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This is a list of the major and minor characters featured in and/or created specifically for the Cartoon Network animated series, Teen Titans Go!.

Teen Titans


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See also: List of Teen Titans characters § Robin

The fiercest leader of the group, Robin is the only Titan who does not possess any superpowers. He primarily relies on his arsenal of weapons and tools during combat. His weapons of preference are his Birdarangs, grapple guns and multi-purpose metallic bo staff, which he is, at one point, deluded into believing is his best friend.[1] He is also incredibly agile, and is a studious scientist, detective and martial artist.

Robin's main love interest is Starfire, and he is hopelessly smitten with her. He constantly attempts to woo her, and there have been some moments between them, even one where they very nearly kissed. However, Starfire has openly said to Robin that she cares for him only as a friend.

As in the previous series, Robin is fiercely disciplined and highly serious. But there have been occasions when he can be vivacious and compassionate. Robin's role as leader is modestly parodied throughout the series; he clearly cares for his friends and constantly looks out for them. But a lot of the time he seems almost incapable of taking direction from others, preferring to take the lead role at all times and always wanting to remain in control. Robin is also at times emotionally unstable, arrogant and self-centred. However, despite his flaws he usually learns from his mistakes and tries to make amends.

His original comic book likeness is also featured briefly in "Books", and he is seen in his original comics outfit in a flashback in "Baby Hands".[2] It transpires that Robin also eventually grows up to become Nightwing in "Staring at the Future", a point which is reinforced in "Sandwich Thief".[3]


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See also: List of Teen Titans characters § Starfire

An orange-skinned, green-eyed alien princess, Starfire (real Tamaranian name Koriand'r) is formidable for her superhuman strength, faster-than-light flight, and ability to emit bright green energy bolts from either her hands or her eyes. Unlike the apathetic Raven, Starfire is a generally happy and naive person with an endlessly sunny disposition, and is relentlessly kind and polite to everyone, even to her occasional foes in battle. A new element of Starfire 's personality is that she expresses interests in self-maintenance to upkeep her appearance. She also loves desserts and kittens. However, Starfire has at best a modest mastery of both the English language and Earthen cultures, often speaking in flawed syntax, misinterpreting slang and customs, or incorporating her native Tamaranean language in her everyday speech.

Starfire is slightly modified from her previous likeness: she has a star design on the soles of her boots, and her pinkish-red hair is now thicker and reaches down to her feet. Starfire now also displays a green energy contrail when she is in flight—a feature which was carried over from the comic books, but was not seen previously in Teen Titans. However, it would seem that Starfire is able to alter the color of the aural energy, as evidenced in such episodes as "Lazy Sunday",[4] "Starfire The Terrible",[5] and "Power Moves",[6] where she is seen wielding a light purple energy.

Her original comic book likeness is also featured briefly in "Books", and she is seen in a less sexualized version of her original comics outfit in a flashback in "Baby Hands".[2] It would also be revealed that Blackfire would become the queen of her home world Tameran in "Staring At The Future".[3]


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See also: List of Teen Titans characters § Raven

Raven is a mystical half-demon with a range of superpowers based upon her skills with magic; many of these powers are derived from the spell "Azarath Metrion Zinthos." She wears a violet-blue cloak which envelops her body and casts a shadow over the upper half of her face, along with boots of the same color that characterized by a skull design, and a black unitard. She now takes after the "Dark Raven" incarnation featured in the "Titans Tomorrow" story arc; her skin tone is now closer to white than gray, and her hair is shorter and black instead of a deep violet like the original series.

Raven is of a very apathetic and acerbic nature, almost seemingly devoid of emotion, and often interacts with her teammates through means of sarcasm and occasional bouts of demonic anger. Key elements of Raven's persona from the original series are reintegrated for the new show: for example, her quick temper often causes her to bare the four glowing red eyes of her demon father Trigon. Some elements of her character have nonetheless been modified for Go!: for instance, instead of being regularly annoyed by Beast Boy, it is revealed that she is secretly interested in him romantically.[7] Additionally, Raven's dark persona is softened slightly; she admitted in the episode "April Fool's Day" that she loves pranks. She is also the only Titan who laughs at Robin's "uncle" jokes, and it was revealed in the series premiere that she is a fan of the in-universe cartoon series Pretty Pretty Pegasus.[8]

Robin categorized Raven's role in the group as "the sarcastic older sister" in "Uncle Jokes".[9] She is seen in her original comics outfit in a flashback in "Baby Hands".

Beast Boy

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Beast Boy is a young boy named for his human-to-animal metamorphism powers; he dons a purple-and-black Doom Patrol uniform, has pointed ears and green skin. He is the laid-back, sloppy and dimwitted member of the Titans, often to the extreme of being lazy and slobbish. Unlike the original series, Beast Boy is now fully capable of human speech whenever he is in his choice of animal form.

As in the comics, Beast Boy is very good friends with fellow Titan Cyborg, though their friendship would be tested at times, such as in "Pie Bros",[10] "Burger vs. Burrito",[11] and briefly in "Hey Pizza". Though he is constantly seen as a nuisance to teammate Raven, a new dynamic is added to their strained relationship when it is alluded that she is secretly attracted to him; later convinced that he and she are meant to become a couple in spite of their differences, he would make an effort to officially win her affection, nearly marrying her in the process.[12] It was revealed in "Nature" that Beast Boy's civilized lifestyle can cause him to lose his animal-morphing superpowers, and that it could only be restored by reconnecting with Mother Nature.[13]

His original comic book likeness is also featured briefly in "Books", and he is seen in his original comics outfit in a flashback in "Baby Hands".[2] Beast Boy sings a modified version of Love Won't Fade, a song written and performed by Cipes' musical group, to Terra in the Valentine's Day episode "Be Mine".[14]


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See also: List of Teen Titans characters § Cyborg

Cyborg is a tall, prideful African-American young male composed predominantly of robotic parts interwoven with his natural body. Much of his body contains an arsenal of hidden weapons, such as lasers and missiles, but now includes a range of new features he did not have previously, such as a built-in ATM,[15] a jet propulsion system that gives him flight capabilities,[8] and a cooking oven.[16] He is often coerced into being as lazy as his best friend Beast Boy, such as when he is convinced to allow Titans Tower to become overrun with magical clones of he and Beast Boy so that they could "take a vacation" from their crime-fighting duties in "Double Trouble".[17]

Unlike the original series, Cyborg is now a disembodied head connected by a small system of wires which make up a miniature body; the wiring itself can plug in and link up Cyborg's head to a fully robotic shell of a body[18] (or up to the Titans Tower's central computer system in one instance[19]), thereby making Cyborg more robot than human. However, this is often inconsistent from episode to episode, such as in the episode "You're Fired!"[20] in which Cyborg is seen as having legs which are human below the knees. Cyborg falls in love with one of the H.I.V.E enemies, Jinx, in the episode "Opposites", which becomes a recurring joke.

His original comic book likeness is featured briefly in "Books,” and he is seen in his original comics outfit in a flashback in "Baby Hands.”[2] A chibi of “Victor Stone,” his human self prior to automation, is displayed briefly in "Caged Tiger.”[21] Cyborg explains his origin story, accompanied by a thought bubble recollection of the event, in "Man Person.”[22]


Main article: Bumblebee (comics)

Bumblebee is the former leader and only female member of the Titans East from Steel City. She becomes the sixth Teen Titan in the "Super Summer Hero Camp" 5-part miniseries, which is also her first speaking role, only to leave the team eight episodes later in "The Viewers Decide". As her name suggests, she can shrink to the size of a bumblebee, fly, and sting her enemies with shocking stingers.



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Traditionally Aquaman's sidekick, Aqualad is an Atlantean hydrokinetic empath with the ability to telepathically communicate with sea creatures. Aqualad appears as the Titans' ally in "Pirates".[23] Aqualad appears as a handsome humanoid male with black hair and white-irised black eyes. He wears a two-tone blue bodysuit, along with black boots with shark decals on the soles. Aqualad regularly moonlights as a disk jockey, and regularly annoys his sea-animal friends by using them as furniture.

In "Pirates," Aqualad meets Raven and falls for her romantically. Aqualad eventually gets Raven to go out on a date with him under the sea, where he would win her over by subjecting his undersea orchestra to a vicious feeding frenzy by a trio of great white sharks. However, Aqualad's pursuit of Raven put him into conflict with Beast Boy, who also has a complex romance with Raven, prompting Raven to resolve the love triangle with a fight to the death between Aqualad and Beast Boy. Beast Boy intensely mauled and pummeled Aqualad to win Raven's favor. As Aqualad recuperates in the hospital, he would expose his pirate heritage, to the delight of Cyborg, who had suspected Aqualad of being a pirate from the very beginning.

Más y Menos

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Debuting in the previous animated series as Titans East members, Más y Menos (which translates into "Plus and Minus") are energetic, Spanish-speaking Guatemalan twin brothers who each generate a respective polarity of bio-electromagnetism that gives the tandem super-speed for as long as they are physically touching to combine their charges. As they would explain in their eponymous episode,[24] however, they cannot be separated for too long, or else their energies will build to the point that they become unstable, and their super-speed would have a cataclysmic effect on the planet.

They arrive at Titans Tower as part of a mentorship program run by Robin, who would repeatedly laud Más for his "positive attitude" while chiding Menos for being a "negative influence." While at the Tower, the brothers prove to be more insightful than their young ages would suggest, as they would teach the other Titans the value of trying new things and the importance of teamwork. Robin, incensed by what he believed to be Menos' interloping, schemes to drive Menos away so that he could have Más' undivided attention. When the brothers reunite, their overcharged energy has them uncontrollably bolting throughout the city. Robin stands in their path to separate them; he succeeds, but is horribly injured in the process.


Main article: Speedy (comics)

See also: List of Teen Titans characters § Speedy

Speedy is a red-headed superhero wearing a red-and-yellow uniform and a black Harlequin eye mask much like Robin's. He is a master of archery, and was formerly the sidekick of the Green Arrow. Made an Honorary Titan in the previous animated series, Speedy is the first such hero to be seen and given a speaking role in the spin-off.

He appears in "The Date,"[25] acting as Robin's romantic rival for Starfire's affections. Robin is later driven to kidnap Speedy and take his place on his dinner date with Starfire in an effort to sabotage their possible romance. Speedy would later free himself and steal Robin's uniform to confront him at the restaurant; they quickly learn to master each other's weapons, but Speedy (disguised as Robin) would lose to Robin (disguised as him), giving him the time to swap their clothes again—by this point, Robin's damage to Speedy's reputation was done, and Starfire was no longer interested in him. Speedy is also seen in a flashback cameo at the Titans East Dance Party in the episode "Starliar,"[26] as well as in "Dreams" during another cameo in Robin's dream sequence.[27]

The Wonder Twins

Main article: Wonder Twins

First introduced as supporting characters in the Super Friends cartoon series, The Wonder Twins are an alien brother-sister duo affiliated with the Justice League of America. Jayna, the sister, has the ability to morph into any animal and gain their respective skills, instincts and near-superhuman abilities. Zan, the brother, can morph into any form of water, whether solid, liquid, or gaseous. For them to make use of these abilities, they must first touch fists and simultaneously cry, "Wonder Twin Powers, Activate!" at which point, they may state aloud either "Shape of..." or "Form of...", followed by their respective choice of metamorphosis.

They appear in "You're Fired!,"[20] hoping to replace the fired Beast Boy in the Teen Titans. They accept, but they only want to hire Jayna; once they are told that they will need both twins for Jayna to make use of her powers, they hire Zan as well, but only to serve as the Titans' receptionist. The relationship works out well for the Titans, though not so well for Zan, who conspires with Beast Boy to sabotage Jayna's work performance so Beast Boy could get rehired. However, the Titans refuse to do so after Zan reveals their plot, and after enduring the humiliation of being called "useless" by Starfire, he flushes himself down the toilet to "join the ocean." With Jayna unable to morph into a fish to chase him, Beast Boy does it himself, ultimately scooping up liquid Zan into his mouth while morphed into a pelican and returning him to Titans Tower. With Beast Boy rehired, Jayna and Zan depart into the ocean.


The H.I.V.E. Five

Main article: H.I.V.E.

See also: List of Teen Titans characters § The H.I.V.E. Academy

The H.I.V.E. Five are a group of teen supervillains from a criminal organization known as the H.I.V.E. Academy. Thus far, they are the most recurring villain characters of Teen Titans Go!, appearing in a majority of the series' episodes as the central enemies. Brother Blood is noted as being the H.I.V.E.'s leader in one episode, and the five villains that make up the group are often simply called "The H.I.V.E." as opposed to the "H.I.V.E. Five."


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See also: List of Teen Titans characters § Gizmo

Gizmo is a diminutive boy genius with a skill in invention and engineering; like the previous series, he is again partnered regularly with the H.I.V.E. Five, acting as its leader.

Gizmo's first appearance is in "Laundry Day;"[18] with Robin locked out of Titans Tower while his uniform is being cleaned, Gizmo prepares to launch an assault on the city with his giant robot army—an assault he is forced to cancel upon noticing Robin's nudity. He later appears robbing a bank with the H.I.V.E. Five in "Super Robin,"[28] and is swiftly defeated by a tiny missile from Cyborg. Gizmo would later return as a member of the "H.I.V.E. Fivers" dodge-ball team, thereby dethroning the reigning champions "Team Titans" in "Artful Dodgers;"[29] they would later lose the title by default by being sent back to jail.

Gizmo later makes good on his threat to return with his robot army in "The Left Leg,"[30] combating the Titans' own giant robot, though Gizmo and his robots would ultimately be beaten by Robin, who happened to be piloting the episode's namesake. In "Power Moves,"[6] Gizmo returns with the H.I.V.E. Five to ransack the downtown area, but is defeated. In the course of yet another H.I.V.E. Five bank robbery, Gizmo is defeated by Cyborg, who, in lieu of using his traditional superpowers, bludgeons him with a mailbox in "No Power."[31] Gizmo appears with the H.I.V.E. Five again in "Breakfast Cheese,"[32] and is ruthlessly pummeled for loitering near a "No Loitering" sign; he does the same to the Titans later in the episode, but is eventually won over by their kindness. In the opening of "Opposites,"[33] he executes a bank robbery with the H.I.V.E. Five; once he finds out about Jinx's secret relationship with Cyborg, he forbids her from seeing him. The emotional Jinx eventually prods Gizmo into making the H.I.V.E. Five into crime-fighters, but it fails to work out as Cyborg had convinced the Titans to become criminals. Gizmo ends up welcoming the Teen Titans into the H.I.V.E. Headquarters during "In And Out,"[34] though the H.I.V.E. Five would end up moving into Titans Tower by the episode's end. Gizmo would be swiftly defeated yet again by the Titans after a bank robbery in "Money Grandma."[35]


Main article: Jinx (DC Comics)

See also: List of Teen Titans characters § Jinx

Jinx is a pink-haired, gray-skinned, doll-like teen girl who wields magic powers of her namesake which create bad luck for its targets. Though she gradually became more of a heroic character by the conclusion of Teen Titans and its tie-in comic book series, Jinx has been reverted to a villainous character for the new show.

Her debut is in "Girl's Night Out";[36] disheartened by being left out of the Boy's Night Out by Robin, Cyborg and Beast Boy, Starfire coaxes Raven to break Jinx out of jail to show them how a Girl's Night Out is done. She is eventually freed from her shackles as well, and uses her jinxing powers to un-anchor their Bumper Cars to lead police on a wild, destructive chase through the city. The three are then arrested and jailed, but they decide to break out together for another Girl's Night Out, stopping only to say hello to the boys on their Boy's Night Out. These "Girl's Nights Out" have been a recurring gag in the series since.

In "Opposites,"[33] Jinx engages in a secret relationship with the Teen Titan, Cyborg. The relationship is eventually exposed by their respective team leaders, and Jinx & Cyborg are forcibly broken up. Distraught over the break-up, Jinx convinces Gizmo to make the H.I.V.E. Five into crime-fighters, which would allow her relationship with Cyborg to be appropriate, but unbeknownst to her, Cyborg had convinced the Teen Titans to become criminals at the same time for that very same reason, which kept them both in a state of opposition. In the argument/battle that followed, they break up again, though it would appear that they seem nonetheless determined to continue the relationship in secret, as evidenced by Jinx's appearance at the Titans' Valentine's dance in "Be Mine."[14]


Main article: Mammoth (comics)

See also: List of Teen Titans characters § Mammoth

Mammoth is a feral and bestial leviathan with superhuman strength, though he appears less like a mammoth and more like a smilodon. He is regularly featured as a member of the H.I.V.E. Five, as he was before in Teen Titans.

Mammoth first appears via cameo in "Gorilla,"[37] belly-flopping onto Robin when a gorilla-morphed Beast Boy refuses to help him. He appears with the H.I.V.E. Five during a bank robbery in "Super Robin;"[28] Robin prefers to take on Mammoth because he is the largest and strongest of the group, though it proves to be difficult for the powerless Robin to accomplish on his own. Mammoth later helps the "H.I.V.E. Fivers" dodge-ball team defeat the Titans for their championship in "Artful Dodgers,"[29] though the team later loses the title by default by being sent back to jail. He briefly appears in "Books,"[2] apparently attempting to attack Starfire, but is effortlessly blasted by a Star Bolt without her even bothering to look up from the book she is reading. He returns with the H.I.V.E. Five in "Power Moves,"[6] falling prey to Cyborg and Robin's surprisingly devastating "Power Rang" power move. After yet another H.I.V.E. Five bank robbery during "No Power,"[31] Mammoth would briefly engage in a fight with Robin before he accidentally crushes himself with a car he is lifting after See-More bumps into him, causing him to drop the car onto himself.

Mammoth appears with the H.I.V.E. Five again in "Breakfast Cheese,"[32] and is ruthlessly pummeled for loitering near a "No Loitering" sign; he does the same to the non-violent Titans later in the episode, but is eventually won over by their kindness. In "Opposites,"[33] he aids in a H.I.V.E. Five bank robbery before becoming a crime-fighter in an attempt to accommodate Jinx's relationship with Cyborg. As the Teen Titans infiltrate and mitigate the destruction of the H.I.V.E. Headquarters during "In And Out,"[34] each having gained entry into the clique before they each unnecessarily assault him, Mammoth ends up moving in to Titans Tower.

In another H.I.V.E. Five exploit in the events of "Sidekick,"[38] Mammoth and the gang would take part in a crime spree after relocating to downtown Gotham City. He, along with the other H.I.V.E. Five members, nonetheless winds up defeated and jailed by the Titans at the episode's conclusion. Mammoth would also be swiftly defeated by the Titans after another bank robbery in "Money Grandma."[35]

Billy Numerous

See also: List of Teen Titans characters § Billy Numerous

Billy Numerous is a member of the H.I.V.E. Five with the ability to generate clones of himself. He wears a red bodysuit with a division symbol on its chest as well as on the soles of its boots.

Like the other members of the H.I.V.E. Five, Billy first appears in "Super Robin,"[28] loading a truck with the money bags from a bank they are robbing. The Teen Titans arrives to stop them; he attempts to outnumber and overpower Starfire, but he and his clones are quickly incinerated by her Star Bolts. Numerous is also seen with the H.I.V.E. Five when they return in "Artful Dodgers;"[29] though they end up captured by the Titans following a robbery of a museum, Billy later appears as an alternate alongside See-More on the "H.I.V.E. Fivers" dodge-ball team. Billy would return with his fellow H.I.V.E. Five members in "Power Moves;"[6] though he would try to outnumber the duo of Beast Boy and Cyborg, he and his duplicates would be defeated by their "Thunder Alley K-O" power move. In "No Power,"[31] he returns with the H.I.V.E. Five for yet another bank robbery; though she was barred from using her superpowers at the time due to a bet with Robin, Raven manages to defeat a duo of Billy clones using her walker as a weapon.

Billy Numerous would again accompany the H.I.V.E. Five in their latest crime spree upon their relocation to Gotham City during "Sidekick;"[38] though seen enamored by the light show generated by the Ultimate Batarang, he and a series of his clones are defeated, seen mounted to walls by Batarangs after attempting to flee. Numerous also makes a non-physical cameo in "Caged Tiger,"[21] seen in one of the many images which line the interior of the Titans Tower elevator. Billy appears with the H.I.V.E. Five again in "Breakfast Cheese,"[32] and is ruthlessly pummeled for loitering near a "No Loitering" sign; he does the same to the Titans later in the episode, but is eventually won over by their kindness. In "Opposites,"[33] he aids in a H.I.V.E. Five bank robbery before becoming a crime-fighter in an attempt to accommodate Jinx's relationship with Cyborg. As the Teen Titans infiltrate and mitigate the destruction of the H.I.V.E. Headquarters during "In And Out,"[34] Billy and his clones end up moving into Titans Tower. Numerous would be swiftly defeated yet again by the Titans after a bank robbery in "Money Grandma."[35]


See also: List of Teen Titans characters § See-More

Another member of the H.I.V.E. Five, See-More is a young African-American male wearing a helmet with multiple interchangeable super-powered eyeballs. He debuts as a member of the H.I.V.E. Five as their getaway driver in "Super Robin".[28] When the Titans arrive to stop them, See-More faces off against Raven; he is quickly defeated when she uses her powers to smash him against a wall. See-More participates in a museum robbery with the H.I.V.E. Five in "Artful Dodgers;"[29] they tie a group of hostages to a time bomb that See-More's helmet is wired up to in an attempt to provide cover for their escape, though they wind up captured anyway while the time bomb itself is stopped after Starfire cracks See-More's visor to stop the clock. Later in the same episode, See-More would appear as an alternate alongside Billy Numerous on the "H.I.V.E. Fivers" dodge-ball team, though he would be arrested along with the other teammates at the episode's conclusion. See-More returns with the H.I.V.E. Five, only to be defeated by the "Power Ball Shuffle" at the hands of Cyborg and Beast Boy in "Power Moves."[6] In the course of yet another H.I.V.E. Five bank robbery in "No Power,"[31] Beast Boy, barred from using his superpowers, uses an Angry Kitty against See-More; blinded by the cat mauling at his head and face in a "cat-nado," he accidentally stumbles into Mammoth, causing him to drop a car atop the both of them.

He appears with the H.I.V.E. Five again in "Breakfast Cheese,"[32] and is ruthlessly pummeled for loitering near a "No Loitering" sign; See-More would do the same to the non-violent Titans later in the episode, but is eventually won over by their kindness. In "Opposites,"[33] he aids in a H.I.V.E. Five bank robbery before becoming a crime-fighter in an attempt to accommodate Jinx's relationship with Cyborg. As the Teen Titans infiltrate and mitigate the destruction of the H.I.V.E. Headquarters during "In And Out,"[34] See-More ends up moving in to Titans Tower. See-More would also be swiftly defeated by the Titans after a H.I.V.E. Five bank robbery in "Money Grandma."[35]

See-More would later accompany the H.I.V.E. Five in "Sidekick;"[38] enveloped in a smoke screen, he is knocked out by a brass-knuckled punch to the eye by Robin and sent to jail along with his H.I.V.E. cohorts.


Main article: Deathstroke

See also: List of Teen Titans characters § Slade

Slade is a masked supervillain and the archenemy of the Teen Titans, who is referenced and has brief cameos multiple times in the show before making his first speaking appearance as the main antagonist in Teen Titans Go! To the Movies.

Through the film, Slade poses as female director Jade Wilson (voiced by Kristen Bell), distracting all the world's superheroes by making films about them while stealing various components from the cities they protect in order to create a mind control device and take over the world. He initially views the Titans as a joke and no threat to him, but after they put up a serious battle and recover one of the components from him, he schemes to split Robin from his teammates as Jade with the allure of giving him his own movie. Slade eventually steals back the component and destroys the Titans' tower, before activating his device and turning the mind controlled superheroes on the Titans. He pilots a giant robot to fight the Titans during the film's final confrontation, but is defeated and his device destroyed.


Main article: Trigon (comics)

See also: List of Teen Titans characters § Trigon The Terrible

Trigon is a malevolent intergalactic demon and the biological father of Raven. He is also the first major villain from Teen Titans to make an appearance in Teen Titans Go!.

In "Raven's Daddy Dearest" (alternatively titled "Dog Hand"),[39] he arrives on Earth to visit Raven, though the news makes her very irritable. Playing the role of a fatherly figure in a sitcom, complete with laugh tracks and a sweater vest, he gradually wins over Raven's teammates by way of a charm offensive; after seducing each of them with special powers from his magic, the Titans are convinced that Trigon isn't as bad as Raven believes and encourages her to take his life advice. Unbeknownst to them, however, Trigon's plans for Raven entails her embracing the dark magic with which she is born thereby making her a full demon, the final phase of which involves Raven killing all of her friends as they beg for mercy. The close call prompts an immediate change of heart, and instigates a brief fight between Trigon and the Titans; Raven then transports Trigon back to his own dimension, though she expects him to likely return on Thanksgiving.

Trigon would reappear in Raven's dream sequence as a silhouette of himself in his fiery dimension during "Dreams",[27] and is also referenced in the episode "Brain Food;"[40] written on a blank page inside Raven's Spell Book are the words, "To Raven -- Love, Dad." He physically appears in "Thanksgiving", like Raven expected, where he attempts to make Cyborg, and later Batman, the Thanksgiving Turkey.

In "Caramel Apples", Trigon is sad that Raven didn't get him anything for Father's Day, causing Starfire to feel sorry for him and then offers to be his acting daughter. Trigon happily accepts, making Raven jealous, and causing Starfire and Raven to fight nearly to the death, which Trigon had been anticipating, getting him sent back to his dimension.

In the crossover film Teen Titans Go! vs. Teen Titans, Trigon learns that Raven's gem has cracked and allies himself with the Trigon of another universe who was destroyed by his Raven. Ultimately, due to his counterpart's abuse before and after being fully revived, the alliance fell apart with Trigon eating his other universal counterpart to transform into a more powerful four-armed centaur version of himself called Hexagon. After a fierce battle with all the Titans from every universe and a fusion of all the Ravens called "The Unkindness", Trigon is reverted to his original state, rendering his counterpart incorporeal again and he is then exiled to a zombie universe.


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See also: List of Teen Titans characters § Terra

Terra is a young blonde blue-eyed teen girl with the elemental ability to control, manipulate and reshape earthen materials, particularly soil, dirt, stone, concrete, and rock. Unlike the previous animated series, Terra apparently has no romantic interest in Beast Boy whatsoever, and has evil intentions from the very beginning. Also, much unlike her counterpart from the original show, she has full control over her geokinetic abilities.

Posing as his "sweetheart", she appears in "Terra-ized,"[7] manipulating the love-struck Beast Boy to surrender critical security information on the team. All the while, she arouses the suspicions of Raven, even as the other Titans dismiss Raven's suspicions as her being insanely jealous of Terra's relationship with Beast Boy. Terra later gathers all of the Titans' most sensitive data and prepares to eliminate the team as planned; as she prepares to crush Beast Boy with a giant boulder, Raven frees herself and fights Terra, eventually succeeding in drawing her into a vortex and banishing her to another dimension, being absorbed to her apparent death. It is revealed in the special Valentine's Day episode, "Be Mine,"[14] that Terra is left stranded in an alternate dimension which is used by the Teen Titans to dispose of their garbage. She is left there for six months until Cyborg accidentally reveals Terra's whereabouts and Beast Boy schemes to free her. Learning that all five Titans would be gathered together later that evening for a Valentine's dance, Terra seeks to carry out her revenge plot there, again manipulating Beast Boy to break her into a weapons bunker to develop a set of gauntlets to boost her powers. Raven secretly exposes Terra's plot to Beast Boy, who serenades Terra once she launches her attack. She seems as though she has finally softened on Beast Boy until Raven, partly fueled by jealousy, reignites their fight and sends Terra back to the wasteland, but not before Beast Boy throws himself into the portal with her.

In "Rocks and Water," she is revealed to going out with Aqualad, Raven's former romantic interest. But due to Raven and Beast Boy's meddling, she broke up with Aqualad.


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Featured as the main villainess of "Mr. Butt," Blackfire arrives on Earth to seek her younger sister Starfire's help in fending off a horde of robotic enemies, and to allegedly pay her a visit. After they succeed in driving the robots away, Blackfire would later dress Starfire up as her, tricking the robots into taking her away to an intergalactic prison in Blackfire's place. Betrayed once again, Starfire uses her unjust incarceration to focus on a revenge plot while Blackfire makes herself at home in Titans Tower. Blackfire even lusts after Robin and his particularly firm backside much of the time, bestowing him the nickname of the episode's namesake. Incensed by Blackfire's latest betrayal, the other Titans resolve to teach Blackfire how to improve her attitude towards Starfire, an effort she laughs off until she comes to realize that Starfire loves her no matter what, and is likely the only person who never gave up on her. Though Blackfire's disposition improves with the Titans' tutelage, it does very little to stop the onslaught of an enraged Starfire, who breaks out of prison and takes her revenge. Following Blackfire's appeal for mercy, which is met by an especially furious burst of bright green ultraviolet energy, the two sisters return to Titans Tower.

Brother Blood

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Brother Blood, again portrayed as the Headmaster of the H.I.V.E. Academy, is a sinister cult leader with hypnotic powers. He first appears in Teen Titans Go! in a cameo during the episode "Legs,"[41] suffering the "Boot-A-Rang" attack from Lady Legasus, but is featured as the main villain of "Waffles."[42]

Luring Robin, Raven and Starfire to an abandoned warehouse with a false S.O.S., he captures them with the intent to steal their access codes to the Titans Tower defense system. Instead of falling prey to Blood's Pain Bot, the threesome surrenders their passwords without a fight. Still needing Cyborg and Beast Boy's passwords, Blood lures them to the warehouse as well and succeeds in capturing them, but the plot hits a snag when–as the episode's title suggests–Cyborg and Beast Boy are in the midst of a challenge in which the two can only say "waffles." Even when subjected to the Pain Bot's torture, the two refused to crack, which gives Robin, Starfire and Raven the idea to endlessly say "waffles" themselves. Driven mad by the Titans' intransigence, Blood hops atop Pain Bot and flees. Brother Blood would return as the main villain in "Little Buddies,"[43] taking a thrashing from the Titans until he summons Pain Bot; the tide turns until Robin's exploding Birdarang destroys Pain Bot's remote and takes Brother Blood out of commission. Although it is never revealed how he survived his fate in "Little Buddies", he later would reappear in a cameo during "I See You," in which he is seen eating a sandwich at a diner, doing his best to ignore Cyborg and Beast Boy as they conspicuously stake him out.[44]

Control Freak

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Control Freak is an overweight geek who specializes in pop culture and various electronics. He first appears in Robin's dream getting flicked in the head then flying away in "Nose Mouth". In "Friendship" he appears getting beaten up by The Titans with the exception of Raven who is watching Pretty Pretty Pegasus. He mentions that he likes how they solve problems without violence. Though after he mentions that he gets pummeled by the Titans. He then gets furious and teleports them into Raven's favorite TV show, Pretty Pretty Pegasus. Following the episode "The Fourth Wall", hinting to have reality-manipulation abilities as he claimed to canceled the previous series, Control Freak's appearances involve him placing the Titans in situations to prove their show is inferior to classic television as depicted in "Classic Titans" and "Cartoon Feud".

In the five-part "Island Adventures" week event, Control Freak stranded the Titans on a counterfeit island with their memories wiped to place them in a reality television show for the benefit of every villain. Although he and the other Teen Titans villains present were defeated by the Teen Titans and the auxiliary characters they befriended, Control Freak unleashes the second wave of viewers consisting of the classic DC Comics supervillains and Slade.


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Cinderblock is a large concrete monster, and was also the first villain character to appear in the original Teen Titans series. Ported from the DC Animated Universe into the main DC Universe in the time since, Cinderblock returns for the new Teen Titans Go! series.

A distraught Robin first fights Cinderblock in "Staff Meeting,"[1] uncontrollably sobbing the whole time over his broken staff. Unable to do any real harm in his mournful state, Cinderblock quickly dispatches Robin with a single punch. Cinderblock later returns in a cameo as the apparent captain of the "Block Heads" dodge-ball team during "Artful Dodgers."[29] Cinderblock would reappear to attack a train yard in the opening of "Starfire The Terrible,"[5] but he would be literally 'disarmed' and defeated by Robin from behind the wheel of his Robin-cycle for his self-declared "Motorcycle Monday" crime-fighting ritual. In "Man Person", Cinderblock punches Beast Boy so hard, his fist gets stuck on Beast boy's face, leaving a nasty scar. Cinderblock is also briefly seen in "Legs,"[41] as the recipient of Lady Legasus's "Lightning Leg" attack.

Dr. Light

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Dr. Light is an otherwise normal man who uses a suit powered by light energy to commit crimes (particularly bank robberies), and often runs afoul of the Teen Titans. His most common attack is the firing of laser beams.

He first appears in "Staff Meeting,"[1] laughing uncontrollably at the sight of Robin's broken and haphazardly reassembled staff; Robin tries to use the broken staff against him regardless, but Light quickly blasts him away. Dr. Light returns in a cameo during "Artful Dodgers" as the apparent captain of the "Fluorescent Force" dodge-ball team.[29] He appears once again in "Colors of Raven,"[45] having blown up a museum and in possession of a mysterious prism which later splits Raven into her emotional selves. Prior to this, however, Raven manages to teleport him into a prison cell.

In the events of "Caged Tiger,"[21] Light–now voiced by his original voice actor–returns for a new attack on the Titans, but decides to hold off on it as a result of the male Titans being trapped in the elevator at Titans Tower; he is on the verge of renouncing his villainy and joining the Teen Titans following a friendly lunch with Raven and Starfire, but changes his mind and swears vengeance after he is relentlessly pummeled by Robin, Cyborg, and Beast Boy.

Dr. Light would return with another speaking role as the main foe of "I See You;" as Robin teaches Starfire the finer points of a stakeout, Starfire takes the lessons to heart and becomes "The Jeff," and uses her newfound investigatory skills to lead the pair to Doctor Light, who has undertaken a plan to create crystal death rays under the guise of a chandelier shop. He would become crushed by one of his own chandeliers once his evil plan is exposed.[44]

Killer Moth

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An evil scientist that experiments with moth larvae, Killer Moth first appears in "Missing,"[46] hoping to reclaim his pet-slash-specimen, "Larva M3-19," otherwise known as Silkie. Offering a reward for his return, Robin, Cyborg, and Beast Boy decide to cash in, swiping Silkie from Starfire and exchanging him for the money. The menacing villain gushes with emotion upon Silkie's return, uncharacteristically sobbing and babying him in front of the male Titans. Starfire, distraught by Silkie's loss, annoys Raven to the point that they teleport to his cocoon to see Silkie with his original owner; they soon find that Killer Moth plots to mutate Silkie into a monster, but the process fails when Silkie emerges from the chemical stew "even cuter" in a gigantic size.

He returns in the two-part episode "The Streak", in which the Titans attempts to stop his plans so Robin can continue his streak of stopping 52 crimes every year, but fail, allowing Killer Moth to create a giant monster from a maggot and nuclear waste. Later, he and his monster are defeated by Robin and his new team of Teen Titans, composing of Beast Boy, Tooth Fairy, Santa Claus, and Sticky Joe.


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Plasmus is a brown protoplasmic slime monster with multiple green eyes which seemingly acts without rational thought and seeks only to destroy. He first appears in "You're Fired!",[20] inexplicably on another planet charting a path of destruction towards a nuclear plant which would explode if attacked. The Titans arrive to stop him, but they are outmatched by Plasmus as Beast Boy grapples with the decision of what animal to morph into, a decision that would come too late as Plasmus destroys the planet. Plasmus resurfaces on Earth later in the same episode in a fight with the Titans—a fight that would end prematurely when Jayna accidentally slams into her teammates by way of Zan's sabotage.

Plasmus would "return" as part of Robin's dream sequence, appearing as one of the villains terrorizing Starfire in the opening of "Nose Mouth".[47]


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See also: List of Teen Titans characters § The Brain

Debuting as the main villain of "Brian",[48] The Brain, as his name suggests, is a human brain which is preserved in a mobile life-support unit framed with an evil skull design. The Brain is often partnered with his subordinate, Monsieur Mallah, and is also the leader of the Brotherhood of Evil.

It would turn out that The Brain was responsible for a crime alert which interrupted the Titans' surprise birthday party for Beat Box and Birdarang; unbeknownst to the Titans' little buddies who had kept the party going, The Brain had captured the five Titans, stolen their powers, and held them prisoner for eight months. Eventually the fivesome of Dave, Pain Bot, Super Robin, Beat Box and Bird-A-Rang would realize the Titans are in distress and proceeds in mounting their rescue, eventually succeeding in reaching the heart of his fortress, in which The Brain would unveil a giant suit of armor fueled by the Titans' stolen superpowers, known as the Brain's Robotic Indestructable Armor Nexus, or Project B.R.I.A.N., for short. Brain is easily able to best most of the little buddies until he "kills" Beat Box, which causes a vengeful Birdarang to fight Brain to the finish, shattering the vials containing the Titans' powers and deactivating Brain's battle suit.

The Brain returns in "40%, 40%, 20%" in which he imprisons the Titans except Cyborg, who had been suspended until he could learn how to perform basic tasks without aid from his favorite song "The Night Begins to Shine". After using his song to get past The Brain's henchmen in the alternate plain of existence the song creates, The Brain crushes the tape, rendering Cyborg helpless, until the other Titans start singing the song, giving Cyborg new strength, and allowing him to defeat the Brain.

The Brain also returns in "Shrimps and Prime Rib", in which he steals a generator to power a new, large robot body. While the Titans are able to defeat The Brain's robots; Monsieur Mallah, the generator, and The Brain himself are defeated/destroyed by Kid Flash, Aqualad, Bumblebee, and Batman.

Monsieur Mallah

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See also: List of Teen Titans characters § Monsieur Mallah

The partner-in-crime of The Brain, Monsieur Mallah is a large African gorilla sporting a Bandolier and armed with a laser rifle. In "Brian", Mallah confronts the Teen Titans' little buddies as they attempt to rescue the Titans. Super Robin is able to best him for a short time, but Mallah eventually succeeds in capturing the five little buddies. Mallah carries the distraught fivesome deeper into the compound, but following a pep talk from Bird-A-Rang, the little buddies manage to break free and overpower Mallah.[48]

He returns with The Brain in "40%, 40%, 20%", and "Shrimps and Prime Rib".


Main article: Rose Wilson

Ravager is the daughter of Slade. She's been in multiple episodes as a friend and enemy, switching sides from episode to episode. She has been friends with Raven, Raven being her favorite of the Teen Titans was short lived, then came back once she asked for help.

Mother Mae-Eye

See also: List of Teen Titans characters § Mother Mae-Eye

The first Teen Titans-exclusive villain to appear in Teen Titans Go!, Mother Mae-Eye is a sinister witch who is often camouflaged as a harmless and kindly old woman. She first appears in "Pie Bros,"[10] the second half of the show's premiere episode.

As the proprietor of the pie shop, Mother Mae-Eye's Pies, it acts as the local hang-out for the Teen Titans; the five heroes enjoy eating here, with Robin and Starfire stating that her pies are "the best in Jump City," even as Raven comments on a rumor that Mae-Eye's secret ingredient for her pies is people. This suspicion is confirmed by several scenes throughout the episode showing her hypnotizing other patrons in the shop and leading them into the kitchen. Beast Boy works in Mae-Eye's shop to earn money for a birthday gift for Cyborg, as the other Titans conduct the party in Mae-Eye's shop. As Beast Boy and Cyborg are later distracted by getting into a pie-throwing fight, Mother Mae-Eye comes out and hypnotizes Robin, Raven and Starfire, preparing to bake them into her pies. After Beast Boy and Cyborg resolve their differences, they are served a trio of pies seemingly made out of their teammates, which they recklessly devour; however, it would be revealed in a widened shot that Raven, Robin and Starfire had survived and defeated Mother Mae-Eye off-screen.

Mother Mae-Eye would return with a speaking role as the main villain of the episode, "Grandma Voice."[49] Armed with her magical wooden spoon and rollers, she holds the Titans at bay for some time until she is chased off by Cyborg, who begins to become possessed by his grandmother's voice. In an effort to get Cyborg back to normal, the other Titans return to Mother Mae-Eye's Pies to entrap themselves into her pie-making machine to lure Cyborg and Mother Mae-Eye into having a "Grandma Fight." In that fight, Mae-Eye "knocks some sense" into Cyborg, separating the "Grandma" part of his personality from his body. Though Mother Mae-Eye tries to escape after doing so, Cyborg–now in his right mind–would blast her from the sky.


See also: List of Teen Titans characters § Mumbo

Mumbo, also known as The Amazing Mumbo and Mumbo Jumbo, is a turquoise-skinned stage magician who uses his tools of the trade for criminal purposes. He uses a magic wand as his main weapon. Mumbo makes his first appearance as the main villain of "Real Magic".[50]

Mumbo is confronted by the Teen Titans as he is in the middle of robbing the Yum Yum Kitty Diner, but is later swept into doing an impromptu magic show for the bedazzled heroes. After bilking the Titans out of their money, claiming he "made it disappear," he is stopped from escaping by the magical Raven, who teleports him into a prison cell.

Before he makes his first physical appearance, Mumbo is referenced on a casino marquee, which reads "Performing Tonight: Mumbo Jumbo," during "Driver's Ed."[51]

Mad Mod

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Mad Mod is an elderly British man who has plans to gain power. He wields a special cane that enables him to drain the youth out of anyone.

Santa Claus

See also: Santa Claus

Santa Claus is the mascot of Christmas and a reoccurring nemesis of the Teen Titans, usually attempting to take over the other holidays or going after the Teen Titans. Their view of Santa as a nemesis and his evil actions are comedically more serious than most of the other villains.

Other characters

Pain Bot

Pain Bot is a robotic torture device built by Brother Blood. Armed with multiple mechanical limbs with pain-inflicting implements, Pain Bot actually instills more terror into the Titans than Brother Blood does. It only makes one of two statements in any given episode: "PAIN," or "ALL I KNOW IS PAIN." Pain Bot debuts in "Waffles".[42]

Summoned by Blood to coerce the access codes out of Robin, Raven and Starfire, the three give up easily once they see what Pain Bot is capable of. When Beast Boy and Cyborg are later captured for their own passwords, they are subjected to Pain Bot when they refuse to stop saying "waffles" for every word, and even allow themselves to be tortured to the point of mutilation because of it. Brother Blood himself is driven mad when all five Titans take to saying "waffles," and hops aboard Pain Bot to flee the warehouse. Brother Blood and Pain Bot return in "Little Buddies;"[43] after Blood's defeat, Cyborg takes a liking to Pain Bot and adopts him as his "little buddy" in spite of the other Titans' protests. To settle the matter, Cyborg calls for a "Little Buddy Showdown" to determine which of the Titans' little buddies can stay at the Tower; Pain Bot goes on to defeat Beast Boy's pet wolf Dave, Raven's interdimensional demon, Bird-A-Rang & Beat Box, the "New Staff" Universe Branch, and the Super Robin. However, once Pain Bot reaches the Final Round against Starfire's "little buddy" Silkie, he is swiftly and ferociously devoured, but survived.

Pain Bot, apparently fully reformed, returns in the events of "Brian" to help celebrate the birthdays of Bird-A-Rang and Beat Box. Along with Dave and Super Robin, the group of Little Buddies hardly notice anything amiss when the Titans leave the party for a crime alert and don't return for eight months. Once they realize the Titans are in trouble, Pain Bot would partake in the mission to rescue them from The Brain.[48]

Beat Box

Beat Box is one of the creations made by Cyborg and Robin in "Power Moves"[6] after Robin becomes enamored with the concept in said episode. Their first attempt at merging things of theirs takes place with Robin's staff and Cyborg's boombox; the end result somehow produces a living boombox with a punctured speaker, with Robin's staff acting as its arms & legs. It can't speak, but it can play music on its own, and it loves to dance. Beat Box accompanies Robin, Cyborg, and the equally self-aware Birdarang brought to life with Cyborg's motherboard throughout the episode, especially after Robin makes himself at home within Cyborg's body in what he deems "the ultimate merging of their powers." Beat Box appears again in a cameo at the Teen Titans' Valentine's Day dance in "Be Mine,"[14] and competes as part of a double-team with Bird-A-Rang against Pain Bot in "Little Buddies,"[43] but as they chose to dance rather than fight, they end up losing easily to Pain Bot; bashed to a wreck, the broken Beat Box is seen discarded in an alley, being used to provide a foothold for one of the "ninja turtles" briefly seen in "Mas Y Menos."[24]

Beat Box resurfaces in a cameo with Bird-A-Rang as co-stars of a television show during "Puppets, Whaaaaat?".[52] In the events of "Brian," Beat Box and Bird-A-Rang are invited to Titans Tower for their surprise birthday party; while they and the other little buddies continue the festivities after the Titans leave the party for a crime alert, they come to realize (8 months later) that the team had actually been captured by The Brain. Beat Box and Bird-A-Rang along with Dave, Pain Bot and Super Robin would go on to mount a rescue mission, and Beat Box would make the ultimate sacrifice when he leaps in front of Bird-A-Rang to take a Sonic Blast which causes him to shut down. After Bird-A-Rang defeats The Brain and the Titans are freed, Beat Box is "brought back to life" when Cyborg simply replaces his set of batteries.[48]


See also: Batarang § Other characters and versions

One of Robin's trademark projectile weapons, Bird-A-Rang is a Birdarang which is capable of free thought and human speech. Though first seen pulled from Silkie's mouth during the events of "Books,"[2] it is first seen in a true character's capacity in the later episode "Power Moves."[6] It is unknown how the Bird-A-Rang got its ability to talk prior to "Power Moves," nor how it came to be eaten by Silkie in the interim; it is possible that "Books" and "Power Moves" were just simply aired out of their correct order.

After Robin becomes enamored with the concept of a "Power Move" in said episode, he works with Cyborg to merge other things of theirs, one such combination taking place between Cyborg's high-tech motherboard and one of Robin's ordinary Birdarangs. The merger brings the Bird-A-Rang to life somehow with an ability to float and a beak which allows him to speak, and he accompanies the threesome of Robin, Cyborg, and the equally self-aware merger of Cyborg's boombox and Robin's staff throughout the episode, especially after Robin makes himself at home within Cyborg's body in what he deems "the ultimate merging of their powers." Bird-A-Rang often comments sarcastically upon the failed "power" merges that Cyborg and Robin would later go on to attempt; i.e., as with their 'Snack Combo', "Now that's a mouthful," with their 'Fashion Combo', "That's a fashion no-no," and their unnamed sport combo, "Smooth move, bro."

Bird-A-Rang would return in the events of "Little Buddies,"[43] representing Team Robin along with New Staff, Super Robin and Beat Box in the "Little Buddy Showdown." Bird-A-Rang partners with the latter in a two-on-one match against Team Cyborg's Pain Bot, but they instead "break it down" with a dance number. Pain Bot hammers Beat Box into defeat and flicks away Bird-A-Rang as a result. The two later reappear as apparent stars of their own television show during "Puppets, Whaaaaat?",[52] and are the focal characters of "Brian" when Bird-A-Rang must lead the team of little buddies on a rescue mission to save the Titans from The Brain. During the rescue, Beat Box takes a killer blow from The Brain as he pilots his Project B.R.I.A.N. exoskeleton, prompting the vengeful Bird-A-Rang to retrofit its aerodynamic boomerang shape to morph into a small, sleek anthropomorphic battle robot to fight The Brain. Bird-A-Rang would defeat The Brain by shattering the vials containing the Titans' powers, depowering Brain's armor and giving the rejuvenated Titans the ability to free themselves. Bird-A-Rang would mourn the loss of his "bro" until Beat Box's batteries are replaced, bringing him back to life.[48]

Super Robin

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In an effort to gain superpowers, Robin attempts to instigate a freak laboratory accident between himself and a bird of his namesake in a teleportation chamber which merges their genetic codes. While Robin unintentionally ends up mutating himself into a humanoid bird creature as a result, the bird which seeded the DNA ends up inheriting Robin's acrobatic agility, a black mask, and miniature versions of Robin's arsenal. The bird regularly appears throughout the episode "Super Robin,"[28] coming into frame long enough to swipe an object away from someone and quickly repel away with it on a grapple gun. It would return briefly to swipe an ice cream cone away from a little girl in the "Lazy Sunday".[4]

The bird returns during the Bird Party in "Birds,"[53] in which he is seen relentlessly flirting with Raven to her chagrin. He also competes against Pain Bot as a member of Robin's team in "Little Buddies,"[43] but is swiftly defeated. Super Robin would make a return during "Brian" as one of the guests at Bird-A-Rang & Beat Box's surprise birthday party; Super Robin is the first to acknowledge the Titans' capture eight months into their party, and is even able to hold his own for a short time against Monsieur Mallah during the Little Buddies' rescue mission.[48]


See also: List of Teen Titans characters § Silkie

As elaborated upon from the "Date With Destiny" and "Can We Keep Him?" episodes of Teen Titans, Silkie was once a mutated moth larva created by Killer Moth for villainous purposes, but would then be adopted by the Titans as their official pet. First raised by Beast Boy, Silkie would later bond with Starfire.

Silkie is a recurring figure at Titans Tower and is absent in very few episodes; multiple portraits of Silkie can also be found throughout the tower, including one of him in a bumblebee costume and with him dressed as Batman in another. As before, Silkie is easily agitated when unfed and is capable of eating anything and everything when he is in a fit of hunger. Silkie is modestly redesigned for the new show; he is now given the appearance of a light pink maggot with a tri-sectioned thorax, as opposed to the pale elliptical silkworm appearance he had before.

The first episode in which Silkie is the focal character is "La Larva de Amor,"[54] in which he has a telenovela-styled adventure complete with damsel-in-distress Sonia and her crime-boss ex-fiancée Carlos. Silkie—accidentally granted magical intelligence by Beast boy—has to save the world from a giant asteroid by himself in "Brain Food."[40] Silkie would go on to win the "Little Buddy Showdown" by devouring Pain Bot in the final round during "Little Buddies,"[43] and is given his first speaking role after being reunited with Killer Moth and subsequently mutated into a giant version of himself with butterfly wings and an ability to talk in the conclusion of "Missing."[46]

Guest appearances

  • He is referenced in several episodes.
  • Romantically matched to Starfire by Cyborg's Love Matcher computer program; he is repeatedly referenced throughout the episode in the Aquaman Annual magazine and is first seen in person as Starfire's date to Raven and Beast Boy's wedding in "Matched"[12] (First Appearance)
  • Aquaman appears as a judge in "Justice League's Next Top Talent Idol Star."
  • First seen dancing at the first annual Titans East Dance Party in "Starliar"[26] (First Appearance)
  • Starfire wears Batgirl's uniform throughout much of "Sidekick"[38]
  • Appears thirty years into the future as the wife of Nightwing and a mother of three in "Staring At The Future"[3]
Appears in Black Friday in the mall with various other DC characters.
  • Batman is either seen or is otherwise referenced at least once per episode
  • First seen in person fishing on the Batboat with Commissioner Gordon.[54] (First Appearance)
  • Seen laughing with Commissioner Gordon in an alley-parked police car in "Girl's Night Out"[36]
  • Batman is referenced roughly a dozen times in "Sidekick"[38] as a result of the episode being partly set in the Batcave and downtown Gotham City; he is featured most prominently with Robin in both a photograph and a thought bubble, by a panicked Robin's mimic, through a copy of the Batman: Year One graphic novel seen on a shelf in the Batcave, and with his appearance alongside Commissioner Gordon at a picnic watching the Ultimate Batarang's laser light show in the LAST TUESDAY flashback
  • Batman answers the door at Wayne Manor in uniform (and with Commissioner Gordon) after being pranked by the Titans' game of Ding Dong Ditch to find his mermaid fountain vandalized in Batgirl's image during "Slumber Party;"[55] is also referenced by a Batman figurine in a toy Batmobile seen during Cyborg's slumber party flashback and by a quilted mock framed portrait of the Batman symbol in Robin's blanket fort.
  • Batman appears as a judge in "Justice League's Next Top Talent Idol Star."
  • Batman also appears in "TV Knight", "TV Knight 2", "TV Knight 3", "TV Knight 4", "TV Knight 5", and "TV Knight 6" in which he is more interested in watching clips than what is transpiring around him.
  • First seen fishing on the Batboat with Batman in "La Larva de Amor"[54]
  • Seen laughing with Batman in an alley-parked police car in "Girl's Night Out"[36]
  • Appears with Batman at a picnic watching the Ultimate Batarang's laser light show in the LAST TUESDAY flashback during "Sidekick"[38]
  • Appears at Wayne Manor with Batman and laughs with him after he is pranked by the Titans in "Slumber Party"[55]
He appears in the Season 6 episode 35 "Huggbees". The Teen Titans summon him to help fight Brain when he collaborates with Lobe. When Freakazoid mentions that he can't do a crossover unless Steven Spielberg approves, Robin sends Steven Spielberg a text about it and gets his approval which Robin states to Freakazoid.
A brain-headed villain who is the archenemy of Freakazoid. He appears in the episode "Huggbees" where Brain allies with him in one of his plots causing the Teen Titans to enlist Freakazoid.
A police sergeant who is Freakazoid's police contact and friend.
  • Voice actor: Himself
The narrator and announcer of Freakazoid!
The Powerpuff Girls appears in "TTG vs. PPG" where they pursue Mojo Jojo to Jump City.
An evil chimpanzee with an abnormally-large brain who is the Powerpuff Girls' archenemy. He traveled to Jump City to take advantage of the Teen Titans as he deemed them incompetant.
  • Voice actor: Nicolas Cage (in "Teen Titans Go! To the Movies")
  • Superman appears as a judge in "Justice League's Next Top Talent Idol Star."
  • Superman appears in "TV Knight 3" at Batman's birthday party.
The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles make a cameo in "Truth, Justice, and What?"
The Teen Titans interacted with the version of the ThunderCats from ThunderCats Roar. The 80s Lion-O appeared from cartoon heaven where he mentioned that ThunderCats Roar has become a good successor to the original cartoon. The 80's Snarf was seen in a cave with the 2011 Lion-O.
  • Voice actor: Halsey (in "Teen Titans Go! To the Movies")
  • Wonder Woman appears as a judge in "Justice League's Next Top Talent Idol Star."
  • Wonder Woman appears in "TV Knight 3" at Batman's birthday party.


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