A 16-inch Gladstone bag made of ox leather
Traditional medical bag

A portmanteau is a piece of luggage, usually made of leather and opening into two equal parts. Some are large, upright, and hinged at the back and enable hanging up clothes in one half,[1] while others are much smaller bags (such as Gladstone bags) with two equally sized compartments.[2]

The word derives from the French word portemanteau (from porter, "to carry", and manteau, "coat") which nowadays means a coat rack but was in the past also used to refer to a traveling case or bag for clothes.[3][4]

Portmanteau mail bag

Portmanteaux used to carry letters

In the 1700s the term would also have described a Mail bag.[5] This continued in the 1800s for bags used by the Post Office.[6][7] An 1823 resolution in Congress further stated that "locks...will be placed on the portmanteaus containing the principal mails (which) can only be opened...at the distributing offices."[8]


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