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Garage1700 West Fifth Street
San Bernardino, California
Began serviceApril 28, 2014
PredecessorsRoute 2 (still in operation)
Communities served
Landmarks served
EndLoma Linda
Length15.7 mi (25 km)
Frequencyevery 10–15 minutes every 20 minutes (Saturday only)
Operates5 a.m.–10 p.m. Monday–Friday = 6 a.m.–9 p.m Saturday
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sbX is a bus rapid transit (BRT) service in San Bernardino and Loma Linda, California, United States. It is operated by Omnitrans, a public transportation agency in southwestern San Bernardino County. The route is internally named by Omnitrans as the Green Line.[1]

sbX is intended to be a brand of bus rapid transit service that will eventually traverse major surface streets throughout Omnitrans' service area.[2][3][4]

The Institute for Transportation and Development Policy (ITDP), under its BRT Standard, has given the sbX corridor a Bronze ranking.[5]


Construction was set to finish in late 2013, but was pushed back due to ongoing construction at San Bernardino's downtown transit center. Service began in April 2014.[6][7]

Omnitrans has begun making upgrades to its East Valley vehicle maintenance facility in San Bernardino, including modifications to its parking lot, service bays, bus wash, and fueling facility, to accommodate 60-foot buses, all of which have been purchased and acquired, to run on the sbX bus rapid transit (BRT) corridor.[8][9]

Omnitrans has received a grant from the Federal Transit Administration to conduct an alternatives analysis for the Holt Boulevard/4th Street Corridor and the cities of Ontario and Fontana are both conducting studies on the feasibility of bus rapid transit along the corridor in their cities. Additionally, planners in Rancho Cucamonga are exploring recommendations on how to support high-density, transit-oriented development along the Foothill Boulevard corridor (Historic Route 66).[10]


Station Type Location Notes and Connections Photo
Palm C
Kendall Drive and Palm Avenue Northern terminus
Bus route 2
California State University M 5500 University Parkway Serves California State University, San Bernardino
Bus routes 2, 5, 7, 11
CSUSB Station (sbX).png
Little Mountain C Kendall Drive at Little Mountain Drive Closest station to Cajon High School (walking distance)
Bus routes 2, 5
Shandin Hills C Kendall Drive at Shandin Hills Drive/40th Street Bus route 2
Shandin Hills Station.png
Marshall C
"E" Street at Marshall Boulevard Bus route 2
Highland C "E" Street at Highland Avenue Serves San Bernardino High School and San Bernardino Adult School
Bus routes 2, 3/4
Baseline C "E" Street at Baseline Street Exclusive sbX bus lanes begin two blocks south near 10th Street
Bus route 2
Civic Center M
"E" Street at Court Street Serves Downtown, City Hall, Carousel Mall and County Courthouse
Bus route 2
DowntownSB North Station.jpg
San Bernardino Transit Center M
174 South "E" Street at Rialto Avenue Serves San Bernardino Transit Center, San Bernardino–Downtown Metrolink station, San Manuel Stadium and Loma Linda University Health Care Center
Omnitrans routes 1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 8, 10, 11, 15, 208, 215, 290
RTA route 200
Mountain Transit
SBTC sign.jpg
Inland Center M "E" Street at North Mall Way Near National Orange Show Events Center
Bus route 2
Hunts M Hospitality Lane at Hunts Lane Serves County Hall of Records
Bus routes 2, 208
Hospitality West Station.png
Carnegie M Hospitality Lane between Carnegie Drive West and Carnegie Drive East Bus route 2
Tippecanoe M Hospitality Lane at Tippecanoe Avenue Southernmost sbX station in San Bernardino city limits
Exclusive bus lanes end here
Bus routes 2, 8
Redlands Blvd. C
Anderson Street at Redlands Boulevard Northernmost station in Loma Linda
Bus routes 2, 8
Loma Linda University/Loma Linda University Medical Center C Anderson Street at Prospect Street Loma Linda University platform is located northbound; Loma Linda University Medical Center platform is located southbound
Also serves Ronald McDonald House
Bus route 2
VA Hospital C Barton Road at Benton Street Southern terminus
Serves Jerry L. Pettis Memorial VA Medical Center
Omnitrans routes 2, 19, 325
RTA route 14
Type Code: C = Curbside station or M = Median station | PR = Station has Park and Ride


The CSUSB station is popular with students and staff who commute to the university because of the high cost and low availability of parking around campus. In 2008, the Omnitrans Transit Development Board began developing plans for a bus rapid line connecting CSUSB and Loma Linda University.[11] Construction of the line began with construction of the Palm station and-neo the CSUSB Transit Center.[12] The station was designed by Gruen Associates of Los Angeles for Omnitrans and the local community. Main artwork is by Freya Bardell and Brian Howe. The station art will be based on the trees on campus; the trees on glass will have a rich blue color that dramatically contrasts surroundings. Some artwork on the station was designed with help by CSUSB students and faculty that reflects the university community at large.[13]


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