Walt Disney Giant
Publication information
PublisherGladstone Publishing
Publication dateSeptember 1995 - September 1996
No. of issues7
Main character(s)Scrooge McDuck; Mickey Mouse

Walt Disney Giant was a forty-eight page, bimonthly Disney comic book published by Gladstone Publishing from September 1995 to September 1996. It featured the adventures of Scrooge McDuck, his nephews, Mickey Mouse, and other Disney characters.


Issue Number Story Pages
1 Hearts of the Yukon featuring Scrooge McDuck, by Don Rosa 24
2 The Mines of King Solomon featuring Scrooge McDuck, by Carl Barks 27
3 Super Snooper featuring Donald Duck, by Carl Barks 10
4 The Mysterious Stranger featuring Goofy, by Greg Crosby, Hector Adolfo de Urtiága and Horacio Saavedra 44
5 Fantasy Island featuring Mickey Mouse, by Byron Erickson, Cesar Feroli, et al. 23
6 The Day the Mountain Shook featuring The Junior Woodchucks, by Carl Barks and Daan Jippes 13
7 Micro-Ducks From Outer Space featuring Scrooge McDuck, by Carl Barks 24

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