TOA Corporation
Native name
Company typePublic KK
TYO: 6809
Area served
Key people
Kenji Itani
Kazuhiro Takeuchi
(President and CEO)
  • Public address systems
  • Professional sound systems
  • Communications systems
  • Visual systems
RevenueIncrease JPY 44.1 billion (FY 2017) (US$ 416.7 million) (FY 2017)
Increase JPY 2.1 billion (FY 2017) (US$ 20.1 million) (FY 2017)
Number of employees
3,161 (consolidated, as of March 31, 2018)
WebsiteOfficial website
Footnotes / references

TOA Corporation (TOA株式会社, Tī Ō Ē Kabushiki-gaisha) is a Japanese electronics company, specializing in public address systems, intercom systems, microphones, array speakers and megaphones.[3] The company's products are used in a variety of settings, among them Brompton Oratory, a large neo-classical Roman Catholic church in Knightsbridge, London.[4] Their speaker systems are also used in the Al Fateh Grand Mosque, located in the Kingdom of Bahrain[citation needed].

Early history

The company was founded in 1934 by Tsunetaro Nakatani as the TOA Electric Manufacturing Company.[5]


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