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Prague Championship
Country Czech Republic
Number of teams16
Level on pyramid5
Promotion toDivize B
Relegation toI.A class
Domestic cup(s)Czech Cup
Current championsFK Dukla Jižní Město[1]

The Prague Championship (Czech: Pražský přebor) is a fifth level league in the Czech Republic football league system. It is controlled by the Prague Football Association. The league comprises teams from Prague. In 2022 the league is made of 16 teams.

Prague championship clubs, 2016–17

Club Previous season
ABC Braník 8th
ČAFC Prague 7th
FC Háje Jižní Město 14th
Zličín 9th
FK Admira Prague B 10th
FK Dukla Jižní Město 1st in Class 1.A (group B)
FK Újezd nad Lesy 1st in Class 1.A (group A)
SK Ďáblice 2nd in Class 1.A (group A)
SK Horní Měcholupy 10th in Divize B
SK Motorlet Prague B 12th
SK Třeboradice 4th
SK Uhelné sklady Prague 11th
SK Union Vršovice 13th
SK Zbraslav 5th
Sokol Cholupice 6th
Sokol Královice 3rd

Prague Championship champions

Season Winners Runners-up
2004–05 H.Měcholupy Dukla
2005–06 Admira Kopanina
2006–07 H.Měcholupy Dukla
2007–08 Meteor Kopanina
2008–09 Př. Kopanina Dukla B
2009–10 Zličín Radotín
2010–11 Radotín Dukla B
2011–12 Aritma Bohemians B
2012–13 Vršovice Libuš
2013–14 Sokol Královice Libuš
2014–15 FC Přední Kopanina SK Uhelné sklady Prague
2015–16 FC Přední Kopanina Bohemians Prague (Střížkov)
2016–17 FK Motorlet Praha B
2017–18 SK Třeboradice
2018–19 SK Újezd Praha 4
2019–20 FK Admira Praha B