Nuclear Family
Publication information
PublisherDC Comics
First appearanceOutsiders #1 (November 1985)
Created byJim Aparo
Mike W. Barr
In-story information

The Nuclear Family is the name of a group of supervillains in DC Comics. Created by Jim Aparo and Mike W. Barr for the first issue of Outsiders, they are androids designed by a dying nuclear scientist to resemble himself and his deceased family.

The Nuclear Family made their first live adaptation in the DC Universe series' first season of Titans, where they were portrayed by Jeff Clarke, Melody Johnson, Jeni Ross, Logan Thompson, and Zach Smadu.

Publication history

The Nuclear Family first appeared in Outsiders #1 and were created by Jim Aparo and Mike W. Barr.

Fictional team history

An early nuclear science researcher named Dr. Eric Shanner made some careless mistakes during his research which ended up exposing him and his family to dangerous levels of radiation. His family died and he was rendered ill with radiation poisoning. Afterward, Dr. Shanner made a vow to teach the world about the dangers of radiation. His began years later by building six androids resembling a younger version of his family, including himself. Each android was equipped with powers matching the various effects of nuclear weapons. Dr. Shanner then sent them to destroy the city of Los Angeles where they managed to damage the Esperanza Canyon Nuclear Power Plant during its opening day. When the Nuclear Family returned the next day to destroy the nuclear power plant, they ran afoul of the Outsiders but managed to defeat them.[1] After briefly holding Looker captive and sedated, they fought the Outsiders again where they managed to destroy the Nuclear Family while Dr. Shanner expired from his nuclear radiation illness.[2]

During the Infinite Crisis storyline, the Nuclear Family has been rebuilt and are seen as member of Alexander Luthor Jr.'s Secret Society of Super Villains. They were seen taking part in the Battle of Blüdhaven.[3]


The Nuclear Family have different powers and all have an immunity to radiation. The Nuclear Family consists of:

Other versions

A specialized training initiative workshopped by the Federal Bureau of Investigation dubbed the Nuclear Family Program featured in WildStorm imprint Wildcats Version 3.0. It featured an active team of spies, comprising two adults and a duo of young children taking after late 1950s suburban family sitcom roles of doting parents and their rambunctious kids.[4] In truth they were the beta test phase of a new breed of government sponsored superhuman operatives, all of whom are vastly enhanced sleeper agents disguised as a modern middle class household. Designated to act as a safehouse observatory unit and sensitive package/asset caterers till their senior operators wire intel to act otherwise, they are highly adept in various deadly martial arts and weapon forms. On top of being well equipped with heavy ordinance, special combat training is further complemented by a host of cybernetic augmentations and chemical enhancements to increase field performance.[5] As if a testament to their incredible practice regimens, just two of said unit managed to clip a small armed force headed by an infamous criminal data launderer's minute men and leave The Grifter horrendously crippled in a tense encounter, their firefight shattering both his legs during the fracas.[6]

In other media


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