John XIV
Bishop of Rome
ChurchCatholic Church
Papacy beganNovember 983
Papacy ended20 August 984
PredecessorBenedict VII
SuccessorJohn XV
Personal details
Pietro Canepanova

Died(984-08-20)20 August 984
Rome, Papal States
Other popes named John

Pope John XIV (Latin: Ioannes XIV; died 20 August 984), born Pietro Canepanova,[1] was the bishop of Rome and ruler of the Papal States from November 983 until his death.

Early career

Canepanova was born at Pavia. He was bishop of Pavia and served as imperial archchancellor for Italy of Emperor Otto II.[2] His earliest document in that capacity dates from 28 December 980, and the latest from 27 August 983.[3]


Pope Benedict VII died in 983. Empresses Adelaide and Theophanu, Otto II's mother and wife respectively, wished to enthrone Majolus of Cluny as the new pope, but he refused, and Pietro Canepanova was chosen instead.[4] Canepanova took the papal name John XIV to avoid being linked to Saint Peter.

Otto II died shortly after his election, his heir Otto III, being only 3 years old and unable to protect John's position. Antipope Boniface VII, on the strength of the popular feeling against the new pope, returned from Constantinople and placed John XIV in prison in the Castel Sant'Angelo, where he died either from starvation or poison.[5]


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