Based onCharacters
by Hanna-Barbera
Developed byC. H. Greenblatt
Voices of
Theme music composerEgo Plum
ComposerEgo Plum
Country of originUnited States
Original languageEnglish
No. of seasons3
No. of episodes57
Executive producers
ProducerAdam Middleton
EditorBrant Duncan
Running time11–22 minutes
Production companyWarner Bros. Animation
Original release
NetworkHBO Max
ReleaseJuly 29, 2021 (2021-07-29) –
March 17, 2022 (2022-03-17)
ReleaseFebruary 22, 2024 (2024-02-22) –

Jellystone! is an American animated comedy television series developed by C. H. Greenblatt for HBO Max. The series is produced by Warner Bros. Animation and features reimagined versions of various characters by Hanna-Barbera.[1] It premiered on July 29, 2021.[2]

Jellystone! is the first series to feature many of Hanna-Barbera's trademark characters (such as Yogi Bear and Huckleberry Hound) since 1991's Yo Yogi!, the first production since the closure of the Hanna-Barbera studios, and also the first TV series featuring them without the respective studios' founders William Hanna and Joseph Barbera, who died in 2001 and 2006, respectively.

The first season consisted of 21 episodes with most episodes combined in pairs, but was produced as separate 11-minute episodes,[3] including the Halloween episode "Spell Book".[4] The second season was released on March 17, 2022.[5] On March 2, 2022, it was announced that it was renewed for an additional 40 episodes.[6] There will also be a two-part special that will feature cameos of Cartoon Network characters.[7] The first half of season three was released on Max on February 22, 2024.[8]


The series is a reimagined take on the legendary Hanna-Barbera brand, focusing on a modernized ensemble of its characters as they live, work, and play together but have to solve the problems they have.

All of them have specific roles in the community. Huckleberry Hound is the Mayor of Jellystone, Yogi Bear is a surgeon, Doggie Daddy is a lighthouse keeper who is overprotective towards Augie Doggie, Jabberjaw and Loopy De Loop work in Magilla Gorilla's haberdashery called "Magilla's", Top Cat and the Hoagy's Alley cats continue with their scam activities, El Kabong doubles as a teacher and superhero, Shazzan is a ticket seller at Jellystone Theatre and does various vendor jobs, and The Banana Splits are cartoonish criminals.[2][9]

The episode "Sweet Dreams" claims that Jellystone is nestled between Lake Jellystone and New Bedrock.

Intro gags

During the opening sequence, a gag will occur during the citizens' marching that will knock down some buildings like dominoes and cause everyone to run. The following gags have occurred:


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In contrast with previous Hanna-Barbera media, some of the established male characters are now female in the series for the sake of gender balance; these include Augie Doggie, Jabberjaw, half of Top Cat's gang, Snooper, Squiddly Diddly and Loopy De Loop.


C. H. Greenblatt came up with the idea of rebooting Hanna-Barbera's legacy into a newly founded city where anything can happen.

Jellystone! was developed by C. H. Greenblatt, who also created Chowder and Harvey Beaks for Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon respectively. Production on the series according to Greenblatt began in January 2020, with Unikitty! director Careen Ingle and former Harvey Beaks writer and storyboard artist Hannah Ayoubi. According to Greenblatt's Tumblr, this show has been in early development for at least a year and a half. Greenblatt serves as executive producer alongside Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi and The Looney Tunes Show creator and Warner Bros. Animation, Cartoon Network Studios, and Hanna-Barbera Studios Europe president Sam Register.

Greenblatt was a fan of Hanna-Barbera content as a child, and gained a deep respect for the brand from there, believing that its expansive array of characters is what really made it work. Whilst working on the series, he and his crew decided to have every single character exist in a single town together, changing some of their core traits to make them more likeable while adapting to modern audiences, instead of recreating their past adventures. They also managed to weave in the action-based characters, such as Jonny Quest and Shazzan, whereas many of the obscure ones, ranging from the Biskitts to Yankee Doodle Pigeon, were reduced to cameos.

In a July interview with Animation Magazine during the series development, Greenblatt stated that they had just outsourced to their animation departments and that the show could debut in 2021.[10]

Jeff Bergman said that he was voicing Yogi Bear amongst others for the series.[11]

Concept art for the series.

The show's HBO Max premiere, July 29, 2021, was announced, as well as the rest of the voice cast.[2]

Unlike Greenblatt's other two shows, which utilized traditional hand-drawn animation, Jellystone! was animated with Adobe Animate by Snipple Animation Studios and Cheeky Little Media. Ben Gruber, who co-created Superjail! for Adult Swim, is the show's story editor.

Greenblatt called the series a "love letter" in an interview with Greg Ehrbar on Jerry Beck's but "not a nostalgia show", though he had filled the episodes with classic cameos. He did not see the series as a replacement for the original shows and characters, but hoped that the entire Hanna-Barbera library might someday become available easily.[3] Greenblatt also compared the overall vibe of the show to season five of The Simpsons, the point where that series transitioned from a domestic sitcom to a wacky ensemble cast-based show.


Series overview

SeasonEpisodesOriginally released
First releasedLast releasedNetwork
121July 29, 2021 (2021-07-29)October 21, 2021 (2021-10-21)HBO Max
219March 17, 2022 (2022-03-17)
3TBAFebruary 22, 2024 (2024-02-22)TBAMax

Season 1 (2021)

No. in
Title [12][13]Directed byStory byStoryboard byOriginal release date [12][13]Cartoon Network air date [12][13]Prod.
code [12]
U.S. linear viewers
11"Yogi's Tummy Trouble"C. H. GreenblattC. H. GreenblattC. H. GreenblattJuly 29, 2021 (2021-07-29)September 4, 2021101A0.35[14]
Cindy accidentally turns Yogi into an unstoppable eating machine after installing a nuclear stomach into him so he wouldn't have to keep being indecisive on what he gets in the hospital's cafeteria. When each of the citizens get eaten, Cindy must lead the remaining ones into disabling the nuclear stomach through whatever way possible.
22"Gorilla in Our Midst"Careen IngleIan WasselukYotam PerelJuly 29, 2021 (2021-07-29)September 4, 2021101B0.26[14]
When Grape Ape falls asleep in the middle of town square following Mayor Huckleberry's award to police chief Touché Turtle and Cindy diagnoses this as a food coma, it's up to Yogi, Boo Boo, Cindy, and the citizens of Jellystone to move this mountain and cure Grape Ape of his food coma. Meanwhile, Doggie Daddy gets stuck to Grape Ape's fur when trying to get to Augie.
33"Boo Boots"Aaron AustinIan MutchlerIan MutchlerJuly 29, 2021 (2021-07-29)September 11, 2021102A0.21[15]
Feeling unappreciated and considering himself invisible to the citizens of Jellystone, Boo Boo gets a boost from a new pair of boots as they start to interact with him. Yogi grows jealous of Boo Boo's newfound popularity and soon ends up in a tall boot war with him as they go through tall boots after tall boots to try to outdo each other.
44"My Doggie Dave"Aaron AustinC. H. GreenblattMelody IzaJuly 29, 2021 (2021-07-29)September 11, 2021102B0.21[15]
When Doggie Daddy brings a disguised Augie to his friends' night with Yogi as he didn't want to leave Augie with a babysitter, Boo Boo, Captain Caveman, and Bobbie Louie, she becomes the most popular member of the group. This causes Augie to continue acting like Dave which starts to annoy Doggie Daddy enough to challenge Dave to an advanced bowling competition.
55"A Coconut to Remember"Hannah AyoubiHannah AyoubiKaitlyn GrazianoJuly 29, 2021 (2021-07-29)September 18, 2021103A0.13[16]
When Magilla gets amnesia after being hit by a falling coconut as part of a Hawaiian background, Jabberjaw exploits him to score her dream job as assistant manager of the store which Magilla couldn't do as it wouldn't be fair to Loopy. When the coconut bonking goes too far, Jabberjaw enlists Yogi and Cindy in order to get to his core memory before his entire memories are gone forever.
66"Grocery Store"Careen IngleCareen IngleMeghan LandsJuly 29, 2021 (2021-07-29)September 18, 2021103B0.13[16]
After Augie and Doggie Daddy forget a crucial ingredient for their fruit salad while shopping at the grocery store Barberas, Augie persuades Doggie Daddy to hold their place in line and embarks on a journey to retrieve those bananas. After trying cheese from Shazzan, Augie enjoys the delights of Barberas while Doggie Daddy keeps his spot in line defended much to the annoyance of Mr. Jinx, Peter Potamus, Bobbie Louie, and Winsome Witch.
77"Must Be Jelly"Hannah AyoubiKaitlyn GrazianoKaitlyn GrazianoJuly 29, 2021 (2021-07-29)September 25, 2021104A0.18[17]
Cindy has a busy schedule where she does some things for Boo Boo, Yogi, and the hospital president Ranger Smith and deals with a book club gathering with Jabberjaw, Mr. Jinx, and Winsome Witch. Not wanting to be shunned from the book club, Cindy creates a laser that puts everyone in a gelatin stasis in order to finish her book club reading.
88"Cats Do Dance"Careen IngleCareen IngleAaron ChenJuly 29, 2021 (2021-07-29)September 25, 2021104B0.15[17]
After losing their alley in a dance battle against King's group because they can't dance and having to bunk with Peter Potamus, Top Cat and the gang might actually have to do some hard work to get it back like spreading banana peels near them, doing a bad parade, and licking everything. When all of them fail, Top Cat and his gang decide to do a dance battle against King's group.
99"VIP Baby You Know Me"Aaron AustinMelody IzaAaron Austin, C. H. Greenblatt & Ian WasselukJuly 29, 2021 (2021-07-29)October 2, 2021105A0.16[18]
Shag wants to live a VIP lifestyle. Unfortunately, he meets the Banana Splits who loan him money to improve the Mud Bug Café and now has to pay them back and their interest. With the Banana Splits planning to give his family's restaurant one-star reviews enough for nobody to ever dine there again, Shag enlists Augie and Yakky Doodle to help him out.
1010"El Kabong's Kabong is Gone"Hannah AyoubiHannah AyoubiMeghan LandsJuly 29, 2021 (2021-07-29)October 2, 2021105B0.13[18]
El Kabong must find a new "weapon" to replace his beloved guitar Susan after it got destroyed by the Banana Splits wearing special helmets. He tries different instruments when Squiddly Diddly's shop is out of guitars. After each instrument fails to work on the Banana Splits even when they raid Jellystone Elementary School, El Kabong must use the most unlikeliest way of improvising a guitar.
1111"Mr. Flabby Dabby Wabby Jabby"Aaron AustinIan WasselukAmy HudkinsJuly 29, 2021 (2021-07-29)October 9, 2021106A0.13[19]
When the movie "Super Ultra Death Woman 4: The Deathening" comes out at the Jellystone Theater, Shag, Augie, and Yakky are up to seeing it, they are told by Shazzan that it is for grown-ups only. To see it, Shag, Augie, and Yakky go the Jellystone Theater in the disguise of a lawyer named Mr. Flabby Dabby Wabby Jabby. Things get out of hand when they're mistaken for the real Mr. Flabby Dabby Wabby Jabby by everyone.
1212"Ice Ice Daddy"Aaron AustinIan MutchlerIan MutchlerJuly 29, 2021 (2021-07-29)October 9, 2021106B0.15[19]
After a night out with Yogi, Boo Boo, Jabberjaw, and Loopy, Captain Caveman goes with them to see the Jellystone Ice Caps. He breaks some ice where he thaws out Cavey Jr. who calls him his father. Realizing he's a father after Snagglepuss does a DNA test on his talk show, Cavey dedicates himself to being the best dad to Cavey Jr.
1313"DNA, A-OK!"Careen IngleMelody IzaCharlie GavinJuly 29, 2021 (2021-07-29)October 16, 2021107A0.22[20]
DNA A-OK is a program started by Captain Caveman that takes the sample of saliva to help find their heritage. Yogi is among those that want to find their heritage. After finding out he's 98% cat, Yogi resigns being a doctor and tries to roll with Top Cat and his gang after seeing them scam J. Whimple Dimple out of his money. He has a hard time fitting in by doing scams for them which go comically awry.
1414"Face of the Town!"Aaron AustinAaron AustinIan MutchlerJuly 29, 2021 (2021-07-29)October 16, 2021107B0.21[20]
Mayor Huckleberry throws a town event to celebrate the accomplishments of Hubert Bartholomewbert who founded Jellystone 100 years ago. When Jellystone's oldest citizen Lippy the Lion reveals the truth about Hubert being a liar about his stories which he did for fame and money, Mayor Huckleberry holds a contest to find the new face of Jellystone. This causes everyone to compete in it where Mayor Huckleberry has a hard time picking a winner.
1515"Cattanooga Cheese Explosion"Careen IngleYotam PerelYotam PerelJuly 29, 2021 (2021-07-29)October 23, 2021108A0.18[21]
After treating Augie, Yogi learns from Doggie Daddy that Augie got full at the premiere pizza restaurant called the Cattanooga Cheese Explosion which is on Avenue Boulevard. When Yogi arrives, he learns from its owner Chopper that it is for happy families only. After failing to pass Boo Boo off as a child, Yogi strikes a deal with Shag so he can get in and eat their food.
1616"Squish or Miss"Hannah AyoubiKaitlyn GrazianoKaitlyn GrazianoJuly 29, 2021 (2021-07-29)October 23, 2021108B0.19[21]
Chopper drops off Yakky at the playground who is weary about being squished. Hearing about Yakky's plight, Augie and Shag try to help Yakky be braver which includes getting advice from Doggie Daddy, Jabberjaw, and Peter Potamus. When it comes to Cindy, she plans to extract Yakky's fear juice out with her fear sucker invention.
1717"Gotta Kiss Them All"Hannah AyoubiBen GruberMeghan LandsJuly 29, 2021 (2021-07-29)October 30, 2021109A0.10[22]
Ruff and Reddy blow themselves up trying to cherish the other causing Doggie Daddy to work on repairing them. When Augie and Yakky discover a fun VR game called "Buddy Blastez" hosted by The Great Gazoo, they wind up blurring the lines between fiction and reality when they unknowingly cause havoc around Jellystone. Now it's up to Doggie Daddy to end the game.
1818"Jelly Wrestle Rumble!"Careen IngleAaron AustinYotam PerelJuly 29, 2021 (2021-07-29)October 30, 2021109B0.13[22]
Mr. Jinks gives Mayor Huckleberry a gift for his good cholesterol report in the form of his favorite wrestler the Funky Phantom who had lost his final wrestling match against Mightor. After showing off his Funky Phantom collectibles in his personal museum, Mayor Huckleberry hosts a wrestling tournament commentated by Snagglepuss and Mildew Wolf so Funky Phantom can relive his glory days.
1919"A Fish Sticky Situation"Aaron AustinIan MutchlerIan MutchlerJuly 29, 2021 (2021-07-29)November 6, 2021110A0.14[23]
A crate of fish sticks that expired in 2015 falls off a van upon hitting a pothole outside of the alley. Top Cat and his gang are in for a smelly surprise when they try to resell them to the unsuspecting Jellystone residents at $11.00. This causes anyone who consumes them to have their heads turned into fish heads. Now Top Cat and his gang must cure everyone of this condition.
2020"A Town Video: Welcome to Jellystone"Aaron AustinIan WasselukRaj BrueggemannJuly 29, 2021 (2021-07-29)November 6, 2021110B0.11[23]
Mayor Huckleberry is planning a tourism video of Jellystone and gets negative feedback from Snagglepuss. Mr. Jinks shows Mayor Huckleberry a trending video involving Yogi's surgery bloopers. When Mayor Huckleberry hires Yogi to direct the Jellystone tourism video, things get out of hand when he does action-themed video and blows the town budget. Due to Yogi being into his character, Mayor Huckleberry engages Yogi in battle with an anime filter added to it.
2121"Spell Book"Hannah AyoubiBen GruberMeghan LandsOctober 21, 2021 (2021-10-21)TBA111N/A
On Halloween, Augie, Shag, and Yakky prepare for their night of trick or treating. After seeing Winsome Witch stressed out and tired of setting up Halloween decorations, Augie, Shag, and Yakky try to help her. After time passes, they use her spellbook to summon little helpers that possess Winsome's decorations so the kids can partake in the Jellystone Candy Gauntlet which goes wrong quickly.

Season 2 (2022)

No. in
Title [12][13]Directed byStory byStoryboard byOriginal release date [12][13]Prod.
code [12]
221"Lady Danjjer: Is It Wrong to Long for Kabong?"Ian WasselukHannah AyoubiHannah AyoubiMarch 17, 2022 (2022-03-17)201
As Snagglepuss reports on Shazzan's gourmet ice cream that everyone in Jellystone is getting, Yogi, Boo Boo, Mr. Jinks, and Loopy recall their first kisses. Jabberjaw desires her first kiss to be from El Kabong after seeing him stop Klunk who stole Jabberjaw's ice cream. After Jabberjaw's attempts that involve putting herself in different dangerous scenarios fails, Loopy disguises Jabberjaw as a villain called Lady Danjjer to get his attention.
232"Baby Shenanigans"Hannah AyoubiKaitlyn GrazianoKaitlyn GrazianoMarch 17, 2022 (2022-03-17)202
Yakky, Augie, and Shag are looking forward to doing activities with their respectful parents. Wanting other kids to play with and hearing from Snagglepuss that they will not be as youthful when they grow up, Yakky, Augie, and Shag get the inspiration to turn back time using Jellystone's clock tower where they accidentally turn all the citizens of Jellystone into babies. When it gets out of control, they find themselves having to defend the clock tower from baby Snagglepuss who has allied with a 72-year-old Lippy and Hardy.
243"Bleep"Careen IngleKaitlyn GrazianoCharlie GavinMarch 17, 2022 (2022-03-17)203
Cindy gets her first free Saturday. Unfortunately, she can't find anyone to hang out with due to Yogi, Boo Boo, Jabberjaw, Loopy, Squiddly Diddly, Snagglepus, and Peter being unavailable. When an alien named Bleep crashes his ship into her lab and Cindy remembers him, she suddenly finds herself with a new best friend. To make sure nobody is lonely again, Cindy uses Bleep's DNA to make clones of him for everyone while advising them not to feed it anything spicy.
254"Yogi's Midlife Crisis"Careen IngleYotam PerelYotam PerelMarch 17, 2022 (2022-03-17)204
While watching home movies with Boo Boo, Yogi watches one about his cool jams and plans to start a rock band as Boo Boo suspect that he might be having a midlife crisis. After Yogi starts a rock band called Yogi's Midlife Crisis with Captain Caveman, Chopper, and Doggie Daddy, their off-tune music attracts the attention of Squiddly Diddly who improves their music enough for her to become a backup singer. At their first gig at Lambsy's birthday party, Squiddly outshines Yogi enough for him to become a solo artist.
265"Jellystone Moon Platoon"Aaron AustinAaron AustinRaj BrueggemannMarch 17, 2022 (2022-03-17)205
While celebrating 11 disaster-free days, Captain Caveman comes in to report about a rare cosmic event called the lunar eclipse where he claims that the Moon is going to eat the Sun in six hours which might cause the next ice age. This causes Mayor Huckleberry to have Mr. Jinks assemble a team of astronauts made from the three smartest people in Jellystone (consisting of Yogi, Snagglepuss, and Augie) to save the world from an impending disaster by launching them in a rocket from J.A.S.A (short for Jellystone Attempts Space Association) HQ.
276"The Sea Monster of Jellystone Cove"Aaron AustinIan MutchlerIan MutchlerMarch 17, 2022 (2022-03-17)206
Feeling overworked, Jabberjaw persuades Magilla to give her and Loopy a break. Also in need of a break, Mayor Huckleberry and Mr. Jinks declare a beach day during Moby Dick's birthday by cancelling everyone's plans. To get their own space at Jellystone Cove when it becomes crowded, Jabberjaw and Loopy decide to dress up like sea monsters after getting covered in seaweed by a high tide. While maintaining Jonny Quest and Hadji to serve them, Jabberjaw and Loopy's plan goes well until the citizens arrive to retake Jellystone Cove.
287"Business"Hannah AyoubiMeghan LandsMeghan LandsMarch 17, 2022 (2022-03-17)207
On role model day at Jellystone Elementary School, Bobbie Looey talks about her work as a businesswoman. Augie starts her own business just like her hero Bobbiey. When Bobbie gets called away, Augie works with Shag and Yakky to form a company called Jet Pack Karate Nugget Incorporated which they establish out of the Cattanooga Cheese Explosion. Checking on Augie, Bobby Looey states that her next step should be synergizing by doing mergers. Soon, Augie gets too indulged in her role and transforms everything into corporate culture prompting Shag and Yakky to turn to Bobbie for help.
298"Pants"Hannah AyoubiMeghan LandsKaitlyn GrazianoMarch 17, 2022 (2022-03-17)208
Magilla is shown Snagglepuss' new show called "Jelly or Smelly" by Jabberjaw and Loopy that rates its citizens where Squiddly is deemed "Jelly" for showing off her new pants. Magilla starts to feel out of touch when the four-legged pants fad sweeps through Jellystone. In addition, Squiddly opens up a four-legged pants store next to Magilla's haberdashery. Magilla starts to go mad until everyone starts to experience the flaws of the four-legged pants. Now Squiddly must enlist Magilla for help to solve this catastrophe.
309"Uh Oh! It's a Burglar!"Careen IngleCareen IngleCharlie GavinMarch 17, 2022 (2022-03-17)209
Loopy has become annoyed that Wally Gator has been having a hard time picking a tie that Jabberjaw offers him. While Magilla in a vampire outfit goes to attend Jellystone's 17th Annual Haunted Horror Movie Spectacular that is hosted by Snagglepuss at Jellystone Theatre, he leaves Jabberjaw and Loopy in charge of his haberdashery. Jabberjaw and Loopy attempt to thwart a spooky nighttime burglary at Magilla's haberdashery when Magilla and the police are not answering their phones.
3110"It's a Mad Mad Mad Rat Race"Careen IngleYotam PerelYotam PerelMarch 17, 2022 (2022-03-17)210
Lippy the Lion and Hardy Har Har have misplaced their treasure somewhere in Jellystone. Their talk about it is heard by everyone in Jellystone. After Snagglepuss reports on it, everyone tears apart Jellystone by frantically searching for Lippy and Hardy's misplaced treasure. When it comes to the different sightings, Yogi, Boo Boo, and Cindy interrogate Peter Potamus, Jabberjaw and Loopy interrogate Shazzan, and Augie, Shag, and Yakky interrogate Dirty Dawg where the information leads them to Morocco Mole's "Sauna, Sweat & Sandwiches".
3211"The Brave Little Daddy"Aaron AustinIan MutchlerAmy HudkinsMarch 17, 2022 (2022-03-17)211
As Augie and Doggie Daddy are at the boardwalk, an alarm goes off as Grape Ape appears to eat all the food there. When Doggie Daddy is tasked by Mayor Huckleberry with stopping Grape Ape from terrorizing the town due to his parenting skills with Augie, a misunderstanding with Augie spirals out of control. When he confronts Grape Ape, he has a hard time getting through to Grape Ape until Cindy invents the Ape Daddy 5000 to help him out.
3312"The Big Stink"Aaron AustinC. H. GreenblattIan MutchlerMarch 17, 2022 (2022-03-17)212
Augie Doggie and Doggie Daddy have just finished watching 5,069 episodes of Scooby-Doo as Doggie Daddy goes out to get more popcorn only to find that Jellystone is clouded in a lot of bad smells. When the Jellystone Stink Factory has a catastrophic meltdown, it is up to Mildew Wolf, Yogi Bear, and Doggie Daddy to save everyone by removing its reactor core as they are the only ones immune to the smells for various reasons.
3413"Boo-Boo and Benny: Little Buddy Trouble"Hannah AyoubiHannah AyoubiMeghan LandsMarch 17, 2022 (2022-03-17)213
Yogi and Top Cat go through their different activities with Boo Boo and Benny. After Boo Boo and Benny discover they have a ton in common and become friends following their grocery shopping at Barberas, they start to do different activities together while neglecting their duties. Yogi and Top Cat start to miss their respectful best buddies as they work to find a way to get Boo Boo and Benny back to them through whatever way possible.
3514"The Box Thief"Hannah AyoubiC.H. GreenblattKaitlyn GrazianoMarch 17, 2022 (2022-03-17)214
Everyone finds that the packages that Peter delivered to them are not on their front porches. As a result of this, discount detectives Snooper and Blabber are called in by Mayor Huckleberry to help find the culprit with Mayor Huckleberry planning to have Grape Ape kick the culprits out of Jellystone. Augie and Shag find out that Yakky was responsible due to her doing unboxing videos with them and enlist Peter to help put them back without them getting caught.
3615"Jailcation"Careen IngleIan WasselukCharlie GavinMarch 17, 2022 (2022-03-17)215
Following the latest scam during the holiday season, Top Cat finds that his gang has been exhausted and plans to scam a vacation. Top Cat's gang then sees Snagglepuss on the news interviewing Touché Turtle about Dread Baron's arrest and the description of Santo Relaxo Minimum Security Prison. Hoping to land in Santo Relaxo, Top Cat's gang try their best to get arrested by Touché only for the things they do to benefit everyone. When a disguised Top Cat reports a violation of the Clean-Shaven Baby Act of 1907, he learns that Touché sends people who commit crimes like that to Santo Paino as Top Cat's gang now must avoid the police.
3716"Balloon Kids"Careen IngleCareen IngleYotam PerelMarch 17, 2022 (2022-03-17)216
El Kabong tells his students that they will be working to earn their Lil' Professional badges by working with a different adult in Jellystone for a day. While Lambsy and Cindy are assigned to work with Cindy Bear at the hospital and Ruff and Reddy are assigned to work with the police, Augie, Yakky, and Shag are assigned to help Peter and So-So on a delivery run in their balloon by delivering a package to Snagglepuss, but everything goes wrong like Peter getting knocked out by Yanky Doodle Pigeon wanting bread, a "skypool" (So-So's name for a tornado), air sirens, and sky pirates.
3817"Augie's Baby"Aaron AustinMeghan LandsAmy HudkinsMarch 17, 2022 (2022-03-17)217
Augie and Yakky are playing with their dolls in the park as Augie states how she wished it was her baby where Doggie Daddy gets injured after Augie abducts a bald eagle chick. After accidentally trapping Yakky inside a watermelon that he dressed as a baby and called Melonie, Augie convinces herself that it's come to life as a baby. Yakky plays along during this time until they are invited by Brenda, Dee Dee, and Taffy to appear on Snagglepuss's new TV show at the Jellystone News Studio called "What's New, Baby?"
3918"Heroes and Capes"Aaron AustinYotam PerelIan MutchlerMarch 17, 2022 (2022-03-17)218
Mayor Huckleberry gets trapped in a sewer as Yogi and Winsome Witch end up falling in as well. As El Kabong tries to get them out, Blue Falcon and Dynomutt show up to help in the rescue. When everyone in town becomes a superhero after a pep talk from Blue Falcon, El Kabong begins to wonder if he's needed anymore as they get cats out of trees and go after villains like Mr. Smog, Hilarious P. Prankster, Mr. Hothead, and Captain Swipe. El Kabong takes on being a plumber until the locked manhole creates a giant gloop monster that attacks Jellystone.
4019"Sweet Dreams"Ian WasselukC.H. Greenblatt & Ian WasselukC.H. Greenblatt, Meghan Lands & Yotam PerelMarch 17, 2022 (2022-03-17)219
When Augie has a bad dream about a bagel monster, Doggie Daddy and others entertain her with a bedtime story. After Augie's Wobbly Womp claims that the monster under the bed might get her, other Jellystone citizens show up to tell different stories. Yogi, Boo Boo, and Cindy tell the story on how they tried to save the life of a sandwich. While Yogi carefully removed the tomato from the sandwich, they fail to get the beets out and the sandwich becomes soggy. Boo Boo holds a funeral for the sandwich. Captain Caveman tells the story on how he volunteered at the library when Wally Gator was looking for a book called "Moltar's Big Book of Fables and Slow Cooker Recipes" until it was found overdue because Benny forgot to return it while also using a fake ID. After a montage of random stories told by Magilla, Peter, El Kabong, Mildew, Snagglepuss and Loopy, Doggie Daddy calls in Mayor Huckleberry to do his attempt to get Augie to sleep as he tells the story revolving around Jellystone.

Season 3 (2024)

No. in
Title [12][13]Directed byStory byStoryboard byOriginal release date [12][13]Prod.
code [12]
411"Meet the Jetsons"Ron StanageC.H. GreenblattChivaun Fitzpatrick & Julia KayeFebruary 22, 2024 (2024-02-22)301
422"Disco Fever"Maxwell Atoms & Charlie GavinMeghan Lands, William Reiss & Ian WasselukWilliam ReissFebruary 22, 2024 (2024-02-22)302
433"Cindy vs. Noodle Arms"Maxwell Atoms & Charlie GavinJordan MorrisYotam PerelFebruary 22, 2024 (2024-02-22)303
444"Hot Guys, Cold Turkey"Ron StanageJordan MorrisJulia KayeFebruary 22, 2024 (2024-02-22)304
455"Lotions 11"Ron StanageMaxwell AtomsCareen IngleFebruary 22, 2024 (2024-02-22)305
466"LAFF Games"Nathan BulmerC.H. GreenblattSam LaneFebruary 22, 2024 (2024-02-22)306
477"Frankenhooky"Nathan BulmerTyler HendrixTyler HendrixFebruary 22, 2024 (2024-02-22)307
488"Girl, You My Friend!"Maxwell AtomsWilliam ReissWilliam ReissFebruary 22, 2024 (2024-02-22)308
499"Jellystone Noir"Maxwell AtomsMaxwell AtomsMaxwell AtomsFebruary 22, 2024 (2024-02-22)309
5010"Vote Raspberry"Nathan BulmerBen GruberSam LaneFebruary 22, 2024 (2024-02-22)310
5111"Collection Protection"Nathan BulmerTyler HendrixTyler HendrixFebruary 22, 2024 (2024-02-22)311
5212"Mummy Knows Best"Kaitlyn GrazianoKevin KramerJojo Ramos PatrickFebruary 22, 2024 (2024-02-22)312
5313"Augie-Mented Reality"Kaitlyn GrazianoKevin KramerYotam PerelFebruary 22, 2024 (2024-02-22)313
5414"Space Con"Ron StanageJordan MorrisToby JonesFebruary 22, 2024 (2024-02-22)314
5515"Sha-Zogi"Ron StanageJordan MorrisJulia KayeFebruary 22, 2024 (2024-02-22)315
5616"Lil' Honk Honks"Kaitlyn GrazianoKevin KramerJojo Ramos PatrickFebruary 22, 2024 (2024-02-22)316
5717"Epic Rager"Kaitlyn GrazianoMaxwell AtomsYotam PerelFebruary 22, 2024 (2024-02-22)317


No.TitleOriginal release date
"Kid Stylez for Old People!"September 13, 2021 (2021-09-13)
September 18, 2021 (2021-09-18)
A series of shorts in where the kids give makeovers to the adults.[24][25]
3"Welcome to Magilla's"October 2, 2021 (2021-10-02)
A commercial for Magilla Gorilla's haberdashery "Magilla's".[26]
4"Cooking with Winsome Witch"October 2, 2021 (2021-10-02)
A short in where Winsome Witch teaches people how to cook.[27]
5"Kabong It!"October 9, 2021 (2021-10-09)
A commercial in which El Kabong sells a guitar to deal with life's irritations.[28]
6"Health & Safety with Doggie Daddy"November 27, 2021 (2021-11-27)
A short where Doggie Daddy teaches Augie Doggie how to ride a bike.[29]
7"Wait-Tea"December 4, 2021 (2021-12-04)
A short where Mayor Huckleberry Hound and Mr. Jinks make a batch of Sun-Tea as various crazy events occur around them.[30]


Jellystone premiered in the United States on July 29, 2021, on HBO Max.[2]

It premiered later in 2021 in other countries:

In Canada, the series premiered on October 10 on Teletoon,[31][32] as well as being shown for American broadcast on Cartoon Network on September 4. The series became available to purchase on Digital storefronts such as iTunes and Vudu[33] the day after. The series premiered in the United Kingdom on Cartoon Network on November 1. In Brazil and Latin America, the series premiered on December 10, on Cartoon Network and HBO Max.


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