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This is a list of types of swords.

The term sword used here is a narrow definition. This is not a general List of premodern combat weapons and does not include the machete or similar "sword-like" weapons.

African swords

Northern African swords

Eastern African swords

Western African swords

Central African swords

Asian swords

Eastern Asian swords


Main article: Chinese sword


Main article: Japanese sword


Main article: Korean sword

Southeastern Asian swords

Swords and knives found in Southeast Asia are influenced by Indian, Chinese, Middle Eastern, and European forms.





Southern Asian swords


Bladed weapons of the Indian subcontinent

Sri Lanka

Western and Central Asian swords

The Ancient Greeks and Romans also introduced various types of swords, see #Ancient Europe.

Post-classical period

All of the Islamic world during the 16th to 18th century, including the Ottoman Empire and Persia were influenced by the "scimitar" type of single-edged curved sword. Via the Mameluke sword this also gave rise to the European cavalry sabre.

Terms for the "scimitar" curved sword:

European swords

Ancient European swords

Post-classical European swords

Main article: Oakeshott typology

Modern European swords

North American swords

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