Green Lantern: The Animated Series
Based on
Developed byBruce Timm
Giancarlo Volpe
Jim Krieg
Directed bySam Liu
Rick Morales
Voices of
Theme music composerFrederik Wiedmann
ComposerFrederik Wiedmann
Country of originUnited States
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes26
Executive producers
  • Bruce Timm
  • Sam Register
  • Jeff Prezenkowski
  • For Cartoon Network: Brian E.S. Jones and Tramm Wigzell
ProducersGiancarlo Volpe
Jim Krieg
EditorJoe Gall
Running time22 minutes
Production companiesDC Entertainment
Warner Bros. Animation
DistributorWarner Bros. Television Distribution
Original networkCartoon Network
Original releaseNovember 11, 2011 (2011-11-11) –
March 16, 2013 (2013-03-16)

Green Lantern: The Animated Series is an American computer-animated superhero television series based on the DC Comics superhero Green Lantern. The series aired on Cartoon Network, as part of their "DC Nation" television block. A one-hour[2] sneak peek aired on November 11, 2011,[3][4] it ran from March 17, 2012, until March 16, 2013.[5][6] A special screening of the first episode was shown at New York Comic Con 2011 on October 15, 2011.[7] This was the first Green Lantern television series and the first CGI DC/WB series. The series was cancelled after one season due to poor toy sales after the negative reception and poor box office performance of the live-action film.[8]


The series focuses on the adventures of Hal Jordan, the Green Lantern of Sector 2814, and his partner Kilowog. Jordan steals a space ship controlled by Aya (an AI) and travels to "Frontier Space" together with Kilowog. This is the very edge of the Guardians of the Universe' territory, where Green Lanterns are being killed by the Red Lanterns. Atrocitus, their leader, wants revenge for the destruction of his world by the Manhunters, created by the Guardians, but who were also shut down by the Guardians. During their adventure, they meet a Red Lantern called Razer. They take him as a prisoner, but eventually adopt him as a teammate after he helps them defeat Atrocitus. Razer also falls in love with Aya, but after Atrocitus' defeat she becomes evil (i.e. corrupted) and decides to eliminate all life in the universe.

At the end of season one, Jordan discovers that Aya is born out of a living being and that she is alive. He tries to convince her to end her universal genocide, but fails. Razer gets severely injured when he tries to kill Aya, as she defends herself by firing a laser beam. Hal convinces Aya that what she is doing is wrong and she saves the universe and heals Razer. However, in Aya's anger, she recreated the Manhunters army and downloaded a copy of herself into every single Manhunter. The only solution to shut them down is, in effect, a massive computer virus, that will also destroy Aya. Aya launches the virus and the Manhunters are shut down. However, she also destroys herself and she passes after saying goodbye to Razer.

Back on Oa, Razer cannot and will not believe that Aya is dead because she was not a complete robot after all, but alive; and a living being cannot be destroyed by a computer virus. He starts a galaxy-spanning search, in the hope to find her somewhere in the universe.

The Green Lantern Corps celebrates their victory. Meanwhile, a Blue Lantern ring follows Razer during his quest, but if he will receive it is left ambiguous.


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In early stages of production, the show was conceived as a "Bruce Timm-does-CG-project".[16] Phil Kent, chairman and CEO of Time Warner's Turner Networks unit, originally announced that Green Lantern: The Animated Series would be a part of Cartoon Network's original programming.[17] A preview of the show was featured at the 2010 New York Comic Con featuring test footage, characters/story description, and art work. Bruce Timm, who produced the entire DC Animated Universe, also announced at New York Comic Con that he would be producing the show. Timm was originally reluctant to use CG instead of traditional animation, but eventually came around.[18] A total of 26 episodes had been ordered for the first season. By the time of New York Comic Con, thirteen had already been planned, and five had already been recorded.[19] The series is not intended to be an origin story, due to Warner Bros. already releasing a film based on the characters' origin.[20] The series is the first television series by Bruce Timm and the first series featuring Green Lantern to be rendered using CG.[2] The producers have confirmed that it was requested that the character Sinestro not be used.[21] This was later overturned in 2013, and Sinestro finally did appear. The producers also confirmed that if the series was a hit, other Lanterns like Guy Gardner, John Stewart and Kyle Rayner might be introduced.[21]

Green Lantern: The Animated Series is an epic space adventure that has something for everyone, and we are delighted for fans to see it November 11 on Cartoon Network. We can't wait to show the world this fresh take on an iconic hero – one that represents not only the first Bruce Timm series to be produced in CG, but also the first time Green Lantern has been rendered in CG.

— Sam Register[2]


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No.TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air dateProd.
"Beware My Power"Sam Liu & Rick MoralesJim Krieg & Ernie AltbackerNovember 11, 2011 (2011-11-11)101

Part 1: Green Lantern M'Ten is killed by Red Lanterns Razer and Zilius Zox. 18 months later, Green Lantern Hal Jordan is summoned to Oa, homeworld of the Green Lantern Corps. He start to discuss his methods with the Guardians of the Universe when M'Ten's ring lands in the planet. The Guardians reveal to Hal, as well as Green Lanterns Kilowog and Salaak, that there are Green Lanterns stationed past the 3600 sectors in Guardians Space, which is called Frontier Space. Those Lanterns are being killed. Hal argues that they should be saved, but the Guardians disagree, saying it would take 18 months to reach them. Guardian Ganthet shows Hal and Kilowog the "Interceptor", a prototype ship that can theoretically reach Frontier Space in minutes. Hal and Kilowog break into it, meet its nav computer, Aya, and blast off, while being pursued by the Guardians. After arriving in Frontier Space, Hal and Kilowog save Green Lantern Shyir Rev from Razer and Zox. This battle makes Hal vow to stop the Red Lanterns.

Part 2: Hal and Kilowog inform the Guardians of the Red Lanterns. Kilowog suggests going to Oa to gather reinforcements. Before they can further discuss, a Red Lantern killer drone attacks and damages the Interceptor's hyperdrive, leaving them stuck in Frontier Space while it is being repaired. As Shyir's state worsens, Hal and Kilowog take him to his home planet. Atrocitus, leader of the Red Lantern Corps, sends his ship Shard towards the Interceptor's location to kill the Green Lanterns. On the colony, Shard drops a device called a Liberator on the planet. Atrocitus warns the colonists to turn in the Green Lanterns or else the Liberator will destroy the planet. Razer activates the Liberator after Atrocitus threatens him. Hal battles Atrocitus and Zox, while Kilowog and Shyir try to disarm the Liberator. The devise activates and Shyir sacrifices himself to delay its explosion. Kilowog leaves to save the colonists from the explosion. When the planet explodes, Razer tries to guilt Hal into killing him. However, Hal decides to keep him alive, removes his ring and imprisons him in the Interceptor. Hal and Kilowog bring the colonists to a new planet, which they plan to name after Shyir.

Note: Beware My Power is considered to span across two episodes. Part One reaired on March 3, 2012, as the official series premiere, while Part Two reaired on March 10, 2012.
3"Razer's Edge"Sam LiuEugene SonMarch 17, 2012 (2012-03-17)103
Hal tries to convince Razer to join their cause, to no avail. Hal and Kilowog bring him to the Spider Guild prison, ran by Warden Myglom. When they leave the prison to continue hunting the Red Lanterns, they catch an escapee named Goggan in their ship. They learn from him that the Guild tortures their prisoners, prompting them to investigate. The Guild eventually notices them and quickly subdues them. Myglom announces that, now that they know of the prison's methods, they are going to be eaten. Meanwhile, Razer gets put in a device that endlessly replays his worst memory: the death of his wife Ilana. Aya electronically leaves the Interceptor, convinces Razer to help Hal and Kilowog, and frees him. Razer saves Hal and Kilowog and together they defeat the Guild. Hal assigns Goggan to temporarily run the prison while the Guardians send a new warden. He then tells Kilowog Razer will be coming with them and gives Razer his ring back.[28]
4"Into the Abyss"Rick MoralesMatt WayneMarch 24, 2012 (2012-03-24)104
Kilowog remains skeptical of Razer. Hal answers the distress call of Captain Goray who is carrying precious cargo but is slowly falling into a pinhole. When they arrive, all their towing methods prove ineffective due to the pinhole's gravitational pull. Hal, Kilowog, and Razer decide to save Goray from the ship manually. When the crew discovers Goray's cargo is eggs, they decide to restart the engine so they can pull the ship out of the pinhole. As Kilowog and Razer continue to fight, Hal tries to find the engine room. The ship starts to fall into the pinhole when the Interceptor mysteriously powers down. Kilowog decides to manually keep the ship out of the pinhole. Hal and Razer make their way to the engine room and are pursued by mysterious bugs, that hatched from the eggs, that are ineffective to Green Lanterns. Hal and Razer discover the engine is frozen. The bugs start to heat the engine back up and Hal realizes the bugs aren't from the eggs but are actually robots controlled by Aya. The engines turn back online, but Hal realizes they're too close to the pinhole to escape. Using his piloting skills, Hal slingshots the ship using the pinhole's gravitational pull and escapes. The Lanterns repair Goray's ship and he departs with the hatched eggs. Kilowog thanks Razer for saving him. Hal thanks Aya for helping them, but reprimands her for abandoning the Interceptor and almost endangering the mission. Aya says that Green Lanterns save lives no matter what. Kilowog tells Aya she can't be a Green Lantern because she's only a nav computer and doesn't have a physical body. Aya uses the robotic bugs to assemble a makeshift body, much to Kilowog's disarray.
5"Heir Apparent"Sam LiuJennifer KeeneMarch 31, 2012 (2012-03-31)105

Aya detects the presence of a Green Lantern on the planet Betrassus. Hal and Kilowog meet the newly-elected queen of Betrassus, Iolande, and her brother Ragnar. Hal asks Iolande where Betrassus' Green Lantern is so they can ask for his help in stopping the Red Lanterns. When Iolande tells Hal about the Red Lantern attacks against the colonies, warrior Kothak says that Betrassus needs a strong ruler to prevent this threat and that Iolande should wed him so he can command and asks if anyone will challenge him. Green Lantern Dulok arrives and challenge Kothak. Dulok accepts Hal's request for help but tells him he must fight Kothak so Iolande won't have to marry him. When the challenge starts, Dulok does not arrive. Hal steps in for Dulok. Kothak initially refuses, but Iolande agrees, with Hal promising he will fight without his ring. While Hal prepares for the fight, Razer and Aya leave to find Dulok. They discover Dulok's dead body, but without his ring. The day of the challenge, Hal fights Kothak. However, Kilowog suddenly starts choking and collapses dead, while Iolande realizes his drink was poisoned. Kilowog's ring flies off of his finger and goes to Ragnar. Hal realizes that Ragnar poisoned Kilowog. Ragnar boasts that he killed Dulok for his ring because he believed he was the most worthy, but when Dulok's ring didn't come to him, he tried again. Ragnar tries to use Kilowog's ring, but it disappears. Kilowog reveals that he's alive and that the ring was just a construct. Ragnar kidnaps Iolande and tries to flee the city. Hal, Kilowog and Kothak fight the bribed guards and chase after Ragnar. Once Ragnar is subdued, Hal realizes that Iolande has Dulok's ring. Iolande uses it to subdue Ragnar. Ragnar is imprisoned and Kothak recognizes Iolande as a great leader. Hal reveals to Iolande that he had a hunch Ragnar was behind it because of his interest in how Green Lanterns were chosen and knew Iolande had the ring because he's a great judge of character. Iolande denies Hal's request to stop the Red Lanterns, saying her duty is to her people. Iolande thanks Hal for his help and kisses him goodbye.

Note: This episode is directly based on the plot of Green Lantern Corps volume 2 #2–3. It is the first story in the series to be a direct retelling of a comic book plot.
6"Lost Planet"Rick MoralesMichael F. RyanApril 7, 2012 (2012-04-07)106

The Interceptor crew is following Shyir's Green Lantern ring and are almost crushed by an asteroid that threatens to destroy a mysterious planet which the ring is going towards. The crew split up to find out where the ring has gone. Hal, Kilowog, and Aya meet a group of castaways that are trapped on the planet and offer their help. Razer find a junkyard of crashed ships and meets a castaway named Saint Walker. Razer, who becomes angry with Walker's peaceful attitude, fights him but Walker easily defeats him. Walker warns Razer that his rage will be his doom and gives Razer the Green Lantern ring to find the new Lantern. The castaways reveal themselves to be criminals, who have corrupted Aya and taken over the Interceptor. The crew, with apparent help from the planet's resources, re-take the Interceptor and prepare to leave before the asteroid hits. Hal, however, realizes who the ring has chosen and digs a hole into the planet's surface and throws the ring into the core. A green laser shoots up from the hole and destroys the asteroid. The planet reveals his sentience and says its name is Mogo. Mogo thanks the crew for saving it and promises to keep the prisoners contained until they reform.

Note: This episode is loosely based on Mogo Doesn't Socialize, which was written by Alan Moore.
7"Reckoning"Sam LiuErnie AltbackerApril 14, 2012 (2012-04-14)107
The Interceptor crew discovers that when Shard dumps its waste, the shields come down for brief moment. Razer scolds them, saying they'll likely die before getting into Shard. Razer realizes his ring is dying and leaves the crew. To make sure no one follows him, Razer sabotages the Interceptor and heads to Shard. Razer reveals to the other Red Lanterns that he survived and charges his ring. Razer meets with Atrocitus and tries to kill him. However, Razer is easily subdued as Zilius Zox had lowered the battery power. The Interceptor crew race to Shard and realize that Razer was faking his abandonment and that he's most likely going to die if he goes after Atrocitus. While disguised as a Red Lantern guard, Hal learns that Atrocitus formed the Red Lantern Corps after the Guardians' robot army called the Manhunters destroyed his entire sector. Aya frees Razer by infecting Shard's computers with a virus. However, she is discovered by Atrocitus. Razer recharges his ring and joins Hal and Kilowog in battling the Red Lanterns. Atrocitus challenges Razer to a fight to reclaim the broken Aya. Razer fights Atrocitus and is easily defeated. However, Razer gets a sudden power boost when Atrocitus revealed he killed his wife. Aya convinces Razer not to kill Atrocitus and the crew leave, while Razer grabs Atrocitus' battery. While Razer believes the mission was a total failure, Aya reveals she was able to download tons of info from Shard's database and discover the location of the Red Lantern armada.
8"Fear Itself"Rick MoralesMark HoffmeierApril 21, 2012 (2012-04-21)108
Hal and Kilowog land on a habitable to find some food, since the Intercepter is out. On the planet, Kilowog finds a village of natives called the Zor, who use a yellow crystal for weapons and armor. Hal discovers another group of aliens that look like floating jellyfish called the Nidara. The Zor and the Nidara come into conflict because the natives believe the Nidara are taking away a vital piece of their life. Hal realizes the yellow crystal is the same one from the Spider Guild prison, which de-powers Green Lantern rings and causes fear when in close contact with people. The Nidara, who are immune to the crystal's effects, are trying to remove the crystals from the planet to remove the crystal's influence. Kilowog, who is under the crystal's influence, battles the Nidara with the Zor. Hal is able to snap Kilowog out of his trance. The Nidara save the Zor from the crystal's influence. Hal and Kilowog leave, but Kilowog leaves upset after a connection with one of the Zor, Galia.
9"...In Love and War"Sam LiuAndrew RobinsonApril 28, 2012 (2012-04-28)109
The Interceptor is attacked by a tentacle creature called the Cephalon. The Cephalon is subdued by two women in violet uniforms. The two women introduce themselves as Queen Aga'po and Ghia'ta of the Star Sapphires. Aga'po invites the Interceptor crew to their homeworld of Zamaron. Sensing Kilowog's heartbreak, Aga'po sends a Star Sapphire to Galia. On Zamaron, Aga'po reveals to the Interceptor crew that she was the same race as the Guardians, but left, due to them suppressing their emotions. Ghia'ta flirts with Hal, while Kilowog reunites with Galia, who encases him in pink light. When Hal rejects Ghia'ta, Aga'po learns that Hal already has a true love on Earth, Carol Ferris. Aga'po sends a Star Sapphire ring to Carol, who walks through a portal to Zamaron. Aya discovers that Kilowog has been encased in a violet crystal and flees to warn Razer. Hal reunites with Carol, but Carol attacks Hal when she sees Ghia'ta. Instead of fighting, Hal embraces Carol and she backs down when she realizes he still loves her. Carol realizes why Hal has been offworld and returns the Star Sapphire ring, stating wanting to keep Hal would be selfishness, not love. Aga'po tries to seduce Razer, but Aya informs him of Kilowog's state. Aga'po reveals to Razer that Aya has taken on the form of his dead wife, Ilana. When Aga'po is about to kill Razer, Hal and Kilowog arrive and free him and Aya. Aga'po unleashes the Cephalon but Ghia'ta calms it down so the Interceptor crew can escape. Aga'po scolds Ghia'ta and tells her she has much to learn, but Ghia'ta instead says that she has much to teach.
10"Regime Change"Rick MoralesJosh HamiltonMay 5, 2012 (2012-05-05)110

Imprisoned on Betrassus, Ragnar receives a Red Lantern ring due to his hatred for his sister. While discussing the plan to stopping the Red Lanterns with the Guardians, the Interceptor receives a distress call from Iolande, who is under attack by Red Lanterns. The Interceptor crew discover that Ragnar has become a Red Lantern, has taken over Betrassus and imprisoned Iolande. Hal forms an alliance with Kothak once they discover that a Liberator has been placed on Betrassus. Ganthet admits to Hal and Kilowog that the Manhunters destroyed Atrocitus' sector and that he will try to convince the Guardians to admit their faults. However, Guardian Appa Ali Apsa accuses Ganthet of feeling emotion and banishes him from Oa. Hal and Kilowog free Iolande and start battling the Red Lantern guards at the Liberator, with the Red Lanterns easily overpowering the Green Lanterns. Guardian Sayd secretly brings Ganthet back to Oa to activate a device placed on the Interceptor. Hal's power battery transforms blue and supercharges the Green Lanterns, depowering Razer, and allowing the Green Lanterns to defeat the Red Lanterns and remove the Liberator. The blue lantern then flies off and Ganthet resumes his exile, while saying he knows the Green Lanterns were victorious because he feels hope.

Note: This episode was dedicated to the memory of Ian Abercrombie, voice of Ganthet, who died in January 2012, before the episode aired.
11"Flight Club"Sam LiuMichael F. RyanMay 12, 2012 (2012-05-12)111
Appa tells the Interceptor crew that the Red Lanterns are planning their invasion sooner than expected, due to something called the Lighthouse, that can teleport the Red Lanterns straight to Guardian Space, discovered years ago by a Green Lantern named Tahvaarus. Appa tasks the Interceptor crew to find the Lighthouse before Atrocitus and destroy it. The Interceptor crew travel to the Spider Guild prison, which is where Tahvaarus was last seen. They discover Tahvaarus is dead, but they find a message from him, stating to find Byth Rok for the code to the Lighthouse. Goggan, the temporary warden, reveals that Byth is a Thanagarian prisoner and has an entire prison sector to themselves. Hal and Kilowog entire the prison and discover that Byth has been imprisoned by his own kind. Byth promises to give them the code to the lighthouse if Hal and Kilowog can defeat the Thanagarian leader, Bumpy. After defeating Kilowog, Hal fights him and wins, using Bumpy's blindness in his right eye to his advantage. With Byth free, he alters the deal, stating now he wants his men freed and Tahvaarus' power ring. However, the Red Lanterns arrive to get the code from Byth. As Hal starts to sneak Byth out, he slips away and gives a fake code to Hal and the Red Lanterns. The Red Lanterns capture the Interceptor crew and Byth steals the Interceptor. He flies to the Lighthouse's entrance and unlocks it. However, he discovers that he was under the influence of mind control, because Hal knew he'd try and betray them. The Interceptor crew battles the Red Lanterns and they narrowly escape. Byth and the rest of the Thanagarian's escape as well, with Byth also having stolen Tahvaarus' ring, but a Red Lantern cruiser closes in on them.
12"Invasion"Rick MoralesErnie AltbackerMay 19, 2012 (2012-05-19)112
Atrocitus tries to get the code to the Lighthose from Byth Rok, but he refuses to give it up. The Interceptor arrives to the Lighthouse's location and use the code from Byth to open the gateway to the Lighthouse. However, when they arrive, they discover the Red Lanterns have already occupied the Lighthouse, having gotten the code from Byth, forcing the Green Lanterns to retreat. Aya detects that the entire Red Lantern armada is on its way. Aya sneaks into the Lighthouse and turns the Lighthouse's defense system against the Red Lanterns, allowing the Interceptor to enter and forcing the Red Lanterns to retreat. Razer rigs the Lighthouse to explode remotely but they are confronted by Atrocitus. Razer then detonates the Lighthouse, destroying it. Atrocitus survives the explosion and takes control of the Interceptor and uses a mind control device to control Aya. Atrocitus denoates a Liberator inside the Maelstrom that opens a big enough hole to send the entire Red Lantern armada to Guardian Space. Aya then warps to Guardian Space, leaving Hal, Kilowog, and Razer stranded. Meanwhile, on the sentient planet Mogo, Mogo leads Saint Walker to the top of a mountain to find a weapon that can stop the Red Lanterns. Saint Walker finds a blue power battery and receives a blue ring.
13"Homecoming"Sam LiuJim KriegMay 26, 2012 (2012-05-26)113
With the Red Lantern armada on its way, Hal plans to find a quicker way to Oa. Kilowog elects to stay behind to hold off the armada. Hal mysteriously wakes up on Earth and reunites with Carol, but strangely doesn't remember what a Green Lantern is. Carol helps Hal remember who he is. Hal remembers that he and Razer went to Zamaron to ask Queen Aga'po for help in teleporting to Oa. Aga'po opens a portal to Earth, but warns Hal that the portal is unstable. Meanwhile, Atrocitus arrives on Oa and begins wreaking havoc on the Guardians. As Kilowog faces the armada, he is assisted by Mogo and Blue Lantern Saint Walker, who supercharges Kilowog's ring. Razer arrives on Oa through a Zamaron portal and frees Aya from her mind control, which confuses her. Hal confronts Atrocitus and the two brawl. Though initially losing, Hal eventually overcomes Atrocitus. Before Zilius can retreat, Hal offers to help Zilius rebuild the Forgotton Zone and fix the Guardians' mistake. As the Guardians make a deal with Zilius, the Guardians thank Hal and Atrocitus is imprisoned on Oa.
14"The New Guy"Rick MoralesTom SheppardSeptember 29, 2012 (2012-09-29)114
On the planet Biot, the Anti-Monitor arrives from an alternate universe and reactivates an army of deactivated Manhunters. Following the defeat of the Red Lanterns, Hal returns to Earth and reunites with Carol. Hal wants to get back to work, but Carol tells him that he's been replaced since he's been gone for months. Hal is called away to save someone from a collapsing crane and promises to take Carol out to dinner. Hal saves the person from falling but the crane is caught by Green Lantern Guy Gardner. Hal and Guy introduce themselves to each other, where Hal finds out that Guy is his replacement. Hal and Guy fight but stop when they hear about a professor who was trapped in a cave in a glacier. Hal and Guy investigate and discover that the cave is actually a Manhunter temple, with 3 active Manhunters still inside. Hal and Guy fight the Manhunters with difficulty. Hal causes another cave in that seems to contain them, but the Manhunters manage to escape into the outside world. Hal and Guy decide to work together and manage to destroy the Manhunters. After their victory, Carol calls Hal and breaks up with Hal, since his life as Green Lantern will cause them to be apart from each other. While Guy consoles and annoys Hal, Hal is summoned to Oa by the Guardians. On Oa, the Guardians decide to name Guy the new Green Lantern of Sector 2814. While Hal believes he is being fired, the Guardians tell him that, due to his victory against the Red Lanterns, Hal will be promoted to Honor Guard of the Green Lantern Corps and patrol all of Guardian Space.[29]
15"Reboot"Sam LiuMark HoffmeierOctober 6, 2012 (2012-10-06)115
Hal and Green Lantern Tomar-Re investigate another Manhunter temple on an alien world. They discover more Manhunters, who become hostile, and the two barely manage to escape. Reporting to the Guardians, Hal states his belief that the Manhunters are being controlled by an outside force, but Tomar-Re denies finding a signal, but believes the Manhunter appearances are not a coincidence. The Guardians grant Hal the authority to assemble a small team of Lanterns, as well as the use of the Interceptor. Hal recruits Kilowog and returns to the Interceptor, but discovers that Aya has been replaced with an annoying program called LANOS. Hal and Kilowog that Aya is scheduled to be dissected soon. Hal and Kilowog deactivate LANOS and sneak into the science building on Oa. With the help of Green Lantern Ch'p, the crew successfully switch out Aya and LANOS' data cores and bring Aya back to the Interceptor. Tomar-Re confronts Hal and Kilowog, who reveals that Hal was correct in his theory about an outside force controlling the Manhunters, and he has detected an anti-matter pulse originating on Biot. The three Lanterns head there and discover a Manhunter graveyard and factory. The Manhunters learn of the Lantern's presence and begin attacking, but, thanks to Aya, they manage to bury the Manhunters in the rubble of the factory. As they think they're victorious, the three Lanterns are confronted by the Anti-Monitor. The Anti-Monitor reveals his intention to consume the entire universe and turn it into anti-matter and attacks the crew. After a failed attack from Aya, the Lanterns retreat. The Anti-Monitor fires a blast at them, but is blocked by Hal. Hal encases himself in a bubble and is blasted into a crack in the sky, where he is presumably killed.[30]
16"Steam Lantern"Rick MoralesErnie AltbackerJanuary 5, 2013 (2013-01-05)116

Hal is blasted into an alternate universe by the Anti-Monitor and lands on a planet where steam still rules as a power source. There, he discovers a woman named Catherine protesting a man named Nigel Fortenberry, who violently tries to break up the protest with giant robots. Catherine, however, is saved by a man calling himself "Steam Lantern". Hal helps and takes down the robots, and joins Steam Lantern and Catherine on their blimp. Steam Lantern thanks for their help in stopping Nigel's attack. Catherine reveals that the stars have been going out in their world and that they've been fighting against Nigel since he has allied himself with a "space dragoon" which Hal realizes is the Anti-Monitor. Steam Lantern apparently sent the Anti-Monitor back to Hal's universe through a crack in the space-time continuum. The three break into Nigel's lab to try and contact the Interceptor. They make contact and Hal proposes the idea of trying to re-open the crack with blasts from both sides. However, the conversation is cut short as Nigel incapacitates the heroes. Nigel blames Steam Lantern for stealing his glory, while Hal frees Steam Lantern and Catherine and escapes. On the blimp, Steam Lantern reveals that Nigel was the one who sent the Anti-Monitor back to Hal's universe, after making a deal with him to send him back to his universe and feed on it. However, the public believes that Steam Lantern was the one that sent him back and never corrected them. A few minutes later, Hal, Steam Lantern, and the Interceptor manage to open the crack, but stops when the blimp is attacked by Nigel. Hal surrenders to Nigel and the three are arrested. Nigel forces Steam Lantern to confess his fraudulence, which is does. However, to Steam Lantern's and Nigel's surprise, the public still praises Steam Lantern, who they still think is a hero. During this display, Nigel realizes he has turned into a villain in his quest for good, and lets the heroes go. However, the planet's sun starts to go out. Nigel explains that the Anti-Monitor consumed most of the sun before he left. As the world begins to collapse, together with Nigel, Steam Lantern and Catherine believe Hal should not share their fate and agree to help him open the crack. Nigel uses the ray he defeated the Anti-Monitor with to open the crack and Hal uses his remaining ring energy to widen the rift and bring the steampunk into his universe. As he collapses to the planet below, he is saved by Steam Lantern and is able to re-unite with the Interceptor.[30]

Note: Due to an abrupt schedule change which postponed the DC Nation block, the episode was briefly released on iTunes on October 14, 2012, one day after it initially meant to air. It aired on Cartoon Network India on December 23, 2012.
17"Blue Hope"Sam LiuJeremy AdamsJanuary 12, 2013 (2013-01-12)117

The Interceptor arrives on the planet Odym, where the crew meets Ganthet, Blue Lanterns Saint Walker and Brother Warth and Razer, who came to the Blue Lanterns for help in removing his rage. Hal shows Ganthet a disabled Manhunter they secured and ask Ganthet if they have any weak spots. Ganthet says that the Manhunters were designed to be indestructible, but agrees to search for a weakness after he shows the crew something. Ganthet takes the Lanterns to the Blue Lantern central power battery as he ignites it, spreading the blue light across the galaxy and causing the Green Lantern's power rings to become supercharged. However, the Manhunter, who has green energy inside itself, is also supercharged and attacks the Lanterns. The Lanterns use their strengthened power to easily overpower the Manhunter. The Lanterns interrogate the Manhunter, who says its goal is to eradicate all emotional beings in the universe, who were deemed evil by the Manhunters by faulty programming. Elsewhere, the blue light supercharges 3 other Manhunters, who are attracted to Odym and demand the central battery. The Lanterns are initially overpowered, but with the help of Saint Walker and Razer, the two summon a giant worm living on Odym to swallow the central battery, which stops the Manhunters and the Green Lanterns from being supercharged. The Lanterns destroy the other Manhunters, except one, which Aya tries to convince to stand down. However, the Manhunter attacks Aya for showing emotion towards Razer, causing Razer to lose control and destroy the Manhunter in a fit of rage. In the end, Razer decides to rejoin the Interceptor crew to stop the Manhunters and Ganthet decides to keep the Blue Lantern central battery off until the Manhunter situation is over.

Note: This episode aired on Cartoon Network India on December 30, 2012 before its original airdate in U.S.[30]
18"Prisoner of Sinestro"Rick MoralesMark HoffmeierJanuary 19, 2013 (2013-01-19)118
The Interceptor receives a call from Green Lantern Thaal Sinestro, who is under attack in a Spider Guild prison ship after taking custody of a Guild fugitive and needs help escaping. The Interceptor evade fire from the Guild and barely escape after the Warden sets the ship to self destruct. Onboard, Sinestro reveals that the fugitive is called Neuroxis and the Guardians tasked him with capturing it and bringing it back to Oa to imprison it in a ScienCell. While attempting to get more information on who Neuroxis is, the crew is attacked by Sinestro but is defeated and imprisoned alongside Neuroxis. Sinestro has no memory of attacking the crew, but they decide to keep him locked up to be safe. While repairing the ship from Sinestro's attack, Razer tricks Aya into giving him a Spider Guild weapon that Sinestro brought. Hal finds Razer and the two fight, with Hal subduing Razer. However, Hal calls Kilowog and starts to attack him too. Knowing something is going on, Sinestro escapes the Interceptor's prison and comes up with a plan with Aya. Sinestro realizes that Neuroxis is a mind jumper, who is taking control of the other crewmates and causes them to lose their memory of the encounter. Sinestro finds Hal, Kilowog and Razer and tells him his plan. Since Neuroxis can't use the power rings, the Interceptor is purged of oxygen and Neuroxis will be forced to leave the body his mind is in, since he will suffocate and be forced to return to his body in the prison, which still has oxygen. As the oxygen depletes, Razer starts to suffocate but Neuroxis eventually lets him go. Sinestro confronts Neuroxis and reveals that he sabotaged the oxygen in the prison, causing Neuroxis to suffocate. Hal and Kilowog sees Neuroxis dead and Sinestro covers up his actions, saying it was for the best, which disappoints Hal.[30]
19"Loss"Sam LiuMichael F. RyanJanuary 26, 2013 (2013-01-26)119
On the Red Lantern homeward of Ysmault, Guardian Science Director Scar negotiates with Zilius Zox, new leader of the Red Lanterns, in their efforts to rebuild the Forgotten Zone. However, she becomes alarmed when she discovers an active Manhunter on the planet. Knowing it could upset the peace discussions, she calls the Interceptor to disable it quietly. The Interceptor crew disable it but Zilius notices and believes the Green Lanterns are trying to destroy the Red Lanterns again. Kilowog knocks Zilius out and imprisons him on the Interceptor. As Zilius accuses the Green Lanterns of treachery, the Interceptor receives an alert that the Anti-Monitor has arrived in Frontier Space. Scar reveals to the crew that the Anti-Monitor was created by a renegade Guardian named Krona, who was designed to explore the secrets of the universe, but eventually realized his superiority and tried to destroy everything, but Krona was able to banish him to another dimension. The Anti-Monitor detects the Interceptor's presence and sends Manhunters after the ship. With the ship's ultra-warp recharging, the Lanterns head out and fight the Manhunters themselves. As Hal and Kilowog reach the Interceptor, Razer gets separated and is cornered, but is saved by Aya, who abandoned her post. As the Interceptor locks on to their location, the Anti-Monitor tries to kill Razer and Aya, but Aya pushes Razer out of the way, taking on the beam herself, causing massive damage to her body. With Aya on the verge of death, Razer confesses his love for Aya, who vanishes, much to Razer's sorrow. Hal and Kilowog pull Razer away as the Anti-Monitor continues to pursue them.[31]
20"Cold Fury"Rick MoralesErnie AltbackerFebruary 2, 2013 (2013-02-02)120
On the Interceptor, Razer tells the crew about Aya's apparent death. Initially discouraged, Scar snaps the crew back into reality as the Anti-Monitor continues to pursue them. Scar orders Hal to take her outside the shit so she can confront the Anti-Monitor herself. She uses hidden powers that the rest of the Guardians have swore never to use to hold her own against the Anti-Monitor, but she is eventually overcome and is caught in the Anti-Monitor's beam, which seemingly kills her. As the Anti-Monitor attempts to destroy the Interceptor, Red Lantern reinforcements arrive, per Zilius' orders, on Shard and begin attacking the Anti-Monitor. However, the Anti-Monitor starts absorbing Shard, forcing the Interceptor and the Red Lanterns to retreat. After the battle, the Interceptor detects an unknown presence on the ship. Hal, Kilowog, and Razer discover the unknown presence is a Manhunter that looks like Aya, which surprises everyone. As the crew for battle against the Anti-Monitor outside Ysmault, Razer helps Aya repair the Interceptor from the Anti-Monitor's attack. Aya confronts Razer about his love confession, but Razer says the confession wasn't true and that he said it in a state of confusion, which breaks Aya's heart. As the Green and Red Lanterns begin battling the Anti-Monitor's forces, Aya, who is heartbroken and overwhelmed, asks Razer how to stop feeling pain. Razer tells her that what he does is shut down all emotions so he can focus on the task at hand. Aya shuts down her emotions and absorbs the green energy of the Interceptor, with the goal of destroying the Anti-Monitor. In an emotionless rampage, Aya flies straight into the Anti-Monitor and blows his head off, which also disables the Manhunters. As the Lanterns think they're victorious, Aya takes over the Anti-Monitor's body and absorbs the energy he collected. Aya announces her rejection of emotional beings, reactivates the Manhunters, and sends the disabled Interceptor floating away.
21"Babel"Sam LiuCharlotte Fullerton & Kevin RubioFebruary 9, 2013 (2013-02-09)121
As the Interceptor floats away without power, the crew try to fix it with their rings almost out of power and aren't able to recharge them since their power batteries are dead. The Interceptor gets pulled into a planet's gravity and connect Razer's Red Lantern power battery to the Interceptor's battery so Hal can maneuver the ship away from a fatal landing. The crew are forced to leave the ship and go to a city under a dome since the Interceptor's battery will recharge in 10 hours and the planet's toxic atmosphere is leaking into the Interceptor. However, on the way there, Hal and Kilowog's rings run out of power, forcing Razer to use the remainder of his ring's power to sneak them into the dome. With their rings offline, the three have difficulty understanding each other, since they all speak different languages. The crew tries to steal a vehicle from inside the dome and drive it to the Interceptor, but they are caught and captured. They are forced into an arena where they are to be sacrificed to a giant monster. The crew are easily beat since they can't strategize with each other, but Hal notices that the monster has a Manhunter head on him, and since Manhunter's are powered by green energy, he can use it to charge his ring. Hal manages to get a plan across to Kilowog and Razer, and they successfully get the Manhunter head, and Hal and Kilowog are able to charge their rings and defeat the monster. Back on the Interceptor, Razer recharges his ring and helps repair the Interceptor, before leaving to find Aya.[32]
22"Love Is a Battlefield"Rick MoralesJennifer KeeneFebruary 16, 2013 (2013-02-16)122
Hal, Kilowog and Razer make a plan to go to Oa to scan for Aya, but without Aya, they are unable to flawlessly navigate the ultra-warp. On the Star Sapphire homeworld of Zamaron, Aya and the Manhunters attack. Aya wishes to destroy Zamaron, since she believes love is a dangerous emotion and must be eliminated. Ghia'ta tries to explain to Aya that love is an important emotion, but Aya remains against it. Ghia'ta mentions someone who taught her the true meaning of love, so Aya uses the Zamaron teleport system to summon Carol so she can try and convince her that love should not be destroyed. Carol tells Aya that love is stronger than hate, so Aya decides to pit love and hate against each other. Carol regains her Star Sapphire ring and Aya summons Atrocitus from Oa's ScienCells and gives him his ring back. Aya forces Carol and Atrocitus to fight to the death, determining the fate of Zamaron. Carol is severely outmatched, but uses her ring to summon Hal. Hal and Carol fight Atrocitus together, but are both taken down. As Atrocitus prepares to kill Hal, Ghia'ta steps in front of the blast, which kills her. Ghia'ta's death gives Hal and Carol the resolve to defeat Atrocitus. As the Star Sapphires mourn Ghia'ta, Aya states that the battle and Ghia'ta's death proved to her that love is a dangerous emotion and must be destroyed. All of a sudden, the Interceptor arrives and Razer confronts Aya. Aya decides that destroying life one planet at a time is inefficient and decides to find a way to eliminate all emotional life at once and replace them with emotionless machines. As Aya leaves Zamaron, Aga'po thanks Hal and Carol for helping stop Aya. Carol decides to keep the Star Sapphire ring in Ghia'ta's memory and returns to Earth.
23"Larfleeze"Sam LiuErnie AltbackerFebruary 23, 2013 (2013-02-23)123
The Guardians reprimand Hal for unleashing Aya on the universe and order him to return to Oa once they install LANOS back on the ship so they can properly use the ultra-warp again. Once the call ends, the crew try to come up with a way to stop Aya themselves. Razer suggests using the legendary orange energy, which belonged to the Orange Lantern Corps before vanishing on the planet Okarra. While waiting for LANOS to be installed, the crew search Okarra for the orange energy. Hal finds the orange battery, but is attacked by the Orange Lantern Larfleeze. Hal escapes with the orange battery with help from Kilowog and Razer. The orange battery starts to corrupt Hal and turns him into an insane Orange Lantern, which Razer realizes is powered by avarice. Kilowog and Razer make a deal with Larfleeze that, in exchange for getting Hal back, Larfleeze will get his battery back. Larfleeze begrudgingly agrees and they go after Hal. Hal attacks Kilowog, Razer and Larfleeze, believing he is after "his" stuff. The Lanterns get pinned down by Hal, but they soon discover the stars in the sky going out, and they realize that Aya is vaporizing star systems. Kilowog and Razer use this revelation to snap Hal out of his greedy trance, and Hal returns the battery to Larfleeze. The Interceptor leaves Okarra, with the crew remaining hopeful that Aya can be saved.[32]
24"Scarred"Rick MoralesJeremy AdamsMarch 2, 2013 (2013-03-02)124
The Guardians tell the Interceptor crew they no longer need their assistance. The crew enter Scar's laboratory to see if they can discover Aya's weakness. With the assistance of Sayd, the crew discover coordinates to a mysterious planet. Once on the planet, the crew discover a secret laboratory as well as Scar, who managed to escape from the Anti-Monitor with a massive facial scar. As Hal tells Scar about their current situation, Scar reveals that she created Aya under the Guardians' orders and combined an AI with a sliver of energy from an entity in the Green Lantern central power battery, that created Aya. However, Scar realized that Aya's emotions led to disobedience and shut them down and stored Aya on the Interceptor. Using this information, Razer plans to appeal to Aya's emotions, while the remaining Lanterns use a warhead filled with the yellow crystal, Orrum, to weaken Aya if she tries to attack. The crew find Aya destroying a planet and Razer tries to appeal to her. However, Scar activates the warhead early, which causes a massive explosion. Realizing that Scar never intended to weaken Aya, Hal and Kilowog fight her but are easily overpowered. However, Aya and Razer survive the explosion and Aya attacks the Interceptor. Scar teleports away and Hal rigs the ultra-warp to ram into Aya, sending her away.[33]
25"Ranx"Sam LiuErnie AltbackerMarch 9, 2013 (2013-03-09)125
Appa Ali Apsa orders Hal, Kilowog and Razer to go to the planet Ranx, which Aya's forces are trying to break into. At Ranx, a massive squadron of Green Lanterns, led by Guy Gardner, are also trying to stop the Manhunters from breaching Ranx's forcefield. The Lanterns are easily outmatched by the Manhunters, but Hal, Kilowog and Razer are able to sneak through the Manhunter blockade, using a calming technique from Razer that blocks all emotions. After Razer shows an emotion after hearing a Manhunter speak exactly like Aya, the three are spotted and are chased by the Manhunters. Hal follows a signal from his ring through the forcefield and deep into the planet, which tries to destroy them. After making their presence known, the crew discover that Ranx is under control from the Anti-Monitor's head, which still has sentience and was pulled to Ranx after Aya ripped his head off. The Anti-Monitor asks for the crew's protection, since there is a time displacement cylinder in his head that will send anyone back to the dawn of time, which Aya is after. The crew agree to help, but Aya arrives after ripping through the forcefield and the Green Lanterns. Aya destroys the Anti-Monitor and takes the time displacement cylinder. Razer tries to appeal to Aya again, but it fails and Aya announces her plan to go to the dawn of time and prevent all natural life from ever occurring. As Aya leaves Ranx, Razer realizes that Aya must be destroyed.[33]
26"Dark Matter"Rick MoralesJim KriegMarch 16, 2013 (2013-03-16)126
As the Green Lanterns Corps prepares for battle against Aya and the Manhunters, Hal learns from the Book of Oa that the systems Aya destroyed were devoid of life. The Green Lantern Corps fight Aya's forces above the planet Maltus as she prepares to travel back to the dawn of time. Hal tells Aya he knows about the systems she destroyed and tries to appeal to her, but she pulls him into the Anti-Monitor's body and forces him to bear witness as she remakes the universe. Aya activates the time displacement cylinder and flies into the dawn of time. Before Hal enters, he tells the Corps to send in Razer, since Red Lanterns can easily rip through green energy, which is what Aya is made of. As Aya tries to create a universe without biological life, Hal unsuccessfully tries to reason with her. Hal reveals to Aya that she is a partial living being, but still fails to get through to her, claiming her death would be a necessary sacrifice. As Aya nears completion, Razer, who was shot into the Anti-Monitor's body, tries to kill Aya, but his construct fails and is blasted away. As Razer is critically injured, Aya realizes what she's done. Aya reverses her tampering at the dawn of time and escapes with Hal and Razer as the Big Bang happens. Back in the Anti-Monitor's body, Aya uses the remainder of the anti-matter she collected to heal Razer's body. Razer says that his construct failed because he has no rage for Aya, only love, and the two reconcile. However, the other Manhunters are still attacking and Aya can no longer shut them down and they still pose a threat to the universe. Aya releases a virus that disables every version of the Aya program, including herself. After reassuring Razer, Aya dies, but to Razer's dismay. Back on Oa, Razer says that he is leaving Oa to search for Aya, as he does believe she is truly dead. Hal and Kilowog wish him luck as he flies off into space. While Razer flies off, a Blue Lantern ring follows him.[33]


Critical reception

Green Lantern, since its first showing at the 2011 Comic Con, has received positive reviews. Chris Sims of ComicsAlliance commented that he'd never been a huge fan of Green Lantern, but rather of DC Animated Universe creator Bruce Timm, and when he heard that Timm was producing the series he began looking forward to it, saying that the one-hour premiere "does it right."[20] Tony Guerrero of Comic Vine said it was "a good first episode and definitely worth checking out."[34] Brian Lowry of Variety praised the animation style, saying that "Warner Bros. has gone full bore into the CGI dimension with a bold, sleek design that more than anything resembles The Incredibles."[35]

Awards and nominations

Award Category Result Note
39th Annie Awards Best General Audience Animated TV Production[36] Nominated
Music In a Television Production – Frederik Wiedmann[36] Nominated
40th Annie Awards Music in an Animated Television/Broadcast Production – Frederik Wiedmann[37] Nominated For "Into the Abyss"

Home media

The series was released on DVD in two volumes by Warner Bros. Home Entertainment. The first volume was released on August 28, 2012[38] and the second volume was released on June 25, 2013.[39] The entire series was released in a Blu-ray set on March 14, 2014 from Warner Archive.[40]

Other media

Comic books

A series of 15 numbered issues was published between 2011 and 2013. Its 32-paged[41] debut comic, Green Lantern: The Animated Series #0 was released on November 30, 2011, written by Art Baltazar with art by Dario Brizuela.[42][43] The first issue received mixed to positive reviews, with one reviewer giving a B+ stating it is "good kids material" and "a fun way to introduce new readers, especially younger readers, to the Green Lantern universe without having to worry about the violence level."[44] The issue gathered a high sales debut, with an approximate 13,500 copies sold.[45] A story from one of the issues was included in the DC Nation 2012 Free Comic Day comic.[41]


Stone Arch Books

Other series

Licensed merchandise

DC Direct released two limited edition maquettes, to accompany the official release of Green Lantern: The Animated Series in spring 2012. The first maquette is Hal Jordan, sculpted by Paul Harding, and was released on March 7, 2012 (2012-03-07).[50] The other, Atrocitus, is sculpted by Dave Cortez and was released on May 23, 2012 (2012-05-23).[51] Mattel had plans to manufacture action figures based on the series in 2011, but none were produced.[52]

Video games

A horizontal shooter starring Hal Jordan was released in 2015 at Cartoon Network site.[53]


La-La Land Records, the record label behind the Batman: The Animated Series soundtracks, released the show's soundtrack on July 31, 2012. The label would later release a second volume of music from the series on July 2, 2013.


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