Davis, Derek T. Dingle and Dwayne McDuffie.[2]

Publication history

In 2018, DC Comics announced Earth-M as a reboot of several comic books of Milestone Media by Denys Cowan, Michael Davis, Derek T. Dingle and Dwayne McDuffie.[citation needed]

In 2020, Earth-M was retitled as Milestone Returns, with the initial issue being published in September.[3] An extended version was published in February 2021.[4]

The issues are available in print, digitally, and on DC Universe Infinite since April 2021.[1]


Milestone Returns is set in "Earth-M", which is officially non-canon to the DC Universe.[2]


In Earth-M, famous characters like Static, Icon, Rocket, Hardware and several others have new origin stories related to the Big Bang, the event that happened in the city of Dakota.[5] While they still do not know each other, the enigmatic Dharma prepares them in secret for a war to come.[6]

List of titles


Title Issue(s) Writer(s) Artist(s) Colorist(s) Premiere date Finale date
Milestone Returns[3] #0 Reginald Hudlin
Greg Pak
Ryan Benjamin
Denys Cowan
Scott Hanna
Don Ho
Jim Lee
Jimmy Palmiotti
Khoi Pham
Bill Sienkiewicz
Alex Sinclair
Chris Sotomayor
September 13, 2020
Milestone Returns: Infinite Edition[7] Reginald Hudlin ChrisCross
Denys Cowan
Nikolas Draper-Ivey
Bill Sienkiewicz
Juan Castro
Nikolas Draper-Ivey
Wil Quintana
Chris Sotomayor
February 24, 2021

Year 1

Title Issue(s) Writer(s) Artist(s) Colorist(s) Premiere date Finale date
Static: Season One[8][9] #1–6 Vita Ayala ChrisCross Nikolas Draper-Ivey June 15, 2021 March 1, 2022
Icon and Rocket: Season One[9] Reginald Hudlin Doug Braithwaite
Andrew Currie
Scott Hanna
Brad Anderson July 27, 2021 March 22, 2022
Hardware: Season One[9] Brandon Thomas Denys Cowan
Bill Sienkiewicz
Chris Sotomayor August 10, 2021 May 31, 2022

Year 2

Title Issue(s) Writer(s) Artist(s) Colorist(s) Premiere date Finale date
Blood Syndicate: Season One[10][11][12] #1–6 Geoffrey Thorne Juan Castro
Wil Quintana May 10, 2022 Present
Duo[13][14] Greg Pak Scott Hanna
Khoi Pham
Chris Sotomayor May 17, 2022
Milestones in History #1 Various June 21, 2022
Static: Defenders of Dakota[15] #1–6 Vita Ayala ChrisCross Nikolas Draper-Ivey October 4, 2022 TBA

Announced titles

Collected editions

Title Material collected Pages Publication date ISBN
Static: Season One
  • Milestone Returns: Infinite Edition #0
  • Static: Season One #1–6
200 February 1, 2022 ISBN 1779514212, 978-1779514219
Icon and Rocket: Season One
  • Milestone Returns: Infinite Edition #0
  • Icon and Rocket: Season One #1–6
192 June 28, 2022 ISBN 1779515529, 978-1779515520
Hardware: Season One
  • Milestone Returns: Infinite Edition #0
  • Hardware: Season One #1–6
October 4, 2022 ISBN 1779515138, 978-1779515131
Blood Syndicate: Season One
  • Blood Syndicate: Season One #1–6
152 April 11, 2023 ISBN 1779518439, 978-1779518439
  • Duo #1–6
186 April 25, 2023 ISBN 1779518455, 978-1779518453


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