Primetime Emmy Award for Main Title Design
Awarded forOutstanding Main Title Design
CountryUnited States
Presented byAcademy of Television Arts & Sciences
Currently held byThe Last of Us (2023)

This is a list of the winning and nominated programs of the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Main Title Design presented for the best main title sequence in television programming. Prior to 1997, the award was presented for Outstanding Individual Achievement in Graphic Design and Title Sequences or Outstanding Graphic Design and Title Sequences. In the 1980s and early 1990s, the award was presented with the "possibility of one, more than one, or no award given," resulting in years where there were nominees without any winner or multiple winners.[1]

Winners and nominations


Year Program Designers Network
Addie and the King of Hearts Norman Sunshine, graphic designer CBS
The Adams Chronicles Girish Bhargava and Bill Mandel, graphic designers PBS
Eleanor and Franklin Anthony Goldschmidt, graphic designer ABC
The New Original Wonder Woman Phil Norman, graphic designer
Saturday Night Live Edie Baskin and Bob Pook, graphic designers NBC
The Bell Telephone Jubilee Eytan Keller and Stu Bernstein, graphic designers NBC
Arthur Hailey's The Moneychangers Phil Norman, graphic designer NBC
Previn and the Pittsburgh Martine Sheon and David Summers, graphic designers PBS
Visions: The Gardener's Son Gene Piotrowsky, graphic designer
NBC: The First Fifty Years - A Closer Look Bill Davis, graphic designer NBC
50th Annual Awards of the Academy of Motion Pictures Eytan Keller and Stu Bernstein, graphic designers ABC
Washington: Behind Closed Doors Phill Norman, graphic designer
Ziegfeld: The Man and His Women Maury Nemoy, Robert Branham and John DeCuir, graphic designers NBC
Cinderella at the Palace Stu Bernstein and Eytan Keller, graphic designers CBS
Vega$ Phill Norman, graphic designer ABC


Year Program Designers Network
The French Atlantic Affair Phill Norman, graphic designer ABC
Salem's Lot Gene Kraft, graphic designer CBS
Shōgun Phill Norman, graphic designer NBC
Freebie and the Bean Gene Kraft, graphic designer CBS
Outstanding Individual Achievement - Graphic Design and Title Sequences[note 1]
Brideshead Revisited Valerie Pye, graphic designer PBS
Fame Michael Levine and Michael A. Hoey, graphic designers NBC
Late Night with David Letterman Bob Pook, William Shortridge Jr. and Arlen Schumer, graphic designers
Outstanding Individual Achievement - Creative Special Achievement[2][note 1]
Inside the Third Reich Tim Donahue and William Mesa, graphic artists ABC
SCTV Network 90 Alex Tkach, Michael C. Gross and Wayne Schneider, graphic artists Syndicated
Outstanding Individual Achievement - Informational Programming[note 1]
Hollywood: The Gift of Laughter Bruce Bryant and James Castle, graphic artists ABC
Omni: The New Frontier Richard L. Froman and Ron Hays, graphic artists Syndicated
Cheers James Castle and Bruce Bryant, graphic designers NBC
Entertainment Tonight John Ridgway, Pam Bloch and Harry Marks, graphic designers Syndicated
The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby R.O. Blechman, Seymour Chwast and Andy Ewan, graphic designers
Square Pegs Edie Baskin and Jeff Carpenter, graphic designers CBS
The Scarlet and the Black Phill Norman, graphic designer
The Duck Factory Ted Woolery and Gerry Woolery, graphic designers NBC
The 56th Annual Academy Awards Bruce Bryant and James Castle, graphic designers ABC
Agatha Christie's Partners in Crime John Tribe, graphic designer PBS
Friday Night Videos Rocky Morton and Annabel Jankel, title designers; Dick Ebersol, executive producer NBC
Saturday Night Live Alex Weil and Charles Levi, title sequence creators
Stingray Betty Green, graphic designer NBC
The Bronx Zoo Wayne Fitzgerald and David Oliver Pfeil, graphic designers NBC
A Carol Burnett Special: Carol, Carl, Whoopi and Robin Sandy Dvore, graphic designer ABC
Strong Poison: A Dorothy L. Sayers Mystery (Mystery!) Liz Friedman, graphic designer PBS
Friday the 13th: The Series Paul Boyington, graphic designer Syndicated
Moyers: God and Politics Chris Kogler and David Chomowicz, graphic designers PBS
The Slap Maxwell Story James Castle, Bruce Bryant, Carol Johnsen and Vic Lowrey, graphic designers ABC
[note 1]
Christmas at Pee Wee's Playhouse Prudence Fenton, animation producer/director; Joel Fletcher, animator CBS
Just Say Julie John Payson, designer MTV
Later with Bob Costas John Semerad, Chris Harvey and Alex Weil, designers NBC
Now Hear This: MTV's Guide to New Music Martin Brierley and Steven Lowe, designers/creators MTV
The Tracey Ullman Show Jeff Boortz, designer/animator; Ed Sullivan, designer/producer; Billy Pittard, production designer Fox


Year Program Designers Network
[note 1]
Alive from Off Center Jim Blashfield, designer; Robert Hoffmann, graphic designer PBS
Downtown Julie Brown Harry Dorrington, director MTV
ABC World of Discovery Steve Martino and Jeff Doud, designers/directors; Jon Townley, creative director; Thomas Barham, designer ABC
American Dreamer Ed Sullivan, graphics/titles; Ron Crabb and Jeff Boortz, designers NBC
Shannon's Deal Ed Sullivan, design director; Jeff Boortz, designer; Scott Milne, harry artist CBS
Sunday Best Billy Pittard, design director; Jeff Boortz, designer/harry artist CBS
Liquid Television Ken Pearce, designer/animator; Mark Malmberg, Creative Director/designer MTV
Brooklyn Bridge Ed Sullivan, designer/art director/creative director; Suzanne Kiley, designer/producer/illustrator CBS
In Living Color Martin Ansolabehere, title designer Fox
The Very Best of the Ed Sullivan Show 2 James House, title designer CBS
[note 1]
Dudley Billy Pittard, senior title designer; Frances Schifrin, principal title designer; Jennifer Grey Berkowitz, title designer/animator; Dale Everett, title designer/producer CBS
Homicide: Life on the Street Mark Pellington, title designer NBC
MTV Video Music Awards Michael D. Smith, designer; Dave Spafford, animator MTV
Rave Ed Sullivan, senior title designer; Jeff Boortz, principal title designer A&E
Sisters Billy Pittard, senior title designer; Judy Korin, principal title designer NBC
The X-Files James Castle, Bruce Bryant and Carol Johnsen, title designers Fox
Birdland Billy Pittard, senior title designer; Suzanne Kiley, principal title designer ABC
Late Show with David Letterman Hal Gurnee, creative designer; D. Wallace Colvard, computer designer; Roger White, graphic designer CBS
Rolling Stone '93: The Year in Review Joel Gallen, producer; Pam Thomas, director Fox
South of Sunset Ed Sullivan, senior title designer; Jeff Boortz, principal title designer CBS
TekWar Stephen Roloff, title sequence designer; Bret Culp, animator Syndicated
ER Billy Pittard, senior title designer; Suzanne Kiley, principal title designer NBC
Cinemax Movie Open Orest Woronewych, director of design; Adam Chin, animator; Tom Gericke, designer; Cliff Iwai, co-designer Cinemax
Future Quest Michael Kory, Rick Simone and Jeff Wunderlich, title designers PBS
The Museum of Television & Radio Presents: Science Fiction, A Journey Into the Unknown Judy Korin, Michael Kory and Jeff Wunderlich, title designers Fox
The Promised Land Jacob Lawrence, animation; Alyson Hamilton and Guy Thomson, title designers; Anthony Geffen, title animation Discovery
Star Trek: Voyager Dan Curry, title designer; John Grower, effects and animation supervisor; Erik Tiemens, storyboard/design; Eric Guaglione, animation supervisor UPN
Caroline in the City Bruce Bryant, James Castle, Mark Dennison and Carol Johnsen, title designers NBC
Central Park West Paul Newman and Billy Pittard, title designers CBS
Discovery Journal Suzanne Kiley and Billy Pittard, title designers Discovery
Dark Skies Mike Jones, title designer NBC
The Burning Zone Kasumi Mihori and Billy Pittard, title designers UPN
Gun Earl Jenshus and Billy Pittard, title designers; Jennifer Grey Berkowitz, creative director ABC
The Learning Channel's Great Books Yvonne Gensurowsky and Billy Pittard, title designers TLC
The Magical World of Disney Clark, Kasumi Mihori and Billy Pittard, title designers Disney
The Wonderful World of Disney Kasumi Mihori, Billy Pittard and Ed Sullivan, title designers ABC
The Hunger Nicholas Livesey, title designer Showtime
Politically Incorrect Nancy Giandomenico, Nancy Laurence, Kelly Moseley and Mark Woods, graphics designers ABC
Popular Science Mark Dwyer and Greg Pecknold, title designer TLC
Union Square Bruce Bryant, Mark Dennison and Carol Johnsen, title designers NBC
Dilbert Yarrow Cheney and Carrie Cheney, title designers UPN
Alice in Wonderland Chris Allies, title designer NBC
First Wave Halbo van der Klaauw, title designer Sci-Fi
Private Screenings Shannon Davis Forsyth and Jin Lim, title designers TCM


Year Program Designers Network
The 10th Kingdom Tim Webber, title designer NBC
Nature Billy Pittard and Ed Sullivan, creative directors; Juan Rosenfeldt, title designer PBS
Now and Again Earl Bateman, designer; Lee Dyer, co-designer; Alexander Lebedev, animator CBS
The West Wing Billy Pittard, creative director; Mark Johnston, title designer NBC
Exxon Mobil Masterpiece Theatre's American Collection Karin Fong, Grant Lau, Peggy Oei, Dana Yee, title designers PBS
AudioFile Michael Goedecke and C. Ryan Riccio, title designers Tech
MADtv Adam Byrd and Stephen Kirklys, title designers Fox
Norm Clark and Wilfred Wong, title designers; Quico Encinias and Ricardo Silva, graphic artists ABC
The Wonderful World of Disney Michael Goetz, Kevin Goetz and Michael Goode, title designers
Six Feet Under Eric Anderson, Scott Hudziak, Paul Matthaeus and Danny Yount, title designers HBO
Band of Brothers Michelle Dougherty, Jeff Miller, Michael Riley and Jason Web, title designers HBO
The Mind of the Married Man Eric Anderson, Paul Matthaeus, Mason Nicoll and James Webber, title designers
Wolf Lake Thomas Cobb, Blake Danforth, George Montgomery and John Narun, title designers CBS
Hysterical Blindness Laurent Fauchere, Chris Haak, Antoine Tinguely and Jakob Trollback, title designers HBO
The Anna Nicole Show Dave Foss, Elizabeth Schricker and Jill Taffet, title designers E!
Napoléon Sylvie Talbot, title designer A&E
Normal Laurent Fauchere, Jasmine Jodry, Antoine Tinguely and Jakob Trollback, title designers HBO
Penn & Teller: Bullshit! Kyle Hollingsworth and Justin Leibow, title designers Showtime
Carnivàle Patrick Murphy, Vonetta Taylor and Angus Wall, title designers HBO
Angels in America Randall Balsmeyer, J. John Corbett, Jim Rider and Amit Sethi, title designers HBO
Nicole Kidman: An American Cinematheque Tribute Greg Hahn and Jakob Trollback, title designers AMC
Nip/Tuck Eric Anderson, Vince Haycock, Paul Matthaeus and Paul Schneider, title designers FX
Stephen King's Kingdom Hospital Josh Bodnar, Colin Day, Paul Matthaeus and Dade Ogeron, title designers ABC
Huff Tracy Chandler, Jose Gomez, Christopher Markos and André Stringer, title designers Showtime
Desperate Housewives Yolanda Santosa and Garson Yu, title designers ABC
The Grid Dan Brown, Shawn Fedorchuk, Paul Matthaeus and Danny Yount, title designers TNT
House Dan Brown, Dave Molloy, Matt Mulder and Jake Sargeant, title designers Fox
The Life and Death of Peter Sellers Paul Donnellon, David Z. Obadiah, John Sunter and Andrew White, title designers HBO
The 78th Annual Academy Awards Renato Grgic and Kristijan Petrovic, creative directors; Alen Petkovic, producer/creative designer; Jon Teschner, art director ABC
Big Love Kirk Baxter, editor; Larry Ewing, creative director/producer; Maurice Marable, director; Angus Wall, creative designer/consultant HBO
Ghost Whisperer Paul Matthaeus, creative director; Erin Sarofsky, designer; Anthony Vitagliano and Shangyu Yin, animators CBS
Rome Kirk Balden, compositor; Andrew Hall, graphic supervisor; Angus Wall, director; Brad Waskewich, editor HBO
The Triangle Robert Cribbett, compositor/designer; Nate Homan, animator/designer; Yolanda Santosa, art director/designer; Garson Yu, creative director/designer Sci-Fi
Weeds Robert Bradley and Thomas Cobb, title designers Showtime
Dexter Eric Anderson, creative director; Josh Bodnar, editor; Lindsay Daniels, designer; Colin Davis, main title producer Showtime
Hu$tle Joe Berger, main title producer/animator; Pascal Wyse, designer AMC
The Lost Room Thomas Cobb and Robert Bradley, title designers; Patrick Loungway, director of photography Sci-Fi
The Path to 9/11 Matthew Mulder, creative director; Dave Molloy, editor; Colin Day and Lindsay Daniels, designers ABC
Standoff Michael Riley, Bob Swensen, Dan Meehan and Brad Simmons, title designers Fox
Ugly Betty Garson Yu, creative director; Yolanda Santosa, art director ABC
Mad Men Mark Gardner and Steve Fuller, designers/directors; Cara McKenney, main title producer AMC
Bernard and Doris Garson Yu and Synderela Peng, designers/art directors; Etsuko Uji, designer/animator; Edwin Baker, designer HBO
Chuck Karin Fong, Jonathan Gershon and Dana Yee, title designers NBC
The Company Matthew Mulder, creative director; Ryan Gagnier, designer/animator; Igor Choromanski and Cody Cobb, 3D animator/designer; Noah Conopask, designer TNT
New Amsterdam Johanna Marciano, creative director/designer; Wendy Brovetto, main title producer; Bryan Keeling, animator Fox
United States of Tara Jamie Caliri, director/director of photography/editor/main digital compositor; Dave Finkel, creator; Brett Baer, creator; Alex Jukasz, illustrator Showtime
Lie to Me Robert Bradley and Thomas Cobb, title designers Fox
The Story Makers James Spindler, creative director; Mike Wasilewski, designer; Ahmet Ahmet and Grant Lau, art directors AMC
Taking Chance Michael Riley and Dru Nget, title designers; Dan Meehan, aimator; Bob Swensen, main title producer HBO
True Blood Shawn Fedorchuk, editor; Matthew Mulder, creative director; Morgan Henry, main title producer; Rama Allen, Camm Rowland and Ryan Gagnier, designers


Year Program Designers Network
Bored to Death Tom Barham, Marci Ichimura, Dean Haspiel, and Anthony Santoro, title designers HBO
Human Target Karin Fong, Jeremy Cox, and Cara McKenney, title designers Fox
Nurse Jackie Stephen Fuller, Mark Gardner, Corey Weisz, and Cara McKenney, title designers Showtime
The Pacific Steve Fuller, Ahmet Ahmet, Peter Frankfurt, and Lauren Hartstone, title designers HBO
Temple Grandin Michael Riley, Zee Nederlander, Dru Nget, and Bob Swensen, title designers
Game of Thrones Angus Wall, creative director; Robert Feng, art director; Kirk H. Shintani, animator; Hameed Shaukat, designer HBO
Any Human Heart Paul McDonnell, designer; Hugo Moss, art director; Justin Lowings, animator PBS
Boardwalk Empire Karin Fong, Michelle Dougherty, designer/directors; Lauren Hartstone, designer/art director; Cara McKenney, producer/art director HBO
Rubicon Karin Fong, creative director; Jeremy Cox, designer/animator; Theodore Daley, designer; Cara McKenney, producer/art director AMC
Too Big to Fail Michael Riley, creative director; Bob Swensen, creative lead; Adam Bluming, editor; Cory Shaw, designer/animator HBO
Great Expectations Nic Benns, title designer; Rodi Kaya, 3D artist; Tom Bromwich, titles producer PBS
American Horror Story Kyle Cooper, title designer; Juan Ruiz Anchía, director of photography; Gabriel Diaz, editor; Ryan Murphy, designer FX
Magic City Ahmet Ahmet, designer/creative director; Michelle Dougherty, designer/creative designer; Kathy Kelehan, producer/creative lead; Danielle White, editor Starz
New Girl Conn Reilly, producer; Veva Burns, art director; John Priday, creative director Fox
Strike Back Nic Benns, creatie director/designer/animator; Miki Kato, art director; Joe Lea, compositor/editor Cinemax
Da Vinci's Demons Paul McDonnell, creative director; Hugo Moss, art director; Nathan Mckenna, illustrator; Tamsin McGee, designer Starz
American Horror Story: Asylum Kyle Cooper, title designer; Ryan Murphy, designer; Juan Ruiz Anchía, director of photography; Kate Berry, title producer FX
Elementary Simon Clowes, title designer; Benji Bakshi, director of photography; Kyle Cooper, creative director; Nate Park, editor CBS
Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn Heiko Schneck, CG lead; Fabian Poss, producer/animator; Csaba Letay, compositor; Jan Bitzer, CG lead/editor
The Newsroom Michael Riley and Denny Zimmerman, title designers; Cory Shaw, animator; Justine Gerenstein, editor HBO
Vikings Rama Allen, director; Audrey Davis, art director; Ryan McKenna, editor; Westley Sarokin, 2D lead artist/VFX supervisor History
True Detective Patrick Clair, creative director; Raoul Marks, animator; Jennifer Sofio Hall, creative producer HBO
Black Sails Karin Fong, director; Michelle Dougherty, designer/director; Alan Williams, designer/art director; Kris Kuksi, fine art sculptor; Brian Butcher, producer Starz
Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey Curtis Doss and Shaun Collings, creative directors; Randall Smith, visual effects supervisor; Tom Connors, CG supervisor; Troy James Miller, Producer Fox
Masters of Sex Leanne Dare, art director; Yi-Jen Liu, designer; Jon Forsman, animator; Gabriel Britz, editor Showtime
Silicon Valley Garson Yu, creative director; Mehmet Kizilay, designer/lead animator HBO
Manhattan Dan Gregoras, creative director; Jeremy Cox, art director; Jon Hassell, creative producer; Griffin Frazen, designer WGN America
American Horror Story: Freak Show Ryan Murphy and Kyle Cooper, creative directors; Lee Nelson, art director/3D supervisor; Nadia Tzuo, art director/2D supervisor FX
Bosch Grant Lau, creative director; JJ Gerber, creative producer; Michael Radtke, editor; Rod Basham, flame artist Amazon
Halt and Catch Fire Patrick Clair, creative director; Raoul Marks, animator; Eddy Herringson, designer; Paul Kim, typographer AMC
Marvel's Daredevil Patrick Clair, creative director; Andrew Romatz, CGI lead; Miguel Salek, fluids lead; Shahana Kahn, lead compositor Netflix
Olive Kitteridge Garson Yu, creative director; Synderela Peng, art director; Michael Lane Parks, editor; Alex Pollini, director of photography HBO
The Man in the High Castle Patrick Clair, creative director; Paul Kim, designer; Jose Limon, CG artist; Raoul Marks, animator Amazon
Marvel's Jessica Jones Michelle Dougherty, creative director; Arisu Kashiwagi, lead designer; Rod Basham, flame artist; David Mack, illustrator; Eric Demeusy, animator; Thomas McMahan, animator Netflix
Narcos Tom O'Neill, creative director; Nik Kleverov, editor; David Badounts, lead animator/compositor; Josh Smith, CG/design lead
The Night Manager Patrick Clair, creative director; Jeff Han, designer; Paul Kim, designer; Raoul Marks, animator AMC
Vinyl Alan Williams and Michelle Dougherty, creative directors; Tess Sitzmann, creative producer; Jon Hassell, executive producer; Jessica Ledoux, editor HBO
Stranger Things Michelle Dougherty, creative director; Peter Frankfurt, executive creative director; Arisu Kashiwagi, designer; Eric Demeusy, compositor/designer Netflix
American Gods Patrick Clair, creative director; Raoul Marks, lead compositor and animator; Devin Maurer, editor; Jeff Han, designer Starz
The Crown Patrick Clair, creative director; Raoul Marks, lead compositor and animator; Javier Leon Carrillo, look developer; Jeff Han, designer Netflix
Feud: Bette and Joan Ryan Murphy, creative director; Alexis Martin Woodall, creative producer; Kyle Cooper, director; Nadia Tzuo, designer; Margherita Premuroso, animator FX
Westworld Patrick Clair, creative director; Raoul Marks, lead compositor and animator; Yongsub Song, compositor and animator; Felix Soletic, designer; Jessica Hurst, CG modeler; Jose Limon, CG modeler/sculptor HBO
Counterpart Karin Fong, creative director; Jake Ferguson, lead designer; Felipe Carvalho, Nathan Lee, designer; Zach Kilroy, editor Starz
The Alienist Angus Wall and Lisa Bolan, creative directors; Yongsub Song and Charles Khoury, animators/compositors; Heidi Berg, art director; Felix Soletic, designer TNT
Altered Carbon Lisa Bolan, creative director; Thomas McMahan, Yongsub Song and Byron Slaybaugh, animators/compositors; Carlo Sa and Mert Kizilay, designers Netflix
GLOW Jason Groves, Christopher Harding and Richard Kenworthy, creative directors/art directors/designers
Westworld Patrick Clair, creative director; Raoul Marks, lead animator/lead compositor; Jose Limon, lead CG modeler; Savva Tsekmes, animator/compositor HBO
Game of Thrones Angus Wall, creative director; Kirk Shintani, art director; Shahana Khan, lead compositor; Ian Ruhfass, 3D lead; Rustam Hasanov, lead conceptual designer HBO
Conversations with a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes Lisa Bolan, creative director; Peter Murphy, animator; Alyssa Oh, editor; June Cho, designer Netflix
Star Trek: Discovery Ana Criado, creative director; Nader Husseini and Zachary Kinney, animators; Francisco Sánchez de Cañete, art director; Christian Antolin, designer; Kyle Cooper, creative director CBS All Access
True Detective Patrick Clair, Nic Pizzolatto, Kyle Moore and Victor Joy, creative directors; Raoul Marks, designer/creative director; Woosung Kang, designer/compositor/art director/animator HBO
Warrior John Likens, creative director; Wesley Ebelhar, art director; Arisu Kashiwagi, designer/art director Cinemax


Year Program Designers Network
Godfather of Harlem Mason Nicoll, creative director/editor; Peter Pak, designer/lead animator/art director; Giovana Pham, designer; Cisco Torres, animator Epix
Abstract: The Art of Design Allie Fisher, creative director; Anthony Zazzi, animator; Brian Oakes, director Netflix
Carnival Row Lisa Bolan, creative director; Henry DeLeon and Mert Kizilay, art directors; Kaya Thomas, designer; Yongsub Song, animator/compositor; Alex Silver, animator Prime Video
The Morning Show Angus Wall and Hazel Baird, creative directors; Emanuele Marani, lead designer; EJ Kang, lead animator; Peter Murphy and Erik Righetti, animators Apple TV+
The Politician Heidi Berg and Felix Soletic, creative directors; Carlo Sa, lead designer; Yongsub Song, lead animator; Joe Paniagua, 3D artist; Rachel Fowler, editor Netflix
Watchmen Paul Mitchell, creative director; Olga Midlenko, art director; Maciek Sokalski, lead compositor; Gabe Perez, animator; Benjamin Woodlock, designer HBO
Westworld Patrick Clair and Pinar Yanadarg Delul, creative directors; Raoul Marks, lead animator and compositor; Lance Slaton, designer
The Good Lord Bird Efrain Montanez, director/creative director; Eduardo Guisandes, art director/designer; Abigail Fairfax, illustrator/animator Showtime
Between the World and Me Hazel Baird, creative director; Diego Coutinho, art director; Rafael Morinaga, animator HBO
Lovecraft Country Patrick Clair, creative director; Raoul Marks, art director/animator/compositor/lead 3D artist; Ken Taylor, illustrator
The Queen's Gambit Saskia Marka, creative director/designer/editor; David Whyte, designer/animator Netflix
Raised by Wolves Steve Small, director HBO Max
WandaVision John LePore and Doug Appleton, creative directors; Nick Woythaler, lead designer/animator; Alex Rupert, designer/animator Disney+
Severance Oliver Latta, director/creative director/art director/editor/animator/3D artist; Teddy Blanks, typographer/typography animation Apple TV+
Candy Ronnie Koff and Peter Frankfurt, creative directors; Lexi Gunvaldson, editor; Rob Slychuk and Nader Husseini, animators; Elizabeth Steinberg, designer Hulu
Cowboy Bebop Karin Fong, creative director; Kiyoon Nam, James Gardner and Merrill Hall, designers/animators; Kathy Liang, designer; Lexi Gunvaldson, editor Netflix
Foundation Ronnie Koff, creative director; Zach Kilroy, editor; Danil Krivoruchko, animator/3D artist; James Gardner and Brandon Savoy, designers Apple TV+
Lisey's Story Karin Fong and Osbert Parker, directors; Henry Chang, lead designer/animator; Merrill Hall and Russ Gautier, animators; Lexi Gunvaldson, editor
Only Murders in the Building Lisa Bolan, creative director; Tnaya Witmer and Laura Perez, designers; James Hurlburt, Evan Larimore and Jahmad Rollins, animators Hulu
Pachinko Angus Wall and Nadia Tzuo, creative directors; Florian Hoffmeister and Ante Cheng, cinematographers; Nathaniel Park, lead editor; Lucy Kim, lead animator Apple TV+
The Last of Us Andy Hall and Nadia Tzuo, creative directors; Gryun Kim and Jun Kim, 3D artists; Min Shi and Xiaolin (Mike) Zeng, designers HBO
Guillermo del Toro's Cabinet of Curiosities Mike Schaeffer, creative director; Chet Hirsch, director; David Rowley, art director; Akshay Tiwari, designer Netflix
Hello Tomorrow! Ronnie Koff, creative director; Lexi Gunvaldson, editor; Christoph Gabathuler, 3D artist; Juan Monasterio and Fernando Lazzari, animators; Lindsey Mayer-Beug, illustrator Apple TV+
The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power Katrina Crawford and Mark Bashore, directors; Anthony Vitagliano, creative director; Fernando Domínguez Cózar, animation director Prime Video
Wednesday Aaron Becker, creative director; Joseph Ahn, designer; James Ramirez, Lee Nelson and Hsien Lun Su, animators; Eric Keller, 3D artist Netflix
The White Lotus Katrina Crawford, director/creative director/photographer; Mark Bashore, director/editor; Lezio Lopes, illustrator; Cian McKenna, animator HBO


  1. ^ a b c d e f As a juried award, nominees had to garner 50% approval to win the award. None of the nominees met the benchmark and no award was given.

Programs with multiple awards

2 awards

Programs with multiple nomination


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