The following is a list of characters that appear in the Young Justice TV series and it's comic book tie-ins.

Note for reading: The designations for the characters are used when the zeta beams beam them from one place to another, and are normally spoken in episode by an automated voice (recorded by Stephanie Lemelin). Numbers without a letter represent members of the Justice League, A rank represents individuals authorized to use the zeta beams, B rank represents members of the Team, C rank represents the Team's pets, D rank represents members of the Outsiders, E rank represents the reserve members of the Justice League, G rank represents the individuals added to a splinter Team assembled by Nightwing, Z rank represents members of Batman, Incorporated, and L represents Light members.


Character Voice Actor Seasons Comic Books Video Game Audio Play
1 Invasion Outsiders Phantoms 2011 comic series Outsiders Targets Legacy The Prize
The Team
Dick Grayson / Robin I / Nightwing Jesse McCartney Main Main
Kaldur'ahm / Aqualad / Aquaman II Khary Payton Main Guest Main
Wally West / Kid Flash I Jason Spisak Main Recurring Guest Main Guest Main
Kon-El / Conner Kent / Superboy Nolan North Main
M'gann M'orzz / Megan Morse / Miss Martian Danica McKellar Main
Artemis Crock / Artemis / Tigress Stephanie Lemelin Main Main
Zatanna Zatara / Zatanna / Doctor Fate III Lacey Chabert Main Recurring Main Recurring Guest Main
Roy Harper / Will Harper / Speedy II / Red Arrow Crispin Freeman Main Recurring Main Main
Raquel Ervin / Rocket Kali Troy (S1)
Denise Boutte (S2–present)
Recurring Main Recurring Guest Main
La'gaan / Lagoon Boy / Aquaman III Yuri Lowenthal Guest Recurring Guest Recurring Guest
Barbara Gordon / Batgirl / Oracle Alyson Stoner Guest Recurring Main Recurring Main
Karen Beecher / Bumblebee Masasa Moyo Recurring Guest Recurring Guest
Mal Duncan / Guardian III Kevin Michael Richardson Recurring Guest Recurring Guest
Cissie King-Jones / Arrowette Kelly Stables Guest Recurring Recurring
Roy Harper / Speedy I / Arsenal Crispin Freeman Guest Recurring Guest Recurring Recurring Recurring
Stephanie Brown / Spoiler Mae Whitman Guest Recurring Recurring
Gabrielle Daou / Violet Harper / Halo Zehra Fazal Main Recurring Recurring
Traci Thurston / Thirteen / Doctor Fate V Lauren Tom Recurring Recurring
Cassandra Wu-San / Orphan N/A Guest Recurring Recurring
Andie Murphy / Mist Daniela Bobadilla Recurring Recurring
Khalid Nassour / Doctor Fate IV Usman Ally Recurring
Garfield Logan / Beast Boy Logan Grove (S1–S2)
Greg Cipes (S3–present)
Guest Recurring Main Recurring Main Recurring
Tim Drake / Robin III Cameron Bowen Recurring Recurring
Jaime Reyes / Blue Beetle III Eric Lopez Main Recurring Recurring
Cassie Sandsmark / Wonder Girl Mae Whitman Recurring Recurring
Virgil Hawkins / Static Bryton James Recurring Recurring
Eduardo Dorado Jr. / El Dorado Freddy Rodriguez Recurring Recurring
Bart Allen / Impulse / Kid Flash II Jason Marsden Recurring Recurring
Brion Markov / Geo-Force Troy Baker Main Recurring Recurring
Tara Markov / Terra Tara Strong Main Recurring Recurring
Fred Bugg / Forager Jason Spisak Main Recurring Recurring Recurring
Victor Stone / Cyborg Zeno Robinson Main Recurring Recurring
Courtney Whitmore / Stargirl Whitney Moore Recurring Recurring
Leslie Willis / Livewire Britt Baron Recurring Recurring
Wendy Jones / Windfall Zehra Fazal Recurring Recurring
Lia Briggs / Looker Grey Griffin Guest Recurring Recurring
Justice League
Kal-El / Clark Kent / Superman Nolan North Recurring Main Recurring Recurring
Bruce Wayne / Batman Bruce Greenwood Recurring Guest Recurring Guest Recurring
Oliver Queen / Green Arrow Alan Tudyk Recurring Guest Recurring Main
Orin / Aquaman I Phil LaMarr Recurring Guest Recurring Guest Recurring
Barry Allen / Flash II George Eads (S1-S2)
James Arnold Taylor (S2–present)
Recurring Recurring Guest
J'onn J'onzz / John Jones / Martian Manhunter Kevin Michael Richardson Recurring
John Smith / Red Tornado Jeff Bennett Recurring Guest Recurring Guest Recurring
Giovanni Zatara / Zatara / Doctor Fate II Nolan North Recurring Guest Recurring Guest Guest
Billy Batson / Captain Marvel / Shazam Rob Lowe / Chad Lowe (as Shazam)
Robert Ochoa / Eric Lopez (as Billy Batson)
Recurring Guest Recurring Guest
Nathaniel Adams / Captain Atom Michael T. Weiss Recurring Guest Recurring Guest
Princess Diana / Wonder Woman Maggie Q Recurring Guest Recurring Guest
Katar Hol / Hawkman James Arnold Taylor Recurring Guest Recurring Guest
Shayera Hol / Hawkwoman Danica McKellar (season 2) Zehra Fazal (season 3) Recurring Guest Recurring Guest
Hal Jordan / Green Lantern Dee Bradley Baker Recurring Guest Guest Guest
John Stewart / Green Lantern Kevin Michael Richardson Recurring Guest Recurring
Dinah Laurel Lance / Black Canary Vanessa Marshall Recurring Recurring
Nabu / Doctor Fate Kevin Michael Richardson Recurring Guest
Arnus / Icon Tony Todd Recurring Guest
Guy Gardner / Green Lantern Troy Baker Guest Recurring Guest
Patrick O'Brian / Plastic Man N/A Recurring Guest Guest
Ray Palmer / Atom Jason Marsden Recurring Guest Recurring Guest
Jefferson Pierce / Black Lightning Khary Payton Recurring Main Recurring Recurring
John Henry Irons / Steel Zeno Robinson Recurring
Tatsu Yamashiro / Katana N/A Recurring
Curtis Metcalf / Hardware N/A Recurring
Tora Olafsdotter / Ice N/A Recurring Guest
Rex Mason / Metamorpho Fred Tatasciore Recurring
Ralph Dibny / Elongated Man David Kaye Recurring Guest
The Light
Vandar Adg / Varl'Jat / Marduk / Genghis Khan / Vandal Savage / L-1 Miguel Ferrer (S1-S2)
David Kaye (S3-)
Ra's al Ghul / L-2 Oded Fehr Recurring Guest Recurring
Lex Luthor / L-3 Mark Rolston Recurring Guest Recurring
Queen Bee / L-4 Marina Sirtis Recurring Guest Recurring
Orm Marius / Ocean Master / L-5 Roger Craig Smith Recurring Guest Recurring
Brain / L-6 Corey Burton Recurring Recurring
Klarion the Witch Boy / L-7 Thom Adcox-Hernandez Recurring Recurring
Black Manta / L-8 Khary Payton Guest Recurring Guest Recurring
Ultra-Humanite / L-10 Greg Weisman Guest Recurring Recurring
Slade Wilson / Deathstroke / L-9 Wentworth Miller (1st)
Fred Tatasciore (2nd)
Recurring Guest
Zviad Baazovi / L-12 Yuri Lowenthal Recurring Guest Guest
League of Shadows
Lawrence "Crusher" Crock / Sportsmaster Nick Chinlund Recurring Guest Recurring Guest Guest Recurring
Sensei Keone Young Guest Guest Recurring
Jade Nguyen / Cheshire Kelly Hu Recurring Recurring
Eric Needham / Black Spider Josh Keaton Recurring Guest Recurring
Hook N/A Recurring Recurring
Professor Ojo Nolan North Recurring
Ubu Fred Tatasciore Recurring Guest Recurring
Talia al Ghul Zehra Fazal Guest Recurring
Cassandra Savage Zehra Fazal Recurring
Richard Swift / Shade Joel Swetow Guest Recurring
Sandra Wu-San / Lady Shiva Gwendoline Yeo Recurring
Onyx Adams Logan Browning Recurring
Rictus Gwendoline Yeo Recurring
New Gods of Apokolips
DeSaad Dee Bradley Baker Guest Recurring
Darkseid Michael-Leon Wooley Guest Recurring
Kalibak Dee Bradley Baker Guest Recurring
Gretchen Goode / Granny Goodness / L-11 Deborah Strang Recurring
Big Barda Grey Griffin Guest Recurring
Grayven Dee Bradley Baker Guest Recurring
Mary Bromfield / Sergeant Marvel / Dark Mary Erika Ishii Recurring Guest
Cameron Mahkent / Icicle Jr. Yuri Lowenthal Recurring Guest Recurring Recurring
Baran Flinders / Mammoth N/A Recurring Guest Recurring Recurring
Selinda Flinders / Shimmer N/A Recurring Recurring Recurring
Simon Jones / Psimon Alan Tudyk Recurring Guest Recurring
Tommy Terror Yuri Lowenthal Guest Recurring
Tuppence Terror Danica McKellar Guest Recurring Recurring
Devastation Diane Delano Guest Recurring Recurring Recurring
Leonard Smalls / Holocaust Zeno Robinson Recurring
Match Nolan North Recurring Recurring Recurring
Juan Cordero / Metallo N/A Recurring
Recurring Villains
Victor Fries / Mr. Freeze Keith Szarabajka Recurring Guest
Crystal Frost / Killer Frost Sarah Shahi Recurring Guest Recurring
Leonard Snart / Captain Cold Alan Tudyk Recurring Guest
Mark Desmond / Blockbuster René Auberjonois Recurring Recurring Recurring
Thomas O. Morrow / T.O. Morrow Jeff Bennett Recurring Recurring
Bromwell Stikk / Mister Twister John de Lancie Recurring
Daniel Brickwell / Brick Khary Payton Recurring Recurring Recurring
Bane Danny Trejo Recurring Guest Recurring
Jeffrey Burr / Kobra Arnold Vosloo Guest Guest Recurring
Anthony Ivo / Professor Ivo Peter MacNicol Recurring Guest Recurring
Amazo Peter MacNicol Recurring Recurring
Abra Kadabra Jeff Bennett Recurring Guest
Matt Hagen / Harlan Matthews / Clayface Nolan North Guest Recurring Recurring Recurring
Werner Vertigo / Count Vertigo Steve Blum Recurring Recurring Guest Recurring
The Joker Brent Spiner Recurring Guest Recurring
Helga Jace Grey Griffin Main Guest

Main characters

"The Team"

The Team's photo in the episode "Tale of Two Sisters" as of Season 4.

Member 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020
Robin I / Nightwing
Kid Flash I
Miss Martian
Artemis / Tigress
Speedy II / Red Arrow
Robin II
Lieutenant Marvel
Sergeant Marvel
Batgirl / Oracle
Lagoon Boy
Beast Boy
Robin III
Wonder Girl
Blue Beetle
Impulse / Kid Flash II
Guardian III
Speedy I / Arsenal

Founding Members

The initial six main characters were chosen by the producers, from a list of potential candidates of 50 to 60 DC Comics teenage superheroes.[1] The criteria consisted of age, powers, personality, cultural icon status, and dynamics.[2] An additional regular, Zatanna, was introduced partway through the first season, and Rocket was added at the end of the first season.[1]

Expanded members

The following members were added to the team after the series premiere at different times:

"The Outsiders"

The Outsiders are a group of teen superheroes that work as part of the Team, but in the limelight.

"Sentinels of Magic"

The Sentinels of Magic is a school of magic-based superheroes tutored by Zatanna. After stopping the Child's reign of chaos, they all (except for Mary) enter an unwritten contract with Nabu to temporarily become Doctor Fate, a duty which they will share with both Zatanna and Zatara.

Recurring characters

Justice League

The Justice League is the superhero team that protects the Earth from various threats.

New Gods of New Genesis


The Light

The Light are the characters in Season 1 who directed the course of events throughout the series. The group was conceived by Vandal Savage who views himself as a first among equals.[32] The leaders act as a board of directors, their identities known only to a select few individuals that work with them.[33] The end goal is improve humanity and set it as a dominant race in the universe: they view the superheroes as interfering with the natural order of things and that Earth must employ survival of the fittest if it intends to exist and thrive in an ever-changing universe.

Among its members are:

New Gods of Apokolips

Phantom Zone Inmates

The following are inmates of the Phantom Zone:

Other villains

The following villains either operated on their own or have been used by The Light:

Supporting characters

Introduced in Season One

Introduced in Season Two

Introduced in Season Three

Introduced in Season Four

Comic tie-in characters


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