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Theodore Roosevelt by John Singer Sargent
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This Theodore Roosevelt bibliography lists the works written by Theodore Roosevelt.[1][2] Roosevelt was a diligent and skilled writer. When he lost his fortune in the Dakota Territory in 1886 and needed to make a living to support his family, he did so for the rest of his life by writing.[3] Roosevelt wrote on a wide range of topics and genres, including history (The Naval War of 1812), autobiography, biography (Oliver Cromwell), commentary and editorials (whole series for the Kansas City Star and The Outlook), memoirs (of his experiences in Cuba leading the Rough Riders), nature (Summer Birds of the Adirondacks), and guide books (New York: Historic Towns).[3] In addition, by one estimate Roosevelt wrote more than 150,000 letters.[3] In his style, Roosevelt could be strong, introspective, exuberant, or angry—the subject dictated the style.[3]



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