Pope Anterus
InstalledNovember 21, 235
Term endedJanuary 3, 236
Personal details

Died(236-01-03)January 3, 236
Papal styles of
Pope Anterus
Reference styleHis Holiness
Spoken styleYour Holiness
Religious styleHoly Father
Posthumous styleSaint

Pope Saint Anterus, was pope from November 21, 235 to January 3, 236, and succeeded Pope Pontian, who had been deported from Rome along with the antipope Hippolytus to Sardinia.

It is claimed he was martyred,[1] but there is little evidence for this and it is more likely that he died in undramatic circumstances during the persecutions of Emperor Maximinus the Thracian.[2] He was buried in the papal crypt of the cemetery of St. Callixtus in Rome and later made a saint.[3] Anterus, who was pope for only one month and ten days, is thought to have been of Greek origin, but the name could indicate that he was a freed slave.[4]


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