Plasmus is a DC Comics super villain the fought the Teen Titans on different occasions.

Comic History

Otto Von Furth was a mine worker in East Berlin, Germany until an unexpected cave-in trapped him and four fellow minors for seven days. During those days, Otto's co-workers died leaving him as the only survivor. He and his fellow miners had been mining for radioactive radium and ended up exposed to it and when rescued, was rushed to the hospital. Otto was later kidnapped by Ex-Nazi General Zahl who mutated him into a blob-like state. With his anger, Otto became Plasmus. His body changed into an unstable protoplasm and he was brought into the Brotherhood of Evil where he took the name Plasmus. He and the Brotherhood of Evil fought the Teen Titans on different occassion where he enjoys fighting and regretting not being the one to kill General Zahl. The rest of the Brotherhood of Evil reformed into the Society of Sin.

Powers and Abilities

With his radioactive and chemically-converted body, Plasmus' touch can bring a fiery death onto his opponents reverting them to a protoplasmic state. He can also loosen his cells so that bullets can't hurt him.

In the Teen Titans Animated series

In the animated series, Plasmus is a large purple monster with multiple green eyes. He is actually human, but he only reverts to that form when unconscious. In the first episode, Divide and Conquer, he was locked up in stasis containment until Cinderblock broke him out. He has since been not much more than a nuisance for the Titans.

In "Transformation", his devouring of raw sewage transformed him by giving him more green eyes and making him more powerful, now able to spit acid. Later, in "Aftershock" (Part 2), he was fused with Cinderblock and Overload into an even worse creature known as Ternion. After the Titans defeated him, the three were diffused and became separate again. Plasmus again appeared to menace the Titans on their last day of freedom, in "The End Part 1", where he was defeated single-handedly by Raven. As of Season Four, Plasmus, along with Cinderblock, have the most appearances (five total, including the story arcs) out of all Slade's other minions (Overload appeared only three times). Unlike his comic counterpart, Plasmus cannot melt his enemies into a protoplasmic state. He is played by Dee Bradley Baker

Plasmus's human form's design is based off of series producer David Slack. Because Plasmus's human form is barely clothed, Slack jokingly stated "I don't know how much it looks like me and I'm certainly not letting these guys see me in my underwear."

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