Titans East
Publication information
PublisherDC Comics
First appearanceTeen Titans (vol. 3) #18 (January 2005)
Created byGeoff Johns
In-story information
Base(s)New York City
Member(s)List of Titans East members

Titans East is the name of several DC Comics superhero teams. The teams appear in the Teen Titans comic books and animated series. The comic book incarnation of Titans East first appeared in Teen Titans (vol. 3) #18 (2005) during the "Titans Tomorrow" storyline, which is set in the future. A present-day incarnation appeared in Teen Titans (vol. 3) #43 (2007), as a group of villains led by Deathstroke. Cyborg later assembled a new version of the team.

Team history

Titans East is based on the Teen Titans' west-coast counterpart Titans West,[1] a team of lesser-known teenage heroes including Beast Boy, Flamebird, and Hawk and Dove. Currently, the "main" Titans team is based in San Francisco, California, on the West Coast.

Titans Tomorrow

Main article: Titans Tomorrow

Batwoman, Bumblebee, Captain Marvel, Cyborg 2.0, Ravager, and Terra from the future Titans East.

The original Titans East first appeared in the "Titans Tomorrow" storyline in which the Teen Titans meet their villainous older selves in the future.[2] This incarnation of Titans East is a group of former Titans rebelling against the future Titans' rule over the Western United States:

Deathstroke's Titans

Deathstroke's Titans

Deathstroke created a group that he called "Titans East" specifically to take down the Teen Titans.[3]

At the conclusion of the arc, Deathstroke mused to himself that he only created the Titans East to drive his own children, current Teen Titan members Ravager and Jericho, into staying with the Teen Titans. Deathstroke believed that since he could not be a proper father to them, he would manipulate them into fully accepting the Titans as their family, thus fulfilling his twisted sense of being a good father in the end. This version of characters disbanded after the storyline ended:

Titans East Special

Promotional image of the Titans East Special.

In November 2007, DC released a one-shot special called Titans East Special, written by Judd Winick with art by Ian Churchill and Norm Rapmund. In the special, Cyborg was assembling a group of young heroes to train as the new "Titans East". These members included:

However, during an early training mission they were attacked and seriously injured or killed by an unknown assailant.[9] In Titans (vol. 2) #1, it was revealed that all but Power Boy survived. Anima, Son of Vulcan, and Lagoon Boy are comatose; Little Barda is in critical condition; Cyborg is unconscious, but in stable condition; and Hawk and Dove are in stable condition. The source of the attack is believed to be the demon Trigon, a former Titans foe.[10] Cyborg later wakes up, but, waiting for new replacement limbs, is left strapped to a hoverchair. In such diminished form, he disbands the Titans East to join the new Titans group upon discovering that Trigon's offspring may be responsible for the events.[11]

In other media

Titans East appears in Teen Titans, led by Bumblebee and consisting of Aqualad, Speedy, and Más y Menos. This version of the group serves as a sister group to the original Teen Titans, are based in their own version of Titans Tower, and was formed by Cyborg to investigate Brother Blood's activities in Steel City.


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