The United States Uncirculated Coin Set, known as the Uncirculated Set or Mint Set in the United States, is an annual coin set sold by the United States Mint. The set is marketed towards coin collectors as a way to obtain circulation coins in mint condition.

"Double" Mint Sets (1947–1958)

The Uncirculated Mint Set was introduced in 1947, containing two examples of each coin issued for circulation packaged in a cardboard display case. The reason for this was so that collectors could display both the obverse and reverse of each coin in the set's packaging, which allowed only one side of the coin to be displayed.

Because of the sulfur content in the cardboard packaging, many coins included in the sets developed toning.[1]

List of Mint Sets 1947–1958
Year 10¢ 25¢ 50¢ Total face value Mintage
1947 Lincoln Wheat Cent

2x (P),D,S

Jefferson Nickel

2x (P),D,S

Roosevelt Dime

2x (P),D,S

Washington Quarter

2x (P),D,S

Walking Liberty Half Dollar

2x (P),D

$4.46 ≈5,000
1948 2x (P),D,S 2x (P),D,S 2x (P),D,S 2x (P),D,S Franklin Half Dollar

2x (P),D

$4.46 ≈6,000
1949 2x (P),D,S 2x (P),D,S 2x (P),D,S 2x (P),D 2x (P),D,S $4.96 ≈5,000
1951 2x (P),D,S 2x (P),D,S 2x (P),D,S 2x (P),D,S 2x (P),D,S $5.46 8,654
1952 2x (P),D,S 2x (P),D,S 2x (P),D,S 2x (P),D,S 2x (P),D,S $5.46 11,499
1953 2x (P),D,S 2x (P),D,S 2x (P),D,S 2x (P),D,S 2x (P),D,S $5.46 15,538
1954 2x (P),D,S 2x (P),D,S 2x (P),D,S 2x (P),D,S 2x (P),D,S $5.46 25,599
1955 2x (P),D,S 2x (P),D 2x (P),D,S 2x (P),D 2x (P) $2.86 49,656
1956 2x (P),D 2x (P),D 2x (P),D 2x (P),D 2x (P) $2.64 45,475
1957 2x (P),D 2x (P),D 2x (P),D 2x (P),D 2x (P),D $3.64 34,324
1958 2x (P),D 2x (P),D 2x (P),D 2x (P),D 2x (P),D $3.64 50,314

1959–1964 Mint Sets

In 1959, the packaging of the Mint Set was changed to cellophane pouches. This change allowed both sides of the coins to be displayed, and eliminated the need to include two examples of each coin. This led to a significant drop in price and an increase in popularity.

List of Mint Sets 1959–1964
Year 10¢ 25¢ 50¢ Total face value Mintage
1959 Lincoln Memorial Cent


Jefferson Nickel


Roosevelt Dime


Washington Quarter


Franklin Half Dollar


$1.82 187,000
1960 (P),D (P),D (P),D (P),D (P),D $1.82 260,485
1961 (P),D (P),D (P),D (P),D (P),D $1.82 223,704
1962 (P),D (P),D (P),D (P),D (P),D $1.82 385,285
1963 (P),D (P),D (P),D (P),D (P),D $1.82 606,612
1964 (P),D (P),D (P),D (P),D Kennedy Half Dollar


$1.82 1,008,108

Special Mint Sets (1964–1967)

Due to a shortage of coins blamed on coin collectors, the United States Department of the Treasury introduced the Coinage Act of 1965, which mandated that mint marks would be removed from all coinage for five years. The USDT also announced that no proof or uncirculated coin sets would be produced from 1965 through 1967. Instead, a "Special Mint Set" was made available, containing one example of each denomination produced at the San Francisco Mint. These coins were struck with a satin-like finish, and unlike the coins found in standard Mint Sets, are considered to be separate issues from the circulation coins.

Due to the fact that no proof sets were produced from 1965 to 1967, many proof set collectors obtain Special Mint Sets to complete their collections of "yearly proof set" collections.

Several dozen 1964 Special Mint Sets were produced for unknown reasons.[2] The existence of these sets remained largely unknown until the 1990s, when one of the sets was sold at an auction. The coins featured the same satin finish as the other Special Mint Sets.

List of Special Mint Sets 1964–1967
Year 10¢ 25¢ 50¢ Other Total face value Mintage
1964 Lincoln Memorial Cent


Jefferson Nickel


Roosevelt Dime


Washington Quarter


Kennedy Half Dollar


$0.91 ≈20-50
1965 (S) (S) (S) (S) (S) U.S. Mint token $0.91 2,360,000
1966 (S) (S) (S) (S) (S) $0.91 2,261,583
1967 (S) (S) (S) (S) (S) $0.91 1,863,344

1968–2004 Mint Sets

1968 saw the return of mintmarks on United States coinage and the standard Mint Set. Apart from minor changes to the packaging, the new mint sets were nearly identical to the previous Mint Sets. The dollar coin made its Mint Set debut in 1973, and was notably not issued for circulation that year.

No Mint Sets were produced in 1982 and 1983, and when the set returned in 1984, no dollar coin was included (the denomination had been discontinued in 1981) and US Mint tokens from the Philadelphia and Denver Mints were included in its place. These tokens were removed from the set when the denomination was reintroduced in 2000.

A dime featuring the W mint mark (West Point Mint) was included in the 1996 Mint Set to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Roosevelt dime.[3] The coin was not issued for circulation.

List of Mint Sets 1968–2004
Year 10¢ 25¢ 50¢ $1 Other Total face value Mintage Missing from the set
1968 Lincoln Memorial Cent


Jefferson Nickel


Roosevelt Dime


Washington Quarter


Kennedy Half Dollar


$1.33 2,105,128
1969 (P),D,S D,S (P),D (P),D D $1.33 1,817,392
1970 (P),D,S D,S (P),D (P),D D $1.33 2,038,134
1971 (P),D,S (P),D (P),D (P),D (P),D $1.83 2,193,396 Eisenhower Dollar


1972 (P),D,S (P),D (P),D (P),D (P),D $1.83 2,750,000 (P),D
1973 (P),D,S (P),D (P),D (P),D (P),D Eisenhower Dollar


$3.83 1,767,691
1974 (P),D,S (P),D (P),D (P),D (P),D (P),D $3.83 1,975,981
1975 (P),D (P),D (P),D (P),D (P),D (P),D $3.82 1,921,488
1976 (P),D (P),D (P),D (P),D (P),D (P),D $3.82 1,892,513
1977 (P),D (P),D (P),D (P),D (P),D (P),D $3.82 2,006,869
1978 (P),D (P),D (P),D (P),D (P),D (P),D $3.82 2,162,609
1979 (P),D (P),D (P),D (P),D (P),D Susan B. Anthony Dollar


$3.82 2,526,000 Susan B. Anthony dollar


1980 (P),D P,D P,D P,D P,D P,D,S $4.82 2,815,066
1981 (P),D P,D P,D P,D P,D P,D,S $4.82 2,908,145
1984 (P),D P,D P,D P,D P,D US Mint tokens


$1.82 1,832,857
1985 (P),D P,D P,D P,D P,D P,D $1.82 1,710,571
1986 (P),D P,D P,D P,D P,D P,D $1.82 1,153,536
1987 (P),D P,D P,D P,D P,D P,D $1.82 2,890,758
1988 (P),D P,D P,D P,D P,D P,D $1.82 1,646,204
1989 (P),D P,D P,D P,D P,D P,D $1.82 1,987,915
1990 (P),D P,D P,D P,D P,D P,D $1.82 1,809,184
1991 (P),D P,D P,D P,D P,D P,D $1.82 1,352,101
1992 (P),D P,D P,D P,D P,D P,D $1.82 1,500,143
1993 (P),D P,D P,D P,D P,D P,D $1.82 1,297,431
1994 (P),D P,D P,D P,D P,D P,D $1.82 1,234,813
1995 (P),D P,D P,D P,D P,D P,D $1.82 1,038,787
1996 (P),D P,D P,D,W P,D P,D P,D $1.92 1,457,949
1997 (P),D P,D P,D P,D P,D P,D $1.82 950,473
1998 (P),D P,D P,D P,D P,D P,D $1.82 1,187,325
1999 (P),D P,D P,D 50 State Quarters Program:

Delaware P,D

Pennsylvania P,D

New Jersey P,D

Georgia P,D

Connecticut P,D

P,D P,D $3.82 1,243,867 Susan B. Anthony dollar


2000 (P),D P,D P,D Massachusetts P,D

Maryland P,D

South Carolina P,D

New Hampshire P,D

Virginia P,D

P,D Sacagawea Golden Dollar


$5.82 1,490,160
2001 (P),D P,D P,D New York P,D

North Carolina P,D

Rhode Island P,D

Vermont P,D

Kentucky P,D

P,D P,D $5.82 1,116,915
2002 (P),D P,D P,D Tennessee P,D

Ohio P,D

Louisiana P,D

Indiana P,D

Mississippi P,D

P,D P,D $5.82 1,139,388
2003 (P),D P,D P,D Illinois P,D

Alabama P,D

Maine P,D

Missouri P,D

Arkansas P,D

P,D P,D $5.82 1,001,532
2004 (P),D

Westward Journey Nickel Series:
Peace Medal P,D
Keelboat P,D

P,D Michigan P,D

Florida P,D

Texas P,D

Iowa P,D

Wisconsin P,D

P,D P,D $5.92 842,507
Bold mintmarks indicate coins that were not issued for circulation

Satin-finish Mint Sets (2005–2010)

A penny from the 2010 Mint Set

In 2005, the US Mint started to produce Mint Set coins using special sandblasted dies, giving the coins a distinctive satin finish similar to the Special Mint Set coins. Like the Special Mint Set coins, many numismatists consider these to be separate issues from the circulation coins.

With a total of 36 coins and a total face value of $14.38, the 2009 Mint Set had the most coins and highest face value of any Mint Set to date.

List of Mint Sets 2005–2010
Year 10¢ 25¢ 50¢ $1 Total face value Mintage
2005 Lincoln Memorial Cent


Westward Journey Nickel Series:

American Bison P,D

Ocean in View P,D

Roosevelt Dime


50 State Quarters Program:

California P,D

Minnesota P,D

Oregon P,D

Kansas P,D

West Virginia P,D

Kennedy Half Dollar


Sacagawea Golden Dollar


$5.92 1,160,000
2006 (P),D [[:|Return to Monticello]] P,D P,D Nevada P,D

Nebraska P,D

Colorado P,D

North Dakota P,D

South Dakota P,D

P,D P,D $5.82 847,361
2007 (P),D P,D P,D Montana P,D

Washington P,D

Idaho P,D

Wyoming P,D

Utah P,D

P,D Sacagawea P,D

Presidential $1 Coin Program:

George Washington P,D

John Adams P,D

Thomas Jefferson P,D

James Madison P,D

$13.82 895,628
2008 (P),D P,D P,D Oklahoma P,D

New Mexico P,D

Arizona P,D

Alaska P,D

Hawaii P,D

P,D Sacagawea P,D

James Monroe P,D

John Quincy Adams P,D

Andrew Jackson P,D

Martin Van Buren P,D

$13.82 745,464

Lincoln Bicentennial One Cent Program:
Birthplace P,D
Formative Years P,D
Professional Life P,D
Presidency P,D

P,D P,D DC and U.S. Territories Quarters:

District of Columbia P,D

Puerto Rico P,D

Guam P,D

American Samoa P,D

US Virgin Islands P,D

Northern Mariana Islands P,D

P,D Native American $1 Coin Program:

Sacagawea Agriculture P,D

William Henry Harrison P,D

John Tyler P,D

James K. Polk P,D

Zachary Taylor P,D

$14.38 784,614
2010 Lincoln Shield Cent:
P,D P,D America the Beautiful Quarters Program:

Hot Springs National Park P,D

Yellowstone National Park P,D

Yosemite National Park P,D

Grand Canyon National Park P,D

Mount Hood National Forest P,D

P,D Sacagawea Great Law Of Peace P,D

P,D Millard Fillmore P,D

Franklin Pierce P,D

James Buchanan P,D

Abraham Lincoln P,D

$13.82 583,912[4]
Bold mintmarks indicate coins that were not issued for circulation

Brilliant-Finish Mint Sets (2011–present)

In 2011, the US Mint changed the finish of Mint Set coins to a more proof-like "brilliant" finish. This change was made because the satin finish of the 2005–2010 coins made contact marks more apparent.[5] The brilliant finish coins are struck with more force than circulation coins, resulting in higher quality and more detailed design. However, like the pre-2005 Mint Sets, these coins are not considered different issues.

A penny with the W mint mark was included in the 2019 Mint Set to commemorate the 110th anniversary of the Lincoln cent.[6] Similarly, a W mint mark nickel was planned to be included in the 2020 Mint Set; however due to the COVID pandemic, the coin was not produced.[7]

List of Mint Sets 2011–present
Year 10¢ 25¢ 50¢ $1 Total face value Mintage
2011 Lincoln Shield Cent


Jefferson Nickel


Roosevelt Dime


America the Beautiful Quarters Program:

Gettysburg National Park P,D

Glacier National Park P,D

Olympic National Park P,D

Vicksburg National Park P,D

Chickasaw Recreation Area P,D

Kennedy Half Dollar


Native American $1 Coin Program:

Sacagawea Wampanoag Treaty P,D

Presidential $1 Coin Program:

Andrew Johnson P,D

Ulysses S. Grant P,D

Rutherford B. Hayes P,D

James A. Garfield P,D

$13.82 533,529
2012 (P),D P,D P,D El Yunque National Forest P,D

Chaco Culture National Historical Park P,D

Acadia National Park P,D

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park P,D

Denali National Park P,D

P,D Sacagawea Trade Routes P,D

Chester Arthur P,D

Grover Cleveland (1st term)


Benjamin Harrison


Grover Cleveland (2nd term)


$13.82 392,224
2013 (P),D P,D P,D White Mountain National Forest P,D

Perry's Victory International Peace Memorial P,D

Great Basin National Park P,D

Fort McHenry National Monument P,D

Mount Rushmore National Memorial P,D

P,D Sacagawea Delaware Treaty P,D

William McKinley P,D

Theodore Roosevelt P,D

William Howard Taft P,D

Woodrow Wilson P,D

$13.82 376,844
2014 (P),D P,D P,D Great Smoky Mountains National Park P,D

Shenandoah National Park P,D

Arches National Park P,D

Great Sand Dunes National Park P,D

Everglades National Park P,D

P,D Sacagawea Native Hospitality P,D

Warren G. Harding P,D

Calvin Coolidge P,D

Herbert Hoover P,D

Franklin D. Roosevelt P,D

$13.82 345,813
2015 (P),D P,D P,D Homestead National Monument of America P,D

Kisatchie National Forest P,D

Blue Ridge Parkway P,D

Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge P,D

Saratoga National Historical Park P,D

P,D Sacagawea Mohawk Ironworker P,D

Harry S. Truman P,D

Dwight D. Eisenhower P,D

John F. Kennedy P,D

Lyndon B. Johnson P,D

$13.82 314,032
2016 (P),D P,D P,D Shawnee National Forest P,D

Cumberland Gap National Historical Park P,D

Harpers Ferry National Historical Park P,D

Theodore Roosevelt National Park P,D

Fort Moultrie P,D

P,D Sacagawea Code Talkers P,D

Richard M. Nixon P,D

Gerald R. Ford P,D

Ronald Reagan P,D

$11.82 296,582
2017 P,D P,D P,D Effigy Mounds National Monument P,D

Frederick Douglass National Historic Site P,D

Ozark National Scenic Riverways P,D

Ellis Island P,D

George Rogers Clark National Historical Park P,D

P,D Sacagawea Sequoyah P,D $5.82 286,813
2018 (P),D P,D P,D Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore P,D

Apostle Islands National Lakeshore P,D

Voyageurs National Park P,D

Cumberland Island National Seashore P,D

Block Island National Wildlife Refuge P,D

P,D Sacagawea Jim Thorpe P,D $5.82 257,531
2019 (P),D,W P,D P,D Lowell National Historical Park P,D

American Memorial Park P,D

War in the Pacific National Historical Park P,D

San Antonio Missions National Historical Park P,D

Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness P,D

P,D Sacagawea Mary Golda Ross P,D $5.83 346,117
2020 (P),D P,D,(W Never Minted) P,D National Park P,D

Weir Farm P,D

Salt River Bay P,D

Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller P,D

Tallgrass Prairie P,D

P,D P,D $5.87 211,787
2021 (P),D P,D, P,D Tuskegee Airmen National Historic Site P,D

Crossing the Delaware P,D

P,D P,D $4.32 TBD
Bold mintmarks indicate coins that were not issued for circulation

Bicentennial Silver Mint Set (1976)

Main article: United States Bicentennial coinage

In 1976, the US Mint issued a mint set containing a quarter, half dollar, and dollar coin minted in silver. These coins featured special reverse designs commemorating the bicentennial of American independence.

Year 25¢ 50¢ $1 Total face value Mintage
1976 Washington quarter


Kennedy half dollar


Eisenhower dollar


$1.75 4,908,319

Souvenir Sets

Standard set

Starting in 1972, the Denver Mint started selling Souvenir Sets, and the Philadelphia Mint did the same in 1973. These sets, available in each mints' gift shop following a public tour, contained one example of that mints' penny, nickel, dime, quarter, and half dollar, along with a medal featuring an image of its mint. These sets were sold until they were discontinued with the launch of the 50 State Quarter Program in 1999.[8] Production figures were not recorded by the mint, and the sets receive relatively little attention from coin collectors. The 1982 and 1983 sets are an exception, though, as no Mint Sets were sold for those years, so these were collected instead.[9][10]

Susan B. Anthony dollar sets

Souvenir Sets containing Susan B. Anthony dollars from the Philadelphia, Denver, and San Francisco Mints were offered from 1979 through 1981.[8]


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